Red Velvet’s Yeri Sends A Coffee Truck To Kim Sae Ron In Fortify Of “Mirror of the Witch”

Red Velvet’s Yeri Sends A Coffee Truck To Kim Sae Ron In Fortify Of “Mirror of the Witch”

Red Velvets Yeri Sends A Coffee Truck To Kim Sae Ron In Improve Of Reflect of the WitchJiwonYu July 1, 2016 0 Red Velvets Yeri Sends A Coffee Truck To Kim Sae Ron In Support Of Mirror of the Witch Red Velvets Yeri has talented a coffee truck in support of actress Kim Sae Ron!

On July 1, Kim Sae Ron posted on her Instagram, My other part YeRimmie. Sick drink it well! Thank you, and showed an image of the coffee truck.

A photo posted through 김새론 (@ron_sae) on Jul 1, 2016 at 2:48am PDT

A photo posted by 김새론 (@ron_sae) on Jul 1, 2016 at 2:49am PDT

The coffee truck has the slogan Red Velvets Yeri loves you very much. My other 1/2 SaeRongi

Kim Sae Ron is these days filming her drama Mirror of the Witch, and Red Velvets Yeri has made up our minds to give a spice up of strength to her very best friend through her considerate gift.

Catch up to the newest episode of Mirror of the Witch on Viki:

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'Cheeky Cross Go' Yoo In-yeong sends coffee truck to give a spice up to Lee Won-geun

'Cheeky Cross Go' Yoo In-yeong sends coffee truck to give a spice up to Lee Won-geun

Actress Yoo In-yeong visited the filming set of "Cheeky pass Go" and taken a coffee catering carrier with her to beef up actor Lee Won-geun.

Yoo In-yeong has co-starred with Lee Won-geun in new film "Lovely Rivals", which has achieved filming recently.

Yoo In-yeong may be a close friend with Kim Ji-seok-I, who plays Tae-beom in "Cheeky Go Go" and she delivered the cheering message for the 2 actors. As it was once a marvel visit, the actors and actresses in addition the team of workers individuals were touched through her gift.

On the former episode, Lee Won-geun showed his icy bloodless eyes as neatly as the swoon-worthy candy smiles. whilst he became cynical about the corruptions and irrationality prevailing in Sebit top faculty correct in front of the principal, his eyes against Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji) were delicate and sweet.


Im Siwan Sends A Coffee Truck To The Set of

Im Siwan Sends A Coffee Truck To The Set of "Misaeng"

Im Siwan Treats “Misaeng” Actors and Staff to Coffee

Recently, the singer and actor Im Siwan (member of the idol band ZE:A) has shown his support for the cast members and staff of “Misaeng” by sending a coffee truck to the filming location.

Im Siwan, who is playing the role of Jang Geu Rae in the drama “Misaeng” has energized his colleague by treating them to coffee cups. Thank to this kindness, the staff is added more fuel to wipe out their weariness and restore energy.

The coffee truck event was personally arranged by Im Siwan himself. As the drama has been filmed without breaks during the weekends, the actor wanted to cheer up his peers and the staff.

“Thanks to Im Siwan, the ‘Misaeng’ team was able to take a short but heartwarming break. He personally handed out the coffee to his fellow actors, and took photos together with the hardworking staff. His active and polite attitude left a lasting impression,” a person on set said.

Previously, he treated the employees of the office to an afternoon snack, expressing his appreciation for their hard work.

Misaeng” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.

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Lee Jong Suk Sends a Coffee Truck to Yoon Sang Hyun and Jo Soo Won on the Set of Gap Dong

Lee Jong Suk Sends a Coffee Truck to Yoon Sang Hyun and Jo Soo Won on the Set of Gap Dong

Lee Jong Suk Sends a Coffee Truck to Yoon Sang Hyun and Jo Soo Won on the Set of “Gap Dong” Recently, Lee Jong Suk sent a coffee truck to the set of “Gap Dong” to show his support for Yoon Sang Hyun and director Jo Soo Won. He said, “Director Jo Soo Won, Sang Hyun hyung, you can do it! Let’s survive this and meet when it’s over. –Park Hoon that’s not Suha that’s like Suha,” signing off with his “Doctor Stranger” character’s name, Park Hoon.

At this, Yoon Sang Hyun said, “Lee Jong Suk must be really busy with ‘Doctor Stranger,’ and we’re very thankful that he took the time to take care of us and cheer us on. We were really moved by the surprise present. It’s nice having a friend like Lee Jong Suk.”

