Over 2 Million Foreigners Reside in Korea

Over 2 Million Foreigners Reside in Korea

Grandchildren of Korean War veterans playing a UN Peace Camp pose in front of a statue of Chosun-era admiral Yi Sun-shin in Gwanghwamun in Seoul on Wednesday. /Newsis

The selection of foreigners living in Korea has doubled in the decade to surpass 2 million, the Justice Ministry acknowledged Wednesday. The precisevariety of foreign citizensused to be 2,001,828 as of the finish of June this year, accounting for 3.9 % of the complete population.The number grew from 500,000 in 2000 to more than 1000000 in 2007 and surpassed 2 million any other nine years later. This is an reasonable annual enlargement rate of around 8 percent. At this rate their number is expected to surpass 3 million in 2021 or 5.8 percent of the population, upper than the present OECD average of 5.7 percent.

Some 74 percent are long-term residents who remain more 91 days. Five out of 10 are Chinese, and six out of 10 reside in Seoul or the encompassing area.The number of long-term residents has grown basically to Chinese and other foreigners locating jobs here. In 2000, there were most effective 58,984 Chinese residents, yet that has grown 14-fold to 807,076. The number of foreigners running in Korea has risen 30 times from 20,538 in 2000 to 608,867.And the number of foreigners married to Koreans has grown from 25,182 in 2001 to 151,820, whilst the number of foreign scholars rose from 4,015 to 101,601.Choi Seo-ri at the IOM Migration Studiesand coachingMiddle said, "We wish toexpand the scope of policies on foreigners, that arethese daysinterested in foreign spouses, in order thatwe willlend a handa much widerstove of folkscomply withlifestyles in Korea and straightforwardness social conflict".

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Interpreter Guides Foreigners to Greater Sense of Korea

Interpreter Guides Foreigners to Greater Sense of Korea

A veteran interpreter who accompanied former president Kim Dae-jung on his state discuss with to France back in 2000 has published a manual assisting foreigners decipher the subtler nuances of the Korean language.

For instance, Koreans ceaselessly say, "Let's have some coffee next time!" when they phasetactics alongside friends. But if is "next time?"

The confusion starts with a fundamentallack of expertise about the linguistic behavior and customs of Koreans, says Choi Jung-wha (61), a professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Reviews and head of a corporation called the Corea Symbol Communications Institute.

Choi has translated for Korean presidents at 12 summits and interpreted in some 1,900 global meetings.

The answers to the query above and quite a bit of others may also bediscovered in her book, "K-style". It provides lighthearted definitions for such terms as "Gangnam wedding traffic" -- traffic jam in southern Seoul throughout the spring and autumn wedding seasons -- "chi-maek" -- chook and beer.

Choi has visited 68 countries during her 30-year career.

"Koreans make mild promises to have some coffee or even a drink 'next time', but just when this iscontinues to be seen".

She added, "In English, that ismuch likepronouncing 'see you again.'" Choi explained, "So do not say 'next time' but 'again' so as to reallykeep up a correspondence your thoughts".

There had been other books making an attempt to bridge the language gap, but they were all written from the viewpoint of Koreans, Choi said. "There were no books that sought to respond to the questions of foreigners, despite the truth that Koreans too canhave the convenience of reading this book".

She acknowledgedthe maximum typical question foreigners ask her is: "Are all Koreans in any such rush?" "But the sectorwe are living in now has grown much faster, so the point of interest on doing things briefly here isn't any longer synonymous with deficient quality", she explains.

She also says foreigners wonder whether all Korean ladies take such sturdy personalities. "It's almost certainlyon account ofthe mannerthey are portrayed in Television soaps", she says.

Choi sees herself as an interpreter of either languages and cultural differences. "I serve as a bridge. Yet interpreting conveys messages, whilst cultural verbal exchange produces messages", she said.

Choi adds she'd be more than pleased spending the remainder of her existence helping foreigners gain a more certainpicture of Korea.


The One Position Foreigners LOVE To Drink in South Korea

The One Position Foreigners LOVE To Drink in South Korea

5kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter South Korean convenience stores, often known as marts, are getting a huge issue oftrade from foreigners and natives alike for permitting their consumers to drink out of doors their marts.

VICE Canada reported in thisexistingstyle in South Korea where visiting foreigners and expats love to visit small marts and drink outside. This task has been coined marting.

It is now a slightly new trend, first performing in the early 2000s, yet it is person who has turn intohighly regardednow not just with foreigners but with natives as well. One mart owner describes that its most commonlycorporatestaff or university scholars because the onesteams of other people are the maximum stressed.

Lexy Mart owner Sang Guy Seok describes that on any evening in the spring, summer, and fall, there may neatly be up to 30 individuals marting at his store. As the night progresses that number effortlessly rises to 60-70 people. From this by myself he makes up nearly thirty% of his profits.

