Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

The showbiz is set to hit a storm. News after news has been pouring out and a few eventide say that society is attemptingto hide up anythinglarger alongside scandals like these. It ischallenging to considersituationswerearisingevery day which is causing the public's sentiment to turn into dark.

Comedian Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno and Park Yoo-chun have all been accused for sexual offense. In addition, the unforeseen Lee Min-ki used to be also charged with rape.

A media reported that Lee Min-ki turned into charged with rape then discoverednow not guilty. Netizens were appalled with any other male celebrity's shameless behavior.

However, Lee Min-ki isn't an identical as Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno or Park Yoo-chun. Whether they were found to blame or not, those 3 were direct other peopleconcerned with the accusers yet Lee Min-ki was an accidental case.

To clarify, it seems like Lee Min-ki was sued for rape after having sex with a girl he met in a club, but actually, he has not anything to do with the case entirely.

Lee Min-ki did cross to a club in Busan but the girl who accused him of rape acknowledged his callby way of mistake and cancelled the feescorrect away. She even apologized to him.

Later, Lee Min-ki was just found 'not guilty'.

The control released a public announcement explaining what came aboutor even so, was careful about pronouncing too much in case it caused any misunderstanding.

They added that they was hopingnot more meaningless injurygot herethru this.

The scandal turns out bad as it looks like Lee Min-ki was found not guilty after having sex with a lady he met in a club.

In addition, he's on Public Accountabilitypresently and is being criticized for illiberal behavior. As a Public Duty worker, he has to head through this to a undeniable point especially at a time like this when sexual scandals are being treated so sensitively.

However, Park Yoo-chun's case is other by nature. If he wasn't immediatelyin contact with the case and his name was put at the list of rapists by accident, it can exist very unfortunate. Even if he would not be so unfastened by ethical compass.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sang-moo, who was charged with attempted rape in a motel, is about to be forwarded to the prosecutors. Lee Juno has been forwarded to the prosecutors already. He was charged with sexually harassing girls in a club.

Park Yoo-chun who has been charged with rape on four accounts, was found not guilty but is still involved with prostitution, risk and false accusation charges.

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Park Si Hoo Not Banned Following Rape Scandal, KBS Execs Say: Star's Return To Network Even After His Charges Are Dropped Still 'Up In The Air'

Park Si Hoo Not Banned Following Rape Scandal, KBS Execs Say: Star's Return To Network Even After His Charges Are Dropped Still 'Up In The Air'

KBS, Park Shi Hoo

Park Si Hoo Not Banned Following Rape Scandal, KBS Execs Say: Star's Return To Network Even After His Charges Are Dropped Still 'Up In The Air' Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) executives have not banned actor Park Shi Hoo from the network in the wake of sexual assault charges, but they are not sure he will ever appear on the air again.Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) executives have not banned actor Park Shi Hoo from the network in the wake of sexual assault charges, but they are not sure he will ever appear on the air again.

The statement was prompted when the network released a list of their banned performers and Park Si Hoo wasn't on it.

"Park Si Hoo was not included on the most recent list of names banned from KBS broadcast," A network representative told the website allkpop.

"It's because his case was dropped and the investigations have come to a close. Because of this, he's not included on the ban list."

Park Shi Hoo's charges stem from an incident on February 15, where a 22-year-old entertainer alleged the "Cheongdamdong Alice" actor got her drunk and raped her, the publication Channel News Asia reports.

Last week, South Korean authorities announced the victim had decided to drop the charges.

At an April 2 press conference, Yoon Tae Bong of the Seoul Seobu Police had stressed just how serious those charges were.

"We have charged without detention Park Si Hoo with quasi-rape and sexual battery...and have forwarded the case to the prosecution," Yoon said.

"[The victim's] statement is consistent and also matches with the video footage from the neighborhood. This is a decision that has been made after analyzing everything presented in the case."

At the time, one of Park Si Hoo's attorneys claimed that the police weren't respecting their right to a fair trial.

