Premiere Of K-Pop Truth  Pageant Program “Boys24” Receives Complaint From Feminine Viewers

Premiere Of K-Pop Truth Pageant Program “Boys24” Receives Complaint From Feminine Viewers

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFollowing the premiere of its first episode, it form of feels like Boys24 stuckmoderately a other reaction from its feminine fans. 

A post on Instiz highlighted the various reactions made via female netizens as Boys24 began its premiere and it appearedlove itwas once met with  more than negative responses than positive. The post featured plenty of screenshots as the episodes aired and it publishedthe strain some female audience were experiencing during the program. Some claimed that they were givenstressed out out whilst others pointed out if the program become indeed that bad, mentioning the loss of visuals and talents from the participants.

Others started comparing Boys24 to its female edition Produce 101 as netizens claimed that the visuals for Boys24 were missing every bit criticisms for the program continued.

This isn'tthe primary time that Boys24 won criticisms following its premiere episode. It was these daysin comparison to Produce 101, which regardless of the stark differences in their budget looked as though information technology would have an easier quality than the male version.

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Mnet “Boys24” contestant leaves deficient  flavor in viewers’ mouth after poor attitude

Mnet “Boys24” contestant leaves deficient flavor in viewers’ mouth after poor attitude

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Audience of Mnets boy crewpageant show Boys24 have expressed their disappointment amongst one specific trainee because of his alleged deficient attitude.

After a contemporary airing of the truthcontention show, viewers printed their distaste for contestant Sungho, leader of the Red Unit. In one special segment throughout the gadgets practice, Sungho was onceobserved directing his community mates. It changed into also noted at the episode that Sungho was specifically harsh on member Won during the practice. Later in a solo interview, he was quoted saying, Dont harbor any needless greed. Yet he already has.

Netizens have criticized Sungho for making an attempt to give off a G-Dragon and Zico vibe. That is, they claim that whilst G-Dragon and Zico, and other equivalentorganization leaders, would possibly criticize their members, they do it with excellent intentions for their individuals to support and now not for egocentric reasons. On the opposite hand, netizens claim that Sungho lacks all the ones skills, and is allegedly doing it to make himself glance good.

Meanwhile, the ganglatelycarried out and covered GDTaeyangs Good Boy among others on the June 9th episode.

image Image: Watch the perspective of your arm (Sungho)

image (1) Image: Won-hyung, wake up (Sungho)

image (2) Image: Do that hyung (Caption)

image (4) Image: Whats not easyis tricky (Sungho)

image (5) Image: Won acting the choreography in front of the others by myself

image (6) Image: Unit Red = Leader replacement?!

image (7) Image: Just take a glance atnot totake into considerationthe rest else

image (8) Image: Dont harbor any lifeless greed

image (9) Image: But he already has harbored greed.

image (10) Image: Hyung, just you attempted and you were given the choreography wrong (Sungho)

image (11) Image: I in reality wont mean you canbreak out with it.

Watch the Red Sets expert Boy functionality on June 9th:

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Netizens Scrutinize The variations Between Korean Truth Competitions “Produce 101” And “Boys24”

Netizens Scrutinize The variations Between Korean Truth Competitions “Produce 101” And “Boys24”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the recognition of truthmethods scouting for the followinglarge thing increases, some audiences attempted to compare the other between the next two programs. 

A post on Pann noted the diversities between two truthcourses recently. Produce 101 for in seek ofa higher big feminine idol staff and Boys24 on their look for the next male idol group. However, a lot ofloverswhen comparedthe 2 programs, in particularagainst their budget and quality of talents.

For example, Produce 101 used to beregarded as equally produced with a limited budget and the contracts of the artists joining disabling them from joining on their broadcasts. The purpose of the program become also to select11 female trainees to shapea setthat wouldbestadvertise for a year. In Boys24, however, the program was produced on a relativelylarger budget, picking 24 artists out of 49 participants. The artists will even have alikelihood to debut without any restrictions on broadcast.

Another stark comparison was the use of editing in their introductory footage as netizens accused Boys24 for heavily editing the participants so they glance more nice looking in public, while Produce 101 looked a bit ofvery equivalent to what the trainees are in genuine life.

Meanwhile, Produce 101 already ended its run with the debut of I.O.I, whilst Boys24 began airing on Mnet this week.

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BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

Male Version Of Idol Survival Program Produce 101 Reveals First 14 Contestants(Photo : BOYS24)BOYS24, the latest idol survival program from Mnet, has printedthe primary 14 contestants that might compete to sign in for a male idol group.