VICE Canada spoke with some expats there who needed that marting would be a thing back house in Canada as well. The principlereason why they love to move drinking outdoors of marts is as a result ofthe inexpensivevalue of alcohol and the laidback environment equallyin comparison to going to a bar.

However its not at all timesa laugh and games, as fights are much more likelyto damage out at these marts. Alsonow and again the householders get in hassle amongst the governmentdue toof us dragging tables too some distanceclear of the store, leading toshoppers drinking in public spaces.

Regardless, it looks as if marting is anything thats been very popular over the years and its here to stay. So whenever you ever in finding yourself in South Korea make certain youforestallby way of one and partake in this cultural rite of passage.

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Korea Basis Estimates More Than 35 Million K-Pop Fanatics  Round the World

Korea Basis Estimates More Than 35 Million K-Pop Fanatics Round the World

BTS fans at New York Citys Most sensible Buy Theater. (Photo : Angie Turbines )There are more than 35 million committed fans of Korean pop culture, in step with a file from the Korea Foundation.

The Korea Foundation's global hallyu (Korean wave) knowledge from 2015 printed that there are an estimated 35.59 million fans of Korean culture round the world, a 63% building up from 2014's estimated 21.82 million fans. The Korea Basis expressed that the jump is in massive part in sectionbecause ofthe upward thrust in accessibility of emerging genres of Korean pop culture, adding Korean hip-hop and Korean internet dramas.

The Korea Starting placeprimarily based its effectsat theexpansion in foreign fan clubs and occasions overseas.

The report decided that there were 1,493 international hallyu fan clubs in 86 countries, 21% up from 2014's 1,229.

Last year saw mainimprovement in Korean hip-hop and web dramas, with Korean rap artists keeping concerts in some other country and Korean web dramas changing intoto be had on a super number of international streaming sites. The musical genre and shorter drama episodes reportedly attracted many fans who had prior to nowno longer been concerned as fans of K-pop, Korean dramas, or other facets of Hallyu.

Last year for the primary time ever, a Korean hip-hop firm surpassed height K-pop agencies in local sales.

The Korea Foundation's findings were in keeping witha sequence of polls that were promulgated in the process theglobal amongstthe assistance of the Korean Foreign Ministry and Korean diplomatic missions and embassies overseas.

The greatestchoice of K-pop fans reside in Asia and Oceania, followed by capacity of the Americas, then Europe. Africa and the center East have the least reported fans.

Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, used to be a term coined in 1999 by China's Beijing Early lifeDay by daysupposed to describe the creatingacclaim for South Korean pop culture content, comparable to music, dramas, and films. South Korea's executive has funded various hallyu entities to advertise Korean culture, food, classic arts, etc. overseas.

The Korea Foundation is government-affiliated, and heavilyconnected with the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since being founded in 1991, the function of the Korean Foundation has been selling Korean culture right through the globe and construction goodwill between Korea and the international community.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance author and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

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'Assassination' reaches 10 million sales on Korea's Independence Day

'Assassination' reaches 10 million sales on Korea's Independence Day

Korean film "Assassination," which stars Jun Ji Hyun, has reached a unparalleled achievement.

On August 15 at around 8:00 am, the film has completed 10 million price tag sales. It"s most effective the 12th Korean movie to reach that number, and at the day that Korea were given its freedom from eastern colonization.

"Assassination" is a movie that tells the history of Korea in 1930 which used to be all over the Japan"s rule in the country.

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'Assassination', starring Jun Ji Hyun, hits the 10 million mark on Korea's Liberation Day

'Assassination', starring Jun Ji Hyun, hits the 10 million mark on Korea's Liberation Day

It"s either a trifling accident or supposed to be, as Korean blockbuster "Assassination" has reached the 10 million price tag sales mark at the National Liberation Day of Korea!

For those who still may no longer know, "Assassination" is a ancient movie starring Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, and Ha Jung Woo set in the 1930s all over eastern colonization.

More specifically, the film is set a covert assassination plot opposed to a eastern governor in Seoul. And August 15 this year marks the 70th anniversary of Korea"s independence from Japan"s colonial rule.

This 10 million milestone changed into once accomplished by way of 8am on August 15, in lower than a month since its premiere with 10,094,000 tickets sold. It"s most competitive the 12th Korean movie to succeed in this number, so it"s a big deal!

"Assassination" is gambling in make a choice theaters in some countries out of doors of Korea, so it could be gambling for your country too!

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1 Million Cyber Attacks Target Korea Per Day

1 Million Cyber Attacks Target Korea Per Day

Intelligence reliables glance at displays at the National Cyber safety center in Seoul.

