Let’s Fight, Ghost, Episodes 1-2: A mixture of Horror and Comedy

Let’s Fight, Ghost, Episodes 1-2: A mixture of Horror and Comedy

20160714_seoulbeats_letsfightghostShall we Fight, Ghost, Episodes 1-2: A combination of Horror and ComedyWritten through Laverne On July 14, 201620160714_seoulbeats_letsfightghost2While maximumglobalenthusiastspartner horror entertainment with the season of fall, South Korea has a tendency to view horror entertainment with the goal to cool off in the summer heat. And what higher way to spend summertime than gazing a ghostly drama? Of course, unlike horror films, Lets Fight, Ghost shies clear ofnatural horror and mixes in a hearty dose of comedy.

Starring Taecyeon from 2PM as ghost exorcist Park Bong-pal and popular kid actress Kim So-hyun as teenage ghost Kim Hyun-ji, Lets Fight, Ghost follows the 2 equally they pair up to fight ghosts and lend a hand them in finding peace. Their adversarialdating is adorableto observe and adds a feeling of light-hearted amusing to the display as they bicker and, begrudgingly, beef up one another.

However, things arent so undeniable as they seem, and in those outset two episodes, audience are presented to loads of mysteries. The most vital mystery is Hyun-jis reminiscence loss. Hyun-ji doesnt know why or how she died nor why she is stuck in limbo. Via an accidental kiss, she unearths herself reunited with the briefest of memories and thus ensues her quest to kiss Bong-pal back and regain her memories.

Lets Fight, Ghost follows the similar machinations of Oh My Ghostess in which a feminine ghost again and again tries to make a pass on a human man. The placement is played off for laughs yetno longerall and sundry will feel happy with this portrayal especially as Kim So-hyun is still a minor in genuinelifestyles (while Taecyeon is in his past due twenties).

To its credit, Lets Fight, Ghost avoids sexualizing Kim So-hyun and the kiss is rather chaste. Even the kiss at the finish of the 2d one episode looks fake, as though the proveis making an attempt to keep away from having the actors in truth kiss. So far, while the ghost-pursues-kissing plot makes me roll my eyes, I dont have issues ofthe manner the show is development Hyun-ji and Bong-pals relationship.

And while there are a couple of inconsistencies with Lets Fight, Ghost, the bulk of the drama thus a ways is enjoyable. Of specific note is the balance of horror and comedy. The ghosts in the drama are creepy with fantastic CGI to reinforce the horror factor. However, Lets Fight, Ghost never veers into pure horror territory; the show relativelysteadily subverts expected drama tropes and turns them into comedy instead.

20160714_seoulbeats_letsfightghostFor example, when Bong-pal is first introduced, a ghost does its absolute best to scare him. Bong-pal responds by slapping the ghost and in its place of a fight, the ghost asks for forgiveness prior to leaving. And as a substituteof establishing up Bong-pal to be a ghost-hunting badass, the show injects humor by having him run faraway from a ghostly Choi Hong-man cameo by the noted MMA fighter. Basically, Bong-pal fights ghosts, but only the susceptible ones.

While humor remains the strength of the show, Lets Fight, Ghost, slowly lays down the root for extrastruggle and unanswered mysteries that maystay viewers turning in. Why did a ghost kill Bong-pals mom and why does he appear to feel find it irresistiblewas once his fault? What makes some ghosts just right or bad and why are some more sentient than others? And what does veterinarian and professor Joo Hye-sung (Kwon Yool) must do with anything? Sure, he has a ordinary supernatural expansion on his back, but how does he are compatible into the tale of Bong-pal and Hyun-ji?

All these are questions that the show wishes to answer, but it is going to come down to when Lets Fight, Ghost makes a decision to answer. After all, I dont think Hye-sungs mystery might bepublished for a while, but in the meantime, more world-building would be preferredin additionfinding out about Bong-pals past. But even supposing nosotros dont get that, so long as the drama continues its authenticcombine of horror and comedy, it would exist a fun, summer watch.

How did you favor Lets Fight, Ghost? What are your speculations on Hyun-jis past?


Taecyeon is in a position to Catch Ghosts in 2d Trailer for Korean Drama Lets Fight, Ghost

Taecyeon is in a position to Catch Ghosts in 2d Trailer for Korean Drama Lets Fight, Ghost

Taecyeon (Assembly) is at the hunt for ghosts in the 2nd one teaser trailer for the newtvN drama Let's Fight, Ghost (also referred to as Bring It On, Ghost) alsostarringKim So Hyun (Who Are You: College 2015). Lookingquite serious, he sprints throughout the streetsshowing off his athleticism looking to catch a horny creepy ghost. Cross gethim Taec!

