Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser, no trade of mind

Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser, no trade of mind

While it's faracknowledged that Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser replaced her words and said there used to be no force fascinated with their sexual intercourse, the police deny this.

MBC News Table reported that the fourth girl claimed the sex turned into consensual.

Apparently she changed her brainat the 17th.

However, the Gangnam Police claimed that this observationwill now not be true.

The police added, "The accuser was puzzled on the 17th and 19th yet she did notalternate her statement. She also didn't cancel any fees she made on Park Yoo-chun".

Park Yoo-chun was first accused of rape on the 10th then later 3 more accusers claimed that they were raped.

Park Yoo-chun and his firm are going to take care of this legally and counter sue them for false accusations and threat. They also have recorded evidence of the accuser.

The police have created a team of 12 investigators trustworthy to this case.

The police also have asked prohibition of departure on the 2 accusers whom Park Yoo-chun sued for false accusations and threat.

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Park Yoochuns Fourth Accuser Reportedly Retracts Accusation; Police Deny

Park Yoochuns Fourth Accuser Reportedly Retracts Accusation; Police Deny

Park Yoochun’s Fourth Accuser Reportedly Retracts Accusation; Police Denynotclaira June 23, 2016 0 Park Yoochun’s Fourth Accuser Reportedly Retracts Accusation; Police Deny On June 23, MBC’s “News Desk” reported that the fourth lady who accused Park Yoochun of sexual attack had retracted her testimony.

“News Desk” also claimed that the girl had stated, “There used to be sexual sexyet it becomeno longer compulsory.”

The fourth accusation was filed on June 17 after 3 other accusations throughother women. The primaryperson has since retracted her claim.

Later on June 23, the Gangnam Police Branch denied that the fourth accuser had withdrawn her case. A representative said to Megastar News, “An investigation was conducted on June 17 and 19 after the individual in the fourth accusation made her accusation. There has been no retraction or withdrawal of any testimony.”

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok to Park So-dam:

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok to Park So-dam: "I'm cancelling my request for help"

On the episode 7 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) displayed uneasy feeling opposed to Jin-seong (Park So-dam)'s help.

Jin-seong told Yeong-oh the explanation why she took him to her fatherlandused to be because she sought afterto turn how neighbors are livingin combinationassistingevery other like a family.

Yeong-oh becamedisillusioned when he heard what she said. Yeong-oh asked her angrily, "So you took me here to this small oceanside village to make me glance at the village other folks taking care of one another like one circle of relatives and cure my rotten mind?"

Jin-seong excused herself pronouncing she just needed to assist him. However, Yeong-oh was certain that Jin-seong just wanted to turn out that she was awesome to him. He said, "This is why mankind can'tassistance anyone. You spota persons weakness and now it becomes your simple target to attack or it becomes your burden you want to have to throw away so a ways asno person gets to look you. I amtaking flight my request for help"

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Park So-dam arrests Jang Hyeok for serial homicide case

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Park So-dam arrests Jang Hyeok for serial homicide case

On the episode five of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Gye Jin-seong (Park So-dam) arrested Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) as a suspect for the serial homicide case.

Gye Jin-seong handcuffed Lee Yeong-oh and told him, "You're below arrest for alleged murder". Lee Yeong-oh shouted, "The one thatmay also be the witness of the murder case is looking forward to me in the surgical procedure room".

However, Gye Jin-seong acknowledged firmly, "There is more than likely not the 3rd victim" and "And you'llno longer walk into the surgical procedure room".

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Park Yoochun Sues 2d Accuser In Sexual Attack Case

Park Yoochun Sues 2d Accuser In Sexual Attack Case

Park Yoochun Sues 2d Accuser In Sexual Attack event jun2yng July 4, 2016 0 Park Yoochun Sues Second Accuser In Sexual Assault Case Park Yoochun’s prison reps have sued the second one accuser in the sexual assault case opposed to the singer for false accusation, according the Gangnam police station on July 4. The lawsuit against the primary accuser used to be filed closing month on June 20.

Previously, police summoned Park Yoochun on July 2 and 3 to question him about the case and his countersuit.

In attention of the massivequantity of case subject material — Park Yoochun is facing several lawsuits, and has also filed proceedings himself — police have published plans to name Park Yoochun no less than one to two more times for further questioning.

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Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Supplies Her Account Of What Took place The Evening Of Alleged Sexual Assault

Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Supplies Her Account Of What Took place The Evening Of Alleged Sexual Assault

Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Offers Her Account Of What Took place The Evening Of Alleged Sexual Attack jun2yng June 28, 2016 0 Accuser In Park Yoochun Case Gives Her Account Of What Happened The Night Of Alleged Sexual Assault In the wake of the new Park Yoochun scandal, MBC’s “PD Notebook” interviewed one of the mostgirls who got hereahead in the sexual assault case. The interview used to be broadcast on June 28.

