Roundtable: K-pop in the Summer

Roundtable: K-pop in the Summer

20140611_seoulbeats_sistar_lovingu_hawaii_beachRoundtable: K-pop in the SummerWritten by way of Seoulbeats On June 30, 201620160528_seoulbeats_btsIt is now summer in the northern hemisphere; a season that no longermost effective brings out the sun, yet as well rays of bright and sunny K-pop tunes. This week we ask our writers: do you look forward to K-pop in the summer? What do you like about summertime releases? Whose summer tracks do you love?

Qing: Actually, all theconcept of seasonal songs is attention-grabbing to me because I reside in a tropical country. It wasnt till one studied out of the country for a semester in Williamsburg, VA that I realised rain isn't precisely rain, but gloom, and sunshine is happiness.

I dont watch for K-pop in the summer more so than in other seasons, because I beautifulsimilar to what each and every season has to offer. But I undoubtedly honey the more cheerful tunes and energeticideas nosotros get. I to find myself leaning more in opposition to upbeat but now not in addition to high-energy songs, the sort that makes you're feelingglad simply also relaxed.

When I bring to mind summer releases, B1A4 springs to mind. Solo Day is impossible to resist alongside its twangy guitar instrumentals and whistling, and I at all timeslocate myself bobbing my head along to it. I also love the retro, jazzy vibe of Girls Days Darling. The use of English in its refrain makes it simple to sing along to. Rounding off my list is an old K-pop summer song that I chanced upon on radio several years ago: UNs Wave. Gfriend these days covered it for a CF with American Tourister, but I prefer the infectious sunniness of the original. Once youlook for the MV on YouTube, you're going to goto look the duo prancing around a sea coast box set in Hawaiian shirts, whole with random English words stoning upat the screen (traveling you, ocean colure scene, fun!! fun!!). Its a hoot.

Pat: Ill be totally honest: summer is the only real fourth dimension I concentrate to Sistar. Which is bizarre because I typically hate their songs. But in summer? The songs which areconstantly on replay are their songs. Its like I cant move on a summer commuteor maybea typicalforce without blasting Touch My Body, Loving You, and Shake It and making a song along. I dont know what it is set them, but Sistar are my go tos for K-pop summer bops.

Mark: Summer is a brilliant season as a result of the super spike we get in the volume of releases. Im not preciselycertain why everybody tries to pack in a summer comeback but perhaps its because college is out and the objective demographic has the time on their hands to drive up sales. Summer could also bethe one time positiveteams brand comebacks. Veteran groups which come againjust once a year commonlymake a choice summer as the time to do it.

Sistar is most probablythe maximum productive example of a collection that only comes back in the summer. Youre also most likely to get your annually dose of Infinite, Exo, AOA, and Girls Day in the summer. I have much recognize for those groups because they are neatly established and dont shy clear of the dense competition. Itd be so effortless for them to make a comeback in the direction oficiness and slay the charts for weeks on finish but wheres the thrill in that?

And because ofthe serious competition, I agree with summer also is when the most effective music comes out. My favorites from each one of the closing3 years are Infinites Back, AOAs Middle Attack, and In deficient health just say BTS Hearth is currently the front runner for this pending year.

Erianne: I individually love summer K-pop releases because its repeatedly the time when K-pop songs/concepts are its most unapologetic on the topic of campy-ness. Bright colors, tacky concepts, and the every now and then shallow, yet LSS-inducing lyricsI typically live for that during K-pop. Up toI like profound and dramatic concepts and lyrics or narratives in K-pop MVs and releases, summer releases dont normallytake a glance at very not easy in that aspect, but they do so in the way in which possible. Instead, they make up for it by looking to out-summer one another in terms of who can perfectly embraceboundsides of the summer season.

