New “Running Man” PD Talks About The Long term  Of brand Tag Races And The Strengths Of The Show

New “Running Man” PD Talks About The Long term Of brand Tag Races And The Strengths Of The Show

New Running Guy PD Talks About The Long runOf brand Tag Races And The Strengths Of The Display boxclub July 31, 2016 0 New Running Man PD Talks About The Future Of Name Tag Races And The Strengths Of The Show The hotgenerating director (PD) of the hit SBS sort show Running Man met with journalists and mentioned his vision for the show after he's taking the helm.

Kim Joo Hyung wasthe key PD of Running Man on July 3, whilstthe former PD Lim Hyung Taek left to lead the Chinese edition of the show. For the beyond4 months, a team of 3 PDs worked in combination equally the leads for the show, yet Kim Joo Hyung is now the solo primary PD.

Fans of the show will admire Kim Joo Hyung. He has had many appearances at the show and has a nickname as Myuk PD (or collarbone PD), for being the PD that the individuals would jokingly choke in frustration.

Kim Joo Hyung talks about the longevity of the show, saying, There are barriers to a game diversity show but there also are strengths in how long-running it has been.

When asked what he thinks is the strength of the show, he mentions, The members. Because the show has been on for a long time, the members have fantastic chemistry.

He continues, Its a game variety show and the members have their own characters and thats where the strength of the show comes out. Their relationships had been built over decades and as a substitute of being exhausted, the relationships have been maturing even more. Given our format, we want to have guests but since the members are our strengths, we are readyto turn that off nonetheless.

Another importantfacet of the show is the vintage name tag game, in which members rip off each and every other’s name tags in a fast-paced game of tag. Kim Joo Hyung says, Since weve played the sport for the kind of long time, were no longer going to play it preciselythe similar way. Of direction nosotroswill have to continue to feature the game since it's milesanythingthat we've gotevolvedvia our show. Even supposing we cant say if we canregularly feature the game or not, I could be able to tell that we aren't purposely no longergambling the game.

He concludes, Just as how we’ve been doing neatly all this time, we’re going to pay attention and paintings on locating a higher frame to slot our show into.

Catch the maximum recent episode of the preferred show on Viki below!

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Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Glad  He's With Ku Hye Sun And Their Long term Plans

Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Glad He's With Ku Hye Sun And Their Long term Plans

Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How SatisfiedHe's amongst Ku Hye Sun And Their Long run Plansilmare42 June 7, 2016 0 Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Happy He Is With Ku Hye Sun And Their Future Plans On June 7’s episode of “New Adventure to the West 2,” Ahn Jae Hyun talks a little about his plans for the future with his new wife, Ku Hye Sun.

As the cast’s maknae, Ahn Hae Hyun cooks up a hurricane in the kitchen for the guys’ breakfast. Whilst hes challenging at work, he says, “My dream has at all times been to be a just right dad. I’ve constantlysought after to have a happy circle of relatives more than I needed to be an A-list celebrity. Yetyou need to havea taskso as to reside that roughly life, you know?”

He says, “I think that every one you lotwant is the monetaryskill to assistthe folk you love.” He adds, “Ku-nim has the similar opinion with that,” the usage of his lovable nickname for Ku Hye Sun.

A member of the team asks him, “Then do you wish to accepta kid with Ku Hye Sun early on?”

“No,” he replies appropriate away. “I’ve replaced my brain on that. I wish to existan even husband. Prior to nosotroswere given married, I assumed to myself that I needed to be a tight dad. But now I would like to be a decent husband.”

“So I need to stay having a laugh with Ku-nim on our own,” Ahn Jae Hyun says. “Even after we cause a child, I believe I’ll be announcing ‘I love you’ to my wife first before I say it to our son or daughter. But maybe everyone adjustments afterwardsasserting that?

He then all at once exclaims, “It’s so fantastic correct now! I can’t even provide an explanation for information technology in words.”

Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun started dating after starring in the drama Blood in combination in 2015. The pair currently registered their marriage in May.

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“Running Man” PD Unearths  Information about 300th Special Episode And Long run Plans For The Show

“Running Man” PD Unearths Information about 300th Special Episode And Long run Plans For The Show

Running Guy PD UnearthsInformation about 300th Special Episode And Long term Plans For The Display leonid Would possibly 21, 2016 0 Running Man PD DisplaysSmall print About 300th Special Episode And Future Plans For The Show On May just 22, SBS’s “Running Man” will celebrate its 300th episode. The diversity program has persisted without relaxationbecause itbegan airing in July 2010, making this birthday party very special and meaningful for the seven contributors and the staff.