The woman, generally known as “A, said, I think and so shameful … Because I feel like I used to betotally played with… And I couldn’t argue because he's a celebrity, and he left without a unmarriedobserve of apology.

She explained in detail what happened the night of the incident:

“When you switch the track on there, it fills the space. Park Yoochun sings and turns club music up in point of fact loud. I didn’t trulyunderstand howto check the temper because I hadn’t been running there for long, and I becameoccupied with what I must make when he came and put his arm around my waist and commenced dancing.”

She continued, “He kept asking me ‘How much cash practice you lot need,’ and ‘Why are you here.’ He then said, ‘I can’t listen you, let’s pass to the bathroom.’ I didn’t think the rest of it and followed him in.”

“He asked, ‘How much money do you want that you began working here? I might bein a position to just generate profits and then quit.’ His tone and attitude made me feel like he was wantingto shop for me, and his consistentcommunicateof cash started to irritate me. He kept speaking about money. He then kissed me. He grabbed my face and kissed me, and when he pulled away, he said, ‘What is this, there’s no emotion.’”

“A” acknowledged that at the time, she was in the route of her menstrual cycle. “When he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him to stop. I without a doubt said the three words. To stop. I said, ‘Stop, I’m on my period.’ He then said, ‘Oh, yet 1 still wish to see whenever you and I are compatible.’”

She said she attempted to leave. I was going to leave, but in the instant when I looked in the mirror, he took his pants off. When I was status there frozen in surprise, he forced me down. I said I didnt wish to and I wasnt going to, so he then stood me up and became me around.

I started crying, and he said, ‘It’s okay, because we’re going to date. We’re going thus far now. You’re going to give oppa your number, right? Right?’ I didn’t respond.”

“I didn’t need to have sex in that way in a leisure room where all and sundry give the axe hear. Especially when Im on my period, even supposing information technology were my boyfriend. I’m now not even inquiring for help. Really, just the truth that it happened in that small rest room is so embarrassing. And I was scared: What do I do if people in finding out?’”

She explained that she really wanted coin at the time. “I obligatorya huge issue of money. I wanted money for education. There’s no prostitution there and you'll be able to earn quite a few money, so I set to work at the ‘ten cafe’ (adult entertainment establishment). I had never heard of employees leaving to visit a 2nd location with customers, and the cafe also stops you from going, because they don’t wish problems.”

“In my opinion, Park Yoochun treated me as anythingnot up to a human being. If I were any person he really loved, would he have done it like that, there? As a man. I think he had the concept that ’the ladies that paintings there won’t be capable offile anything, they won’t be able to deny what I say, and there’s no CCTV in the bathroom, so they wouldn’t dare think to sue me.’”

“A” said, “I think he thinks that he’s a superstar and a most sensible star, and that we wouldn’t brainsound asleep alongside him. For me, I in truth needed the money, and my parent’s don’t have a really perfect background, so I was operating there purely for subsistence. But for the straightforwardreality that I worked there, he thought not anything of me and sexually assaulted me. I can’t forgive him.”

In addition to the interview with the woman, the show aired a clip of an actor, who remained anonymous, talking about his enjoy with Park Yoochun, in which he explains his challenge believing the news: “First, Park Yoochun is so sincere, and in the case of work, there’s nothing to bitch about. In each and every aspect, I honestly handiest acceptjust right things to say. He’s respectful, at all timesgreat to the staff. On account of that, I actually had a difficult fourth dimension believing what I read in the news.”

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam seize  every other's hands

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam seize every other's hands

On the episode four of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Gye Jin-seong (Park So-dam) made up our minds to lend a hand Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok).

This day, Lee Yeong-oh told Kang Hyeon-joon (Oh Jeong-se) that he was once going to make the criminal, who murdered Sin Dong-jae (Kim Jong-soo), stand in front of the target audience in the approaching conference. Kang Hyeon-joon objected to the plan initially, yet ended up approving it.

Later, as Lee Yeong-oh told Gye Jin-seong about a couple of facts about the genuinecrook of the homicide and Gye Jin-seong asked him, "So you arepronouncingit is Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) after all?" Lee Yeong-oh said, "I've never acknowledged it. Shouldn't be IT you who is thinking that way?"

Lee Yeong-oh continued, "Those who consider it changed into a murder are simplest you and me. So, you and I are one team beginning today" and "There's nobody else who can to find the genuine criminal who murdered the pinnacle director. So please assistance me locate the criminal and provide the criminal at the conference".

