Lee Seo-jin,

Lee Seo-jin, "I would like to marry anyone I will commute with"

Actor Lee Seo-jin wear a traveler's look.

The actor lately went from traveling icon to program host and was once featured in the August factor of Cosmopolitan.

This pictorical become taken in Austria. Lee Seo-jin looks comfy and relaxed in his traveler's outfit; striped knitted most sensible amongst glasses and backpack. He also wore white pants with a matching scarf.

In the subsequent interview, Lee Seo-jin acknowledgedhe is been a willing traveler and that he needs to marry somebody he can commute with. He also loves videossuch a lot that there is most likely nota film he hasn't watched yet. That is how he dreamt of converting into an actor and his love for tune is so large he would travel in a foreign country just to peer a concert. "After I made up our minds to do what was absolute best for me and what I want, I do not get stressed. I also feel chuffed with myself the more I am getting older".

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Lee Jin Wook Put on  Commute Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser

Lee Jin Wook Put on Commute Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser

Lee Jin Wook Put onShuttle Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuserjun2yng July 18, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook Placed On Travel Ban, Agency Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser In gentle of a travel ban placed on Lee Jin Wook and the reaction of the plaintiff in the sexual attack case, Lee Jin Wook’s agency CCO ENS took to media to give a closeobservationreferring tothe motive of the travel ban and the occasions surrounding the day of alleged sexual assault.

First, CCO ENS says, “The travel ban placed on Lee Jin Wook is only to expedite the investigation, and has not anything to do with problems of credibility or honesty. Long earlier than the initial sexual assault allegations, Lee Jin Wook had a scheduled advertisement shoot out of doors the country, and was onceto pass away Korea on July 18. Lee Jin Wook, so asto reduce inconvenience to the ones about him from the lawsuit, had planned to headvia amongst the shoot and visit the police station for wondering afterward. However, the investigation team laid down the travel ban to keep away from any misunderstandings around perceived leniency.”

The agency then is going on to supply an explanation for what came about the day of alleged sexual assault in additioninstantly afterward, bringing forward some issues of doubt in regards to thehabit of the plaintiff.

CCO ENS says, “We felt we had topop out and tell the truth, because ofthe entire simulated claims made by the plaintiff and her prison representative. The plaintiff claimed in a press unlock that she had now not met Lee Jin Wook with interest. However, all through their dinner at thenight of July 12, she expressed immense interest, pronouncing that she turned into a ‘huge fan,’ and that she had ‘liked him for a long time.’”

According to the agency, the day following the dinner (the day after the alleged sexual assault), the plaintiff sent messages to the mutual acquaintance that had offered her to Lee Jin Wook, speakingthankfully about the soon-to-open franchise in Gangnam that the 3 of them had agreed to visit together.

“If she were a victim of sexual assault as mentioned in her lawsuit, we don’t think it’s conceivable for her to have acted this way,” acknowledged CCO ENS.

Bringing up some furtherfeatures of doubt in the plaintiff’s claims, Lee Jin Wook’s agency says, “It’s suspicious that the plaintiff reported the assault on July 14, a complete day after the alleged sexual assault, and it’s also difficultto realize why, despite the reality that she said she visited the sanatorium before filing the complaint, she handiest submitted the damagedocument on July 17, after Lee Jin Wook filed a complaint of false accusation.”

Continuing, CCO ENS says that whilst the plaintiff is disturbing an apology from Lee Jin Wook, it's the actor who merits an apology, as he'sthe consumer who has suffered serioussmash in his recognitiondue to the falsehoods.

“Immediately after studying about the lawsuit on July 15, Lee Jin Wook expressed his deep frustrations to his lawyer, and immediately filed a complaint of false accusation the next day. He accommodated the police’s investigation schedule, and went in on the weekend to put up to long questioning, filingapplicable evidence for review.”

