Namgoong Min To Star In Sbs Manipulation

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[Hot Takes from the Noonas] "Manipulation" finally gets a female lead as Eom Ji-won signs on to star opposite Namgoong Min

The casting roller coaster for "Manipulation" has finally come to a halt as Eom Ji-won makes her return to the small screen to play a prosecutor opposite Namgoong Min and Yoo Joon-sang.

After offering the role to what seemed like every film actress they could find, the producers of "Manipulation" rounded out the stellar cast with the addition of Eom Ji-won as the lead. Now that all the pieces are in place, "Manipulation" is looking more and more intriguing; a team of reporters will fight to reveal corruption, with the help of Kwon So-ra, played by Eom Ji-won, a prosecutor who graduated at the top of her class, but puts people off with her blunt manner.

Moon Sung-keun to star in SBS
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Moon Sung-keun to star in SBS "Manipulation"

Actor Moon Sung-keun is starring in a drama for the first time in 8 years.

He is coming back with a new SBS drama called "Manipulation".

The last drama he starred in was the 2009 drama "Princess Ja Myung Go".

"Manipulation" is a drama that reflects on the lives of reporters who dig through the corruptions of life. Previously decided casts are Namgoong Min, Yoo Joon-sang and Jeon Hye-bin. Chun Woo-hee was initially on the list too but it fell through.

"Manipulation" will be broadcast in July.

Rookie Oh Ah-yeon to star in
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Rookie Oh Ah-yeon to star in "Manipulation"

Oh Ah-yeon is starring in the new SBS drama "Manipulation".

She's taking on the role of an intern reporter named Gong Ji-won.

"Manipulation" is a drama about reporters who dig the truth about social corruption and it's directed by Lee Jeong-heum and written by Kim Hyeon-jeong-II.

Oh Ah-yeon plays Gong Ji-won, an intern in Daehan News, Korea's top news company. Gong Ji-won is the perfect model reporter with shiny eyes. She is full of passion and synergizes with Lee Seok-min (Yoo Joon-sang) and Oh Yoo-kyeong (Jeon Hye-bin).

Namgoong Min,
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Namgoong Min, "Acting gets harder, especially in 'Manipulation'"

Namgoong Min expressed his values on acting and introduced his new drama "Manipulation".

Singles, a fashion magazine released pictures of Namgoong Min.

Namgoong Min takes on the role of a witty reporter in the new SBS drama "Manipulation". He is wearing fancy suits and casual T-shirts in the picture collection.

Namgoong Min takes on the role of a reporter who digs for the truth. About choosing to be in this new drama, he said, "I was sure I could make this a good drama. A good drama is something that many people can watch and enjoy. It's not a good drama when you're only satisfying yourself".

Namgoong Min Explains How His View Of Former Remember Co-Star Lee Shi Un Has Changed
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Namgoong Min Explains How His View Of Former Remember Co-Star Lee Shi Un Has Changed

Namgoong Min recently paid a visit to his former Remember co-star Lee Shi Un in order to receive a rather special one-on-one lessonĀ in dialect acting!

His house visit was shown on the July 14 episode of MBCs I Live Alone, and the two actors displayed their friendly relationship throughout their segment.


Lee Shi Un turned out to be a strict teacher, as he directed Namgoong Min through the difficult tones and vocabulary that were associated with a regional dialect. When Namgoong Min finally nailed acting with a dialect, his colleague commented, I think youre doing really well.