Park Shin-hye takes image with Kaya Scodelario

Park Shin-hye takes image with Kaya Scodelario

Actress Park Shin-hye took an image with Kaya Scodelario.

Elle Korea posted a image on Instagram at the 6th saying, "The Asian hot lady Park Shin-hye! Apply news about her in Elle Korea! Stick with Elle".

"The two "IT" women we met at the Chanel Collection! Park Shin-hye and Kaya Scodelario".

The two girls are having a look at the camera and smiling.

Park Shin-hye attended the 2016 Chanel S/S in a position To Wear display at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.

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Park Shin-hye at a French model show, takes photo with best designer

Park Shin-hye at a French model show, takes photo with best designer

Actress Park Shin-hye met with a most sensiblefashion designer of a manner brand.

She posted an image of herself and him on her Instagram.

She's posing with the globalfamend designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Park Shin-hye left for France to wait a styledisplay held at Grand Palais.

She gave the impression at the developmentdressed in a antiquetaking a lookget dressed alongside graphic patterns and presented the chic presence of a Korean actress.


"No Tomorrow" Park Hyo-joo takes image with forged of "I Want Romance Season 3"

Actress Park Hyo-joo, from the impendingfilm "No Tomorrow", took an image alongside the individuals of "I Want Romance Season 3".

Park Hyo-joo posted this image she took with Nam Goong-min, Wang Ji-won, Kim So-yeon, Yoon Seung-ah and Yoo Ha-joon.

They are all protecting up a white envelope and smiling for the camera.

Park Hyo-joo added to the picture, "It's been a while".

Park Hyo-joo turns outmore than happy to reunite with the old solid of "I Need Romance Season 3".

Meanwhile, Park Hyo-joo takes at the role of a reporter in "No Tomorrow".


Park Shin Hye Looks Image  Easiest in Pastel for Roem Photo Shoot

Park Shin Hye Looks Image Easiest in Pastel for Roem Photo Shoot

Park Shin Hye Looks ImageHighest in Pastel for Roem Photo Shootnotclaira January 29, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Shin Hye Looks Picture Perfect in Pastel for Roem Photo Shoot On January 29, Park Shin Hye’s firm S.A.L.T Entertainment released a pictorial that the actress shot with clothing logo Roem.

The thought of the pictorial was once ‘romantic spring,’ as Park Shin Hye presentations off the clothing line’s spring/summer sequence in stylishsunglasses of rose quartz and serenity. Plants and gentleyet warm clothing are key pieces all through the photo shoot.

A Roem representative said, “We chose Park Shin Hye as a type because she fitsthe picture of our brand. She is enjoyed in Korea and China for her lovable, friendly image.” Active as a Korean actress for masses of years, Park Shin Hye has also accrueda substantial following in China, where her Weibo fans number over 10 million.

A representative of the Korean conglomerate E-Land Group, who owns the Roem brand, said, “Park Shin Hye is receiving a massive number of love as a role versionfor girls in their 1920s and Thirtiesas a result of her fashionable fashion sense and adorable image. As the recentbrand for Roem, the logomay also be expected to amplify on an international scale.”

Park Shin Hye these days wrapped up filming at thefilm “Hyung.” Park Shin Hye plays the judo trainer of EXO member D.O’s character, who also serves to damage the tension between the young athlete and his older brother (Jo Jung Suk).

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Park Shin Hye becomes the face of 'Alton Sports' for her healthy image

Park Shin Hye becomes the face of 'Alton Sports' for her healthy image

Bicycle productioncorporate 'Alton Sports' printed Thursday that they'veselected Park Shin Hye to be the face in their new campaign! 

SEE ALSO: Park Shin Hye embarks on bonding shuttle alongside her older brother!

The guests relayed the purpose ofopting for the actress, saying, "Park Shin Hye has shown us a favorablepowerviamore than a few dramas and diversitysystems and displayed the philosophy of imparting a healthyaffect equally an actress. We decided on Park Shin Hye as the fashion who can easiestconstitute our new slogan, 'Progressing with Alton.'" 

An 'Alton Sports' rep extra stated, "We're having a lookahead to Park Shin Hye's activities this year, as any individual who possesses a healthy roughly beauty, a picture for change, and sincerity."

Sounds like Alton made the properselection in picking Park Shin Hye to be their model! 