Stepping up to the role of main PDs after Jo Hyo Jin and Lim Hyung Taek are Lee Hwan Jin, Jung Chul Min, and Park Yong Woo, who wererunningdifficult at incorporating brand newdemanding situations in the show whilst all the same keeping its elementary format.

PD Lee Hwan Jin sat down for an interview where in he shared his sentiments about the 300th episode, and the direction he plans to take the show.

He states, “I would like to thank the audience who have been observingtill now. It’s on account of them that we’ve come so some distance asthree hundred episodes. We’ll paintingstougher to deserve even more support.”

The PD then reveals that the theme of the impending 300th episode special is “7 as adverse to 300.” He explains, “Every project will have anything to do with the number 300, adding writing on 300 meter paper, dining 300 bowls of food, and struggling withopposed to 300 Yonsei university students. It's milesthe biggest among our special episodes so far.”

The special feature can be broadcast over two weeks, and he stocks that it took them two days to movie it. He continues, “The challenges were stuffed withwonderful tension, and it felt very real. There were also some unexpected twists that viewers can glanceahead to.”

When asked if there's a special reason the episode capabilities boy neighborhood BTS, Lee Hwan Jin answers, “BTS also has seven members, and the rewards from the challenges are to be donated for a just rightmotive then nosotroswishedthose who are younger and energetic. As their call ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ suggests, they are very tough when they perform. Moreover, we felt sorry against Rap Monster about his first appearance on Running Man.”

He reveals that BTS was once very delighted to be on their first form show appearance as an entire group. He says, “It turned intolovable how their ears became red. They started with such a lotpoweryet they’re frailer than you may possibly think, and that made them even cuter. Rap Monster, V, and Jung Kook were very active.”

Finally, the PD commented at the viewers’s unhappiness that the iconic name tag ripping game has no longer been integrated in contemporary episodes.

He states, “Name tag ripping is a section of the identity of ‘Running Man,’ so of path we plan to do it. However, as you'll be able to know, its standardeffects are obvious. On the alternative hand, it couldturn out to be too complex and toughto appearance at if we tradethe guidelinesto turnvarious outcomes. Here is our dilemma.”

He continues, “This is why we've got been making an allowance formany ways to innovate the game. We are making ready fresh adjustments to stay in the long run. It is going todevelop into a hybrid name tag ripping.”

Lee Hwan Jin shares that the manufacturers all wish tocome with mention tag ripping on the show. He says, “We were assigned to take into accounts games for a last challenge, and we ideamost effective roughly name tag ripping. Previous this year there has been an episode where we attempted levelling the gamblingbox for all members, and we implemented segment one of brand tag ripping’s evolution. There are more inventions to make after that, and we are still discussing how to head about them.”

Lets wait and notice what exciting surprises Running Man has in shop for us in the future!

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Cosmic Ladies Talks About Their Debut and Long term Plans

Cosmic Ladies Talks About Their Debut and Long term Plans

Cosmic Ladies Talks About Their Debut and Long run Plansck525 February 28, 2016 0 LINE it!Cosmic Girls Talks About Their Debut and Future Plans Cosmic Girls has printed their mindin the back of their debut and shared their future goals.

On February 26, the crowd held an interview with DongA before their “Music Bank” functionalityto discuss their “Mo Mo Mo” promotions and future plans.

“We’ve waited this sort of long time to debut, and it still turns out surreal. We’re having fun, and though we could also beinvolved in some areas, we’ll displayeach person that we’re progressing. Because there are 12 contributors in the team, we’re at all timeslively and lively. That’s why we’re now not bored even if the waiting time is long,” they say.

Cosmic Girls receivedmeaningful attention even sooner than their debut because they appear to be a Korean and Chinese collaboration group. Not handiest volition they be actively appearing in Korea, yet as wellthey're going to existcreating acall for themselves in China as well.

“Since there are numerous members, we think it’s an merit that we willshape several unit groups. We may beready to take on more ideas and obtain love from in all places Asia as a result of our Chinese members. We think we’ll be capable of spread Cosmic Girls name in China,” they state.

The group’s debut song “Mo Mo Mo” is made up of witty lyrics and an addictive chorus. The adorable choreography is like icing at the cake for this upbeat, bright song.

“The name Cosmic Girls comes from the truth that the cosmos surpasses either fourth dimension and space. Thus we wish to be the maximum efficientwoman group. They say that the cosmos has no middleand should be set in the centerregardless of which facet you lotglance from. All 12 of our members wish todevelop into a center,” they say.

