Police statement,

Police statement, "The lady who sued Lee Jin-wook could be innocent"

The police are having a look into the probabilities of actor Lee Jin-wook's accuser being innocent.

Seoul Soo-seo police printed that they wondered this girltwo times on July 22nd and 23rd.

Police say chances of the accuser being blameless on false accusation are moderately high.

This woman's attorney announced that he would now not exist representing her criminal event anymore on July 23rd.

The discovery of new information, otherperspectives on how the case must be handled and destroy to the courting of agree with between the attorney and the buyer has resulted in this conclusion.

Meanwhile, in the undies that the accuser submitted to the police as evidence, Lee Jin-wook's DNA used to be found, yetit is notample to turn out that force becomeinterested by the sexual intercourse.

The accuser claimed that she met Lee Jin-wook viaa chumat the 12th of July but later he followed her house and raped her. She pressed fees on July 14th.

Lee Jin-wook countersued her for false accusations on July 16th.

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Is Ban Seo-jin the fashion who sued Lee Jin-wook

Is Ban Seo-jin the fashion who sued Lee Jin-wook "Not me!"

Model Ban Seo-jin is in hot water because of rumors going around in the showbiz. Some random rumor has been going around that she is the consumer who used Lee Jin-wook of rape.

She denied those rumors and acknowledged she's never even met the actor and she does not know him.

Lee Jin-wook has been accused of raping a woman who he met viaa pal on July 12th.

'A' who sued Lee, is a typicalworkplace worker, yet on SNS, the rumors say it is Ban Seo-jin.

Ban Seo-jin is appalled and she says she's been getting messages from her pals and circle of relativeson account of this.

Ban Seo-jin said, "I have no idea why these rumors are going around and I do not know the details, but it more or less feels that the accuser could also be a 'Ban' so that is why I were givenexcited about this".

Ban Seo-jin changed intonoted for her good looks and hot frame on "Miracle Beauty" on Television Cast. She reported the initiator of these rumors to the police.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin-wook has sued 'A' for false accusations.

The police have accumulated Lee Jin-wook's DNA for contrast with evidence from 'A' and may neatly bethe use of a lie detector at some point.

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Model Ban Search engine marketing Jin Responds To Rumors That She Sued Lee Jin Wook

Model Ban Search engine marketing Jin Responds To Rumors That She Sued Lee Jin Wook

Model Ban SEO Jin Responds To Rumors That She Sued Lee Jin Wookjun2yng July 20, 2016 0 Model Ban Seo Jin Responds To Rumors That She Sued Lee Jin Wook With all of thecommunicatein regards to the sexual attack event of Lee Jin Wook, rumors had been going around on social media that model Ban Seo Jin is the lady in the case. Ban Seo Jin is a known model who hosts “Miracle Beauty” on Naver TelevisionSolid and runs an internetbuying groceries mall.

In an interview with media on July 20, Ban Seo Jin expressed her frustrations about the false rumors: “I don’t even know Lee Jin Wook. We’ve never met. I don’t know where those rumors got here from. Here is absurd.” She said, “My callassists in keepingarising in similarseekeffects with Lee Jin Wook, which is turning intoa gigantic deterrence. Anywhere I go, the appearanceother people give me are embarrassing and shameful.”

On July 21, the model also took to her Instagram to vent, announcing that she has been the objective of more than a few rumors excluding this one, is wasting sleep, and doesn’t know what she wishes to do.

Ban Seo Jin has asked investigation into the consumer whobegan the rumor.

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This Korean lady is a police officer by capability of day… Maxim style by night

This Korean lady is a police officer by capability of day… Maxim style by night

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThis police officer is trending in Korea for her beautiful looks and modelesque image.

Kim Miso is a former Maxim model, and used to be even nominated for Omit proverb in 2014. Her career, however, took a drastic turn in 2015 when she turned into a complete fledged police officer and enforcer of the law. Shes now referred to as the most pretty officer in Korea.

Check out her footage below!

The Most Beautiful Police Officer In KoreaBy potential of Koreaboo

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Park Chan-wook's

Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden", Kim Min-hee 'an elegant, royal lady'

Actress Kim Min-hee has transform a royal girl alongside a tale in the film "The Handmaiden".

Stills of Kim Min-hee from the motion picture "The Handmaiden" were released.

Kim Min-hee plays a royal girl who inherits an amazingquantity of wealth from her parents. Rather than that she lives beneaththe sternimpression of her mum or dad uncle, not anything else is understood about her.

