Lee Seon-gyoon considers starring in

Lee Seon-gyoon considers starring in "My Wife Is Having An Affair"

Actor Lee Seon-gyoon is thinking about starring in the recent JTBC drama "My Wife Is Having an Affair".

He's recently going over the terms and stipulations of the drama in step with his agency, Hodu Entertainment.

If he comes to a decision to megastar in it, this could be his first go back alongside a drama ever since "Miss Korea" 2 years ago.

Lee Seon-gyoon would take at the role of a director who unearths out about his wife having an affair.

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'Precious Woman' starring Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon has begun filming

'Precious Woman' starring Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon has begun filming

The crime action noir, "Precious Woman" (working title), highly expected for co-starring Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon, has begun filming on April 28th.

A second-in-command named Na Hyeon-jeong (Kim Hye-soo) puts her lifestylesat the line to bring back a gangster organization to life and she chooses an under-boss named Im Sang-hoon (Lee Seon-gyoon) to paintings for her whilst investigator Choi (Lee Hee-joon) starts a perilous game opposed to them. This film is unlike the standard Korean noire observed so far.

Also, 'Descendants of the Sun' actor Kim Min-seok, who used to bedepended onthrough Jin Goo in the drama, seems in this motion picture as Joo-hwan. And a new actress Oh Hanee, whose acting ability has been proved for her fresh roles in "The Shameless" and C'est Si Bon' will play Wei.

The crime action noir, 'Precious Women' starring the tough array of actors and actresses is slated for the 2d onepart of this year.


Ko Myeong-hwan,

Ko Myeong-hwan, "Starring in the similar drama as my wife Lim Ji-eun"

Ko Myeong-hwan and Lim Ji-eun are starring in the similar drama together.

They are starring in the SBS drama "You Are a Gift". Ko Myeong-hwan is a unmarried owner of a fowlspace next to Lim Ji-eun's restaurant.

The two are married in genuine life. They met in a comedy program 15 years ago and were given married in October of 2014.

Ko Myeong-hwan said, "This drama feels special to me because I am starring in it with my wife. My persona is a natural and blameless one in the drama and he isso muchother than me. So my wife says it isamusing co-starring with somebody who just isn't like me".

"My wife is helping me to hear to my role yet at an analogous time she stimulates me to paintings harder. She's got wit and with just a little of luck our chemistry makes the drama better".

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Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Pretend JiwonYu June 22, 2016 0 Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake A couple of days after the inside of track of Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair used to be reported, the magazine Ladies Sense shared an alleged text message communication between Kim Min Hees mother and Hong Sang Soos wife.

However, Hong Sang Soos circle of relatives is claiming that this conversation did now not happen, and that the posted messages are fake.

On June 22, Hong Sang Soos household stated, Hong Sang Soos wife sat down for an off-the-record assembly alongsidea mag reporter back in April where the wife onlymentioned her feelings. Now that mag has released that data acting adore itbecame an exclusive interview, even adding fake text messages that were never supplied to the magazine.

On the morning of June 22, a per month magazine published a piece of writing claiming that it had an exclusive interview. However, the ideas in the object was published without Hong Sang Soos wifes consent and is reportedly not the truth.

Regarding the conversation between Hong Sang Soos wife and Kim Min Hees mother, Hong Sang Soos representatives stated, Why would Hong Sang Soos wife supplythe ones messages if that meeting with the magazine was meant to be off-the-record?

During the true meeting in April, Hong Sang Soos wife did mention anything about having talked with Kim Min Hees mother. However, she didn't provide exact text messages like the magazine claims, which means that the magazine has created a faux conversation just to arouse things even more.

Hong Sang Soos kin apologized, saying, We are sorry for this controversy. We know that this isnt only one persons fault. We made certainlimitless times that the meeting with the magazine reporter was off-the-record, yet IT wasnt so. Not best did the magazine not stay its promise of creating it off-the-record, but it has spread false rumors viagrowing fake text messages. We contacted the magazine firmsoliciting for correction, but it only took down the conversation screenshot and has done not anything more. It's far eventideaverting our calls now. We are making plans to record a petition with the click Arbitration Commission about this.

