Royal Pirates’ James Thank you  Enthusiasts For Their Power  Improve Following Surgery

Royal Pirates’ James Thank you Enthusiasts For Their Power Improve Following Surgery

Royal Pirates James Thank youEnthusiasts For Their PersistentStrengthen Following Surgical treatment kminjungee July 14, 2016 0 Royal Pirates James Thanks Fans For Their Continual Support Following Surgery On July 14, James Lee of rock band Royal Pirates up to date fans following his surgery, and thanks everyone for all in their prayers and support.

수술이생각보다 길었지만 드디오 좋아지는것에집중할수있다! 여러분 기도와긍정적인매새지들보고 큰힘이되었어요! 아이러뷰 땡큐~ The surgery took two timesso long as expected as a result of several headachesyeti'mafter all done. Thank you for the prayers and certain messages! I like yous guys. #hospitalgrease #toshave #ornottoshave #thank you !

A photo posted by way of James (@jamesjhl) on Jul 14, 2016 at 5:28am PDT

A little over a year ago, the band contributors left shoulder and wrist was severely injured when a steel-framed glass door crashed down on him. The damage severed his nerves, and was once so serious that he switched to gambling keyboard for the band, as he now notmay play bass guitar.

Since then, hes endured receiving physical remedy for his broken nerves, and it seems that evidently has had several surgeries as well. He discussedin the past that this maximumfresh surgery would be his 5th time going below the knife.

수술이생각보다 길었지만 드디오 좋아지는것에집중할수있다! 여러분 기도와긍정적인매새지들보고 큰힘이되었어요! 아이러뷰 땡큐~ The surgery took twice as long as expected due to several complications but i am ultimately done. Thank you for the prayers and nice messages! I love you guys. #hospitalgrease #toshave #ornottoshave #thank you !

A photo posted by James (@jamesjhl) on Jul 14, 2016 at 5:28am PDT

Our mindcross out to James and we are hoping he is able to make a complete recovery!

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James Lee Of Royal Pirates Laments Injuries That almost  Payment Him His Lifestyles And Career

James Lee Of Royal Pirates Laments Injuries That almost Payment Him His Lifestyles And Career

James Lee of Royal Pirates(Photo : Royal Pirates Facebook)James Lee of Korean-American pop band Royal Pirates lately spoke about a life-changing injury.

On Jan. 6, Korea's Recreation Donga published an interview featuring the band member, where Lee printed that he just about lost his existencefinal June. Because ofa major injury, Lee lost the power to play the bass guitar, which he played for more than a decade.

The interview used to bethe primary time James Lee revealed broadinformation about his injury, which have been downplayed before the group's November comeback with "Run Away." Lee played the keyboard instead of the bass for that performance.

"I went to devour dinner with a pal at a restaurant in Seoul," James said. "I opened the door and looked around for my friend, who had arrived before me. Then the metallic frame of the door and the glass wall crashed down on me. The glass fell on my head and the pointy frame overwhelmed my left shoulder and wrist."

Lee acknowledged he lost conciousness and required an eight-hour surgical treatment to reconnect his wrist. The doctors presented him the use of a prosthetic, because of the intense pain from nerve smash if he did notcritical the wrist completely. However, James refused because it will mean he would not existready to continue gambling music.

Following the surgery, it turned intoobvious that James could not play the bass. However, Royal Pirates' manufacturer Jung Jae Yoon convinced Lee to take in the keyboard.

Lee described the pain from nerve harm being comparable to a knife continuously cutting into his skin.

"I can'tomit the nightmare of that day," he said.

James has shared shots of his harm and scars on Instagram, revealing the level of his damages yetappearing an attitude of no longer giving up. He up to now shared an image of himself in sanatorium garb and described it as "hell."

During the interview, James rolled a ball in his hand as a kind ofworkout to assist him regain complete role and feeling of the wear and tear nerves.

The eating place aimed to be successful in a agreementthru a lawyer, but Royal Pirates firm refused and are beginningfelony proceedings.

"How are you able tomake amends for the long run of a musician who knows not anythingexcluding music?" an agency rep asked.

Royal Pirates is a Korean-American rock band that grew popular after posting K-pop covers on YouTube. The band made its last comeback in November with "Run Away."

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance creator and reproduction editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

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Royal Pirates’s James Opens Up About Life-Changing Injury

Royal Pirates’s James Opens Up About Life-Changing Injury

Royal Piratess James Opens Up About Life-Changing Damage notclaira January 7, 2016 0 LINE it!Royal Piratess James Opens Up About Life-Changing Injury Remaining June, bass guitarist James Lee of rock band Royal Pirates suffered serious damage to his left wrist and shoulder that behind schedule the teams comeback and necessitated the guitarist changing instruments.

