Media names 10 starts who highly resembles Pokmon

Media names 10 starts who highly resembles Pokmon

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNintendo has unleashed some othertechnology of the Pokémon craze onto the sector with their newest AR (Augmented Reality) app game, Pokémon Go. While in South Korea, the sport is these daysno longer widely to be hadbecause of restrictions on Google Maps, which the game is based heavily on, there are still explicitspaces in the rustic where the game can also be played.

Several Korean celebrities have already jumped onto the loopyadding EXOs Chanyeol, Jung Joon Young and BEAST Junhyung.

And so, X Sports News has compiled an inventory of known stars in South Korea who resemble those popular monsters. (And watch the epic evolving of Charmander to Charizard.)

◆ Cyndaquil  Countless Sungkyu

◆ Charmander Large Junior Donghae

◆ Charmeleon BIGBANG T.O.P

◆ Goldeen  Angelina Jolie

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Media professionals  expose  the maximum productive and worse idol workforce names

Media professionals expose the maximum productive and worse idol workforce names

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A set of professionals have come in combination to resolvethe maximum productive and worse idol workforce names that willlately existdiscovered in K-Pop. 

There are indeed some atypical names in K-Pop with agencies making an attempt to create a utterly uniqueglance for their teams for their debut. Yet odd or evenoriginalcan also be translated  either excellent or bad by way of the public.

Check out the list below, do you settle or disagree?

Image: Experts figure out the worse and best possibleneighborhood idol names in K-Pop Image: Experts identify the worse and most sensibleorganization idol names in K-Pop

BIGBANG: The that meansthat they're explosive matches the picture of the group.

Girls Generation, G-Friend: The names are very friendly and familiar for the japanese and Chinese market.

SHINee: The correct word in describing the crowd visually and acoustically.

INFINITE: Matches the spirit, ambition and image of the group.

K-MUCH: No subject what form ofsong they release, their call doesnt appear cool.

Sonamoo: Unable to inform what their gender is because their name is too ambiguous.

KNK: Other than theyre tall, it doesnt let us know anything.

Boys Republic: The worse example of looking to imitate the name Ladies Generation.

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Korean Media Outlet Names 7 Clichd K-Drama Scenes

Korean Media Outlet Names 7 Clichd K-Drama Scenes

Korean Media Outlet Names 7 Clichéd K-Drama Scenesnotclaira Would possibly 3, 2016 0 Korean Media Outlet Names 7 Clichéd K-Drama Scenes Whether it’s very important evidence being left in undeniable sight, or the villain kidnapping the maximum importantpersonasimplest to monologue on and on, there are sure scenes in Televisionpresentations and videosthat experiencegrow to be entrenched in the genre.

Although once in a while the scenes are very important to the plot, it willceaselessly feel repetitive. Recently, a Korean media outlet named seven clichéd K-drama scenes we hate to love.

Dramas repeatedly dearest to sing their own praises the primary actor’s chiseled abs. While surelyanything to feel thankful (?) for, the scenes can normally feel random and unconnected to the plot. Such scenes generallyhappen when the major male character heads into the toilet to take a bath and loses himself in thought, or sheds his blouseso as to join in in some appropriately brooding exercise.

2. Love triangles (or squares, etc.)reply 1944

If there’s one obligatoryelement to make a love line in a K-drama, it’s a rival. Love triangles have long been a staple of the genre, and recently such love lines were expanding into love squares or even further.

In a drama, the characters appear to observethe similar paths, even in a hecticcity like Seoul. They pass to an identical convenience retail outlets and walk the same streets, yetevery timethey'veto fulfill urgently, they at all timesleave outeach and every other.

Even in a digitally hooked up world, characters occasionally run around looking forone another without calling or texting anyone, which will also be incredibly frustrating for the audience.

4. Throwing water (and money)secret garden

Although the (impoverished) feminine lead is constantly in it for the love, the (rich) male lead’s mom sees designs on her son’s wealth. In such dramas, there is sometimes a assembly between the prospective better half's mother and the girl, where the mother-in-law problems a call for for the ladyto damage information technology off. Here is usually accompanied through an envelope of cash or throwing a tumbler of water in the girl’s face.