Closing, CCO ENS says, “As a public figure, Lee Jin Wook has resolved to watch out in his actions, and desperately hopes that, by way of strict judgement, revealing the false accusations made by the plaintiff, celebrities are not any longer objectives of complaints for the straightforwardexplanation whythat they're world figures. Once again, we’d love to send our thank you and apologies to the fanatics who have sent us unwavering enhance and love.”

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10 K-Pop MVs That may Make You need To Commute The World

10 K-Pop MVs That may Make You need To Commute The World

10 K-Pop MVs That might brandYou want to have To Go back and forthThe arena melkimx July 11, 2016 0 10 K-Pop MVs That Will Make You want to Travel The World Maximum K-Pop MVs are filmed (naturally) in Korea, yet there are times when Seoul and Jeju just wont cut it. Sometimes, youve were given a unmarriedin your hands that calls for tropical white sand beaches, the colourfullighting fixtures of Vegas, or the stately appeal of Giant Ben. Filming a K-Pop MV in some other country is expensive, but the extra cost is value IT just to get the ones exotic places – and also to recognize your appreciation for the in a foreign countryenthusiasts who have helped make K-Pop the foreign sensation it's far today.

For the applications of this list, we are restricting our alternativesto these where we feel the site played a big role in the video – if the atmosphere is indistinguishable from other locations, then we can bein a position tono longercome with it here.

New Zealand – Taeyeons IIn the primary moments of I, Taeyeons searing vocals unfurl opposed to a brilliantly rendered landscape of bright sky and green grass. The song and video are a adventure of self-discovery, and from morning to sunset, New Zealands stunninggeographical region makes the very best backdrop.

Stockholm, Sweden – VIXXs Only UIts time for the Scandinavian countries to receive some K-pop love! The sole thing prettier than the cobblestone streets and classical architecture is the sight of VIXX, suited up for the cool Swedish weather in blazers and sweaters.

Hawaii – SISTARs Loving UGeneric coastline settings are a dime a dozen in K-pop MVs, but Loving U takes us on an unmistakably Hawaiian excursion. SISTAR lets in US to proportion in their all-American Oahu avenue trip, full of beach fun, roller-skating, and finding out the local surfer boys. Its like holiday goals, friendship goals, and framedesires all rolled into one.

Hong Kong – Youngster Tops I Wanna LoveFrom the double-decker trams to the ferry, from the harbor perspectives to the streets, I Wanna Love takes us on a whirlwind vacationvia Hong Kong. Be expecting around random moments, akin toa major binge-fest of canned pineapples.

Las Vegas – B.A.Ps Typhoon and BIGBANGs This night (Tie)Either MVs showcased an identicalaspects of Las Vegas – high-octane lights, vividwasteland landscapes, and of course, the high-roller automobiles and penthouse suites compatible for the likes of BIGBANG and B.A.P. In the end, it actually comes down to which song you favor best.

Southern California – Jessicas FlyA California woman by origin, Jessica takes us back to her house state for her debut. The uplifting Fly provides U.S. a bohemian take at the California desert, with an eclectic Southwestern-style house and a brightly painted adobe mountain.

Runners-up: 2NE1s Happy, Taeyeons Why, and Red Velvets Ice Cream Cake

New York Town – BEASTs LovelyEvening Attractive Night lives up to its title, giving us a colorful night out on the town, entire amongst pretty people and fireworks.

Runners-up: BIGBANGs Bad Boy and Blue

Okinawa, Japan – Lovelyz For YouLovelyz escapes the harsh Korean wintry weather and heads for the light beaches of Okinawa. The purity of the landscapes makes a super backdrop for their exceptional vocals.

London – Super Junior DEs Still YouHeres some EunHae love for you! Of all of the K-Pop MVs that experience been filmed in London, we think Donghae and Eunhyuks duet supplied the most tourist-friendly version. The video does a split-screen to apply both guys as they go about their separate tripsviaexquisite London, till the happy finish where they run into each and every other.

Runners-up: CNBLUEs Im Sorry, G-Dragons Crooked

Which MVs make you wish to travel? Feel loose to voice your evaluations below!