I went to have dinner at a restaurant in Seoul with a friend, James stated about the coincidence in a up to date interview. I opened the door and looked around for my friend, who had arrived earlier than me. Then the metal frame and glass wall crashed down on me. The glass fell on my head and the pointy frame overwhelmed my left shoulder and wrist.

The bass guitarist lost awareness and was once forced to have an eight-hour surgical procedure to reconnect his wrist. The doctors had told him that he might always be afflicted by the pain of severed nerves and gave him the option of utterly severing the wrist and the usage of a prosthetic instead. He refused because he didnt would like topreventgambling music. Because of heavy bleeding and the long surgery, he also had to get preserve of blood transfusions till the edema in his artery healed.

As pain and post-traumatic tension persisted and it have becometransparent that he mayno longer play the bass, manufacturer Jung Jae Yoon persuaded him to absorb the keyboard instead. For Royal Piratess newest comeback, James played the keyboard as a substitute of the bass guitar, which he had played for thirteen years.

Its like a knife is urgent into my skin, James said of his injury. I cant overlook the nightmare of that day.

His firm said, After the accident, the eating place attempted to have an amicable discussion via a lawyer. Yet how are you ready toatone for the long term of a musician who knows not anythingwith the exception of music? We held back whilst we werent certain how his injury would impact his tune career, but we can be able to now get startedcriminal proceedings.

Formerly very active in quite so much of sports, James is still undergoing physical remedy for his injury. All through the interview, he rolled a small yellow ball in his hand, an workout designed to assist him regain feeling in the broken nerves. Its my hope, he said.

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Royal Pirates’ James Stocks  Image of Hand All the manner through Recovery Warning: Graphic

Royal Pirates’ James Stocks Image of Hand All the manner through Recovery Warning: Graphic

Royal Pirates James StocksImage of Hand Throughout Recovery Warning: Graphickiddy_days December 22, 2015 0 LINE it!Royal Pirates James Shares Picture of Hand During Recovery Warning: Graphic James of Royal Pirates shared an image of his curative injured hand.

On December 22, he shared a photo of himself going via rehabilitation remedy with the Korean caption, The rehab treatment that starts my day. Its hard, yethere's my most effective time of hope. He then wrote in English, Rehab to begin the day. It sucks but Im no longer giving up yet.

The bassist suffered a sadtwist of fate in which he just about had his hand severed back in June, when a door crashed down on his wrist. As a result, he was once forced to surrender the bass for the Royal Pirates new comeback.

Best of success to James in the remainder of his recovery!

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Royal Pirates' James unearths he suffered a near-death enjoy  ultimate year

Royal Pirates' James unearths he suffered a near-death enjoy ultimate year

Royal Pirates' Jamesrevealed the hell he'd long gonethroughout thebeyond year.

In June, he had injured his wrist badly after a restaurant door broke down on him - the damagewas once and so bad that he had to surrender the bass guitar that he'd been gambling for thirteen years. In fact, the injury become thus bad that his wrist became necrotic and he may stimulate had to amputate.

SEE ALSO: Royal Pirates take you at the back of the scenes of 'Run Away' MV

He wrote, "The defend in our MV for Run Away symbolizes a couple of things. When our director Min asked how I would love to percentage my taleI used to benow notready to respond immediately. This past year sounds like 10. This coincidence sucked. My hand turned black and was rotting away sooner than my eyes. I was told to arrange for the worst; it was not reallyi would exist keeping it.

I lied to my folks and told them it was a tiny break. There has been no explanation whyto increase the pain I knew I would motive them. I concealedthe fact from my lovers because I failed toneed them to fret approximately me. Yeton account of this I felt so alone. And I failed to achievetill later in this was a big mistake. I will have died and left without announcing goodbye. But each and everyunmarried day it was anything new. A otherform of pain. On a day-to-day basis was hell.

Now that I have a flavor of death the notice that highest describes it's far cold. It's freezing cold. And if it takes you there is not much you'll be able to do. But From this accident I did be told something new; how madly, how desperate I'm to live. God thank you such a lot for saving me. I like you.

So this shield has a few meanings. If I died at the shitty ground of that Chinese eating place Iwould have died without ever having really lived. That shield symbolizes my regret. My past. And how I have lived clinging to the shredded threads of who I used to be. It is my inability to devote to myself and being a pawn as a substitute of electing the trail of my introduction or demise. With this God given likelihood anemake a selection to are living my life. Make my own mistakes. And be apologetic about nothing.

I am burning that shield and sending it straight to hell. So all that remains is me."