20150731_seoulbeats_shineeA excellent example would be SHINees Married to Music unencumber terminal summer. SHINee mentioned how summer could be a time for palsto move out on trips and tell foolish ghost stories. When SHINee first released teasers for the Married to the Music MV, one would possibly intend that its absurd for a team to get a dangle of an eccentric, Halloween-themed thought for a summer release, but once you locate out that it was oncefundamentallywanting to bring out that summer enjoy of silly, summer campfire ghost stories, it makes best sense. With that, I suspect SHINees Married to the Music is still my favourite summer release to date. Its were givenall of thecomponents that make K-pop the amusing genre that it is AND it reflects an side of the summer time in a absolutely unique way.

Gaya: The majorexplanation why I love summer K-pop is the feelingI am getting from observing MVs of idols frolicking in the sun, whilst Im all bundled up in blankets with a mug of hot chocolate K-pop would not start outany further escapist for me than in summer. And when it is really summer in my neck of the woods, I have a playlist of latest summer bops able to go!

Said playlist is most commonly just f(x), though, because this isthe crowd I accomplice virtually with the season. Pink Tape is my visit when Im driving, windows down, sunnies on, and hands dancing on the wheel as I are attempting not to burn myself. I even got to expertise Red Light in sand and sun: I reviewed the album on the beaches of A long way North Queensland, a region that averages 35 degrees C in winter.

Chelsea: Sometimes K-pop takes itself too seriously with dark, loopy concepts, so the summer comeback season is the releasing time of the year where the rest goes.Tracks are generally more upbeat and ear-wormy while MVs arent afraid to be a little more stupid and bright than usual. Not to mention, its also the time of year where lady groups rule. Like Gaya, summer releases for me are steadily a sort of escapism. Theres no such thing as summer holiday in the grown up world, and I want all the vicarious beach frolicking I will be able to stimulate K-pop understands that.

When it comes to summer sounds, Im drawn toward tracks that make me would like to dance, but not actually damage a sweat while doing so. SNSDs Birthday party is the easiest summer jam in that regard. However, my #1 summer track for the beyond five years has been f(x)s Hot Summer. I know other people order Sistar are the queens of summer, but as Gaya pointed out, f(x) have killed it's going to all in their summer releases. Anything about f(x)s community dynamics are compatible well with the summer season, without ever resorting to the more traditional beach/pool party MV, and every album they released up unless 2015 automatically have become my soundtrack for summer.

In addition to the toppower summer bops, K-pop summer comeback season is also a super time for more quiet, understated releases that fit perfectly with the monsoon season I need toundergoeach June/July. Big Bangs We could Not Fall In Love last summer became perfect for 2 weeks of no sunshine.

20150121_seoulbeats_b1a4Lo: For me, summer K-pop is all about the auto playabilty I love songs that sound most sensible blasted from my automobile when Im riding with the windows down. This is the time of year when I get fun, low-key songs I can just relax and drive to, and fun upbeat jams I wish toproportion with other drivers as I embrace the season.

My all-time height summer song is by Sistar, the chronically underappreciated I Swear. I love the theme of get out and enjoy existence while you'll that is going and then well with the summer season. Its light, its breezy, its fun, WHY AM I THE ONLY Person that ADORES I SWEAR? Seriously, its the ideal summer jam.

Other than that, I fluctuate. Correct now, its Galaxy from Lunas Free Somebody and A tumbler of Water from B1A4s Solo Day mini. I generally tend to gravitate towards b-sides anyway, and either one of these have the let loose, live life vibe I love in my summer jams.

Pat: I do! I Swear is the perfect summer jam it so massively underrated sometimes, it makes me sigh. But I feel thats just a testomonyof ways many summer songs Sistar has. They have got that summer vibe that even songs like I am willing on That which, on paper, must not sound or have a summer vibe, but it still does. I can only think of another f(x) song (also from Pink Tape) that hasnt been discussed and thats Airplane. Lyrics-wise, its not truly summer-y, but it completely has that chill, let loose, live life vibe that is optimal for summer nights.

What about you, readers? What are your favorite K-pop summer tracks?