Let's Combat Ghost is primarily based off ofa webtoon about topfaculty senior (Kim So Hyun) who spent her existence studying, yet died andis now a ghost. She encounters a teenboy (Taecyeon) who is an exorcist and will see ghosts. The 2lend a hand other ghosts cross over to the afterlife as they fall in love with each and every other.

Let's Fight, Ghost is scheduled to premiere July 11 on tvN.

AdvertisementSee the trailer here:https://youtu.be/3Vzuu3XSVEg

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Four Reasons To Watch The Final Episodes Of 'Oh My Ghost'

Four Reasons To Watch The Final Episodes Of 'Oh My Ghost'

(Photo : ) The tvN supernatural romance series, "Oh My Ghost," will conclude its 16-episode run on August 22. The drama, also known as "Oh My Ghostess," incorporates a humorous take on the afterlife while providing nuanced perspectives on love and death.

Park Bo Young delivers the same level of strong acting that made "A Werewolf Boy" a fantastic film into her portrayal of Na Bong Sun, a shy sous chef. Bong Sun dreams of becoming an acclaimed chef and yearns to have a relationship with her boss.

The 16-episode drama is available through video on demand onDramaFever. "Oh My Ghost" airs on tvN on Fridays and Saturdays in the 8:30 p.m. KST time slot.

Here are four reasons to watch the final episodes of "Oh My Ghost."

1. Cho Jung Seok is an aloof chef who warms up to the charms of Park Bo Young.

Cho Jung Seok captured the hearts of international K-Drama audiences with his portrayal of Shin Joo Ho in the 2013 family comedy, "You"re the Best, Lee Soon Shin." He abandons the warmth of Joo Ho to embrace the stoic calm of celebrity chef Kang Sun Woo in "Oh My Ghost."

2. While there are elements of horror, the underlining story is a sweet romantic comedy.

Sun Woo falls in love with the exhuberant posts of an aspiring chef who maintains the blog, "You Are My Sunshine." He gains strength from the words of the blogger, without realizing that they are written by his bumbling sous chef, Bong Sun.

3. Kim Seul Gi is perfectly cast as Shin Soon Ae.

Comedienne Kim Seul Gi is hilarious during early episodes when she believes that her grudge is due to sexual frustration. However, she is able to capture tender, tearjerking moments when she encounters the loved ones she has left behind.

4. Lim Ju Hwan is one of the scariest K-Drama villains of 2015.

Lim Ju Hwan is reminiscent of Sung Joon in his ability to portray seemingly innocent characters who harbors disturbingly dark secrets. He portrays Choi Sung Jae, a police office who is married to the disabled sister of Sun Woo. He appears to be the picturesque husband, but he also holds the key to the mystery behind the death of Soon Ae and the accident which disabled his wife.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


Oh My Ghostess, Episodes 1-2: A Lusty Ghost Brings the Laughs

Oh My Ghostess, Episodes 1-2: A Lusty Ghost Brings the Laughs

20150708_seoulbeats_ohmyghostess2 Oh My Ghostess, Episodes 1-2: A Lusty Ghost Brings the Laughs Written by Laverne On July 9, 2015 Oh My Ghostess was my most anticipated drama of the year due to my love of actors Jo Jung-suk and Kim Seul-gi. Even the premise sounded interesting: a lusty, virgin ghost possesses the body of a meek woman with a crush on her handsome boss.

The premise seemed to contain the perfect formula for shenanigans and romance and the first two episodes, while slow, definitely deliver.

The biggest criticism of the drama so far is that it moves at a slow place and throws a bunch of characters at the viewer at once. These are definitely valid criticisms but the drama does begin to pick up steam in the second episode and begins to deliver the comedy.

Right now, the best part of Oh My Ghostess is the depth of the characters. Each of our three main characters is nuanced and avoids a one dimensional label. Kim Seul-gi is perfectly cast as pervy ghost Shin Soon-ae, bringing with her an air of youthfulness and mischievousness. Her rambunctious nature is fun to watch especially when she causes trouble for fortune-teller Seo Bing-go (Lee Jung-eun).