The complete list of revealed contestants will also bediscoveredat the BOYS24 reliable Facebook page, which has particular person profiles for every member, introducing them and highlighting their authenticcharacteristics and skills.

The contestants diversity in age from 15 to 23, with one of the vital contestants being born as past due equally 2001.

Similar to Mnet's oldfact program Produce 101, in BOYS24, 49 trainees will compete for a place on a 24-member male idol group, that willadvertise for one year, retaining a concert each day. After a year, a choose few individualscould beselected to debut as an idol group.

The 1st episode of BOYS24 is scheduled to get started out airing on June 18 on Mnet and tvN.

The 3rdcircular of trainee was once revaled on Might 23, where seven new contestants will be unveiled.

Unlike Produce 101, the contestants on BOYS24 aren'tthese days trainees beneath any firmand mayfinally finish up being signed under one of CJ EM's industry arms. The program will also emphasize the significance of the crowd over individuals.

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Upcoming Survival Program Boys24 Casts Rap, Dance, And Vocals Masters

Upcoming Survival Program Boys24 Casts Rap, Dance, And Vocals Masters

Upcoming Survival Program “Boys24” Casts Rap, Dance, And Vocals Mastersnotclaira Would possibly 16, 2016 0 Upcoming Survival Program “Boys24” Casts Rap, Dance, And Vocals Masters Mnet’s upcoming survival program, “Boys24,” has forged Vasco, Ha Hwi Dong, and Jeon Bong Jin as the “masters” of rap, dance, and vocals.

Shinhwa individuals Shin Hye Sung and Lee Min Hoo had prior to now been cast as “facilitators” who will lend a handebookthe menduringall the show.

“Boys24” is the male edition of Mnet’s a hit “Produce 101,” dividing 49 boys into “units” each week. 24 will in the end be selectedto accomplishreside concerts at designated venues for a year before any othervarietyprocedurechoicesthe maximum efficient unit to debut as an legitimate idol group.

Vasco has been cast as the rap master. Vasco is referred to as the king of underground hip-hop and made his solo debut in 2004 with the album “The Genesis.” He also rose to the semifinals of the rap survival program “Show Me the money 3.”

Ha Hwi Dong has been cast as the functionality principal and he known as the “legend of b-boying.” In 2009, he was oncethe primary Korean to win the Dance Dynamite International Grand Prix in Japan, a global b-boying rally. He also won the Mnet global dance survival display “Dancing9.”

Jeon Bong Jin has been cast as the vocal master. Jeon Bong Jin has worked as the vocal teacher for artists corresponding to Yoon Mi Rae, Wheesung, Gummy, Large Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and EXO’s D.O.

The production team of workers of “Boys24” stated, “The 3 masters had excellent chemistry from the start, instantly getting a feeling of what the trainees may do and how they might improve. At the facet of the Shinhwa members, who will teach them teamwork, we are expecting how the boys will grow in this show.”

*A outdated version of this text incorrectly romanized the call Vasco. 

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New Boy Staff Survival Display Boys24 Has A Premiere Date, Unearths Format

New Boy Staff Survival Display Boys24 Has A Premiere Date, Unearths Format

New Boy Workforce Survival Display “Boys24” Has A Premiere Date, FindsLayout boxclub Would possibly 9, 2016 0 New Boy Organization Survival Show “Boys24” Has A Premiere Date, Displays Format Now it’s the boys’ turn! “Boys24,” a wide scale K-pop task led via CJ EM, has gained its premiere date of June 18 at 11:30 p.m. KST.

Breaking via an intense festival rate of 220 to one, 49 talented boys will compete each and every week in devices for the overall spot in a collection of 24. The ones 24 boys will then win the opportunity to accomplishsurvivequite so much of stages for one year, all 365 days, in other units. After thoseare livingfunctionality missions, the ultimate unit of measurement volition debut as an idol group.

While outdated survival displays have emphasized the significance of the individual, this show will center of attentionat the unit, encouraging just right team work. The maximum efficient unit will win 2 hundred million won (approximately $171,220) of investment into their tune production and unit activities promotion. The simplest of the professionals in the vocal, rap, and dance industries could be on hand to assist them train.

The lead manufacturer for the 8-episode “Boys24” Oh Kwang Suk said, “If the survival shows up to now have picked the appropriate one person, ‘Boys24’ will select the easiest team paintingsby way of unit competitions.”

Ahn Suk Joon, the president of the music branch for CJ EM, added, “’Boys24’ is a project that combines broadcast, performance and music in combination and we plan on expanding it globally, love to China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. I'm hopingmany of us are interested by our program.”