Roundtable: Summer Group Comebacks

Roundtable: Summer Group Comebacks

seoulbeats_20150626_AOA Roundtable: Summer Group Comebacks Written by Seoulbeats On July 16, 2015 The summer is thirsty for a good comeback, and with all the groups that have returned with new songs thus far, has it found the best one?

Thus far, weve seen the girl group rush accompanied by additional goodies from others here and there. But there can only be one song that best encapsulates the summer.

This week, we asked our writers: which summer comeback or song have you liked best? Did any disappoint? Are there any impending group comebacks that youre excited for?

Gaya: This summer has let me down, especially with the wave upon wave of comebacks that have been hitting our shores. Nine Muses has made an impression on me with Hurt Locker, as has Bestie with Excuse Me; but thats about it, music-wise.

Andy: I agree with Gaya regarding Nine MusesHurt Locker has become my summer jamand Bestie. Both groups came out with good solid tracks. As for the rest of the girls, Ive been relatively unimpressed with comebacks. Big Bangs D series was nice, especially in comparison to M and A. They sort of restored my faith in their ability to not produce whatever the heck G-Dragon is calling that mess. On a non-K-pop front, Dickpunks new song We Young featuring Microdot is pretty dang good and has me dancing around.

Mark: I dont know why all the top girl groups are clumped into this month but Im definitely not complaining. Between AOA, Girls Day, Sistar, and SNSD, it seems 2NE1 is the only girl group thats missing out on the action. We have Nine Muses dancing on top of cargo boxes, SNSD in bikinis and singing about taking shots, and Sistar doing another weird butt move, but the best so far is Girls Day solely due to the Hyeri bike created out of a clump of male backup dancers.

Can we actually make a gif of that? Thatd be cool.

Lo: Despite the huge glut of female summer comebacks, Im not really digging any of them. I liked Hurt Locker and Excuse Me but I didnt really love either. I like my summer jams with more of a bite, especially in the instrumentals, or very simple and stripped down. On that basis, my favorite summer jam is Big Bangs We Like 2 Party, but Im waiting for a girl group to come out with something more like Demi Lovatos Cool For The Summer so I can really get going.

Willis: With such a high concentration of groups returning, I dont think the comebacks ever stood a chance of living up to the hype. I found myself drawn to BTOBs Its Okay and G.Souls Love Me Again even though these songs did not quite have a summer specific sound. The latter went under the radar despite being a really lovely tune. Ailees Johnny was another smooth single that lacked the impact of promotions, but it stood out to me because of its jazzy sensibilities.

A comeback I am looking forward to (and kind of already heard on Spotify when it semi-leaked) is Infinites Bad. From the few spins I gave it the other day, the production is wondrously frenetic and ostentatious. I personally enjoy songs that sound stitched together, but we will see how Bad stacks up after I experience the MV and dance with the song.

Hania: The whole concept of summer songs has kind of washed over me, as Australias going through a nasty cold snap at the moment and its hard to relate! Regardless, theres no escaping the over-saturated market at the moment, but unfortunately, not many gems stand out from the crowd.

Like Lo, I enjoyed We Like 2 Party, as its really lighthearted and unpretentious. Its the perfect song to sing-along to on a road trip, capturing the spirit of summer.

The only other upbeat song that keeps playing in my mind is Seventeens Adore U. Although Im still undecided on whether I want to commit time and energy on these boys, the song is still a decent one that is infectious and also dabbles in some summery vibes.

Chelsea: I was super excited for the slew of girl group releases this summer when they were announced. However, most have been pretty lackluster. Summer tunes for me are all about bubble-gum pop and easy listening, but a most of this summer’s releases have been casual to the point of being forgettable — with the exception of the harmonica cluster-jam that was Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell.”