Lee Yeong-oh and Gye Jin-seong began to practice and testeach and everyimaginablestream of the criminal that night.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok discovers Park So-dam likes Yoon Hyeon-min secretly

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok discovers Park So-dam likes Yoon Hyeon-min secretly

On the episode 3 of KSB 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) discovered that Park So-dam had weigh down on Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) secretly

Gye Jin-seong played the CCTV recording of the morgue, suspecting that the crook who had got rid of a middle from a patient may smartly be Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min). And she later discovered out the one that had asked to delete the phaseappearing Hyeon Seok-joo was once a prime ranked authentic of the hospital.

Later, when Gye Jin-seong found Hyeon Seok-joo taking a nap, she becamehaving a look at him ardently. At the moment, Lee Yeong-oh showed up and realized Gye Jin-seong's were givena distinct heart in opposition to Hyeon Seok-joo.

Gye Jin-seong insisted repeatedly that they must give more time and just staylooking at because Hyeon Seok-joo would now not flee, fearing other peoplemayin finding out she was in one-sided love with feeling with Hyeon Seok-joo. Lee Yeong-oh told her, "Some individuals lie till the end" and "like you". His remark made Gye Jin-seong flustered.

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Park Yoochun Countersues Accuser For Blackmailing Him For $1 Million

Park Yoochun Countersues Accuser For Blackmailing Him For $1 Million

Park Yoochun Countersues Accuser For Blackmailing Him For $1 Million(Photo : C-JeS Entertainment) One of the crucial sexual attackinstances surrounding Park Yoochun has taken a pointy turn.

Park has countersued the primarylady who accused him of sexual assault. In step with the lawsuit, the explanation Park is suing is for the reason why that female blackmailed him and falsely accused him.

The lawsuit also states that the lady demanded charge from Park through telling him, "I'll move to China, so give me 1 billion won (approximately $853,000)."

AdvertisementAccording to Korean media outlet Channel A, the woman mentioned that she was once sexually assaulted by Park on June 4. 4 days after that, Park's firmgaineda choice from the woman. Throughout that call, she stated that prior to she files a lawsuit, she sought after to negotiate with the company.

During the telephone call, the woman allegedly said, "after suffering sexual assault, I will notare living in Korea anymore, so I am goingto transport to China."

She then demanded 1 billion won as a settlement.

A representative of Park's agency then install a assembly amongst the woman. However, at the meeting, the woman become nowhere to be found. Instead, her boyfriend, a member of a native violent gang in Seoul, showed up and asked for 500 million won (approximately $425,000) as settlement.

However, Park's agency refused the demands and the woman filed the lawsuit opposed to Park later that day.

This is the foundation for Park's false accusations and blackmail lawsuit against the woman, her boyfriend, and another person.

Police investigators will now glance into Park's lawsuit to decide its veracity and if the 1st case of sexual assault was fake.

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Park Yoochun, First Accuser, And Two Others Put on  Shuttle Ban   Clutch And Seek Warrants Issued

Park Yoochun, First Accuser, And Two Others Put on Shuttle Ban Clutch And Seek Warrants Issued

Park Yoochun, First Accuser, And Two Others Put onTrip Ban Grab And Seek Warrants Issuedkminjungee June 24, 2016 0 Park Yoochun, First Accuser, And Two Others Placed On Travel Ban Grab And Search Warrants Issued The police have placed a travel ban on the entireprimary parties interested in Park Yoochuns case, and seize and search warrants had been issued for 4trade establishments.

On June 24, the Seoul Gangnam Police stated that travel bans have been placed on Park Yoochun, the four people who brought forth sexual attack allegations, as smartly as the first people boyfriend and cousin.

They have also gained warrants to grab and search four institutionswhich are tied to this case, and secured the four commercialplaces at 7 p.m. KST. They are going topay attention to the items they confiscated, which come with ledgers of transactions, so as to investigate the realityat the back of the sexual abuse allegations.

The police also aretaking a look into any other out of doors parties that can beconcerned in this case.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochuns representatives have filed a counter suit opposed tothe primary individual, for false accusations and blackmail, and, as of June 21, have asked for detailed datain regards to the accusations against the singer, in additionthe 3persons themselves.

Both Park Yoochun and the 1stparticular person takesupplied recordings that claim the oppositefacetpresented settlements as evidence.

So far, the father of C-JeS Entertainments president has also been questioned, and other comparablepersons arethese days undergoing wondering every bit well. The police plan on bringing in the accusers separately shortly. After investigating those four individuals, Park Yoochun will also be called in for questioning.

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