Wow, sounds like he went thru a lot. Thank goodness he isok now and most sensible of good fortune to James!


SISTAR wow Royal Pirates

SISTAR wow Royal Pirates" James with their perfect bodies in "MATE Tea" CF

SISTAR wow Royal Pirates

Beverage brand, "Sun"s MATE Tea", has revealed its latest CF featuring the ladies of SISTAR! The girl group members flaunt their sexy and healthy figures they"re known for, bound to make your jaw drop.

But you aren"t the only one staring in awe, as Royal Pirates" James makes a special appearance as the handsome stranger that falls for each of the SISTAR ladies!

The CF is titled, "Who is the "MATE" body that he chooses?", and after giving us a look at Bora, Soyu, Dasom, and Hyorin"s "MATE" bodies, it ends with the words "Which is the "MATE" body that you choose?"

So take your pick! Who among these sexy ladies do you think has the best bod? If you were James, who would pick? 

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Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates" hottie James reported to have joined matchmaking variety show, "Match Made In Heaven Returns"

Royal Pirates

On February 19, insidersrevealed to media outlet Star News that Royal Pirates"devilishly good-lookingJames has been chosen to join the lineup for upcoming match-making variety show, "Match Made In Heaven Returns"!

According to the reports, James took part in the filming for the program held earlier this month and unveiled hidden charms aside from his sweet looks and even sweeter vocals.

One rep from the broadcast station even hinted that James was a big hit among the female cast members, and who could blame them with his incredible, height, build, deep voice, and an adorable personality to boot?

This will be James" follow-up variety appearance after being guested in SBS "Laws of the Jungle in Indian Ocean". Stay tuned for more details to come on this show and its cast!


Jay Park, Royal Pirates

Jay Park, Royal Pirates" James, and Ben Baller appear on "America"s Next Top Model"

Jay Park, Royal Pirates

This past spring, we reported that United States show "America"s Next Top Model" (ANTM) had arrived in Korea and had filmed its last few episodes featuring some of Korea"s top K-Pop stars, including BTOB as judges as 2NE1 as performers. On November 14, ANTM began revealing its work for Cycle 21 in Korea, airing an episode featuring Jay Park and Royal Pirates" James.

In the clip shown above, Jay Park is alongside Korean American jewelry designer Ben Baller at the MCM Flagship store in Gangnam. MCM is a luxury brand that was founded in Germany but was purchased by South Korea"s Sungjoo Group in 2005. Jay Park tells the models their award for the day, saying that the person with the best score will receive looks from Korean designers and that the pair that wins will get to walk the "Mag and Logan" runway during the 2015 Seoul Fashion Week. James, on the other hand, works it in a slick navy suit for the camera as he is paired up as the male model for the female contestants.

Check out their moments in the video above! You can also see the results of James" photoshoot with the ANTM ladies here. 


Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates" James poses with the female contestants for "America"s Next Top Model"

Things are getting fun and exciting for K-Pop singers with the arrival of "America"s Next Top Model" in South Korea! BTOB judged, 2NE1 is set for the final stage, and now, Royal Pirates" James was revealed to have taken part in one of the photo shoots with the models!

James had been active as an advertisement model in both America and Korea even before debuting in the band, Royal Pirates, with his impressive height of 188 cm (~ 6 feet 2 inches). This background most likely recommended him to a photo shoot with the female contestants of the show.

Model Lee Jin Yi, daughter of actress Hwang Shin Hye, paired off with the male models for this shoot.

The episodes featuring all the K-pop stars should air this summer.Check out James" photos below and let us know which one is your favorite!


Uee Shows Independence on Law of the Jungle, Refuses Help from Royal Pirates James and Other Cast Members

Uee Shows Independence on Law of the Jungle, Refuses Help from Royal Pirates James and Other Cast Members

The most recent episode of the variety program “Law of the Jungle” proved that After School’s Uee is an ‘iron wall’ when it comes to being independent.

On the August 29 broadcast of the eighth segment of SBS’ “Law of the Jungle’s” Indian Ocean Special, cameras followed Kim Byung Man and the rest of the cast members as they relocated themselves to the final survival destination, which was a small island on Mauritius.

The Kim Byung Man tribe was transferred by a small boat to the new location. However, the boat was unable to anchor itself close to the island due to the shallow depth of the water. For this reason, some of the members were carried by another member in order to get onto the island. Then, member Kang Ji Seob suggested that James (of Royal Pirates) should carry Uee. However, Uee expressed her refusal to receive help, saying, I can do it. Dont touch me, I will take care of myself.

Meanwhile, “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” airs on Friday nights at 10 PM (KST) on SBS.

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