Hong Sang Soos family has only met up with news outlet Dispatch so far, and has not been interviewed by any other news resources yet. Regardless of this, many news shops are publishing articles claiming they had an exclusive interview with the family.

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Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Change Texts About Affair

Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Change Texts About Affair

Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife Replace Texts About Affairkokoberry June 21, 2016 0 Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife Exchange Texts About Affair On June 22, Girl Sense published new datarelating to Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair.

The per 30 daysmag held an interview with Hong Sang Soos wife and revealed text messages between her and Kim Min Hees mother.

The text messages were sent on September 30 after Hong Sang Soo left his wife and daughter. Underneath are the text messages:

Hong Sang Soos wife: Please lend a hand your daughter keep watch over her feelings. I'm so distressed.

Kim Min Hees mother: Whose middle hurts more, a wife whose husband cheated or a mom whose daughter who has fallen in love with a married man?

Hong Sang Soos wife: You appearnot torealizethe emotions of a lady whose husband were given stolen from her. Ask who will have a tougher time to any individualon the topic of you.

Kim Min Hees mother: My heart is crying appropriate now.

Hong Sang Soos wife: Your daughter is an adulteress who ruined a satisfied family.

Kim Min Hees mother: I raised my daughter well. Do now notdiscuss recklessly.

Hong Sang Soos wife: I dont think here's a state of affairs where you'll tell me how smartly you raised your daughter.

Kim Min Hees mother: You also are a mother who is raising a daughter.

Hong Sang Soos wife: This is a condition where apologizing to me one hundred times for raising your daughter poorly and creating acircle of relativesenjoy this pain isn't enough.

Kim Min Hees mother: The director will go back once he realizes something.

Furthermore, Hong Sang Soos wife revealed that the director stopped offering for his daughters university fees. She said, My husband director Hong Sang Soo acknowledged he may no longer reinforce paying for the find out aboutin a foreign countrycosts for our daughter after assembly Kim Min Hee.

She continued, He said that because themovie industry learned of his dating alongside Kim Min Hee she used to beno longer receiving any gives for advertisements and films. So he said thats why he had to aid Kim Min Hees economic losses.

Meanwhile, Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo haven't begunto expose their authentic stance in regards to the news in their reported affair.

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Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Stuck Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Responds

Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Stuck Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Responds

Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Stuck Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Respondshajima Might 24, 2016 0 Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Caught Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Responds Chef Lee Chan Oh, who is performing on JTBCs popular kinddisplay Please Deal with My Refrigerator, has been caught up in an affair controversy. The accusations come after the chef married model/TV personality Kim Sae Rom just remaining year.

A video titled Lee Chan Oh Jeju Island Video has been spreading hastilyduring social media and online communities.

The short clip presentationsa guy assumed to be the chef with a girl sitting on his lap.

Some netizens who saw the video have commented that it looks like Lee Chan Oh is having an affair.

It turns outthe positioning where the video was once filmed become Jeju Island at a 2016 Jeju Food and Wine Festival after birthday celebration where the chef attended with other acquaintances.

An acquaintance of Lee Chan Oh showedthe guy in the video is the chef himself yet that the ladyis simplya feminine friend.

According to an associate of Lee Chan Ohs agency, A part-timer who helped interpret for the development filmed the video for amusing without someone knowing and had sent it to her giant sister. The video spread after the massive sister posted it to a social media chat room of her acquaintances.

The affiliate printedthey'd contacted the part-timer and her mother, where they acknowledged that they sought after to sincerely ask for forgiveness to the chef for what happened.

After confirming with Lee Chan Oh that the woman in the video was just a friend, the affiliate continued, As a public figure, it's farsuitable for Lee Chan Oh to obtain chastising relating to leaving room for misunderstanding.

