Photos "Fantastic" Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook's transformation

Teaser posters of Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook's new JTBC drama "Fantastic" were released.

Kim Hyeon-joo steals the displayat the poster as Lee So-hye, a drama creator who lives a completeexistence ignoring the truth that she's a loss of life patient.

She's smiling brightly in the imageyet on the opposite hand, a tear is running down her face.

Joo Sang-wook is totally the opposite. He is taking on the role of Ryu Hae-seong, a most sensible actor who is understood for his bad performance, hence the nickname 'Balcaprio'. Joo Sang-wook looks good-looking in the poster, but also serious; the caption says, "I know I'm a bad actor and the entireglobal knows it".

Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook's poster shoot went on in a filled with life atmosphere. Kim controlled to get a tear running down her cheek immediate and Joo Sang-wook got hereready every bit Ryu Hae-seong.

The first episode of "Fantastic" is scheduled to air on the second of September.

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Video "Fantastic" script reading, Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook

The first script reading for "Fantastic" was oncelately held.

"Fantastic" is a romantic comedy about a drama author named Lee So-hye (Kim Hyeon-joo) and a bestcelebrity named Ryu Hae-seong (Joo Sang-wook).

The script reading becameprovide with director Jo Nam-gook, publisher Lee Seong-eun, Kim Hyeon-joo, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Tae-hoon, Ji Soo, Kim Ji-yeong, Yoon So-jeong, Kim Jeong-nan, Kim Yeong-min, Chae Gook-hee, Jo Jae-yoon, Kim Jae-hwa, Kim Dong-gyoon, Lim Ji-gyoo, Yoon Ji-won and others.

Everyone were given along very so smartly it was challenging to trust it was only the first script reading. The lines in the scripts went from facet to side and everyone's characters stood out.

Kim Hyeon-joo plays the role of Lee So-hae who only has a couple of months to live.

Joo Sang-wook who has at all timesget back with anything new each time is back as the loopyheight star Ryu Hae-seong.

Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook worked so well in combination that they sparked non-stop laughter from the crowd.

Jo Nam-gook stated he was satisfied to be there and he was happy everyone had a just right time.

Kim Hyeon-joo said she had an excellent feeling about this and Joo Sang-wook said he was excited to paintings with the solid and crew.

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'Bring It On, Ghost' Kim So-hyeon-I is a ghost or a fantastic goddess

'Bring It On, Ghost' Kim So-hyeon-I is a ghost or a fantastic goddess

Kim So-hyeon-I looks stunning equally ever in her fresh Instagram photo.

On July 28th, she posted a behind-the-scenes still pictures on her private Instagram. Kim So-hyeon-I in a crimsonget dressed looks gorgeous. Her uncomplicated face upcapabilities like a doll are eye-catching.

The 18 year old actress looks flawless with the small face filled withyoungernaturalfeelings and the narrow physique.

Kim So-hyeon-I is lately starring as a primecollegelady ghost, Kim Hyeon-ji in tvN's Monday Tuesday drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost'.

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Joo Sang-wook to superstar in JTBC

Joo Sang-wook to superstar in JTBC "Fantastic" as awful actor

Actor Joo Sang-wook is gambling a most sensiblesuperstar who is a bad actor.

Upcoming drama JTBC "Fantastic" is the tale of a drama state of affairsauthor named Lee So-hye, who simplest has a couple of months to live, and a height star named Ryoo Hae-seong. The 2enjoya briefyet heated romance.

Joo Sang-wook takes at the office of Ryoo Hae-seong, a celeb who does notunderstand how to act. He'sgood-lookingand intenselysexy but God did not give him talent. His nicknames are 'Bal-Caprio', 'bad actor' and 'robot Hae-seong'.

He is filled with himself and loves getting attention. He looks ill-tempered on the outdoor but in facthe isvery hot and lovable on the inside. He reunites with Lee So-hye who is his first love and liable for his repute after 10 years.

Joo Sang-wook is stepping down from the righteous and favorable symbol he's been developmentup to now and is changing into a 'bad actor' Ryoo Hae-seong. Joo Sang-wook has been in more than a few dramas since his debut from romance to investigative dramas. His co-star in Kim Hyeon-joo in the role of Lee So-hye.

Joo Sang-wook said, "I could notforestallguffawing when I read the script. I'm excited to turn out to be this new character".

"Fantastic" is written via Lee Seong-eun and directed by Jo Nam-gook. The primary episode will also beobserved on the second of September at 8:30PM.

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Kim Hyeon-joo to famous person in

Kim Hyeon-joo to famous person in "Fantastic" as a terminally sick writer

Actress Kim Hyeon-joo is starring in the recent JTBC drama "Fantastic".

According to a promotional company, she's starring in "Fantastic" as a terminally sick writer.