Make certain you become Mnet and tvN on June 18 at 11:30 p.m. KST for its first broadcast!

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Korean program plays m/v of feminine idol all for prostitution scandal

Korean program plays m/v of feminine idol all for prostitution scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe tune video of the feminine idol occupied with prostitution scandal plays on Korean program Evening of Television Entertainment

Earlier, we reported that Korean media The Fact showed the feminine idol who was onceconcerned in the prostitution scandal of receiving around 35 million Won or around $30,000 USD for dozing alongside a forty five year old Korean American businessman and CEO of a industryknown as M Choi living in Los Angeles. However, either Korean and world netizens couldnt tell the actual identity of the female artist because of the fact that Korean media can't legally identity the persons call on reports.

However, at the episode of Night of TV Entertainment that aired on March 16th, the music video of the female artist played on the program in which audience and netizens were in a positionto inform who it was.

Many netizens claimed the music video is G.NAs 2Hot music video.

Check out the video clip of the episode and let us what you watched on our Koreaboo Facebook page!

Source: Youtube, SBS Entertainment

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BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint for Lacking  Some other Event

BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint for Lacking Some other Event

BEASTs Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint for LackingEvery otherTournament kokoberry March 4, 2016 0 LINE it!BEASTs Jang Hyunseung Receives Criticism for Missing One more Event After apologizing about his fresh attitude controversy, BEASTs Jang Hyunseung is in the highlightback for now not attending a BEAST event.

On March 4, Cotai Ticketing published news that Jang Hyunseung is most likely notprovide at the I would likeDice popular concert in Macao because ofa private issue.

The I Need Cube Pop concert is scheduled for March fiveand contours CUBE Entertainment artists. BEAST, BTOB, and 4Minute wereshowed to perform.

Due to informing concertgoers about his absence just a day earlier than the concert, Jang Hyunseung is receiving endured criticism.

What are your mind on his absence?

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Mnet Provides Young Aspiring Stars The danger  To polish In New Song  Pageant Program 'We Kid'

Mnet Provides Young Aspiring Stars The danger To polish In New Song Pageant Program 'We Kid'

Mnet We Kid(Photo : courtesy of Mnet)From the network liable fordevelopingan entire wave of new Korean track stars, a new making a songfestival with a more youthful crowd in mind.

After the luck of music factdisplays like Unpretty Rapstar, Display Me The Money, Superstar Kand more, South Korean Television meshwork Mnet is now calling on young talented and musically-oriented kids for their latest survival programWe Kid.

Short for "We Sing Like A Kid,"the prove caters to a tendertarget market as groups consisting of the industry's most sensible stars, composers, and, of course, musically-talented children collaborate to supply songs are compatible for children.

There are 3 teams for the show's inaugural season. The primary team is composed of actress Park Bo Young and composer Yoo Jae Hwan, the 2d one with actor Yoo Yeon Seok and composer Yoon Il-sang and after all the 3rd team consisting of hip-hop artist Tiger JK and composer Bizzy.

When it got here to gaining inspiration for the show, manufacturer Kim Yong Beom was once reminded of his own childhood.

"We know that memories of our childhoods are very much attached to music," Kim acknowledged in a press convention for the show on Feb. 17. "Our focal pointwhilst creating this program become to take the innocence and purity of usual children's songs and to reinterpret it thru an Mnet, CJ EM style."

The first season ofWe Kidwill run for 8 weeks and kicked off on Thursday, Feb. 18. Clips of the contestants will also be viewed via Mnet's respectable YouTube channel.

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Netizens Livid At Korean Television For Weighing Feminine K-Pop Idols On TV Program

Netizens Livid At Korean Television For Weighing Feminine K-Pop Idols On TV Program

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A contemporarytv broadcast has come beneathhearth later revealing the genuine weights of probably the mostbestfeminine idols. 

Netizens criticized the display for opening idols up to fat-shaming after it weighed in some of the head female idols in the industry to test for any weight discrepancies in their legitimate profiles. After the prove emphasized EXIDHani and her incredibly accurate weight of 50kg as hostile to Youngjis exact 56kg in comparison to her indexed 51kg, however, netizens couldnt hang back their criticisms in opposition to the show.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

10295, 277 Why would they do that. Shes an idol. She could also be smiling yet she is almost definitely thenworried inside.

9823, 532 Why disclose her weight..are they running out of ideas? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and viathe style that weight at that height is thin

4355, 143 What is with this screen shot quality

1251, 62 Wow thats so pervertedwhat if her weight isn't an identical as her listed weight. The traditional weight is in the 50s anyway

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