However, Soon-ae isnt just a troublemaker, as shown by her brief moments of vulnerability and loneliness. She cannot continue on until she resolves her grudge, but what hinders this is that she has no memory of who she is or how she died in order to solve that grudge. Yet, in episode two, her memory of her family and who she is is awakened by the image of her father trying to wake her drunk brother. Park Bo-young, playing Na Bong-sun inhabited by Soon-ae, acts this moment perfectly with dawning realization and a sense of sadness for Soon-aes loss.

Having never seen Park Bo-youngs acting before, I was pleasantly surprised; she definitely lives up to the hype of her talents. Her timidity as Bong-sun is starkly contrasted with her brashness as Soon-ae in Bong-suns body. She hits the notes perfectly especially when she acts like a creep, spying on the men of the restaurant as they shower.

Whats even better about these pervy moments is that the drama does not shy away from showing Soon-aes gaze. While dramaland often feeds the female gaze with gratuitous shower scenes of male actors, Oh My Ghostess takes it one step further and focuses on the actors crotches, even lingering on some bulge.

While Soon-aes weirdness is played off for laughs, there are moments when she does cross the line as with her previous use of possessing bodies to seduce men and again when she pursues a drunk Seo Joon (Kwak Si-yang). These moments are intended to be funny but can just as easily be interpreted as predatory.

Despite the focus on Soon-aes gaze, however, there is little lingering on the male lead, chef Kang Sun-woo (Jo Jung-suk). Bong-suns glances are shy and furtive despite her long-lasting crush whereas Soon-ae notes Sun-woos handsomeness but has no interest due to his brusque manner.

Sun-woo, while cold to our heroine, is a complicated character thats hard not to like. Sun-woo is hard on his employees but only when the situation calls for it. He is generous to his hoobaes and doting on his sister, wheelchair-bound Kang Eun-hee (Shin Hye-sun). Even his ego, he handles with good nature.

Sun-woos pride and standoffishness towards Bong-sun are the only two traits that can make him seem like a jerk and even these two are explained by the drama. In particular, Sun-woo is especially cold to Bong-sun because he wants her to stand up for herself and not be like the timid pushover he was as a child. Thankfully, Sun-woo never crosses the line when scolding her and manages not to cross into jerk territory.

What makes this dynamic even better, though,aside from his inability to handle the new Bong-sunis that he feels connected to Bong-sun through her anonymous food blog. By providing this connection and showing Sun-woos caring nature to others, the future romance between Sun-woo and Bong-sun will hopefully be something healthy and loveable.

And despite Bong-suns meek nature, I found myself liking the character. Park Bo-young plays Bong-sun as more than just a timid person but rather someone weary of the world. There is a sense of melancholy around Bong-sun and her feeble nature is shown as a hindrance, not a virtue (in contrast to many drama heroines).

However, with Bong-sun having the perfect frequency for Soon-ae, I wonder if we will see her anytime soon. Perhaps there will be a struggle for control or a talisman that brings Bong-sun out. Either way, Bong-sun is vital to the romance continuing on and I want to learn a little more about her past.

While the first episode of Oh My Ghostess was slow and character heavy, it functioned as an introduction to our main characters and set up an interesting and funny premise. The second episode brought on the comedy with Soon-aes antics and the reactions of those around her. Hopefully, Oh My Ghostess will keep its funny nature while moving the plot along as a faster pace. The drama has done a great job so far balancing laughter and seriousness and I have faith it will continue to do so.

Like Oh My Ghostess? Couldnt get in to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



Lets    catch up with all the latest news on the investigation into the  No Min Woo and SM's legal fight

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the investigation into the No Min Woo and SM's legal fight

Investigation Into No Min Woo and SM Entertainments Legal Battle Begins Investigation for singer/actor No Min Woos lawsuit against SM Entertainment has officially begun.

Seoul Federal Trade Commission recently summoned No Min Woo to get his side of the dispute he had with SM Entertainment regarding his contract and broadcast ban. The trade commission also summoned a representative from SM Entertainment to testify shortly after No Min Woos testimonial.

In May, No Min Woo sued SM Entertainment and reported them to the Federal Trade Commission for enforcing a slave contract and issues surrounding distribution of profit, among other concerns.

No Min Woos legal representative stated, SM enforced a contract spanning 17 years on No Min Woo. When he broke free from SM with much difficulty and tried to be on his own, they tried to ban him from appearing on all broadcast networks.

The representative from SM Entertainment has since refuted, stating, In regards to baseless claims and reports, we will fight back wit the law.