"Seobu Police is acting as if they are the lawyers of [the victim], rather than a neutral investigative unit, revealing things that are disadvantageous to Park Si Hoo, and providing the media with this information," the star's lawyer said.

"[They] have thus trampled on the fundamental basics of innocent until proven guilty."

Park Shi Hoo maintained throughout the scandal that the sex was consensual and that he was innocent.

"I will reveal the truth," he said repeatedly through the legal proceedings.

But a lawyer from the law firm Purme, that represented Park Shi Hoo says fans shouldn't expect a statement about the out-of-court settlement.

"We can't release any statements about this case," the attorney told the website allkpop.

"The representative lawyers are all refraining from commenting about Park Si Hoo. Park Si Hoo will also not be having a press conference nor making any official statements."

Yet one friend of Park Si Hoo wasn't afraid to speak their mind.

"He's been wrongly accused about many things," the source said.

"If there is something he did do wrong, he'd take responsibility, but on things he has been wrongly accused of, he feels the situation is unjust. Once the investigation is over, he's planning to hold an official event to reveal everything."

The victim's lawyer has also refused to discuss their client's settlement.

It's true that she has dropped her charges, but we cannot reveal the reason," the attorney said.


Park Si-hoo Discloses All Text Messages in Rape Scandal

Park Si-hoo Discloses All Text Messages in Rape Scandal

Park Si-hoo Discloses All Text Messages in Rape Scandal

Actor Park Si-hoo, who is accused of raping a young woman last month, has disclosed more text messages which he claims bear out his contention that he was framed.

Park was responding to a move by the woman's lawyer, who revealed messages she had exchanged with a friend of Park's who introduced the two. The messages suggested that the woman was surprised to find herself in bed with Park when she regained consciousness after what she claims was a night of heavy drinking.

"The messages were not the full text", Park's lawyer said. "If you look at the full Kakao Talk messages, it is evident that there was no force involved in the sex, while the mutual friend did not realize that Park and the woman had sex", the lawyer claimed.

Park's defense team published all 47 messages the woman exchanged with Park's friend between 12:55 p.m. and midnight the day after the alleged rape. The woman had earlier disclosed 31 messages sent between 12:55 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

In the additional messages, the friend tells the woman at 8:33 p.m. to call him. The woman responds at 11:57 p.m., "I still feel queasy. Do you think I got pregnant because of that?"

At 8:37 p.m. that day she reported to police that she had been raped. Yet she continued to communicate with Park's friend, according to Park's lawyer. Earlier, the woman claimed that Park and his friend tried to contact her several times after she told police she had been raped but that she did not respond.

As the plot thickens in the case with both sides revealing additional text messages, the woman's lawyer submitted her mobile phone to police on Wednesday seeking all of the messages to be restored. Police have asked Park to turn his mobile phone in as well.


Plot Thickens in Park Si-hoo Rape Scandal

Plot Thickens in Park Si-hoo Rape Scandal

Plot Thickens in Park Si-hoo Rape Scandal

A lawyer for a young woman who says she was raped by actor Park Si-hoo revealed new evidence on Tuesday to counter Park's claims that sex was consensual.

Park's defense team submitted to police records of text messages sent by his accuser in which a friend of the 22-year-old aspiring actress encourages her to "get a lot of money" from the actor or "bring him down".

In another message, Park's accuser allegedly responded, "I'm going to show them how well I can act by looking like the victim". Park also filed defamation suits against the accuser and her friend.

In a fresh twist, Park now also accuses the head of his former management agency of attempted blackmail.

The alleged victim in turn decided to disclose text messages she had exchanged the day after the alleged rape with a friend of Park's who introduced her to the actor.

Her lawyer said, "Park's defense team distorted the truth by revealing things that were merely detrimental to her, in order to bolster his claims. We cannot tolerate him filing charges against her".

The text messages she revealed contain information that counters Park's claims. The actor said the woman was not intoxicated and agreed to have sex with him. But in a text message dated 3:51 p.m. on Feb. 15, the day after the alleged rape, she told Park's friend, "I still can't sober up".

