Nana Responds To Certain  Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To Certain Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To SureReports Of Her Acting In The great Wifeehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Nana Responds To Positive Reviews Of Her Acting In The coolest Wife After Faculties Nana, who is making her first foray into performing on tvNs new Friday-Saturday drama The Just right Wife, stocks her mindat the positive comments she has been receiving for her acting.

Nana first expresses gratitude for the positive viewer response. I'm so thankful to the variousaudience who are taking a look kindly on my acting, even supposing Im sure Im missing in numerousfacets since here's my first try at acting domestically.

She continues, There are moments when I believe dazed, yetup to Ive been receiving positive reviews, I canmanner my acting with a feeling of responsibility. I'm going to give my all, learn aboutthe nature Kim Dan, and paintingschallengingin order thatI'm able todisplay yous an even largeredition of myself.

In The Smart Wife, which is a remake of the yankeetv series of the similar name, Nana plays the role of Kim Dan, an investigator running for a law firm.

The Perfect Wife airs each Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

Are you playing Nanas acting in this drama?

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Fans dub Nana the “next Hyeri” after acting debut

Fans dub Nana the “next Hyeri” after acting debut

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWhen media retailers first reported After School member Nanas drama debut in tVN series The Excellent Wife, netizens predicted that she would ruin the drama. 

However, much like Girls Day member Hyeris breakout role in hit series Reply 1988, however, Nana has shown to be somewhata skilled actress herself, earning much compliment from those that saw the primary few episodes of The Sensible Wife.

In fact, after being shockedby ability of how professional Nana was oncein spite of the negative stereotype surrounding idol actors, some have already been calling Nana the following Hyeri, suggesting that she can trade her symbol and in all probabilitydevelop intoone of the vitalmost sensible idol actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

Check out a clip from the tVN adaptation of hit American show The Nice Wife below:

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Nana Impresses Audience With Performing on tvN’s “The Excellent Wife”

Nana Impresses Audience With Performing on tvN’s “The Excellent Wife”

Nana Impresses Audience alongsidePerforming on tvNs The nice Wifejun2yng July 9, 2016 0 Nana Impresses Viewers With Acting On tvNs The Just right Wife After School’s Nana has, overall, inspired viewers with her herbal acting on tvN’s new Friday-Saturday “The Good Wife,” especially taking into accountit's miles her first for foray into acting — along veteran actors like Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae. With her transparent pronunciation to her expressive eyes, Nana left a perfect start impression.

In this remake of the yankee series of the similar name, which aired its first two episodes on July 8 and 9, Nana plays Kim Dan, an investigator who works as an investigator for a law firm. Kim Dan is a persona known for her beauty, connections, sense, and talent to play on each side of felonyobstacles in her look for the truth.

We see Kim Dan pair up with attorney Kim Hye Kyung (Jeon Do Yeon) in the outlet episodes, assisting her with a case. The Kim Dan-Kim Hye Kyung pair is expounded to bring to take into accounta good dynamic to the drama, and viewers are excited to look more of Nana’s — and Jeon Do Yeon’s — acting.

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"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon and Nana, 'girl crush'

Jeon Do-yeon and Nana are the hotwoman crushes.

"The Just right Wife" is the tale of a girl (Jeon Do-yeon) who returns to her post as a legal professional for the primary time since she were given married after her a success husband Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) gets booked for corruption and scandals.

"The Smart Wife" is Jeon Do-yeon's first drama in 11 years and her first lawyer role in her 26 years of acting. Nana is starring in her first Korean drama.

Jeon Do-yeon is a law company lawyer whilst Nana is Kim Dan who is helping her with cases. Jeon Do-yeon is the icon of a sturdyoccupation woman. Nana is an exceptionalparticular person who adjustments her appearances to get knowledge she wishes legally and infrequently illegally. If Jeon Do-yeon makes the case turn out favorably, Nana breaks it down extra and unearths more evidence.

In the stills of the 2 released above, Jeon Do-yeon is dressed in a blank and neat suit while Nana is normally wearing informal pants, a blouse and a jacket.

Jeon Do-yeon acknowledged close to Nana, "She's doing well. I most effectivethought about the lovely and attractivesymbol she has from Orange Caramel yet she's considerate and warm. She provides me numerouspower and I do notwish to give her any advice".

"I have had hassle amongstthe volume of lines I need to memorize and the criminal terms, but it is adifficulty and I am making it via one by one. I'm besides very instinctive and touchy and I relate to my personalityseeking to balance out her paintings and circle of relatives life".

Nana said, "Jeon Do-yeon supports me so muchat the set".

Meanwhile, "The Excellent Wife", which is a remake of the noted American drama, stars Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Nana, Kim Seo-hyeong, Lee Won-geun and more. The 1st episode can also beobserved on July 8th at 8:30PM.

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"The Just right Wife" Yoon Kye-sang and Nana self-promoting

Actors Yoon Kye-sang and Nana self promoted the hot tvN drama "The Just right Wife".

Yoon Kye-sang posted an image on his Instagram saying, "This supplies me strength".

He posted a image of himself at the premiere of the drama. He's smiling with his thumbs up in front of the baggage of rice his lovers sent him.

Yoon Kye-sang takes at the part of SEO Joong-won, the president of law company MJ.

After School's Nana also posted a photograph of herself maintaining up a script of "The Sensible Wife".

She takes on the role of the law firm investigator Kim Dan.

Meanwhile, tvN drama "The Perfect Wife" is the tale of Kim Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) who returns to her process as a legal professional when her a success husband Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) gets booked for scandals and corruption.