Yoon Sang Hyun, director Jo Soo Won, and Lee Jong Suk previously worked together in the popular SBS drama “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

Lee Jong Suk Sends a Coffee Truck to Yoon Sang Hyun and Jo Soo Won on the Set of “Gap Dong”


Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon and Kim Sae-ron have the remaining date hiding sorrowfulness

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon and Kim Sae-ron have the remaining date hiding sorrowfulness

'On the overall episode of JTBC's "Mirror of the Witch", Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) and Heo Jun (Yoon Si-yoon) enjoyed their final date, whilst there was oncejust one candle left for Yeon-hee to damage the curse.

Prior to this, Heo Jun came upon that he would wish to sacrifice himself so as to break the curse on Yeon-hee. Yeon-hee did now not know about this and become still worried that she would possiblyfinally finish up not being in a position to break the curse. Heo Jun told Yeon-hee, "Don't worry. I discoveredsomebody who can gentle the candle for you".

Heo Jun asked Yeon-hee to head on a date with him while he was hiding how unhappy he was. The 2folks went out out there streets and had a satisfied moment. It was when Heo Jun was decided to save Yeon-hee from the curse via sacrificing himself after he had told Yo-gwang, "Yeon-hee's candle, I willpale hers".

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 20 Final

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 20 Final

With Hong-joo most commonly out of the way,"Mirror of the Witch"is ready to continue without a villain. Which is to say, as a substitute of having to combat an intractable conspiracy, Jun and Yeon-hee just solve complications and make desires come true. Here is immensely more gratifying than the skulduggery that has labeledsuch a lot of the drama's plot till this point. In context it isn'ttransparent whether any of the potions are in truth magical at all- it is more about the habit they provoke.

Which naturally results in the final candle know, if Hong-joo had just led with that restriction rather thanarising amongstadvanced plans to do things her way via force, she most certainly would werea load more successful. Given the most often repentant nature of her personality here, actually, I used to be (and still am) wondering whether Hong-joo herself lit the candle. Certain she's been a little bit of a jerk, yet her ultimate moments are almost poetic, albeit undeserved. Hong-joo will have benefitted so much from a more ambiguous portrayal.

Jun and Yeon-hee thankfullywouldn't have that much. Their happiness this episode is well-deserved, sweet, and on the whole heartfelt. This is the romantic chemistry that may also be used to convincingly spark offa whole drama series, and I amunhappy less by the plot arc of the general episode as I'm by the reality that"Mirror of the Witch"did no longer brandjust right use of its runtime to delve into the Jun/Yeon-hee relationship. We bestwere givenshort glimpses like this in between unnecessarily confusing plot twists.

AdvertisementAnd the very last one, after the 2nd one time skip, is the maximum baffling of all. When I'm left asking questions like "so are they dead or did they solve that hassle with magic or is a metaphor what is going on exactly" that isa beautifulsmartsignal that a drama is prioritizing warm fuzzy emotions over striking effort into an finishing that really makes sense. How may a drama so passionate about explaining all its most minor plot issues fail at anything then basic?

Well,"Mirror of the Witch"has mostly just been a long term of failure punctuated by brief robust performances earlier than they get smothered by the following turnabout. So I betfinallyor not it'snow notthat gigantic a wonder for the drama to finish on a an identical note, providing piffling more than a sad reminder of what may need been if only the talemay have been more well condensed. Ah well. It will accept been worse.

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Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To “Mirror of the Witch” Audience

Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To “Mirror of the Witch” Audience

Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To Replicate of the Witch Target market JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Kwak Si Yang Says Goodbye To Mirror of the Witch Audience Actor Kwak Si Yang mentioned how he feels as his drama Mirror of the Witch is now coming to an end.

On July 16, he relayed his mindthru his agency, saying, I used to bemore than pleased to have met wonderfulother folksby way of Mirror of the Witch. I was once very worried and went through some hardships because this became my first historic drama, yet I was in a positionto end it neatlythank you to the folk around me. He also thanked the audience for the entire love they've given.

He continued, This was a meaningful time for me. Despite the reality that its going to be unhappyto mention goodbye to everyone, I was capable ofenjoyanything new and it's going toassist me move one step extra equally an actor. I could be able toget back alongsideevery otherpaintings so please stay watching.

Kwak Si Yang played Poong Yeon, a guy with good-looking looks, a sort personality, and large martial arts abilities who loves the witch (Kim Sae Ron).

The ultimate episode of Mirror of the Witch will air on July 16 at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode of the drama below!

