Mnet Unearths  Main points For New Male Edition Of Produce 101

Mnet Unearths Main points For New Male Edition Of Produce 101

Mnet FindsMain points For New Male Edition Of “Produce 101”notclaira June 23, 2016 0 Mnet DisplaysInformation For New Male Version Of “Produce 101” Mnet has published their plans for a 2d season of “Produce 101!”

On June 23, Mnet revealed that the moment one season may also be a male version. They are making plansto begingetting ready in August and get started broadcasting in January 2017.”

The normal “Produce 101” amassed 101 feminine trainees from 46 other agencies and pitted them opposed toevery other in a survival program format. An all-male survival program with a variousstructure is these days airing on Mnet as Boys24.

The 11womendecided onat thedisplay debuted as a phase ofthe womanstaff I.O.I, who are currently taking a spoiltill their subunit debut in August.

Are you excited for the second season?

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BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

Male Version Of Idol Survival Program Produce 101 Reveals First 14 Contestants(Photo : BOYS24)BOYS24, the latest idol survival program from Mnet, has printedthe primary 14 contestants that might compete to sign in for a male idol group.

The complete list of revealed contestants will also bediscoveredat the BOYS24 reliable Facebook page, which has particular person profiles for every member, introducing them and highlighting their authenticcharacteristics and skills.

The contestants diversity in age from 15 to 23, with one of the vital contestants being born as past due equally 2001.

Similar to Mnet's oldfact program Produce 101, in BOYS24, 49 trainees will compete for a place on a 24-member male idol group, that willadvertise for one year, retaining a concert each day. After a year, a choose few individualscould beselected to debut as an idol group.

The 1st episode of BOYS24 is scheduled to get started out airing on June 18 on Mnet and tvN.

The 3rdcircular of trainee was once revaled on Might 23, where seven new contestants will be unveiled.

Unlike Produce 101, the contestants on BOYS24 aren'tthese days trainees beneath any firmand mayfinally finish up being signed under one of CJ EM's industry arms. The program will also emphasize the significance of the crowd over individuals.

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“Boys24” The Male Edition Of “Produce 101” Unearths Their First 7 Contestants

“Boys24” The Male Edition Of “Produce 101” Unearths Their First 7 Contestants

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the overpoweringgood fortune of survival show Produce 101Mnet revealed that they would be growing a male edition of the display as well. And whilst some fanatics expressed their disinterest in the show, many were undoubtedlyexpecting its release. With the prove set to begin its broadcast soon, Mnet in the endpublished seven of the primary contestants at the show, with 42 more to be unveiled soon. With 49 boys competing to be a section ofthe impending male idol group, festivalwill certainly exist tough.

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Plans for Male Edition of Mnet’s “Produce 101″ Revealed

Plans for Male Edition of Mnet’s “Produce 101″ Revealed

Plans for Male Edition of Mnets Produce 101 Published hajima April 6, 2016 0 LINE it!Plans for Male Version of Mnets Produce 101 Revealed As reported previously, enthusiasts who were left with in want of more after the finish of Mnets idol survival show, Produce 101, have a new displayto seemahead to.

11 members of new ladycrew I.O.I were recently decided, following the overall episode of Produce 101. Composed of trainees from more than a fewother agencies (including JYP, Jellyfish, Fantagio, MH, Redline, Pledis, MBK, and Starship Entertainment) the crowdcould be officially debuting with a totally uniquethought in May.

After moving audience to laughter and tears, anticipation is developing for the long run of I.O.I and the rest 90 trainees.

Following the reaction to the feminine version of the prove and as neatly as the up to now announced Boys24 male community project, which is expected to get started out performances in August, Mnet is now reportedly getting ready a new show, this time with male trainees.

The preciseformat and ideaat the back of the male version of Produce 101 is yet to be determinedyetthe objective air date has been set to December of this year or January 2017. Because ofthe seriousapproval for the feminine version, doable viewers are curious of the interactions between the new trainees and manufacturers on the 2nd one season of Produce 101.

Are you having a look forward to this new idol survival show?

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Mnet Making plans Male Edition Of Produce 101 With Boy Staff Trainees

Mnet Making plans Male Edition Of Produce 101 With Boy Staff Trainees

Mnet Planning Male Version Of Produce 101 With Boy Group Trainees(Photo : CJ E&M )Mnet is planning a sequel to their currently-airing series Produce 101, yet with a twist.

The 2d season of Produce 101 may be a male version of the show, with 101 trainees from entertainment agencies across South Korea competing to peer who is worthy of attaining the top.

According to observation made by way of a representative of Mnet to Celebrity News on Mar. 8,the moment season of Produce 101will be produced by Han Dong Chul, the guyat the back of popular Mnet displays Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar, and hopes to air by December of this year or early January 2017.

The insider also shared withindetails revealing that the thought thatcould also beother than the primary season ofProduce 101.

"Although this can also be a boy version, we have gotno longerdetermined whether it is going to exist about creating a boy group.We are lately undecided, but are taking a look at more than a few plans that may draw viewer's attention in a various way," the insider added.

Produce 101, which started airing on Jan. 22, brought in combination 101 trainees from 46 entertainment agencies across Korea for a survival competition. The best 11 trainees will be placed in an idol neighborhood together and should be published in the general episode on April 1.

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Mnet Announces Plans for Male Edition of Produce 101 in Season 2

Mnet Announces Plans for Male Edition of Produce 101 in Season 2

Mnet Announces Plans for Male Edition of “Produce 101” in Season 2ilmare42 March 8, 2016 0 LINE it!Mnet Announces Plans for Male Version of “Produce 101” in Season 2 Mnet has printed that it plans to recruit male contestants for the 2d one season of its epic K-Pop team survival display “Produce 101.”

On the afternoon of March 8, a representative of Mnet announced, “A moment season of ‘Produce 101’ is one of the crucial planned projects of director Han Dong Chul. We’re these days broadcasting the womanneighborhood survival prove ‘Produce 101,’ yet once it has wrapped up, the production team will paintings on getting ready the structure and idea for season two in detail.”

The representative states that season two could be a male version of the show, but adds that they're still making an allowance for whether or now not the second season will objective to shape a boy group.

The first season of “Produce 101” follows 101 feminine trainees from 46 agencies as they vie for 11 spots in a lady group, with the teams members, concept, and more selectedby potential of viewers. It is expected to air its ultimate episode on April 1.

According to the source at Mnet, the second season is currently slated to premiere either this December or January of 2017.

Would you needto observe a male version of Produce 101?

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Netizens explicit  concern over upcoming male edition of “Produce 101”

Netizens explicit concern over upcoming male edition of “Produce 101”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the luck of Mnet survival show Produce 101 so far, the broadcasting station these days announced that they would be generating a edition of the display featuring male trainees. 

In reaction to the announcement, however, many netizens expressed their worry over the approaching show. In line with netizens, the current Produce 101 is watched througheither male lovers who wish to see feminine trainees, in addition female fans who broadenwoman crushes. However, netizens are worried that the male version of the prove wont have as many audience because male viewers wouldnt wish to sentry a exhibit more or less male trainees.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

490, 40 Guys dont care about boy groups. Girl teamsat all times accept female fans yet its infrequent for male groups to have any male fans. Even all over WINNERs survival show guys didnt watch..

525, 89 Men watch produce 101 because they preferladies and women watch the show on account of girl crushes. Men arent going to glance at male idols dance and sing when its no longer even hip-hop

459, 37 Seriously just finish it at the primary verse

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A male edition of 'Produce 101' acknowledged to be in the works!

A male edition of 'Produce 101' acknowledged to be in the works!

This year turns out to be the year for audition survival methods on Mnet, what with the new airing of 'Produce 101,' the approaching new season of 'Show Me the Money,' and now the scoop of some other one called 'Boys 24.'

SEE ALSO: 'Produce 101' announce which contestants are leading and falling in the back of

'Boys 24' is like a male edition of the recently airing 'Produce 101,' that maymake a selection 24 lucky, talented, and ambitious boys to make up a task boy workforce called... you guessed it, Boys 24.

After passing rounds of auditions, the 24 boys will acquire rigorous schooling in more than a fewspaces of entertainment from no lower thanthe maximum productive trainers, get the riskto look on a show on a significant broadcasting network, and carry out and advertisebelow Boys 24 prior tothe simplestparticipants officially make their debut. 

Auditions started on January 18 and maymove on till February 19. 

Stay tuned for updates on 'Boys 24'! 


SNSDs Tiffany unearths main points on Taetiseos December Comeback

SNSDs Tiffany unearths main points on Taetiseos December Comeback

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Tiffany hinted at Taetiseo′s December comeback.

SNSD held a press convention for the group′s fourth exclusive concert Girls′ Generation 4th excursion Phantasia - in Seoul at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on November 22, where a reporter asked about Taetiseo′s upcoming promotions, to which Tiffany responded, "We′re in the overall stages of production. it is going to most certainly pop out in time for the vacation season."

SNSD′s Tiffany Finds main points on Taetiseo′s December Comeback

She continued, "We′re operating on placing in combination a laugh song that would serve to be a pleasing gift in December. We′d like for fanatics to hear SNSD′s music with type till December 2015."

SNSD′s fourth exclusive concert Girl’s Generation 4th Tour Phantasia - in Seoul was once held over two days from November 21 to 22. now not most effective is SNSD the primary girl staff in Korea to hang a headlining concert tour for the fourth time, it's the group′s first concert in two years and five months because the 2013 show.

As the concert holds a unique meaning, the girls put numerous paintings into the degree production. International famend choreographer Rino Nakasone, who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown and Janet Jackson, become in control of the whole production, and a 50m x 13m stage in addition a 17m x 15m primary LED screen were a collection of the grand-scale capabilities of the concert.

Tiffany said, "Although a couple of months have passed since we promoted together as a group, we at all times say, ′It was a satisfied and fun promotion period.′ When i glance back at the year 2015, i suspect there can be so much of pleased memories. yet i believe all the individuals will make a selection SNSD activities."

Tiffany concluded by potential of saying, "Personally, since the finish of ultimate year, I ran with the plan to turn 2015 into SNSD′s year at the aspect of the members. SNSD activities were the maximum memorable, and because the begining of the year, we′ve participated in quite much of person and community activities, from concerts, solo albums and acting, and there′s a present waiting in December, so I′d like to visit the end and wrap up the year as SNSD."

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman  Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For womanCrew Survival Display ehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Mnet Exhibits First 2 Contestants For Girl Organization Survival Show Mnet has printedthe primary two contestants on their trainee roster for upcoming girl group survival show Locating Momoland (working title).

The first contestant, Nancy is a trainee at Duble Sidekicks firm Duble Kick Entertainment. She already has a a fan following thru their appearance in a tv program on cable channel Tooniverse. She used to be born Nancy Jewel Mcdonie to a Korean mom and American father.

Duble Kick Entertainment reveals that 2d contestant Yeonwoo could also be an in-house trainee. She is 169 centimeters tall and lives by capacity of the motto Are living like theres no tomorrow.

The agency shares, There are trainees besides Nancy and Yeonwoo that would greet audienceby way of Finding Momoland for a overall of 10 trainees. We ask that you come back alongsidetopexpectancies because each and every trainee has her individual charm.

Mnet is teaming up with manufacturers Rhymer, Shinsadong Tiger, and Duble Sidekick for Finding Momoland. The first episode of the show is scheduled to air on Friday July 22 at 7 p.m. KST.

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