It turns out ridiculously simple to meet a chaebol or CEO in the arena of dramas. Even reputedlyroutine businessmen often plough out to be the son of the pinnacle of the company, and male leads typically play second or 3rd generation chaebols.

6. Mother-in-laws fainting in hystericssecret lawn 2

Not only do the prospective mother-in-laws of wealthy male leads throw water and cash at their sons’ girlfriends, but once the dating is printed to be secure, and they throw a fit, falling down in a dead faint or screaming, “I’ll never provide you with my son.”

7. Eavesdropping (and surprising hearing loss)sungkyunkwan scandal

Characters who by chance stumble across incriminating scenes organize to pay attentionthe entireinformation about a state of affairsregardless of being in truthreasonablya ways from the conversation. But if a character trulywishesto be informed aboutthe most important information, they turn out to be unusually deaf and miss the entirety that’s going on.

What are your favourite K-drama clichés?

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Billboard Names Maximum Watched K-Pop Track Videos Around The sector In June 2016

Billboard Names Maximum Watched K-Pop Track Videos Around The sector In June 2016

Billboard Names Maximum Watched K-Pop Track Videos Around The arena In June 2016kminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Billboard Names Most Watched K-Pop Music Videos Round theInternational In June 2016 On July 14, Billboard published their list of the pinnacle 10 most viewed K-pop music videos in eitherthe us and around the world for the month of June.

Having swept the charts and surroundings new records with the free upin their3rd full-length album, EXO takes the tip two spots on both charts with their double name tracks, Monster and Fortunate One.

Meanwhile, SISTARs popular summer hit I truly like That puts third on both charts, whilsta mixture of solo artists, Women Generation members, and BEAST rounds out the remainder of the 2 lists.

Check out the total lists below:

Most Viewed K-pop Videos in United States for June 2016

EXOs MonsterEXOs Lucky OneSISTARs I adore ThatGirls Generations Taeyeons Starlight, featuring DEANGirls Generations Tiffanys Heartbreak Hotel, featuring Simon DominicGirls Generations Taeyeons WhyHeizes Close Up and Groove, featuring DeanSan E and After College member Rainas Sugar and MeBEASTs ButterflyLoco and GRAYs Good, featuring ELO about Viewed K-pop Videos Around the World for June 2016

EXOs MonsterEXOs Lucky OneSISTARs I love ThatGirls Generations Taeyeons Starlight, featuring DEANGirls Generations Taeyeons WhyGirls GenerationsTiffanys Heartbreak Hotel, featuring Simon DominicHeizes Shut Up and Groove, featuring DeanBEASTs ButterflySan E and After College member Rainas Sugar and MeLoco and GRAYs Good, featuring ELO What were some of your favourite music videos in June?

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Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I starts a peculiar cohabitation

Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I starts a peculiar cohabitation

On the episode 3 of tvN's 'Bring It On, Ghost', Park Bong-pal (Taecyeon) and Kim Hyeon-ji (Kim So-hyeon-I) began to are living in the similararea together.

Hyeon-ji went to Bong-pal on at the existing time and asked him for assist to study. She said, "I feel in reality sorry I ignoredthe schoolfront exam".

Bong-pal may justnow not say no. Therefore, the 2 started living in combination spending time all day long together. Bong-pal and Hyeon-ji looked candyand gorgeous when they did grocery buying groceries in a supermarket.

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Sandara Park takes lovers on a private one-on-one date by way of social media

Sandara Park takes lovers on a private one-on-one date by way of social media

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter2NE1 member Sandara Park greeted her enthusiastscurrentlythrough taking them out on a date with her via her Instagram account.

On July 13th, Sandara posted two pictures on her account, the usage of a selfie stick as she walked round thetown in an adorable getup. She writes, Blackjack Nolja! Today, youre dating me!

She presentations off her distinct style sense and dressed inoriginal accessories to check her outfit. Her unblemished, glowing and little one skin especially stands proud in her photos. In one photo, Sandara relays her lovable charms as she sticks a tongue out whilstmaking ready to dig into her tonkatsu meal.