While summer is far from over, I think NS Yoon-G’s “Honey Summer” has probably been my favorite — and most over-looked — summer release. It accomplished much of what SNSD’s “Party” was trying to do, but is infinitely more catchy. Similarly, AOA’s “Heart Attack” has really grown on me in the couple of weeks since it’s release. Even though “Party” wasn’t my cup of tea, “Check” has given me enough hope to hold out for SNSD’s two follow up releases before I make my final judgement.

Lindsay: My favorite summer songs have been GOT7s Just Right, (that song, those lyrics, that dance), Seventeens Adore U, (just so cute and fun and unique), and AOAs Heart Attack, (I just find it insanely catchy). These three are my repeat playlist for these hot summer days.

Other than those three I have been very disappointed. My normal go-tos, Sistar and Teen Top, have really let me down this year. Thats ok, though, just means I get to experience different groups.

Morgan: I too found myself playing AOA’s “Heart Attack” on repeat. Now it is stuck in my head and it won’t come out. Also, I’m loving Got7’s “Just Right” as you can’t go wrong with a song that promotes raising your self esteem.

With the lack of stand out summer releases this year I am getting sick of all the summer concepts. There are so many MV’s set on beaches and there are more to come. Like Hania, this might have something to do with the fact that I am in Australia and it is winter here.

Camiele: I, like Willis, have only really been intrigued by G.Souls second release. His voice just does things to my soul, and the three song mini he released was just a continuation of some of the brilliance I heard with Coming Home.

All of the songs that wouldve had me jamming this summer were released in the spring, so Im not really sure Im qualified to comment. Ive never been a really big fan of teh hyper-cutesy, unnecessarily bright K-pop candy. Theyre very specifically for kids, which is fine. But not for me. Though I, too, can appreciate the message in GOT7s Just Right. Its definitely beautiful to see a song like this, especially since given the brightness of the MV and the group in question, the target audience will be able to absorb an idol group glorifying people (especially young girls) for how they look naturally.

What about you, readers? What is your favorite summer jam this year?


Roundtable: Turn The Speakers Up, It’s Summer!

Roundtable: Turn The Speakers Up, It’s Summer!

20140728_seoulbeats_bigbang_top_daesung_2 Roundtable: Turn The Speakers Up, Its Summer! Written by Seoulbeats On July 29, 2014 Its summer now in South Korea, which means a slew of summer singles being dropped by K-pops idol groups. We all have our sentimental favourites for the season, but will always welcome a fresh batch of songs with each new year. What are your summer bops, both new and old?

Mark: Summer is always a great battleground for songs contending for Song of the Year status, which is why the market tends to get saturated with higher quality songs at this time of the year. Proof of point:

2011: T-araRoly Poly

2012: SistarLoving U

2013: ExoGrowl

Sistar seems like a favorite at this point of reclaiming the title but theres still plenty of summer left.

Personally, I was enthralled by Secrets YooHoo and am highly anticipating their comeback. Girls Days Darling is also quickly becoming one of my favorite summer jams. And of course my all-time summer classic: Bubble Pop. HyunA, anyone?

Lindsay: How about I tell you what arent my summer bops; Hyomins Nice Body and Sistars Touch My Body. Both songs painfully boring musically with subpar lyrics, both with hilariously awkward and un-sexy choreography, and both with costume designers who came from hell. I am especially disappointed because I have always felt that I could rely on T-ara and Sistar for catchy, fun, upbeat songs. After the glory of Loving U. I guess I put my standards up too high.

I have whole summer playlists comprised entirely of K-pop, but Ill spare you the full details lest we be here all day. Three of the songs I have been listening to a lot this year are f(x)s Hot Summer,  a classic, and it doesnt get more summery than having the word summer in your songK.wills Day 1,for the times I want a sweet and cute summer songand, strangely enough, Scarlets Hip Song. The last one may seem a little out of left field, but it is a great summer party track, the likes of which no other group has released this year.

Gaya: f(x)s Hot Summer is simply adorable for being so literal about the title. Forget steamy sex, lets sing about sunglasses instead! Oh, bless you Kenzie. Other summer tunes I like are Infinites Shes Back, Shinees Wowowow and f(x)s Airplane.