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Nana displays off chic  glance at premiere of tvN

Nana displays off chic glance at premiere of tvN "The Just right Wife"

After Faculty Nana flaunted her new fashion.

Nana is making an appearance in the recent tvN drama "The Excellent Wife" as Kim Dan, a law company assistant. She's been in a Chinese drama earlier thanyethere's her first Korean drama. She's a gorgeous icon on level as a singer but this time she's remodeling into a classy actress.

Nana gave the impression at the premiere of "The Sensible Wife" revealing an chic look.

She wore long white pants with a militaryadapted jacket and a silk ribbon blouse. She added feminism with silver earrings. She used to bedressed in rings on her arms and added taste amongst her sky blue strap shoes.

Her outfit is from Avou Avou, her earrings from Mzuu, rings from Minwhee Art Jewellery and shoes from Jinny Kim.

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Jeon Do Yeon Used to be  Shocked That Nana Became  Solid In “Good Wife” At First

Jeon Do Yeon Used to be Shocked That Nana Became Solid In “Good Wife” At First

Jeon Do Yeon Was onceShocked That Nana BecameSolid In Excellent Wife To get started with JiwonYu June 29, 2016 0 Jeon Do Yeon Was Surprised That Nana Was Cast In Nice Wife At First On June 29, tvNs new Friday-Saturday drama Good Wife held its press convention where actress Jeon Do Yeon spoke up about how she feels operating with Nana.

During the event, Jeon Do Yeon says, When I heard that Nana was cast in Good Wife, I used to bein truth surprised at first.

In the drama, Nana plays Kim Dan, an investigator at a law firm. Jeon Do Yeon says she was surprised because she didnt know this was Nanas first time acting in Korea.

The actress explains, I suspect Nana now not having much acting revel in and me coming back to the small screen in 11 years puts us in equivalent mindsets. Were eitherlooking to ease each and every others fearful hearts.

She adds, Nana will have to exist very nervous and stressed out herself yet she provides me strength instead. Shes like an older sister to me, and thank you Nana.

Meanwhile, Good Wife will air on July 8 at 8:30 p.m. KST. Are you having a lookahead to this drama?

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Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Stuck Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Responds

Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Stuck Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Responds

Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Stuck Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Respondshajima Might 24, 2016 0 Celebrity Chef Lee Chan Oh Gets Caught Up In Affair Controversy, Wife Responds Chef Lee Chan Oh, who is performing on JTBCs popular kinddisplay Please Deal with My Refrigerator, has been caught up in an affair controversy. The accusations come after the chef married model/TV personality Kim Sae Rom just remaining year.

A video titled Lee Chan Oh Jeju Island Video has been spreading hastilyduring social media and online communities.

The short clip presentationsa guy assumed to be the chef with a girl sitting on his lap.

Some netizens who saw the video have commented that it looks like Lee Chan Oh is having an affair.

It turns outthe positioning where the video was once filmed become Jeju Island at a 2016 Jeju Food and Wine Festival after birthday celebration where the chef attended with other acquaintances.

An acquaintance of Lee Chan Oh showedthe guy in the video is the chef himself yet that the ladyis simplya feminine friend.

According to an associate of Lee Chan Ohs agency, A part-timer who helped interpret for the development filmed the video for amusing without someone knowing and had sent it to her giant sister. The video spread after the massive sister posted it to a social media chat room of her acquaintances.

The affiliate printedthey'd contacted the part-timer and her mother, where they acknowledged that they sought after to sincerely ask for forgiveness to the chef for what happened.

After confirming with Lee Chan Oh that the woman in the video was just a friend, the affiliate continued, As a public figure, it's farsuitable for Lee Chan Oh to obtain chastising relating to leaving room for misunderstanding.

Another affiliate from the agency assured that there has been no problem, saying, Each person in the video was an acquaintance of Lee Chan Oh and Kim Sae Rom, and, It doesnt make sense that any one would devote an affair at this kind of populace event. Even Kim Sae Rom knows all about it. There's noreason why for controversy.

Finally, the chefs wife, Kim Sae Rom herself, spoke out in regards to thesubjectthru her Instagram account.

She posted on Could 24, As a public figure, I would truly like to apologize. Chef Lee Chan Oh and I are fine. Thank you for your pastime and concerns.

What do you take into accounts this issue?

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After School’s Nana to Make Her Acting Debut in Korea Along Jeon Do Yeon

After School’s Nana to Make Her Acting Debut in Korea Along Jeon Do Yeon

After Faculties Nana to Make Her Acting Debut in Korea Along Jeon Do Yeonboxclub April 8, 2016 0 LINE it!After Schools Nana to Make Her Acting Debut in Korea Alongside Jeon Do Yeon After School member Nana is able to make her acting debut in Korea!

A drama representative announced on April 8, “Nana may be acting in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Good Wife.’ ”

“Good Wife” is ready a woman, showed to be played via Jeon Do Yeon making her first drama comeback in 11 years, who assumes obligation for her circle of relatives afterward her husband, played by Yoo Ji Tae, is thrown into felony after an excessively public scandal. It'll exist a remake of the yanktv series of the similarcall that aired on CBS.

Nana’s role could be thea section of Jeon Do Yeon’s secretary. Even if she has done a drama in China, this will be her first time acting in Korea after debuting as a member of After School. It's far reported that she used to becapable of beat out infiniteother folks auditioning for this role. Therefore, she will be able to be joining the drama with other large names comparable to Jeon Do Yeon, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Suh Hyung, and Yoon Kye Sang.

The drama is determined to premiere in July.

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