That means she was still under the influence 12 hours after drinking with Park. In a message she sent a few minutes later, the woman says she was "surprised" when she woke up in bed next to Park and that it was "completely unexpected".

Meanwhile, the head of Park's former agency denied collaborating with the woman to bring the actor down. He vowed to take legal steps to prove his innocence.

Park had accused the CEO of trying to take revenge on him for leaving the agency that made him a star.

Police are considering a lie detector test.


Rape Fees  Opposed to Park Yoo-chun Dropped

Rape Fees Opposed to Park Yoo-chun Dropped

Police in Gangnam acknowledged Monday they are going to drop rape feesopposed to boy workforce member Park Yoo-chun since it should existvery unlikely to turn out coercion.

Police also said they'vediscovered evidence of blackmail viathe primarylady who accused Park of rape, in addition her boyfriend and every other acquaintance. Their findings may be submitted to prosecutors this week.

A police spokesman said, "Park's DNA was once found at theundies of the 1st female who accused him of rape, yet that becameno longeradequate to prove there has been coercion".

Police also said interviews with 3 other ladies who have stepped ahead and also accused Park of rape did now not yield any transparent evidence of forced sex.

But police came upon evidence supporting Park's claim that he was blackmailed by the first accuser. Earlier, Park filed slander rates against the woman, her boyfriend and acquaintance, prompting police to slap them with a trip ban.

Police said they discoveredmonetary records appearing the move of a definiteamount of money from the bank account of the top of Park's skillfirm into the account of the woman.

Meanwhile, police are taking into account whether to fee the 4 women with slandering the singer. Park and one of the most women would possibly face punishment for prostitution and paying for sex.

Read this newsletter in Korean

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Now that Park Yoo-chun isn't  to blame for rape, what is next

Now that Park Yoo-chun isn't to blame for rape, what is next

While Park Yoo-chun has been governedno longer guilty, everybodyneedsto understandwhat is next.

Gangnam Police accountable for this investigation, ruled him no longerto blame on all of the4 accounts of rape. It used to be ruled this fashion because there has been no evidence to end up that he had forced the ladies to have sex amongst him. The case might be wrapped up and forwarded to the prosecutors.

Now what subjects is how the prosecutors are going to observe it. When the police hands them over the case, they'llheavilymovein the process the event once back and take care of it. In some instances there could befurther investigations and/or the onesother folksconcerned with the case will more than likely be summoned back for more questioning. However, the prison professions see that the police have done meticulous paintings on it.

The public wants to know what's next for Park Yoo-chun.

He is lately on accountability at the Seoul Gangnam District Place of work on National Service. He has till adjacent August. Park Yoo-chun has discussed that if he turned into ever discovered guilty of the crimes he was charged with, he would surrender from the biz world. However, he did create a social taking place and it seems likehe is going to chorus from doing anything else external for now.

Meanwhile, the police are having a look into the fees Park made at the first accuser for risk and false accusations. They have got found out one hundred million won has been discussed between them and are searching into it.

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Park Yoo-chun Most likely to Get away Rape Charges

Park Yoo-chun Most likely to Get away Rape Charges

Police in Gangnam say a girl who accused boy crew member Park Yoo-chun of rape attempted to blackmail Park's controlfirm and was once paid around W100 million (US$1=W1,155). Police are bearing in mind filing feesopposed to the woman. Earlier, Park filed slander rates against Lee, her boyfriend and some other acquaintance, prompting police to prohibit them from leaving Korea. Police have puzzled Park 4 times since June 30 yet takenow not been readyto discover evidence to turn out he had coerced the girland 3 others who have since come ahead into having sex with him."The ladies who filed charges were stunned or stunned, but maximum of them acknowledged they were not assaulted or threatened, so it's fartough to prove coercion", a police spokesman said.Police are keen onshedding charges against Park on all four counts of alleged rape.

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Another Girl Steps Forward, Filing Fees  Opposed to Yoochun In Large K-Pop Rape Scandal

Another Girl Steps Forward, Filing Fees Opposed to Yoochun In Large K-Pop Rape Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYet any othergirl has come forth to accuse JYJYoochun for sexual assault, bringing the full to no less than six girls who have filed fees with authorities. 

According to reports, the latest accusers description of her come upon with Yoochun matched that of the alternative women, adding that Yoochun also attacked her in the bathroom. Reports added that the maximum recent accuser was once an worker at the adult entertainment facility that Yoochun frequented, and that she had performed a framedisplay for him as well.

While police start to investigate this newest case, it become besidespublished that the primarygirl to accuse Yoochun of sexual attack has re-filed ratesopposed to him in spite ofshedding them remaining month.

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Park Yoo-chun to Be Grilled in Rape Investigation

Park Yoo-chun to Be Grilled in Rape Investigation

Police have summoned boy band member Park Yoo-chun, who has been accused of rape via4other women.

Police on Wednesday stated Park can bewondered every bit a suspect.

A saliva swab will be taken to resolve whether his DNA suits semen discovered in the lingerie of the primary accuser, who filed a complaint that he raped her in the john of a bar in Gangnam, Seoul.

But the lady has since withdrawn the price amid claims that she and her boyfriend contacted the pop star's representatives and demanded money.

Police plan to query Park to figure out whether he used force and compare his account with the ones given by his other accusers.

All four ladiesit sounds as if told police that Park blocked them from leaving the bathroom.

Police are one after the other investigating a counter-complaint filed by Park opposed tothe 1stlady for bringing false charges.

The 24-year-old hostess knownsimplest by her surname Lee dropped her fees five days after reporting the alleged rape to police.

Park also accuses Lee's boyfriend of slander.

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Park Yoo-chun, the difficulty  isn't 'rape'

Park Yoo-chun, the difficulty isn't 'rape'

"As long as Park Yoo-chun entered a position where sex is sold, it's miles illogical that his enthusiasts who have fought for his justice to toughen him anymore".

These are the words of Park Yoo-chun's fan gallery DC JYJ.

Park Yoo-chun has been the maximum efficient ever since his debut with TFXQ in 2004. He's facing the largestdanger to his occupation at the moment. He isn't just concerned amongst rape yetthere were too many statements from girls who say they have got been carewornby way of him.

The something that made every person turn their backs on him is the reality that he entered a 'room salon'. Also, all of his sexual activities came about in the bathrooms. Here'ssome of the reasons why DC JYJ drew back its help for the singer.

Park Yoo-chun is trying to make a counter attack. He is been sued 4 times and a team of investigators are faithful to this case. He even acknowledged he would retire if the case turns out to be true.

C-JeS Entertainment explained that it was once meaningless to look forward to the investigations to make a counter attack whilsta lot of these simulated accusations were being made. Park has counter sued A, the primary victim, her boyfriend and her cousin. The alternative 'victims' will soon be faced with counter fees for false accusation and threat.

However, many are skeptical about Park Yoo-chun recuperating his reputation.

Park Yoo-chun has at all times been the 'good boy' since he turned into with TVXQ. All his fans fell in love with the similar reason.

Park used to wait an elite faculty in Virginia, US when he got here out with TVXQ. The 'smart' one was his overall symbol in the group.

He was also a just right actor. His characters in dramas "Sungkyunkwan Scandal, "The Rooftop Prince", "The Woman Who Sees Smells" and others were not much other from his standard image. He was continuously the righteous and good-looking boy.

However, the fact that he is going to bars and enjoys sex in toilets is a whole blow to the head. When A cancelled her charges, she best said the sex was consensual but did not order the sex never happened.

Pictures of Park Yoo-chun entering other bars also solidify the fact that he enjoys that more or lessevening life.

A fan who has been partial to his since her youngster years tilllately said, "It's no longer more or less rape anymore. Who is Park Yoo-chun that I presumed I liked? I believe like my adolescence has been stolen from me".

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