“Our greatestobjectiveis equivalent to any other rookie: to receive the rookie award,” the staff adds.

What do you bring to mind Cosmic Girls dreams for the future?

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“Running Man” PD Discusses Ratings and Long run Direction of Show

“Running Man” PD Discusses Ratings and Long run Direction of Show

Running Guy PD Discusses Ratings and Long run management of Display hellohalcyon February 12, 2016 0 LINE it!Running Man PD Discusses Ratings and Future Direction of Show You might have heard about the hot decline in viewer ratings for SBS Running Man. Recently, Running Man PD, Im Hyung Taek, sat down for an interview with Star News to discuss about the future direction for the show.

Its been six years since Running Mans first broadcast on July 11, 2010. Im Hyung Taek discussed the presentationswant for trade for the long run. He said, If reality exist told from my perspective, Running Man has replacedso muchin comparison to some two to 4 years ago. Most effective fourth dimension volition tell if it is going in the correct or wrong direction. He continued, I am getting taken aback when I tell the participants to rip off every others call tags. Its because they all know one another so smartly now. The solid and I agree that they wish to be thrown in unfamiliar environments.

Im Hyung Taek then explained how he stopped being worried about the viewer ratings some time back and as a result he discoveredanything special. He said, The function is to create quality, one via one. This weeks upcoming broadcast is a uniqueventure that calls to research a mystery. On the opposite handthere's aproscribingthing to the episode. You cant track into the show appropriatein the midst of its peak. For this reasonaudience dont just jump right into the broadcast. They rather watch it from the start in a rerun.

He then went on to mention that the declining viewership is either a blessing and a curse. Im Hyung Taek believes that if the show is produced froma sequence of undeniable games, it's milessimple for the target audience to jump right into the center of it, leading toupper ratings. He additional explained, Its no amusingwhile youdo this because its repeating the similar thing. They could also beready toforestallgazing every bitbriefly as they began watching. This is why I wish toelevate the quality of the show.

Im Hyung Taek expects that this weeks Running Man broadcast will have a low rating. But he stated that if you imaginethe net buzz and quantity of reruns, many of us still watch the show. In its place of watching phase by part, other folks would much rather watch the show from starting to end. That's why he believes there has to be a bettersame old of quality to meetthe ones viewers. Much like the contemporary Zombie Special, he desires to stayexpanding the quality of content for the show. One by one, as he works difficultto supply quality projects, PD Im Hyung Taek believes that might be reflected in future ratings of the show.

What do you guys think? Is Running Man heading in the proper direction? Percentage your evaluations below!

You too can catch the most recent episode here!

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SNSDs Sunny Talks About Her Long term Retirement Plan

SNSDs Sunny Talks About Her Long term Retirement Plan

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny published how she′s getting ready for retirement.

In a beyond broadcast of JTBC′s Serial buying groceries Family, Sunny was once asked about her long run retirement plans.

SNSD′s Sunny Talks About Her destiny Retirement Plan

During the show, Lee Young Ja and Park Myung Soo said, "No subject how long they say an idol′s existence span has gotten, it′s no longer like they could also be in a position to be around past 60. SNSD can′t be girls forever."

Sunny repsonded, "I can are living off the cash I saved," leading the green with envy visitors to say, "As expected of SNSD."

Sunny then added, "As long as I don′t meet the incorrect man, I′ll be okay."

When Park Ji Yoon asked Park Won how much he has saved, he said, "I will do whatever it takes to seduce Sunny," leading Jung Kyoung Mi to say, "That′s a retirement plan" and Yoo Sang Moo to add, "That′s in point of fact insightful. I just install my retirement plan as well."

Sunny, who stuck the conversation, said, "I just have not to meet a guy like that," drawing laughs.


Jessica talks about her type brand, food, cars, and more on Singaporean show!

Jessica talks about her type brand, food, cars, and more on Singaporean show!

Jessica talks about her style brand, food, cars, and more on Singaporean show!

Jessica were given a little non-public about her fashion logo on a Singaporean program called "The five Show," giving an in depth insight into where she derived her inspiration from, what the call of her brand "Blanc & Eclare" signifies, and she also spoke about Singaporean and Korean food, cars, and more!

The former Girls" Generation member used to be well mannered and courteous during the interview, answering all the host"s questions with a smile. She discussed probably the most dishes she got to have a look at in Singapore and her collaboration with local fashion boutique "Surrender," which turned into the major explanation why she landed on Singaporean soil.  Although she most commonly speaks in English, at one point, she hilariously slips in the Korean polite sort of "yes"!  How cute.