Park Shin Hye Takes On Paris In Glamorous ELLE Korea Pictorial

Park Shin Hye Takes On Paris In Glamorous ELLE Korea Pictorial

(Photo : ELLE Korea ) Park Shin Hye says, "bonjourmes amis" or hello my friends, in her pictorial for the November 2015 issue of ELLE Korea.

On October 22, ELLE Korea released the first photos from the upcoming editorial, which depicts the "Pinocchio" star as the latest muse for renown clothier, Chanel.

Park Shin Hye takes on Paris. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) She embraces the casual, yet emotionally detached attitude of Parisian locals, as she lazes about on a park bench and emerges from a small shop.

Park Shin Hye takes on Paris. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) Park Shin Hye takes on Paris. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) In the preview, ELLE Korea notes her ability to connect with the people she is modeling with, on a deep emotional level.

Taken during her recent trip to France as the Asian representative for Chanel at 2016 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week, each photo captures the essence of her stylish appearance.

Through her relationship with Chanel, Park is elevated to the level of stars like Big Bang"s G-Dragon, who continues to garner attention from international fashion media, as a muse of the renown designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Park Shin Hye recently appeared alongside Girls" Generation member Sooyoung at the Jain Song runway show for 2016 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. Their brilliant, head-turning style generated widespread attention, as photographers noted their carefree interaction and the potential for a budding friendship.

Her attendance at Seoul Fashion Week followed confirmation that she would join EXO"s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Jo Jung Suk in the highly anticipated film, "Hyung."

The full pictorial and feature editorial of her adventures in Paris will be published in the November 2015 issue of ELLE Korea.


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[footage] Park Shin-hye takes A photo amongst A horse!

[footage] Park Shin-hye takes A photo amongst A horse!

Actress Park Shin-hye published A at the back of the scenes gear up photo of her amongst the pretty scenery of Jeju Island equally A backdrop. Park Shin-hye had movieed a brief movie amongst the subject of " the Adventure starts" And the equallysistance of Lotte responsibility-unfastened retail outlets whom she plant for equally A style. It showed off scenery of more than A few noted Jeju landmarks.

In the at the back of the scenes gear up pictures, Park Shin-hye makes everybody let their guards down amongst her smile. The stunning scenery of Jeju too lend A handed. The herbal wonderful thing About the Island, the Animals, And the untarnished wonderful thing About Park Shin-hye Are spell binding.

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Park Shin Hye Takes A Month's Vacation

Park Shin Hye Takes A Month's Vacation

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is taking a well-deserved break. The hardworking actress is going on a backpacking trip to Europe. She will take the next month to recuperate from the last two years of non-stop work.

According to her agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment, she will come back in August and get ready to return to school.

"She has been in six movies and dramas during the past two years and hasn"t had the time to sit back and relax," the S.A.L.T. Entertainment representative told the Korean media outlet Sports Donga. "She"s going to take some time off and come back with something completely new."

But films and dramas are just a part of what she"s done during the past two years. She appeared in the 2013 films "Miracle in Cell No. 7" and "One Perfect Day," the 2014 film "The Royal Tailor" and this year"s release "The Beauty Inside." She played poor girl Cha Seun Sang in "The Heirs" with Lee Min Ho and then appeared as a reporter who could not tell a lie in "Pinocchio" with Lee Jong Suk. But she also had a cameo appearance in "Fabulous Boys," the Taiwanese adaptation of her previous hit drama "You"re Beautiful."

And that does not even count her variety show appearances. She has been on nine of those in the past two years, most recently "Three Meals A Day" and "Some Guys Some Girls." She also did an OnStyle documentary, three music videos and released music for a soundtrack, by herself and in collaboration with others.

After her month off she will return to the Jungang University Department of Theater, which she has attended for the past seven years. She is currently on leave from school but hopes to finally finish her degree. And she plans to spend more time pursuing her own interests and hobbies. Among other things, she wants to learn more about the art of floral arranging.

The timing of her vacation does follow the recent rumors that she and "Pinocchio" co-star were dating. Both agencies denied that the actors were more than friends after the Korean media outlet Dispatch released a series of photographs showing the two together. The Dispatch said the couple had been dating for four months. So, her plans may lead to speculation as to whether the friends plan to meet during her vacation.

Whether they do or not, here"s hoping that Park Shin Hye enjoys her well-deserved vacation and comes back with new energy.