No Min Woo debuted in SM Entertainments rock band The TRAX in 2004. He left the group in 2006.

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Lets  catch up with all the latest news on the brutal fight between Max Changmin vs. 2PMs Taecyeon

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the brutal fight between Max Changmin vs. 2PMs Taecyeon

-- The summer’s heating up, and the drama world is about to get hotter with two idols set to face off in the Wednesday-Thursday 10 p.m. timeslot.

TVXQ’s Max Changmin will take on a fanstasy period drama, while 2PM’s Taecyeon will challenge himself in a political drama, but it’s up to you to decide who will come out on top!

[Battle] TVXQ’s Max Changmin vs. 2PM’s Taecyeon

TVXQ’s Max Changmin

Max Changmin has been confirmed for MBC’s fantasy period drama Scholar Who Walks the Night, which is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

Backed by the director of The Moon that Embraces the Sun and writer of Coffee Prince as well as a strong cast, featuring Lee Joon Gi, Lee Yubi and Kim So Eun, this drama already has the makings of a hit drama.

The drama will air sometime in July.

[Battle] TVXQ’s Max Changmin vs. 2PM’s Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon

Meanwhile, Taecyeon, who recently returned with 2PM, will take on double duties as an actor in upcoming KBS drama Assembly.

The political drama will be set in Korea’s political world, taking viewers into the tightly veiled National Assembly and its members.

The first episode will air on July 15.

Vote for your favorite star now!

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Lets catch up with all the latest  news on  the fight between 2  popular songs  which are  Big Bangs BANG BANG BANG vs. EXOs Love Me Right

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the fight between 2 popular songs which are Big Bangs BANG BANG BANG vs. EXOs Love Me Right

-- Who knew we’d live to see this day?

EXO and Big Bang just missed each other when Call Me Baby came out at the end of March and Loser was released in May, respectively.

But now, the two groups have come face to face on the stage with new songs, and we want to know which one is the best.

Yes, we went there.

[Battle] Big Bang′s ′BANG BANG BANG′ vs. EXO′s ′Love Me Right′


Let’s be honest here. Like any other trendy K-Pop song, the visual aids are what brought Bang Bang Bang to life, from the music video, dance practice video and, of course, the live performances.

The music Big Bang is making is hard to come by in a place like Korea, and the trendsetters did it again with Bang Bang Bang. While Loser and Bae Bae were both strong singles, they were just warming us up to prepare us for, well, a big Bang Bang Bang.

With this said, where does EXO stand with their new repackaged track?

[Battle] Big Bang′s ′BANG BANG BANG′ vs. EXO′s ′Love Me Right′

EXO′s ′Love Me Right′

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to compare Big Bang and EXO, considering their years of experience, genre of music, etc, but if Bang Bang Bang was saved by its visuals, EXO’s Love Me Right left us a bit confused.

We′re not sure how the mood and lyrics of the song fit into the whole ‘American Football Player’ concept, whereas the ‘We’re hot, so screw you’ attitude of Call Me Baby - that, we totally got.

Still, there′s no denying that EXO is rewriting the history of K-POP, so maybe their music doesn′t have to make sense. They′re EXO, afterall.

Now, we want to hear your thoughts on the new songs. Vote for your favorite now!

Photo Credit: KBS, Mnet


Lets   catch up with all the latest  news on the fierce  fight between   Eun Jung vs Jun Hyo Seong

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the fierce fight between Eun Jung vs Jun Hyo Seong

-- Taking steps away from their group for the time being, both T-ara′s Eun Jung (Elsie) and Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong have both come out with new solo albums.

With lots in common, including a May 7 album release date, Eun Jung and Jun Hyo Seong are showing off their beautiful charms in their own individual ways.

[Battle] T-ara′s Eun Jung vs Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong

Elsie a.k.a T-ara′s Eun Jung

Coming back with the name Elsie, T-ara′s Eun Jung made her solo debut with album I′m Good.

Going for a slower and more emotional song, Eun Jung is promoting I′m Good, which features K.Will in the original version. Eun Jung is lucky to be performing the sad track with Ki-O on the stage.

[Battle] T-ara′s Eun Jung vs Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong

Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong

Making a sweet confession that she′s Into You, Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong has returned with her first solo mini album.

Jun Hyo Seong recently released her new album Fantasia and is currently promoting the upbeat title track Into You, flaunting all of her sexy and adorable charms.

