NCT Finds Mysterious Teaser Image

NCT Finds Mysterious Teaser Image

NCT Finds Mysterious Teaser Symbol kokoberry June 30, 2016 0 NCT Exhibits Mysterious Teaser Image Apparently as despite the reality that NCT could becreating a comeback.

On July 1, a mysterious teaser image was oncepublished on NCTs authentic SMTOWN homepage. The pictureincludes a globe-like image of the world.

Line of latitude and longitude may also be seen. There is one primarylevel of longitude at the middle of the image. As time passes, this degree increases and the map moves. It seems as although when the degree of longitude reaches Korea, anything new will be revealed.

SM Entertainment debuted their first NCT unit group, NCT U, remaining April. NCT is a new team that has no restrictions at thechoice ofcontributorsand willupload members freely.

Many lovers are curious as to if NCT U will be coming circular again or whether a other unit of measurementneighborhood from NCT will be revealed.

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Update: iKON’s B.I Unearths  Lovely And Mysterious Teaser Image

Update: iKON’s B.I Unearths Lovely And Mysterious Teaser Image

Update: iKONs B.I UnearthsAdorable And Mysterious Teaser Symbol crystalcove Might 16, 2016 0 Update: iKONs B.I Displays Cute And Mysterious Teaser Image Update Could 17 KST:

YG Entertainment has uploaded a teaser image featuring iKONs B.I. Bobbys old teaser discussed a solo track, yet ITlooks as if iKON may smartly becoming circular again every bit a group!

B.Is teaser assists in keeping with the boyfriend text message theme. His text says, What are you doing tomorrow? I leave out you..

Stay tuned for more teasers and updates!

YG Entertainment has now added every other message to the prior to now released teaser image featuring Bobby. The messages from Bobby read What are you doing today? followed throughthe recent message from him, Im recording my solo tuneappropriate now.

It seems like well be getting a solo song from Bobby soon, in all probability as a section of an iKON comeback, or on his own! Are you excited?

Has YG Entertainment began the teasing for iKONs comeback? It these days uploaded a picture of member Bobby to its authentic blog, perhaps as a teaser for the teams comeback.

The image looks adore it is a screenshot of chat room of a messenger app. The message is from Bobby, who is categorized as boyfriend. He sends a photo of himself and asks, What are you doing today? The picture is titled iKON – 오늘 모해(#WYD) ‘BOBBY’. The #WYD stands for what you doing?

Previously, YG Entertainment showed that iKON and WINNER are getting ready to free up new albums — possibly even at the similar time — after Lee Hi and Akdong Musician wrap up their activities, and iKON was once recently spotted filming a music video.

Cant look ahead to iKONs comeback!

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UP10TION Finds Debut Teaser Image

UP10TION Finds Debut Teaser Image

UP10TION Exhibits Debut Teaser Image A new debut teaser image for UP10TION has been revealed.

On September 1, the crowd gave fanatics a sneak peek in their upcoming debut via their legitimate Twitter account.

In the printed image, the 10 individuals are status in a line with matching outfits of white clothes, black hats, and boots. Regardless of the uniform, the members have other coloured stickers of red, yellow, green, and blue on their chests. Fans are wondering what the that means at the back of the alternative colours is.

Meanwhile, UP10TION is TOP Media’s latest boy band and sometimes called Teen Top’s brother group. They these days have their own fact display “Rising! UP10TION” and recently presented themselves to fans throughout the Naver are living consultation “UP10TION V star! MV SPOT.”

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A Cube reveals a teaser image of two mysterious figures for

A Cube reveals a teaser image of two mysterious figures for "A CUBE FOR SEASON"

A Cube has revived its "A CUBE FOR SEASON" project with a new teaser image.

The agency revealed the teaser image on May 27th which featured two mysterious back views of one boy and one girl with a message,""A CUBE" FOR SEASON # BLUE Season 2 Who"s Next?".

"A CUBE FOR SEASON" received much love from the past thanks to its quality music coming from collaborations between Cube Entertainment artists, from YoseobEunji"s "Love Day" #Green, Hyunseung - Eunji - Namjoo"s "A Year Ago" #White, Huh GakEunji"s "Short Hair" #Blue to their second duet "Break Up to Make Up" #Sky Blue.

A rep fro A Cube said,"We tried a new kind of combination for "A CUBE FOR SEASON" and the two"s mature voices came out well even though it was their first attempt. Please give lots of your interest to this project".

Who do you think are the ones in the photo above? READ MORE


Hyosung releases second mysterious teaser image for

Hyosung releases second mysterious teaser image for "Fantasia"

Hyosung releases second mysterious teaser image for

If the first mysterious teaser photo wasn"t enough for you, Hyosung"s second teaser image for "Fantasia" has been released, this time showing off her beautiful face!

Hyosung looks as pretty as a doll herself, as she sits on the ground wearing a white blouse, a studded headband, and boots, next to a "Ken" doll, making for another eerie photo.

Not only that, but Hyosung has taken part in writing the lyrics for the songs in "Fantasia", and for the first time, she will also be taking on rapping.

Watch out for her "Fantasia" release in May, but before that, stay tuned for more details on her solo comeback!


Jinusean releases teaser video for

Jinusean releases teaser video for "Tell Me One More Time" + new teaser image featuring a mysterious woman

The teaser video for Jinusean"s upcoming title track has been revealed!

According to the latest teaser image released by YG Entertainment on April 9th, the song is called "Tell Me One More Time". It"s co-composed by Tablo, Jinusean and co-written by Tablo, P.K and Fraktal.

The MV has attracted much attention since it will feature various big names in the industry including Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Sung Soo, S.E.S"s Shoo, Epik High and iKON"s Bobby.

Don"t miss the release of "Tell Me One More Time" on April 15th.



YG Entertainment reveals mysterious teaser image for WINNER

YG Entertainment reveals mysterious teaser image for WINNER

YG Entertainment reveals mysterious teaser image for WINNER

YG Entertainmenthas revealed a mysterious teaser image for WINNER!

The image reveals a black flag with the message, "WWIC 2015,"suggesting an upcoming comeback for the hit group. This is just "teaser #1", so fans can look forward to more details being revealed as days go on.

If this is teasing a new album, the question remains as to whether WINNER can meet expectations after their highly successful debut album "2014 S/S".

Stay tuned!


B2ST announces their comeback with a mysterious teaser image

B2ST announces their comeback with a mysterious teaser image

B2ST has announced their comeback!

The boys haven"t had much activity in the beginning half of the year, but now they"ve released a mysterious image for their comeback! The image doesn"t give us much except that the boys" 6th mini album is "coming soon".

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The image also features an upside down A, and the Greek letters delta and sigma.

There"s no date yet, but stay tuned for more information!


ZE:A release mysterious teaser image for 'zogo'

ZE:A release mysterious teaser image for 'zogo'

On May 15, ZE:A"s official Twitter uploaded an interesting and mysterious black-and-white image without a caption or explanation.

Perhaps this is a teaser image for the boys" upcoming activities? The image just features one hand sticking out of the darkness as if reaching for something. The word at the top only states, "zogo."

SEE ALSO: ZE:A to make a comeback as full group in May

It"s yet unclear what this image is supposed to represent, so stay tuned for updates from the boys!