Meanwhile, she recently wrapped up her activities as one of the most MC for jTBCSugarman, and is proceeding her solo activities with the exception of 2NE1.

Image: Date with fans by way of Instagram / @daraxxi Image: Date with fans through Instagram / @daraxxi

Image: Taking section in close to lunch on her Date with fans / @daraxxi Image: Enjoying some lunch on her Date with fans / @daraxxi

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Snapchat: A New Technology of Social Media

Snapchat: A New Technology of Social Media

20160227_seoulbeats_ericnam_tablo_amberSnapchat: A New Technology of Social Media?Written through Sydney On July 11, 201620160629_seoulbeats_brianAs Snapchat becomes more prevalent, it isn'tsudden that Korean celebrities also arestarting to use the application to attach to their fans, and even perhapsattraction to prospective fans. Some of the celebsthe usage of IT include UKISSs Kevin, Eric Nam, Tablo, SNSDs Tiffany and Sooyoungf(x)s Amber, and Gray.

You might or won't take heard of it before, yet Snapchat is a social networking application which boasts over one hundred million users and over 10 billion video perspectives daily. It's milesessentially a messaging application where users send timed footage and videos that can be accessorized with captions and filters. After the set time is up, the pictures are deleted. This theoretically lets in for snippets, or Snaps, of the folkslifestyles to be shared with buddies in a carefree and unrefined manner.

More recently, Snapchat has expanded to transform more of a social networking website online alongside the introductionof reports for users to proportion Snaps with all in theirpals at once. With the creation of Reviews and the option of Discovery, corporationsmay share promotional videos through Snapchat. Similarly, idols can share their stories on the platform to users who can freely apply their stories, and even reply without delay to the images in the tale without being observed by any others.

But how is Snapchat other from other (older) sorts of social media? Or more importantly, where is Snapchat in the timeline of repeatedly evolving idol-fan dating dynamics? Perhaps we wish tocrossa bit ofextraago and get started from a time before social media.

Prior to the advent of social media, K-pop idols and loversmost effective interacted in user at song shows, concerts, or call-ins at radio shows. Fans learned data close to their idols thru interviews and appearances on radio broadcasts, tv shows, and magazines. Fans of the K-pop originators can maximum likelyconsider the days where phones with cords (e.g. landlines and phones at telephone booths) were necessary in getting announcements and vote casting for their favourite idols, and when a VHS recording was once the most out there style to re-watch  – or watch  – them.

In general, it type of feels that there has been no genuine agency to know idols with the exception of the images created for them, and the appearances idols made on quite so much ofpresentations were most certainlywithout difficulty regulated and regulated because they might be edited prior to release. Plus, the most visuala section of a superstarbecome their performance, and that says very little about their exact personalities. All it displays is the perfected result of endless hours of practice.

20160629_seoulbeats_fx_amberThe occurrence of social media has replaced this idol-fan dynamic, and celebrities are now creatures less alien to us. Social media in overall bridges the divide between idol and fan by offering fans with furthersubject matter to help them in forming a more cohesive symbol of the idol. Also, the advent of social media has allowed K-pop to spread further than its borders, into the web where the fabric becomes more widely and readily available.

With company-created Facebook pages and reputable websites, we get more detailed guide about the idols akin to their profiles and scheduled events, permitting fans to be told more about them and in finding opportunities to enhance them. With private Twitter accounts, fans can see snippets of idols mind and most likely how they have interaction with others on an off-the-cuff basis. Instagram, meanwhile, permits idols to share images – in most casessparsely edited and selected – from their lives.

Though thosebureaucracy of social media are supposed to bridge the distance between idol and fan, the cloth presented still turns out regulated and rigorously considered. After all, one would probably think two timesprior to posting anythingon the web because once the drapery is posted, it can notactually ever be taken back. And, it mightrather well exist used opposed to you in the future.

In contrast, Snapchat, more so than other kinds of social media, appears to bring an extrapart of closeness between idol and fan by way of its ephemerality.