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Video Added Korean drama 'Mirror of the Witch' episode 19

Video Added Korean drama 'Mirror of the Witch' episode 19

Added episode 19 for the Korean drama "Mirror of the Witch"

"Mirror of the Witch" (2016) Directed through Jo Hyeon-tak Written by Yang Hyeok-moon Network : jTBC With Yoon Si-yoon, Kim Sae-ron, Lee Seong-jae, Yeom Jeong-ah, Kwak Si-yang, Jang Hee-jin,... 20 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30 Formerly referred to as "Witch Exemplar" on HanCinema Synopsis This ancient fantasy-romance drama is set an unlucky princess Seori who is desertedonce she is born because she is born with a curse and becomes a witch till she meets Heo Joon. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/05/13

Note : because of licensing, videos would in all probability not existto be hadfor your country

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Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon saves Kim Sae-ron from being burned at the stake

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon saves Kim Sae-ron from being burned at the stake

On the episode 19 of JTBC's Friday Saturday drama, 'Mirror of the Witch, Heo Jun (Yoon Si-yoon) stored Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron)'s life. .

Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) used to be condemned to be burned at the stake in this day. She became tied to the stake and Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang) set the fire. Hong-joo (Yeom Jeong-ah) was staring at all of this with a chilly smile on her face.

Queen Park (Kang Han-na) at the time was fumbling with Yeon-hee's first infantrobe she was holding. And dark smoke flew over and went into her body. Her frame was floated in the air and this made King Seonjo (Lee Ji-hoon-I) freak out. And then he remembered what Queen Dowager (Jang Hee-jin) told him up to now that, if the princess dies, curse will wrap up the royal family.

King Seonjo went to fulfill Heo Jun (Yoon Si-yoon) in the prison. The king asked him, "Is what Hong-joo is making an attempt to do is to bring all of the imperialcircle of relatives to an finishby skill of killing the princess?" Heo Jun nodded his head.

And the dark cloud began thickening and Yeon-hee's hair became white after she screamed. She then fell unconscious. At the moment, Poong-yeon accrued his wits back and he helped Heo Jun, who rushed to the terrible scene, saving Yeon-hee.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 18

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 18

Jun and Yeon-hee in brief accept an stress-free fourth dimensionat the run. Well, all right, being on the run by capability of definition cannotin reality exist enjoyable, yet they do have some great flashbacks or evenset upto hang hands. Daw. Alas, it does not take long for the plot to catch up to them again. Once separated, Yeon-hee utterly loses her marbles and is going on a miles welcomed rampage. And because there are still two episodes left, Jun has to speak her out of it for some incomprehensible reason.

How time and again has any person been appropriate on the cusp of murdering Hong-joo most effective to backtrack at the remaining minute? Part a dozen? A dozen? I cannot eventidestaytune anymore. It isdifficult to accept as true with that long ago in the primary episode, when Hae-ran's latent powers were unlocked and therefore used to terrify every person in the close by vicinity, that scene used to beif truth be told visually striking and terrifying. Hong-joo herself looked totally freaked out. Now? It be simplyindustry every bit usual.

Even the drama's imagery, one of its few prime points, is regularly used to incomprehensible purpose. The public members of the family turn opposed to Yeon-hee invokes Eu witch-hunting imagery, but make no sense in a Korean context. Hong-joo and Hyeon-seo are known magic users. The cliffhanger explicitly comes to the use of Hyeon-seo's ancestral fireplace powers. Why is their magic excellent and Yeon-hee's magic bad when Yeon-hee saves lives and they just kill people?

Advertisement Perhapsthis is becausethey have gotget admission to to a printing press and Yeon-hee doesn't. That, among other things, is the solereason whyI could beready torecall to mind why folksare not horrified that Hong-joo has any affect at all when she turned intoshown to be the sponsor to a serial killer. Incidentally, Seol-gae escaped from prison at some point. I mightbitch about this excluding that"Mirror of the Witch"is at the point where off-screen legal breaks are a choice of the less incredible things that happen.

Notice, by the way, how lots of the implausibilities I talk about makenot anything to do with magic, no less than directly. The issues in"Mirror of the Witch"are entirely the outcome of its characters acting like idiots to pad for time. I can not flush feel sorry for Yo-gwang- he was the 1stuserto noteanything was wrong with Hyeon-seo but time and again he failed to even warn anybody, let by myselftry and solve the issue proactively. Whatever Yeon-hee's curse is going to allegedly do, it can't most likely be much worse than what we have already seen.

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