Photo Credit: MBK Entertainment, TS Entertainment


Lets   catch  up  with all  the  latest news  on the fierce  fight between   Infinites Sung Kyu vs. B2STs Jang Hyun Seung

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the fierce fight between Infinites Sung Kyu vs. B2STs Jang Hyun Seung

-- The month of May is ready to begin and so are these idol group members who are venturing out as soloists!

Making a solo comeback and solo debut, respectively, we′re putting Infinite′s Sung Kyu and B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung into a friendly battle for this week!

[Battle] Infinite′s Sung Kyu vs. B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung

Infinite′s Sung Kyu

After a beautiful first solo album that captured our hearts for more than 60 Seconds, Infinite′s Sung Kyu is finally returning with another album.

As if to make up for the fact that he′s kept everyone waiting for three years, Sung Kyu revealed that the entire album will be produced by his role model and Nell member, Kim Jong Wan, which is pretty amazing considering that he has never produced another artist′s full album...ever.

Sung Kyu will be returning on May 11 with a double title song, so watch out for the magical experience to come.

[Battle] Infinite′s Sung Kyu vs. B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung

B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung

It boggles our mind that this B2ST member is just now releasing a solo album.

Taking flight as a solo artist for the first time, Jang Hyun Seung is gaining much anticipation as fans wait to see what kind of song and performance he′ll bring to the stage, especially since he′s known for putting on a great show, whether it is with B2ST or with 4minute′s Hyuna as Trouble Maker.

Jang Hyun Seung will be greeting fans a little earlier than Sung Kyu, dropping his first mini album My on May 8!

Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment, Cube Entertainment


Lets  find  out  all the    best   Running Man Episodes

Lets find out all the best Running Man Episodes

10 of the Greatest Running Man Episodes of All Time Running Man, the immensely popular South Korean show, has gained fans worldwide with their unique combination of athletic competitions and zany humor. The cast members all have a witty sense of humor, a high level of competition, and a great relationship with each other. Added to this mixture are amazing guests almost every episode and new games that still keep you entertained after almost 250 episodes! Millions of people tune in every week to watch the program, but somehow there are still people out there who have yet to watch this fantastic show! If you are one of these people, then its past time you found out why fans are so addicted by watching the episodes on this list.

For most fans, it would be impossible to choose the absolute best episode ever because they are all super funny and entertaining. In addition, you might like some episodes more than others if your favorite cast member happens to be the star of that episode. Whatever episodes you would choose as your favorites, though, hopefully we can all agree that this list includes 10 of the Greatest Running Man Episodes of All Times!

1- Running Man Episode 195: I Am MC Yoo

yoo jae suk MC yoo running man

This is one of my all-time favorite episodes because of a few certain moments which left me laughing hysterically. In this episode, Yoo Jae Suk acted as an MC instead of a participant in the race. The popular idol groups of 2NE1 and 2PM were guests on the show, along with artists Jo Jung Chi,  Yoon Jong Shin, and Muzy. Apart from the entertaining race and Garys epically funny mistake, the real star of this episode was Yoo Jae Suks horrendously ugly shirt.

2- Running Man Episode 213: Its Okay, Im a Chaebol!


I wasnt expecting much from this episode since it was full of well-known, popular actresses that I assumed wouldnt be very competitive. However, from the very first second the show started, I realized it was actually going to be one of the funniest episodes ever! My favorite game in this episode was the mud fight, where poor Kwang Soo ended up as a step-ladder for the competitive female guests. Even the regular cast members were surprised to see these funny ladies get downright ferocious in their desire to win.

3- Running Man Episode 214: R-POP Star Race Special


With the cast of the drama My Lovely Girl as the guest stars, this episode gave us some of the best moments in Running Man history as the two groups competed against each in a vocal competition. Considering that singers Rain and Krystal were in this episode, it might surprise you that the Running Man cast were actually the ones to bring viewers one of the most entertaining singing moments we have ever seen! Dont believe me? Check it out. It involved some of the Running Man members in drag and with a face full of makeup. Special note: Lee Kwang Soo makes for a surprisingly pretty woman!

4- Running Man Episode 188: Adventure in Australia (along with episodes 189 and 191)


Although this three-episode special got off to a slow start, it proved to be really entertaining as it all progressed. The Running Man cast and guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin traveled to Australia to accomplish a multitude of tasks. Whether scuba-diving for treasure or traveling back to gold-mining days, this special provided viewers with a lot of laughs. My favorite moments from this special? Seeing world stars like Rain and Woo Bin dressed up like kangaroos, Lee Kwang Soo teaching the innocent Kim Woo Bin how to cheat in order to win, and Yoo Jae Sukand Ji Suk Jin attempting to thread beads despite their absolute terror on a small plane ride over the ocean.