In general, Snaps do have a tendency to be brief, unedited, and unrefined glimpses of peoples lives. Audiencerevel in the Snaps in a brisk velocity dictated by the sender. Additionally, the Snapchat Stories only exist for twenty-four hours before they disappear. In contrast, other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter permit viewers to have an unlimitedquantity of time to browse whatever they wish. Of course, Snaps can also bestored in the shape of screenshots, but they aren't meant for that purpose. They are meant to be glanced at, thought to be briefly, and doubtlesslyin the end forgotten.

Thus, the temporality of the images allows for this ease and carefreeness through which fans can see how idols capture and interpret small, everyday things. This carefreeness makes the idol appear more like a chum that feels no disgrace in appearing their more unattractive and dull sides. Also, since Snapchat has the stories in a continualcirculationjumbled in with the Snapchat stories of your friends, you fail to remember whose Snaps you'retaking a look at, and it feels as though all the stories presented belong to peersin position of strangers.

Though the Snaps do seem to bea lot more stripped down and personable, the term social media still calls attention to the truththat each and every onefabricsthroughout the source are mediated one way or the other or another. After all, the idols can persistently retake Snaps, and idols are still very much conscious and wary of the material that they put out for their fans to see.

Thus, theres no way of knowing whether or no longer these Snapchat personas are simply extensions of the ones they are forced to take on by their companies, and now noteven supposing the character is one contrived by the idols themselves. Whilst it seems as though Snapchat is an street for idols to turned into closer to their fans, there might also not be a basic difference between it and other sorts of social media.

On the turn side, Snapchat could cause fans to feel closer to their idols and make allowance them to forge a more own connection with them. While it presumably translates into providing more in a position support to the idols, it is helping fans realize that idols are humans with flaws too. This humanization then allows for an id and more potent bond with the idol, where they can then be approached as decent equals instead of untouchable, summary entities affixed with irrational expectations.

What are your thoughts on idols use of Snapchat? Does it seem to present an additional detail of closeness not afforded on other social media platforms, or does it seem similar?

(Snapchat, The Harvard Crimson, Soompi, Bloomberg, YouTube. Images by way of Snapchat)


GOT7’s BamBam Names The lady  Workforce He Needs To Collaborate With

GOT7’s BamBam Names The lady Workforce He Needs To Collaborate With

GOT7s BamBam Names The womanWorkforce He Needs To Collaborate Withleonid July 9, 2016 0 GOT7s BamBam Names The Girl Organization He Wants To Collaborate With GOT7s Jackson and BamBam blow their own horns their sturdy chemistry and friendship in a contemporary photo shoot with tastemagPrime Cut.

A languid and dreamy surroundings surrounds the Midsummer Nights Dream themed pictorial, with Jackson and BamBam carrying matching pajamas, posing in quite so much of backgrounds equivalent to a mysterious hotel room and the streets at night.

During the interview, Jackson talks about what the maximumtrickya phase ofschooling in the navywas once when he and BamBam filmed MBCs Genuine Men together. He says, It becomeactuallycomplicatedlooking ahead to mealtime. I have become hungry backonceI ended eating, so it was hard.

They also percentage who they suspect would perfectare compatiblea feminine special of Real Men among their JYP Entertainment labelmates. BamBam names Park Jimin and explains, She can sing the army song neatly because shes a just right singer, so I suspect shell be popular in the army, whilst Jackson answers, Wonder Girlss Yubin noona has a warrior-like charisma, so I believe shell do perfectly fine, even during the CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) training.

BamBam, who is changing intoincreasingly more known for his uniqueness in girl group choreographies, then finds which girl group he would truly like to collaborate with for a performance. He says, The primary girl group song I danced to was Women Days Something. I used to be complimented much for my dancing of girl group dances on account of it, so if given the opportunity, I wish tocarry out with the Girls Day sunbaes.

The leisure of Jackson and BamBams photoshoot and interview can also bediscovered in the July factor of High Cut.

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10 Idols With Authentic  Degree Names And What They Signify

10 Idols With Authentic Degree Names And What They Signify

10 Idols With AuthenticDegree Names And What They Symbolize kminjungee July 8, 2016 0 10 Idols With Exotic Stage Names And What They Signify Many idols this provide dayregularlyadvertisebeneath a other phase name, instead of their genuine names.