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Eric And Search engine optimization Hyun Jin Leave For Phuket Commute With “Oh Hae Young Again” Forged And Crew

Eric And Search engine optimization Hyun Jin Leave For Phuket Commute With “Oh Hae Young Again” Forged And Crew

Eric And Search engine optimization Hyun Jin Go away For Phuket Shuttle With Oh Hae Young BackForged And Group leonid July 3, 2016 0 Eric And Seo Hyun Jin Depart For Phuket Ride With Oh Hae Young Again Cast And Crew The solid and crew of Oh Hae Young Again have set out for a genuinely-earned vacation.

According to representatives of the these days wrapped up drama, they have got left to revel in a three-night and five-day trip to Phuket, Thailand starting July 3, as a praise for their efforts in the tvN show.

Those in attendance right throughthe holidaycome withprimary cast Eric and Seo Hyun Jin, who set aside their busy schedules and made certainto turn up for the trip.

Oh Hae Young Again tells the tale of the romance and headaches that ensue among two very othergirls alongsidethe similar name, and a guy who starts seeing visions of the future. The drama stars Eric, Seo Hyun Jin, Jeon Hye Bin, Lee Jae Yoon, Heo Jeong Min, Heo Young Ji, Ye Ji Won, and Kim Ji Suk, among others.

According to Nielsen Korea, Oh Hae Young Again concluded with a national viewer score of 10.6 percent.

Catch the series finale below!

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Ceci Mag Follows K-Pop Idol Sulli On Her Gorgeous  Commute To Italy

Ceci Mag Follows K-Pop Idol Sulli On Her Gorgeous Commute To Italy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSullis fresh pictorial with Ceci Magazine has gainednumerous attention from fans, with many calling it her most pretty photo shoot yet.

In fact, the pictorial has been so well cherished byfanatics that the magazine even released a couple of videos documenting Sullis trip to Italy, where they shot the gorgeous photos. From her arrival at the airport to the finish of the photo shoot, Sulli used to benot anythingyet smiles, appearingfantastic professionalism and a carefree attitude that fans have learned to love. Apply Sulli on her vacationvia Korea below:

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Spoiler "Five Children" An Woo-yeon asks Lim Soo-hyang to marry him

An Woo-yeon proposed to Lim Soo-hyang.

On the new episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Kim Tae-min (An Woo-yeon) proposed to Jang Jin-ju (Lim Soo-hyang).

Jang Jin-ju were given into a combat amongst the eating placewoman and calmed her anger in a caf with Kim Tae-min. Then he without notice asked her, "Why do not nosotros get married?"

Jang Jin-ju used to beshocked and Kim Tae-min said, "I think it's going to existjust right if we get married. We willassistevery other out and plan our long term together".

Jang Jin-ju gave the impressionhappy about the proposal even supposing she gave the affect toneedanything else. Kim Tae-min said, "I'll get permission from our oldsters first and propose again".

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Interview: GFRIEND Is Predictably Adorable All through Their First Commute Abroad

Interview: GFRIEND Is Predictably Adorable All through Their First Commute Abroad

Interview: GFRIEND Is Predictably Adorable All through Their First ShuttleOut of the country knims June 6, 2016 0 Interview: GFRIEND Is Predictably Adorable During Their First Journey Abroad More than one weeks ago we were up North in Canada for TORONTO KPOP CON at the aspect of GOT7, DAY6, VIXX, and GFRIEND. Between the superb performances from the groups, we also had the opportunity to take a seat down down with GFRIEND for an exclusive interview. With member Eunhas featuring on Park Kyungs Inferiority Complex and all of thestaffthese daysgetting ready for their comeback, GFRIEND is already having a actually perfect 2016 and we would have likedto determine more of what they have got planned for the remainder of the year.

The contributors were in top spirits, excited to have their first concert abroad. As they gushed about their worldfanaticsand what sort ofamusing they were having in Canada, we also delved into questions on their favourite songs, their favorite GFRIEND performances, and their favorite memories since turning intothe gang nosotros know today.