"Fantastic" is a romantic comedy about a creator named Lee So-hye and a psychotic Hallyu celebrity named Ryu Hae-seong. They revel ina quickyet heated romance with every other.

The drama is written by way of Lee Seong-eun and directed by Jo Nam-gook.

Kim Hyeon-joo plays a success Lee So-hye who is understood for her drama writing skills. She lives her lifestyles to the fullest in spite of her sickness and she's also a weakling by way of family.

With five months to live, she makes a decision to are living the time she has left to the maximum efficient and die a complicated death. Earlier than that, she reunites with Ryu Hae-seong who interferes with her plans.

"Fantastic" might be released at the2d of September.

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Photos Kim Soo-hyeon-I and his eye-refreshing visual

Photos Kim Soo-hyeon-I and his eye-refreshing visual

Actor Kim Soo-hyeon-I used to be at the Red Carpet match of the premiere of the film "Train to Busan".

"Train to Busan" is the war between those thatwereinflamedvia an unknown virus and the ones who have not been infected on a KTX train to Busan.

The drama stars Gong Yoo, Jeong Yoo-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Woo-sik, Ahn So-hee, Kim Eui-seong and more.

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Spoiler 'Master - God of Noodles' Jo Jae-hyeon reveals out about Jeong Yoo-mi and Lee Sang-yeob's relationship

Spoiler 'Master - God of Noodles' Jo Jae-hyeon reveals out about Jeong Yoo-mi and Lee Sang-yeob's relationship

On the episode 17 of KBS 2TV's "Master - God of Noodles", Gil-do (Jo Jae-hyeon) attempted to cast off Yeo-gyeong (Jeong Yoo-mi).

After Do-kkoo abducted Gil-do in this day, he put Gil-do's secret documents in his hands and passed over them to Yeo-gyeong. Do-kkoo published to her that the one that had killed Yeo-gyeong's father in the quickused to be his friend.

Yeo-gyeong told Do-kkoo that the solereason why she may justlive to inform the tale on the tragic day become because her telephone rang all of sudden. Gil-do once told her that it was him who had called. However, Do-kkoo revealed the reality that information technology was in truth him who had called at the time. Gil-do was rescued by capacity of Tae-ha and then he later went to Yeo-gyeong and threatened her. However, Yeo-gyeong was now not swayed by the danger at all and as an alternative told him to movetill the end, confronting him.

Gil-do went to look Tae-seop and asked him to cooperate with him. As Gil-do also acknowledged he would get rid Yeo-gyeong. Tae-ha went to see Yeo-gyeong and told her, "Let's just let it pass this one time. Otherwise, it's very important to lose your life". However, Yeo-gyeong said she would attempt to catch Gil-do unless the end.

Gil-do went to Mi-ja this time and tried to cajole her the use of the workingappropriate of the restaurant. Mi-ja agreed. Gil-do ordered his topic to kill Yeo-gyeong. Tae-ha discovered out about this and went out to save Yeo-gyeong. Gil-do found a wallet Tae-ha by accident dropped in his office. Gil-do saw the photo of Yeo-gyeong and Tae-ha from their formative years in the orphanage.

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Photos "Wanted" unveils poster of Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo and Eom Tae-woong

The poster for "Wanted" is out.

The poster of Kim Ah-joong holds the message, "Find my child...please". Kim Ah-joong looks as if she's going to begin crying correct away. She's Jeong Hye-in, a mom who lost her child.

Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo and Eom Tae-woong in every other posted are having a look like they discovered a dead frame in the trunk of a car. They've 10 days given by way of the kidnapper.

A poster of Kim Ah-joong could also be out and it appears like the case is getting deeper and deeper into the maze. The tale starts with the abduction of Jeong Hye-in's son and it ends up in serial killings.

"Wanted" officials say, "It's a drama, yetit kind of feels more like a movie. Studying who the culprit may smartly be is somethingto appearahead to".

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Seong Dong-il talks about Kim Soo-hyeon-I:

Seong Dong-il talks about Kim Soo-hyeon-I: "Funnier than me and has fantastic manner"

Seong Dong-il highly complimented Kim Soo-hyeon-I.

Actor Seong Dong-il and PD Sin Won-ho were given the taxi ride at the Tuesday episode of tvN's typecommunicate show, 'Taxi' .

Seong Dong-il is these days filming film "Real" co-starring Kim Soo-hyeon-I. Here'sthe primary time for the 2 stars to paintings together.

Seong Dong-il discussed about Kim Soo-hyeon-I, announcing "He is somewhatexcellent at entertaining the folks on the filming set unlike what you may imagine of him".

He backendured on. "He is funnier than I am. He plays sensible jokes more than I do. Even then, he is the user who greets first when any individual who is even 365 days older than him visits the filming set".

Oh Man-seok raised his thumb saying, "There's at all timesan evenreason why when someone is successful".

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