But moving on to 2014, and I have to agree with you, Lindsay: none of the summer releases have impressed me a lot this year. Sistar was more miss than hit, and while Girls Day have a nice tune, Darling just isnt my style; as is Solo Day, though it comes pretty close. I need a song that helps me forget how cold it is in Melbourne, and it seems Im still on the lookout for this years installment.

Lo: Okay, am I the only person who doesnt like Loving U? Waaaay too much sugar for my taste. I actually like Touch My Body more.

In my mind, spring is for sweet and summer is for sexytimes, so I prefer listening to Hyoris Bad Girls, Spicas Tonight and Junsus Incredible. Also, Big Bangs We Belong Together. Not sure why.

Laverne: I thought the rest of the songs on TouchMove stood out more than Touch My Body, especially OK GO! which is my new summer jam! But the best summer song has to be Block Bs HER. Its so fun and catchy!

Honorable mentions go out to G.Nas 2Hot and Junggigos Latin Summer.

Andy: HER is so great, right? Its a nice combination of rock and hip-hop (which have become my go-to music genres this year). Add in the hilarious video in typical Block B style, and its a winner.

Willis: Even though it was released in 2008, Sunset Glow from Big Bang is one of my favorite tracks to play during the hotter months of the year.The smoldering heat works well with that light-hearted song.

I also love to play T-aras Roly Poly and Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra. Those two songs were defining hits of my summers of 2011 and 2009 respectively. I love the energy and memorable dances. This year I have to say that Darling is probably my go to song of the summer so far. Its always great to hear happier songs from different artists during the warmest season of the year.

(YouTube[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]. Images via: YG Entertainment, Core Contents Media, SM Entertainment, Nega Network)


Jeon Hye-bin looks hot at the summer beach

Jeon Hye-bin looks hot at the summer beach

Jeon Hye-bin had a pictorial photoshoot with the crazemagCertain recently.

In the pictorial taken at the sand along Balangan, the prettycoastline in Bali, Jeon Hye-bin showcased summer beach makeup.

Jeon Hye-bin's pictorial this time was once collaboration with a famend cosmetic brand. The beautiful actress has grabbed our attention with the quite so much of makeup looks on the beach.

Jeon Hye-bin won much love for her role in the currently ended hit drama, "Oh Hae-Young Again".

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Watch: BTS Has A laugh In The Sun In Teaser Video For 2016 Summer Equipment BTS In Dubai

Watch: BTS Has A laugh In The Sun In Teaser Video For 2016 Summer Equipment BTS In Dubai

Watch: BTS Has A laugh In The Sun In Teaser Video For 2016 Summer Kit “BTS In Dubai”ilmare42 July 18, 2016 0 Watch: BTS Has Fun In The Sun In Teaser Video For 2016 Summer Package “BTS In Dubai” Hit boy workforce BTS has shared a teaser for their new DVD, “BTS in Dubai”!

BTS traveled to the United Arab Emirates to wait KCON 2016 in Abu Dhabi this March, and they also took a while to shuttle around Dubai and shoot footage and footage for a new DVD for fans.

On July 19 in the dead of night KST, the gang shared a teaser video for their upcoming release, which functions the guys going on adventures in the desert, Jin and Jimin sandboarding, V giving the camera a large smooch, the members hitting a normalmarketplace and taking a dip in the pool, and masses more and plenty more.

According to the video, the “BTS in Dubai” DVD will also come with posters, a bag, a coastline ball, brief tattoos, and a charm accessory, and should come in two versions: “Blue Sky” and “Sunset.” It's going to be released on August 12, with preorders opening on July 22.

Are you able for the unlock of BTS in Dubai?