Check out all in their adorable answers below:

Special thank you to SourceMusic and Respectable Hallyu for inviting us to interview thosestunning ladies!

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Actor Shin Sung Rok set to marry his female friend in Hawaii in June

Actor Shin Sung Rok set to marry his female friend in Hawaii in June

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterActor Shin Sung Rok these days announced that he's going to exist marrying his female friend in Hawaii in June.

According to reports, the actor met his girlfriend thru a mutual friend, and despite the reality that they havent been dating long, they love every other very much and determined to tie the knotHis girlfriend isnt fascinated by the entertainment industry at all, and the marriagecan be small with handiesta couple of close buddies and members of the family attending. After performing in hit drama You Who Got here From the Stars, the actor has wonnumerous popularity, and the within track of his unexpected marriage announcement indisputably came as a surprise to his fans. shun sung ryukSource: TelevisionDocumentShare on FacebookShare on Twitter


Kim Yeong-kwang to leave to Jungle to movie  the preferred  commute show

Kim Yeong-kwang to leave to Jungle to movie the preferred commute show

Actor Kim Yeong-kwang will sign up for the 'Law of the Jungle - New Caledonia', SBS popular shuttle show.

According to an insider in the broadcasting circle on Would possibly 18th, Kim Yeong-kwang will leave to New Caledonia on Could 26 to join in Kim Byeong-man, Yoon Park, Heo Kyeong-hwan and others.

'Law of the Jungle - New Caledonia' is a next episode in line after the lately running 'Law of the Jungle - Papua New Guinea'. The episodes starring Kim Yeong-kwang is slated for July this year.


Song Joong Ki Jokes About Why He Needs  To head On Some other  Commute With Lee Kwang Soo

Song Joong Ki Jokes About Why He Needs To head On Some other Commute With Lee Kwang Soo

Song Joong Ki Jokes About Why He NeedsTo move On Any otherGo back and forth With Lee Kwang Sooleonid Might 16, 2016 0 Song Joong Ki Jokes About Why He Wants To Go On One moreJourney With Lee Kwang Soo Actor Song Joong Ki talked proudly about his close friendship with Lee Kwang Soo all through his fan assembly in Beijing.

The matchwas oncehung onCould 14 at the Olympic Sports MiddleFitness center alongside around 5,000 enthusiasts in attendance, proving just how popular the actor has turn into afterward his fresh starring role in the hit drama Descendants of the Sun. During the two-hour event, he greeted his fans in Chinese, played games, sang with Park Bo Gum, and read a letter of thanks.

Song Joong Ki told his fans, “I have Baidu and Weibo, yet 1 don’t use them because I don’t know how, so Lee Kwang Soo is updating other folks about my whereabouts instead. If there’s anything elseyou need to haveto grasp about me, please touch Lee Kwang Soo.”

At one point in the fan meeting, Song Joong Ki played a game called “Yes or No.”

The actor turned into asked if he looks at himself in the reflect and makes cool poses after showering. He answered, “No, because I’m shy.”

He then gained the question, “Do you preferwomen with short hair more than girls with long hair?” He affirms this and says, “That’s right. I suspect girls with short hair glance neater,” revealing his private taste.

When he was asked, “What if the lady with short hair is ugly?” he made the target market laugh through joking, “As long as she’s prettier than Lee Kwang Soo, it’s fine.”

The next query was if he likes Lee Kwang Soo more than lady groups, and the actor spoke back without a moment’s hesitation, “No, I love girl teams more.”

Finally, Song Joong Ki flaunted his close friendship with Lee Kwang Soo, who he named as one of his must haves for his travels. He stated, “I want Lee Kwang Soo to tag along. Any person has to spend cash for me.”

He continued, “Just kidding. He’s a truly near friend of mine, so if we to find the time, we must go on a time out together.”

Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki in the past went on a trip to Thailand with actor Jo In Sung remaining June.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Kis “2016 Asia Excursion Fan Meeting” continues all aroundCan also and June in all places China.

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