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[Spoiler] "Queen for 7 Days" Lee Dong-geon is a rampant, Park Si-eun-I and Baek Seung-hwan have two faces

Lee Dong-geon became a rampant.

On the first episode of the new KBS 2TV drama "Queen for 7 Days", Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Min-young), Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo-jin) and Lee Yoong (Lee Dong-geon) got mixed up with each other.

Sin Chae-kyeong was taken to the guillotine. The people wanted mercy for her. Before her execution was taken out, Sin Chae-kyeong said, "I will never meet him again if I'm reborn".

The time went back to 7 years. Lee Yoong was getting ready for Lee Yeok's (Baek Seung-hwan) wedding. He was getting married to Sin Soo-geun's (Jang Hyeon-seong) daughter Sin Chae-kyeong. Young Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Si-eun-I) dressed up as a man and headed for Hanyang with her babysitter.

Park Yoo-chun prepares surprise event for fiance
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Park Yoo-chun prepares surprise event for fiance

JYJ Park Yoo-chun is getting married this fall and he expressed his love for his fianc with a surprise event.

Hwang Ha-na, his fianc, posted a video on her SNS saying, "I'm happy every day".

The video is full of candles that show how many days they've been together, candles and roses. She stated that it was not a proposal.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo-chun is marrying Hwang Ha-na, the only granddaughter to Namyang Enterprises.

The reason for Park deciding to marry her is because she was by his side and was a lot of support when he went through the scandal last year. Their families met in March this year. Park Yoo-chun will be done with National Service this August.

Hwang Hana posts on SNS with Park Yoo-chun
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Hwang Hana posts on SNS with Park Yoo-chun

Singer Park Yoo-chun's fianc Hwang Han posted a picture of Park Yoo-chun.

Hwang Han posted pictures saying, "My first voluntary work with Yoo-chun. Thank you all. I couldn't have done it without you".

Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Han are getting married on the 10th of September. Park Yoo-chun is currently on public duty and he will be done in August.

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Park Yoo-chun's fiance,
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Park Yoo-chun's fiance, "7.7 million for a birthday present? Complete lie"

Hwang Hana made a statement about the rumors that she sent money to Park Yoo-chun.

On Instagram, she posted, "I wasn't going to deal with this but the reporters have crossed the line. I sent my brother money as a birthday present on his birthday, on the 2nd of June. He is the only brother I have and is that wrong?"

"He did well in school on his own and I feel bad for him having a troublemaker sister like me so I sent him some money. Stop making up rumors".

A media reported that Hwang Hana sent 7,770,000 won (~US$7,700) in money to Park Yoo-chun for his birthday.

Park Yoo-chun to get married on the 20th of September
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Park Yoo-chun to get married on the 20th of September

JYJ Park Yoo-chun is getting married.

He is getting married to the granddaughter of the chairman of Namyang Dairy Industry. His wedding pictures will be taken in Europe.

Park Yoo-chun is done with the military on the 26th of September and the wedding was initially set for the 10th of September, but it's been postponed to the 20th. Park's release date was pushed back because of the sexual harassment issues that occurred last year.

Wedding pictures will be taken in Europe. Greece will be the background for their wedding pictures and they will do a little bit of traveling in the meanwhile. The bride-to-be posted pictures on her SNS saying she's going on vacation in a month.