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Hello Venus Invitations You To Summer “Paradise” In New MV

Hello Venus Invitations You To Summer “Paradise” In New MV

Hello Venus Invitations you lot To Summer Paradise In New MVjun2yng July 17, 2016 0 Hello Venus Invites You To Summer Paradise In New MV Hi Venus just released their tune video for Paradise, the ladies throw-in for this years obligatory string of fun, upbeat summer tracks.

The video presentations the Hello Venus individuals having a blast at the beach, surfing, sunbathing, dancing, etc. opposed toa sexy blue backdrop of everyones summer holiday dreams.

This newestunmarried is the 2d onea section of the teams collaboration with generating and writing team Devine Channel, following the release of component one entitled “Glow” back in May.

Check out the music video below!

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DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pink’s Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Song

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pink’s Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Song

DIAs Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pinks Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Songleonid July 17, 2016 0 DIAs Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pinks Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Song I.O.I and DIA member Jung Chaeyeon is liberating a unmarried with her seniors Bomi and Namjoo from A Pink.

On July 17, more than a fewresources reported that Bomi, Namjoo, and Jung Chaeyeon are working in combination for a song to be released in July.

The single will come withno longersimplestthe 3ladystaff members, yet also numerous other singers. The taskfunctions an unforeseenaggregatefor the explanation that DIA is from a otherfirm than A Purple and that the 2teams take a four-year hole between their debut dates.

A representative stated, This upcoming project gathers popular feminine idols to create a song for the summer. We are hoping that the result of this project featuring contributors who have vocals, beauty, and more, will catch your interest.

Bomi, Namjoo, and Jung Chaeyeon will drop their single in July and goal to capture the season of summer with their refreshing charm and teamwork.

Meanwhile, Jung Chaeyeon is determined to rejoin I.O.Is activities in the 2d onepart of the year after selling with DIA, whilst A Pink is these daystraveling in Japan.

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Roundtable: K-pop’s Skill to Incite Social Change

Roundtable: K-pop’s Skill to Incite Social Change

20160531_seoulbeats_btsRoundtable: K-pops Talent to Incite Social ExchangeWritten through Seoulbeats On July 14, 201620121018_seoulbeats_missaFairly recently, BTS has been enshrouded in controversy because of the apparently misogynistic messages they've expressed in their song lyrics and tweets. Since idols are public figures, we regularlyrecall to mind them as people whowill have to take further deal in their behaviorin order that their habit does no longer negatively affect the impressionable early life that usually brand up their fanbase.

With the complaint nosotrosusually come acrosswhen it comes to idols’ mistakes, there is an implication that the messages idols put out are indeed influential. Thus, it more or less feels that one can safely suppose that idols’ certain messages definitely influence the remainder of society, whilst the communicate is criticized and stated every bitproblems that have to be addressed. With the BTS issue, it appears the voices of the disappointed lovers were adequately addressed by BTS’s firm Big Hit Entertainment, and suggests that either BTS and large make volition now be certainnow notto shop for into problematic societal perspectives. This makes us wonder: Do you observed K-pop can also be an road for societal switch in Korea?

Another appealing thing to imagine is that BTS is apparentlya collection alongsidesubstantialcreative freedom because they write their own track and lyrics. However, other teamshaven't got this luxury. How then do we trustsubject matter from the groups whose ideas and music are created for them by their companies? Are we in a position to separate the looming figure of the controlling corporate from the fabric they put out?

Sydney: I think BTS’s scenario is undoubtedlyevidence of K-pop’s doable to create adjustments in Korean society — despite the truth that not on a wide scale. Problems were brought up, acknowledged, and addressed. What I in findingmaximum interesting is that massive Hit Entertainment turns outto recognize the presence of social influences on BTS themselves, and also that the messages BTS sends out items to patronsin their music what is suitable and what is not. Also, with BTS (mostly) helming their own music, the messages they put out thru information technologyappearthe entire more potent.