This royal lady is a lonely personawithout aoldsters nor friends. She is ignorant of the arenayet is blameless and elegant. To specific the kind of royalty, Kim Min-hee is goingthru 25 other dresses and accessories.

Director Park Chan-wook said, "Kim Min-hee utterlyattached with the woman character. I did not have much to mention to her as we went throughout the script and broke down into the character".

Meanwhile, "The Handmaiden" is the tale of a royal lady with a superlarge fortune inherited from her parents, a count who needs her wealth, a servant and a guardian who are introduced a scrumptious deal through the count. The movie has been invited to the 69th Cannes World Film Festival and is popping out this June.


Police officers' small yet kindly act toward elderly lady will warm your heart

Police officers' small yet kindly act toward elderly lady will warm your heart

Korean National Police Agency shared some pictures on its Facebook timeline that can onlyprovide you withreligion in humanity once again!

The photos display two police officialshelping an elderly lady push her cart heavily weighted down amongst recyclable waste, which she was once pushing all by way of herself on a hecticavenue where automobiles were whizzing by. When the police officers saw the ladysuffering with the weight of the cart all by herself in the freezing cold, they just did what turned intocorrect by stepping ahead to assist her.

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Netizens who saw this post praised the 2 police officers for their kindness, commenting, "It was truly touching. I am sorry about taking the photographs by following from in the back of ㅠㅠ yet it was in order that moving," "I do notwish to spare any compliments for the officers who helped out the elderly even in the dead of the night!" and quite a bit of comments that read, "Let's send the officers some days off."


Go Young Wook Released From Prison, Makes Public Statement on “Section TV”

Go Young Wook Released From Prison, Makes Public Statement on “Section TV”

Singer Go Young Wook, who was previous incarcerated for sexually assaulting and harassing three minors, has been released from prison.

The July 12 episode of MBCs entertainment news program Section TV showed his release from prison. In front of the reporters that have gathered, he announced, I feel like I have caused a great concern, and I want to apologize again for what Ive did.

He further stated, The two years and a half I spent here was difficult, but I also learned and experienced things I wouldnt have known if it wasnt for this place. It was also a time of reflection, to look back on my life.

He also added, There will be things I will have to live with now, but Ill try my best to live a better life, with a new mindset.

Go Young Wook will now have to wear a GPS-tracked anklet for three years.

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Joo Sang Wook to visit Thailand for

Joo Sang Wook to visit Thailand for "Cunning Single Lady" promotions

Joo Sang Wook to visit Thailand for

Actor Joo Sang Wookwill depart for Thailand on October 11 to hold a fan meeting and promotions for his previousMBCWed-Thurs drama "Cunning Single Lady"!

To promote the drama, which premieres on Thai TV channel PPTV in February of next year, the actor is set to hold interviews with approximately 50 media outlets and meet 1,000 fans in Thailand.

A local rep from Thailand stated, "Although "Cunning Single Lady" hasn"t aired in Thailand yet, it is already receiving a lot of interest among local fans. Along with the drama"s popularity, the interest in Joo Sang Wook is also hot, so he will hold promotions and a fan meeting."

After visiting Thailand from October 11-13, he will enter filming for theSBS weekend drama "Birth of a Beauty" alongside Han Ye Seul.


Cha Seung Won sued by a man who claims to be his son Cha No Ah

Cha Seung Won sued by a man who claims to be his son Cha No Ah"s real father + official statement from YG Entertainment

Actor Cha Seung Won reported to have been sued by a man who claimed to be the real father of his son Cha No Ah.

According to various reports on October 5th, a man called "A" filed a lawsuit against Cha Seung Won last July for pretending as the real father of his son Cha No Ah. The man said that the actor"s action has hurt his pride and he demanded 100 million won as compensation.

This is not the first time that Cha Seung Won got caught up in problems because of his son. Cha No Ah, who was a former pro-gamer, was charged for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old student last year thought later the case was dropped since both sides came to a mutual agreement at the end.

YG Entertainment released an official statement today on October 6th,"Cha Seung Won got married when he was 22 years old. He agreed to become the father of a 3-year-old boy who was the result of his wife and her ex-husband. Cha Seung Won firmly believes that he gave birth to his son Cha No Ah with all his heart. He didn"t regret making that decision".

The continued,"Because of this news, his family members have been hurt so much. Cha Seung Won said he will continue to protect his family no matter what obstacles may come in the future."