Another affiliate from the agency assured that there has been no problem, saying, Each person in the video was an acquaintance of Lee Chan Oh and Kim Sae Rom, and, It doesnt make sense that any one would devote an affair at this kind of populace event. Even Kim Sae Rom knows all about it. There's noreason why for controversy.

Finally, the chefs wife, Kim Sae Rom herself, spoke out in regards to thesubjectthru her Instagram account.

She posted on Could 24, As a public figure, I would truly like to apologize. Chef Lee Chan Oh and I are fine. Thank you for your pastime and concerns.

What do you take into accounts this issue?

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Lee Seon-gyoon and Ahn Jae-hong in

Lee Seon-gyoon and Ahn Jae-hong in "The King's Case Files"

Actors Lee Seon-gyoon and Ahn Jae-hong are starring in the film "The King's Case Files".

Based on Heo Yoon-mi's normal work, "The King's Case Files" is a mysterious tale about a Joseon king and his follower who song down a huge case.

Lee Seon-gyoon takes at the role of Hye-jong, a Joseon king. Hye-jong has remarkable penetration and judgment abilities. He throws himself into the center of a case that passed offoutdoor of the palace.

Ahn Jae-hong, who is popular for his functionality in the tvN drama "Answer 1988", stars in "The King's Case Files" as Hye-jong's follower named Yoon I-seo. He has superbreminiscence as he does notomitthe rest he sees and is helping the king get to the ground of the case.

"The King's Case Files" can be released in 2017.


Lee Hee-joon joins Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon for film 'Precious Woman'

Lee Hee-joon joins Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon for film 'Precious Woman'

Actor Lee Hee-joon will co-star with Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon in a new movie.

On January 14th, Lee Hee-joon's firm BH Entertainment told Xports News "Lee Hee-joon joins film 'Precious Woman' (working title).

Movie 'Precious Woman' depicts a tale about a lady who establishes a prominent corporate out of a crookundertakingby capacity of an arranged crime group, and a man, who falls in love with her and starts a combat for her this isnearlymost unlikely to win. Kim Hye-soo has been showed to play the woman, Na Hyeon-jeong and Lee Hee-joon plays a prosecutor role in the movie.

Meanwhile, videos 'Thinking of My Older Brother' and "Robot, Sori" starring Lee Hee-joon might be released soon on January 21st and January 27th respectively.


Kim Seung-woo says he needs to direct a melodrama starring his wife Kim Nam-joo and So Ji-sub as a couple

Kim Seung-woo says he needs to direct a melodrama starring his wife Kim Nam-joo and So Ji-sub as a couple

Actor Kim Seung-woo stated he would actually like to direct a melodrama starring Kim Nam-joo and So Ji-sub.

During the interview with OSEN at a caf in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on January 4th, Kim Seung-woo first showed his wife is the primary actress on his list to solid if he'd direct a movie. Whilst he said he isn'tcertain if she would settle for the offer, he revealed, "I'm taken with a melodrama akin to 'In the Temper for Love".

When he was once asked if he had any actor on his list to pair up with the feminine lead, he said So Ji-sub without any hesitation. im Seung-woo added, "I think he has a perfect personality. So Ji-sub debuted via drama 'Model'. He gained an award when Kim Nam-joo also acquired an award for her role in 'My Wife is a Superwoman' or perhaps in 'Queen of Reversals'. Throughout he become giving an acceptance speech at the time, he said, 'I'm status next to Namjoo noona here. I debuted by way of a drama starring Namjoo noona. I amcommemorated to obtain an award in conjunction with her. I have never imagined this may ever happen.' I presumedhe is very humble. He did nottrade much since beginning. So I felt just right about him".

Meanwhile, film "Catch Him to Survive" featuring his splendid action acting is the tale of a rich CEO and a detective who at all times is at the incorrectposition at the wrong time. The motion picture comes out at the 7th in January.