Sometimes, its because of having a call thats the similar every bitany individual already running in the entertainment industry, or having a more commonplace name. Other times, its purposely chosen, handmadeas though to create an entire new identity.

This isn't a new phenomenon, as several first generation idols also regularly had unique stage names, akin to H.O.T.s Kangta, or Shinhwas Shin Hye Sung and Jun Jin.

Often times, those stage names also hang special meanings, now and then signifying that persons role or motivations.

Below are 10 idols who are well known for their unique stage names, and how every of them ended up with these names:

1. MAMAMOOs Sun (real name Kim Yong Sun)

Supposedly, her stage name comes from taking the final syllable from her exact name, sun, the use of the literal English that means sun, and converting IT to Solar.

Another explanation is that when youmove up the dimensionsemploying solfège (do, re, mi, etc.), so and ra are next to every other. If you mix these two syllables, you get the Korean pronunciation of Solar.

2. B1A4s Baro (real name Cha Sun Woo)

While there are a couple of theories surround the foundation of his stage name, the maximum important theory turns out to be that it was once given to him by capability of his agencys president, who told him to reside correctly. His stage name is a play on words of this actualword in Korean.

Another, more a laughand no more serious explanation is that he at all timesneeds things done correct now, or baro in Korean.

3. EXOs Suho (real name Kim Joon Myun)

As the leader of the EXO, Suhos stage name rather literally comes from the Korean verb suho, because of thisto be offeringcoverage to like a guardian. It reflects his attitude and sense of obligation he carries as the leader quite well.

4. Red Velvets Joy (real name Park Soo Young)

Joy have become her stage name in order that she would most effectivecome uponcompletely happy things while she is active in the entertainment world. It suits the idol well, who is understood for her bright smile.

5. SHINees Onew (real name Lee Jin Ki)

If you glance up oh neu, the phonetic pronunciation of Onew, in the Korean dictionary, it approach to have a comfortable and mild personality, attitude, etc.

His stage name could also bemeant to exemplify the sleek and gentle tone of his voice.

6. iKONs B.I (real name Kim Han Bin)

As a rapper, a charismatic stage name is a must. His stage name is the abbreviated type of Be I, which turned intoselectedto intendI may beready toturn out to beanything else onewish to be.

IU is precisely what is sounds like; it's milesthe mix of I and You, signifying that you as the target audienceturned into one with her thru music.

8. GOT7s Junior (real name Park Jin Young)

A name he individually likes, Junior was named because hes literally Park Jin Young Jr., since he's under JYP Entertainment.

9. VIXXs N (real name Cha Hak Yeon)

The last syllable of his real name, yeon, is pronounced en in Japanese, which means fate or fate (depending at the kanji used). So, he supposedly determinedin this stage name because he believed it was fate to stand on stage and meet his fans.

10. After Colleges Raina (real name Oh Hye Rin)

Inspired by the Spanish term for queen, or reina, it also supposedly has a hidden meaning of tranquility, even ifthe relationship is unclear.

How many of these did you know? For more, verify your wisdom of idols real names with the feminine k-pop stars quiz, or the male version!

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Wonder Girls’ New Comeback Idea Is Proving Highly A success With K-Pop Fans

Wonder Girls’ New Comeback Idea Is Proving Highly A success With K-Pop Fans

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It roughly feels like the band ideais operating for the Wonder Girls as increasingly netizens are falling in love with their newest single! 

Ever since liberating their currentunmarried and song video for “Why So Lonely,” Wonder Womenno longerbestreceived much hobby from their enthusiasts and fellow music lovers, yet as wellin relation tovirtual single sales. The crowdadditionalacquiredcompliment for their authentic comeback concept and also their participation in growing and selling a identify track in their own.

In their contemporary comeback event, Wonder Womenmentioned that J.Y Park announced that he may no longer be writing a track for the group, hence making their own team and produced their own tracks.

The Wonder Girls released the band style, reggae pop track “Why So Lonely” yesterday.

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