The choice of cyber attacks opposed to South Korea has surged after it used to be showed that North Korean hackers bought leaked knowledge from a most sensible Italian hacking tool corporate.in step with intelligence reliables, a overall of one7,000 cyber attacks were aimed at main web sites functiond via the govt and other agencies as of 8 a.m. Thursday. At nine a.m., the frequency surged to 35,000, and a overall of one msickion came about over the entire day, averaging at around 41,000 per hour.The net protocol addresses of the resources of the attacks were in Qingdao, Shenyang and Yanji in China. Other IP addresses were traced to Southeast Asia or even the U.S.

One intelligence reliable acknowledged, "most hackers use proxy servers to release their attacks, so it"s tough to pinpoint their resources. most North Korean cyber attacks were made thru other countries".North Korea used to be in the back of a cyber attack opposed to Korea Hydro and Nuclear energy Corporation in December remaining year that immobilized five pcs at nuclear power vegetation in Gori and Wolsong. They bought reactor blueprints and other touchy knowledge and posted them online. Between might and September remaining year, North Korean hackers inflamed around 20,000 smartphones in the South via disseminating the malware thru bogus apps. The North has also it seems that install sickegal online gambling sites to earn hard currency.Cyber attacks are going down round the sector. Russia hacked into the U.S. White space pc network thruout the State branch"s device and won get admission to to touchy knowledge, adding President Barack Obama"s itinerary.in step with a document via the U.S. firm for cover building, China continues to release cyber attacks opposed to the U.S. to get hang of most sensible secret knowledge on American fighter jets, warships and missile defense devices. yet South Korea is sick ready to handle cyber attacks. best two central executive agencies -- the defense and foreign ministries -- function special groups to handle them. In a central authority audit, only 34 out of 62 public establishments were working special groups to handle hacking. professionals say North Korean hackers are now as capable as American and Chinese ones.


Former Miss Korea Lee Seung-yeon Fined 100 Million Won For Propofol Addiction

Former Miss Korea Lee Seung-yeon Fined 100 Million Won For Propofol Addiction

The former Miss Korea and actress Lee Seung-yeon has been fined 100 million won for illegally using propofol.

According to the Seoul Central Court, Dong Yang sued Lee and the president of her management for compensation of 100 million won.

Dong Yang is a fashion brand that signed a modeling contract with Lee for 450 million won.

The contract stated that the model should be in no violation of law, cause social conflict as well as moral, and not to do anything to defame the brand.

Lee advertised products for Dong Yang about 14 times from February 2012 to December.

However, she was accused of using propofol on many accounts and couldn"t appear on TV anymore. She had violated the terms of her contract with Dong Yang and had to pay the price.

The Justice Department said, "Lee was questioned for the use of propofol and since she didn"t fulfill her duties to her advertisement agency, she owes them compensation".

However, this happened with 3 months left to her contract and while she was in promotion product sales axceeded 110% in sales and much trouble was avoided as her coordinator took her place.

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YG Entertainment Makes Huge Investment Of $92 million USD To Construct Big K-Pop Venue in Korea

YG Entertainment Makes Huge Investment Of $92 million USD To Construct Big K-Pop Venue in Korea

YG to Invest 100 Billion Won in Creating Big K-Pop Venue in Korea

It is revealed that YG Entertainment is planning to make a huge investment of 100 billion won (~ $92 million USD) in the construction of a big state-of-the-art k-pop venue in the city of Uijeongbu, just north of Seoul.

According to a statement released by the city of Uijeongbu, the Governor of Gyeonggi, the Mayor of Uijeongbu, and Representative Yang Min Suk from YG will come together to finalize the deal at the Uijeongbu City Hall on January 16.

The venue, to be named K-Pop Cluster, will cover a 49600 square meter of space, close to the highway and in an accessible location from the Incheon airport and downtown Seoul.

YG Entertainment will invest both in buying land for the site and the construction of the venue.

K-Pop Cluster, expected to open in 2018, will consist of a concert stadium, five smaller concert halls, residence hotel for musicians, recording studios, a shopping mall, and other various tourist attractions.


Foreigners' Lifestyle in Korea through the Lens of

Foreigners' Lifestyle in Korea through the Lens of "Stranger: Foreigners Settlement in Korea" show

KBS to Air New Program Featuring Foreigners Living in Korea

The famous singer Alex has been appointed to be the host of the KBS upcoming show, “Stranger: Foreigner’s Settlement in Korea”, which features foreigners ‘life in Korea.alex

It can been seen from the pre-released preview, “Stranger: Foreigner’s Settlement in Korea” will describe 100 days of foreigners ‘lifestyle in Korea.

Especially, the program is featured with a colossal suitcase, which will become the “classroom” that provides the foreigners with useful tips helping them adapt to the Korean’s culture and lifestyle.

The first episode of “Stranger: Foreigner’s Settlement in Korea” will welcome participation of three foreigners, who have just experienced the Korean’s lifestyle. The episode is expected to bring in the deep thoughts, assessments as well as the impression of foreigners on the beautiful Korea

The program will beginning airing next year in January.