20130604_seoulbeats_sistar_boraOn the opposite hand, I don’t know what to consider the messages corporationsspecificby way of their idols. An example that comes to brain is Sistar, a team whose tremendous expression of feminine sexuality is both refreshing yet confusing to me. I’m not ableto split what they stand for through their music knowing that the complete thingused to bemade up our minds by a corporation that’s wanting —and succeeding — to make cash at the finish of the day.

Madi: In some ways, I believe like here is a double-edged sword. In one way, you've got freedom of expression and that appeals to the artistic view of things. For most, I suspect thats the charm of BTS. Theyre capable of make songs hitting on concerns and the sector hears it. But whilst you tell any personthey've got artistic freedom to create, but then give too many laws about what they could also be able to and cant do, its not quite freedom is it? Theres this feeling of a too much political correctness where now everything and the rest will offend or cause someone.This outlook isnt limited to K-pop.

It can certainly serve as a metamorphosis because I feel the music around theinternational influence each and every other. Its making Korea have religion in concepts they couldhad beenk in their culture, but in the truth of things, it would in all probability not accept been ok at all.

Interestingly enough, I feelother peopleoverlook that not all concepts are recommended by the artist themselves. For example, BTSs Boy in Luv, which is a a phase of this factorof the wayone of theparticipants treated the feminine in the video, Jins element where he pushes the womanopposed to the locker. It'll never be known if one doesnt watch the in the back of the scenes, but Jin again and again apologized to the ladyonce theyfinished that scene.

I think to keep away fromconsiderations like what BTS appears to repeatedlydevelop into entangled in, thats why corporationsmake a decision what songs artist put out. Certainit could not feel too authenticas it makes an idol a robot and just outputting orders thus the customized touch is gone, but in doing so, they are able toregulate more so whats being said to be surenobody is brought about or might be up in arms. But someone, somewhere will be angry anyway.

20150102_seoulbeats_shinee_jonghyun_base7But its excellent to voice concerns and its greater when theyre heard, but section of being a fair fan is working outfrom time to timeyou are going to disagree and won't like what your idol puts out. Friendships, relationships they all paintingsthis manner If no one ever had a complaint and everybodywere given along, the realm would be a in point of facthorrifying place.

Gaya: Like other varieties of media, K-pop is a device to be wielded in whichever way by the user. The SK executive knows this very well, and is the usage of K-pop as a cultural export in its quest for cushy power. Thats one way to exploit K-pop, and pushing for social change is another. But its up to the folks in K-pop if they wish to enact that or not. There are definitely examples we will be able to betoken to in K-pop, like Sunny Hills The Grasshopper Song and the MV for K.Wills Please Dont, and there'll be more of the ones in the future, as well.

I take into account BTS to be a neighborhoodthat makes a speciality of social messages, in which case I see no hassle in fans critiquing that aspect. Ideally, there would be a fluid verbal exchange with room for nuance, like Jonghyuns conversation with Nine, and later, a fan on Twitter, but that isn'tat all times the reality. Hashtag campaigns can even feel blunt, but they will most likely bea fantastic way to magnify voices, so that businessesmightlisten them. And with some things, like the N word, a conversation may not be as wanted as an easy STOP.

Companies taking virtue of social movements is a cynical crossthat willinfrequently exist a reality JYPE needs Miss A to inform you lot that they dont desire aguyto shop them things, but its Adequate if theyre peeping toms. But in the long runit's far up to us, how we take care of that inconsistency. We can petition our faves to change, so that we can continue them guilt-free, remain fans of our problematic biases, just drop them till they get a clue, or anything else. I agree with Madi in that we cant make individualsto switch their perspectivessimply for the sake of it; but that doesnt mean we want to silently settle for the prestige quo, either.

20140326_seoulbeats_lee_michelle_sliderQing: Going off what Gaya said, I feel that its tricky for K-pop to truly enact social change or change this is enduring, and not simply because we cant make folks change their views. Social things and prejudices are incredibly pervasive and run so deep that its not easy to get to the root of the gadget and erase the hegemonic forces riding them. The most K-pop can do, and what I am hopingit is going to continue to, is to carry world awareness and spark discussions.