5- Running Man Episode 140The Running Man Virus


This episode had so many laugh out loud moments, especially to those who are a fan of the super funny Kwangsoo. According to the plot, the world had been infected by a horrible virus which took away the laughter and happiness of people. Running Man members had to find the anecdote and return laughter to mankind before becoming infected themselves. Kwangsoo was infected by the virus and spent the remainder of the episode in a complete rage, giving the viewers some of the most entertaining moments of the entire episode. Along with a clever plot and a cool setting, this episode is definitely worth the watch!

6-  Running Man Episode 127The Busan F4


This episode starts out by showing all the male cast members (with the exception of Gary) choosing to be on the team with the guest, the famous actress Choi Ji Woo. Knowing this was how things would turn out if the members could choose their own team, the producers of the show had a surprise in store for Song Ji Hyo (the captain of the other team). They brought four gorgeous young men to be on her team- Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE, Lee Kikwang of BEAST, and rapper Simon D. From their hysterical race on the beach to an entertaining game of dodgeball, this was one of Running Mans classic episodes.

7- Running Man Episode 163: Stealing Princess Ji Hyos Heart


Actress Song Ji Hyo is a beautiful and talented woman, but sometimes the other cast members forget to appreciate her fully since they see her every week. With guest stars G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri of BIGBANG, this episode turns Ji Hyo into a princess for a day and provides us with a lot of laughs as everyone tries to win her heart. Some of the funniest moments occur when their world-famous guests get absolutely covered in mud while playing a game in a flooded field. Plus, Gary gives Song Ji Hyo a kiss and automatically makes it one of the best episodes ever.

8- Running Man Episode 155The Ghost Mystery 


This hilarious episode starts with everyone as students in high school, including their guest Suzy of miss A. After some lighthearted, fun games around the school building, things suddenly take a darker turn. The members must find out which of the students are part of the couple fated to be together. Armed with several clues each, they race around in search of magical mirrors which give them clues. The twist? Scary announcements are made occasionally, telling the students things like one of them will die if they look behind them or one of them will be out if they scream. With these ominous warnings, hilarity ensues as the members desperately search for the answers in the dark, creepy building, while being terrified to turn their heads or do any of the other actions heard in the warnings.

9- Running Man Episode 74The Super Powers Episode 


This was the first of the Running Man episodes to allow the members to use super powers. Part of the Christmas special, the episode starts off with the usual banter and fun between the cast. Soon though, the producers put everyone in separate rooms where they down a special potion which gives them a super power. From the ability to control time to having four clones to help you in the game, each super power is pretty awesome and leaves the members scared to eliminate one another without knowing their special ability.

10- Running Man Episode 178: Running Man VS PD Team


This episode is one of the classics for fans of Running Man. Since it was the end of the year, the Running Man members go to a meeting with a producer and complain about the rough treatment during the past year. Presenting their demands for changes, they complain of things like having to change their underwear four times in one day or smelling like frogs due to all the water games. As a result, the producers challenge them to a special episode- the tasks are extremely challenging, but if Running Man can accomplish them, the staff will get punished themselves with a dump in cold water. Apart from the typical funny moments, there are also some places that will make you teary-eyed. This is an episode not to be missed!

Although there are literally hundreds of fantastic, funny Running Man episodes, these are definitely 10 great episodes that will make you laugh and fall in love with each one of the cast members. Despite their betrayals, lies, and determination to eliminate each other, the love and friendship between each member is evident after all these years of filming together. Their camaraderie and sense of humor is what really makes this show so great. There isnt enough space to talk about all of our favorite episodes, but rest assured that there are plenty more to keep you laughing. For example? Episode 147: The Flower Boy Special, Episode 79: Sherlock Holmes, Episode 98: Prison Break, and Episode 200: The Dream Cup and a Visit to the Zoo. Although its impossible to choose the absolute best episodes, these are a few that fans love. Which one is your favorite episode of Running Man? Let us know in the comment section below!

See also: 5 Reasons to Watch “Running Man”: The Rundown

lee1086 is a Soompi writer who absolutely adores Running Man and tries to make everyone a fellow addict of the program. Her favorite members are Kwangsoo and Haha. When she is not listening to K-pop or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends.