Namgoong Min Magic Falsify Comes In First

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Namgoong Min magic, "Falsify" comes in first

"Falsify" is solidifying its rank.

The SBS drama "Falsify" came in first with 11.3% and 12.0% on the 31st of July.

This is a slight decrease from the previous episodes but it's the only drama with two digits.

Namgoong Min, Yoo Joon-sang and Eom Ji-won star in "Falsify" as reporters and investigators who fight the media to report on the corruptions happening in society.

MBC "The King Loves" rated 5.9% and 6.8% while KBS 2TV "School 2017" rated 4.2%.

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[Photos] "Falsify" Namgoong Min, Yoo Joon-sang and Eom Ji-won

The premiere of the new drama "Falsify" was held on the 20th.

"Falsify" is about Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min), the troublemaker of the media, Lee Seok-min (Yoo Joon-sang) a real reporter who believed in common sense and investigator Kwon So-ra (Eom Ji-won) who never lets go of a case.

Starring Namgoong Min, Yoo Joon-sang, Eom Ji-won, Moon Sung-keun and Jeon Hye-bin, "Falsify" will begin on the 24th.

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[Spoiler] "Falsify" Namgoong Min disguises himself

Namgoong Min disguised himself to get news.

On the first episode of the SBS drama "Falsify", Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min) made a deal with Jeon Chan-soo (Jeong Man-sik).

Han Moo-yeong disguised himself when he did this. Jeon Chan-soo said, "Watch out. If you die alone, I have nothing to do with this".

Han Moo-yeong called himself a trashy journalist.

Jeon Chan-soo helped Han Moo-yeong in his secretive report.

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"Falsify" Namgoong Min got through

Trashy reporter Namgoong Min got through. "Falsify" came in first.

According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS drama "Falsify" rated 10.4% and 12.5%.

MBC "The King Loves" rated 7.0% and 7.2% while KBS 2TV "School 2017" rated 4.1%.

The first episode of "Falsify" on the 24th had a good start with two digits (11.6% and 12.6%).

Meanwhile, "Falsify" is the story of a group of reporters and an investigator who give deliberate jabs at altered media.

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[Spoiler] "Falsify" Namgoong Min, will he get back at Moon Sung-keun?

Namgoong Min became a reporter to avenge his brother's death but he was tricked by Moon Sung-keun.

Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min) wanted to find out the truth behind his brother Han Cheol-ho's (Oh Jeong-se) death.

Five years ago, Lee Seok-min (Yoo Joon-sang) and investigator Kwon So-ra (Eom Ji-won) were investigating a case on secret funds when Koo Tae-won (Moon Sung-keun) hit them in the back of their heads. Seok-min was demoted and so was So-ra. Cheol-ho, who wrote the report, suddenly died from an accident.