The case of Jonghyun, Nine, and his Twitter fan that Gaya discussed is an example of how enduring change is hard to enact or sustain. The conversation became nuanced and mature, and Jonghyun was receptive in opposition to what his fan explained about the pedestalisation of ladies as a kind of benevolent sexism, in his case, by treating them as muses. However, while I used to beoperating on the Mid Year Review on albums, I couldnt assist noticing that many songs off She Is continue to specific their female topics as muses. I favored the artistry of the album, but the lyrics make me wonder whether that conversation with his fan was actually able to modify Jonghyuns perspective.

Madi: Women dont frequently work into a massive number of controversy with lyrics or if we do, we rarely hear about them right? No less than personally, it gave the impressionmen go in trouble for lyrics, but not women.

Qing: I was just considering this disparity between the genders in terms of the facility to advertise social change. It seems that the voices of female artists occasionallydon't register, or when they do, they are delegitimised by the prejudiced view of women as too emotional. For instance, Lee Michelles debut MV, Without You, took the problem of race head-on with powerful, poignant pictures of a little girl powdering her face white, shooting her preference to mask her skin shade and are compatible in. But there wasnt really a feeling that her voice registered, and a couple of years down the road, we continue seeing circumstances of blackface and other racially insensitive behaviour and speech in the Korean entertainment industry.

20160616_seoulbeats_younha_get_it_I also think of a up to date example, Younhas Get It. As Chelsea stated in her review, the MV is a critique of the double usual that plagues women who display their frustration. The song and video takes a more potent tone and symbol than most of Younhas previous music. But she was flooded with malicious comments attacking her for departing from the former Younha and in some wayclose down her Twitter.

Gaya: I didnt know that came about to Younha, thats terrible! I bet thats the turnfacet of voicing our opinions, especially when we are in war of words with an idols work taking the criticism too far. I don't forget Ga-in copping identical flak after the shower teaser for her unmarried fxxk u. Up except then she had been showered with compliment for not being like other girls and employing sex to sell her music. But that has since passed, and I hope its the similar for this sentiment about former Younha.

There have definitely been times where a feminine acts lyrics have led to controversy (like Twices Cheer Up and IUs Zeze), but I think Qing has some extent about their voices being drowned out. More usally than not, girl groups get into controversies over more visual components like dance moves and outfits. But whatever it is, I think there's aother reaction when this is a female idol involved.

We accept that men perpetuate sexism because they have the ease of it; but if a woman, who doesn'tmake the most of sexism, is visible as perpetrating it, were once in a while not yes how to give an explanation for it. Perhaps its the men who wrote the lyrics, created the choreography, directed the MV, utilizingthosegirls and women for their own ends. Or, the female idols have complete agency and featureselectedto head down this path. Its this dichotomy that The Entertainment Pascal seems to capitalise on with Stellar, the girl organization that caters to the male gaze but is empowered by doing so.

Thats all from us. Any mind or comments you need to add? Sound out below!

(Images by the use of JYP Entertainment, Large Hit Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Loen Entertainment, C9.)


Vote: Which SISTAR Summer Hit Is Your Favorite

Vote: Which SISTAR Summer Hit Is Your Favorite

Vote: Which SISTAR Summer Hit Is Your Favorite?vikimiki July 13, 2016 0 Vote: Which SISTAR Summer Hit Is Your Favorite? We know that SISTAR are K-pops queens of summer. Theyve crowned the charts each summer for the beyond six years, maximumlately with this years I truly like That. Theres just anything about SISTARs track that is going so smartly with hot weather and holiday season.

From their earlier chart-topper So Cool to I adore That, we most likely all have our non-public favorite SISTAR song (or two or three) that we make certain is loaded up on our playlists when we move to the beach, pool, or barbecue. Whats your individual pick? Watch them all and vote for your favorite below!

Whatever your choice, heres to 6 years of SISTAR!

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