You can watch the entire interview featuring the beautiful Jessica in the video above! 

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EXIDs Hani Talks About Her Love Life, Long term Plans, and More

EXIDs Hani Talks About Her Love Life, Long term Plans, and More

EXID’s Hani Talks About Her Love Life, destiny Plans, and More EXID‘s Hani currently conducted an interview with The Megastar magazine, and responded a massive number of non-public questions.

Everyone’s favourite query is, of course, whether she is seeing anyone. She responded, “I need to, yet i suspect I'd no longer be fascinated by the opposite user if I were to begin dating now. I have ample hassle looking after myself, and I don’t think that I may just deal with someone else. Also, being with the contributors of EXID is such a lot fun, and I don’t feel lonely at all.”

Hani also showed her mature side. in spite of being born in 1992, she has been very proactive, even if EXID was once no longer neatly known. She said, “While we were not doing much as a team for 2 years, I couldn’t stand it. i used to be stressed out about the truth that I wasn’t going anywhere, so I enrolled myself in a Chinese school, and made plans to be less stressed.”

Moving onto her looks, Hani changed into asked whether she thought to be getting plastic surgical operation to modify her nose, which sets her with the exception of other feminine celebrities, since her nose is hooked.

She said, “Often I do. i'm from time to time tempted. I don’t take into accounts it usually, but I realize it in some images or videos. It looks very prominent, but it’s also what sets me apart. I feel I am content.”


The interview also addressed Hani’s old remark that she plans to leave EXID.

Hani clarified, “I didn’t mean that i may be in a position to leave EXID. I just supposed that ‘I have this dream of changing into a psychologist. I am thankful to my dream,’ and folks neglected the point. I just meant that I was at all times inquisitive about reading psychology. I think that dreams change, and I was too rash to mention anything definitive about it. Don’t worry. You’ll see me for a long time.”

She then mentioned being the maximum well known member in EXID.

“At first, I was under pressure and I felt in charge against the others, because we went thru the similar hardship but I was the primary one to get the opportunity. I might often concern at the finish of a schedule, ‘What must I say? must always I say that I was tired?’ but if I went back home, the members would consistently hug me, asking me ‘Was it fun? Who else was there?’ and I felt stupid. I sooner or later told the members about my worries, and they said, ‘You would have to were tired too. We are thankful that you thought about us whilst you were so tired.’ Now we are like sisters.”


Hani concluded the interview by capability of giving a sneak top of the approaching plans for EXID. When asked whether there'll be a comeback soon, she said, “I think someday in September or October! We’re wanting very not easy and we’re fascinated about it. We were worried that we'd finally end up being a one-hit wonder, but “Ah Yeah” went well and now we just wish to revel in ourselves.”

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BIGBANG appeared to have been having talks  over their   appearance  in  the  show   called Running Man for First Time   in  3  consecutive years

BIGBANG appeared to have been having talks over their appearance in the show called Running Man for First Time in 3 consecutive years

BIGBANG in Talks to Appear on Running Man for First Time in 3 Years According to an exclusive report by Sports Today, BIGBANG is looking to make a group appearance on “Running Man,” for the first time in three long years.

Several industry insiders have stated that the group has a “Running Man” appearance coming up, and in a statement to Sports Today on the morning of May 13, an affiliate of SBS Entertainment said, “BIGBANG is going over final details regarding their ‘Running Man’ appearance. The filming date is predicted to be near the end of this month, but it hasnt been decided as of yet.”

Running Man producer Im Hyung Taek also said, It hasnt been confirmed yet. They are currently in discussions for an appearance.

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Hyun Woo and Son Dam Bi  appeared  to  have  had  talks  over  their participation  in  the  brand new  show

Hyun Woo and Son Dam Bi appeared to have had talks over their participation in the brand new show

Hyun Woo and Son Dam Bi in Talks for New Sitcom Actor Hyun Woo and singer Son Dam Bi are confirmed to be considering roles in the upcoming Olive TV sitcom “Yoo Mi’s Room.”

An Olive TV representative confirmed on May 6 that the two are “in discussions” to appear in “Yoo Mi’s Room,” a sitcom that portrays the lifestyle of a single woman named Yoo Mi, who will potentially be played by Son Dam Bi. Meanwhile, should he sign on to the show, it is expected that Hyun Woo will play Yoo Mi’s single next door neighbor.

“Yoo Mi’s Room” is set to premiere in June on both Olive TV and On Style.

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