Sandara Park Lands First Lead Movie Role

Sandara Park Lands First Lead Movie Role

Sandara Park Lands First Lead Movie part kokoberry August 12, 2016 0 Sandara Park Lands First Lead Film Role Sandara Parks casting for film One Step (tentative title) has been confirmed.

The megastarcould be portraying the foremostpersona Si Hyun who sees song in color. Si Hyun is a noted songwriter who falls into a slump after changing intonot able to create songs. However, this adjustments afterwardassembly Ji Il (Han Jae Suk).

One Step is described as a music drama that develops during the melodies hooked up to the beyond that Si Hyun dreams of each and everyevening equally she unearths her lost self thru music. Music itself is every othermajor character in addition Si Hyuns life.

Director Jun Jae Hong of Poongsan will be leading the film. Also, MCC Entertainment who worked at the OSTs for dramas The good Queen Seon Deok, At the back of the White Tower, Six Flying Dragons, and more will be generating this movie. Lastly, famend music director Kim Soo Jin has been operating on the music for this film for 3 years with a team.

In addition, Jo Dal Hwan, Hong Ah Reum, and Jo Dong In will be joining lead actors Sandara Park and Han Jae Suk.

The film is scheduled to be released in theatres later this year and promises to be other from standard music motion picturesby way of warming hearts and comforting eyes and ears.

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Park Hae Jin Takes Lead Role In “Cheese In The Trap” Movie Adaptation

Park Hae Jin Takes Lead Role In “Cheese In The Trap” Movie Adaptation

Park Hae Jin Takes Lead Role In Cheese In The Trap Movie Adaptationehk38 Might 23, 2016 0 Park Hae Jin Takes Lead Role In Cheese In The Trap Film Adaptation Actor Park Hae Jin has been showed to take the lead role in the film adaptation of webtoon series Cheese in the Trap.

On May just 24, Cheese in the Trap proven that the film could be a jointly financed Korean-Chinese production. Moreover, to the satisfaction of fans, the film published that its production corporate Mountain StreamTale has entered into a freelance with Soon Ki, the creator of the long-established webtoon Cheese in the Trap.

Cheese in the Trap also confirmed actor Park Hae Jin, whom the film had courted since March, for the movie, Park Hae Jin, who played the role of Yoo Jung in the drama edition of Cheese in the Trap, has after deep contemplation determined to take the male lead role.

The film adaptation of Cheese in the Trap is slated to start filming early next year and is aiming for a summer 2017 release.

What are your mind on Park Hae Jin taking the lead role?

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2NE1's Sandara Park Lands A Leading Film Role

2NE1's Sandara Park Lands A Leading Film Role

Sandara Park

2NE1"s Sandara Park has reportedly landed the role of a songwriter in an upcoming k-movie remake.

An anonymous source in the music industry told the Korean media outlet HeraldPOP that the singer-actress will soon appear in a film that is the Korean remake of the romantic musical comedy "Begin Again."

The film role follows her success in the web drama series "We Broke Up." In that series she and WINNER member Kang Seung Yoon played a college campus couple that split up but then had to share a house. That led the characters to question why they ever broke up in the first place. The 10-part series debuted on Naver"s TV Cast Website.

Before appearing in the web drama Park had a small role in the drama "Producer," which starred Kim Soo Hyun, IU and Gong Hyo Jin.

Park has been acting for a while, having started her career in 2004. She appeared in the film "Bcuz of You" before ever signing with YG Entertainment and becoming a member of 2NE1. Her first k-drama role was in "The Return of Iljimae" in 2009. She followed that role with a few cameo appearances and a leading role in the web drama "Dr. Ian." She recently appeared in several movies in either supporting or cameo roles, by herself and, once with the other members of 2NE1 in "Girlfriends."

The film "Begin Again," which starred Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly, did very well in Korea. It became the most watched independent film of all time in South Korean theaters, so it is not surprising that a remake is being planned. Keira Knightly played a songwriter that helped disgraced music executive Mark Ruffalo regain interest in his dream. He helped her career and she helped him get his life back together. In the Korean version, Sandara Park will play a songwriter who also works part time at a convenience store. She is trying to capture a melody that appears in her dreams. The male leading character will be a broadcast director who helps her capture that melody and realize her songwriting dream. Han Jae Suk, who was last seen in the drama "Witch"s Romance," may play that character.

The movie has a release date in early 2016. What do you think of Sandara Park playing the Keira Knightly role?


ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik Lands First Lead Role in Upcoming Drama

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik Lands First Lead Role in Upcoming Drama

ZE:As Park Hyung Sik has gotten the lead role for an upcoming drama.

On April 9, one representative from the drama production told Sports Daily, Park Hyung Sik has been confirmed for the lead role in SBSs new drama The Chaebols Daughter (tentative English title).

Park Hyung Sik will be playing the role of Yoo Chang Soo, the director of a department store. He is someone who grew up in a luxurious background and has never even tied his own shoes before. He seems empty-headed with his good looks, spending extravagant amounts of money and playing around with his friends, but he is very confident in himself, thinking that the department store will surely be handed down to him. And one day, he starts showing interest in a girl working at a food market.

This will be Park Hyung Siks first main role for a drama since his debut. Before getting this role, he appeared in The Heirs as Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hyes friend, and in Whats With This Family as the youngest immature sibling in the family.

The new drama follows the story of a woman who is seeking a man who can love her even if she isn’t a chaebol’s daughter, as well as a man who comes from a poor family and believes that love is like a carrot that upper class people use to dangle in front of lower class people as a means of controlling them. It will show how love and money effect humanity.

Actress Moon Geun Young and actor Park Seo Joon are also in talks of joining this drama.

Producer Choi Young Hoon who produced the dramas War of the Roses (2011) and Five Fingers (2012) will be the director, and the writer of the drama Can We Get Married? (2013) will be at the script.

The Chaebols Daughter will air in June as the follow-up drama after Heard It Through the Grapevine.

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Moon Geun Young in Talks for Small Screen Comeback



2NE1s Sandara Park Shares Thoughts on Wrapping Up Her First Lead Role in Doctor Ian

2NE1s Sandara Park Shares Thoughts on Wrapping Up Her First Lead Role in Doctor Ian

--> Wrapping up her first lead role in a drama, 2NE1′s Sandara Park shared her feeling on completing Doctor Ian.

2NE1′s Sandara Park Shares Thoughts on Wrapping Up Her First Lead Role in ′Doctor Ian′

On April 8, Sandara Park stated through YG Entertainment, "It was my first acting challenge and it was a good experience. I lacked in many aspects, but I want to greet everyone through another project and show my improved self."

She continued, "I felt some burden as it was a lead role, but I was able to film in a good atmosphere because the staff and Kim Young Kwang were so good to me."

Doctor Ian is about a man and a woman who learns to heal from their previous pain. The drama will end on April 8.

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Im Siwan Lands Lead Role in Historical Movie Set in 1950s

Im Siwan Lands Lead Role in Historical Movie Set in 1950s

Im Siwan to Play Young Choir Leader in Upcoming Movie Set in the 1950s

ZE:A's Im Siwan is making his comeback on small screen with a new  historical movie entitled “Oppa’s Thought

All eyes have been on the rising star since the end of tvN’s “Misaeng,” and fans of the young talent have keenly waited for news about his next acting project. It was finally revealed on March 18 that Im Siwan has chosen to appear on an upcoming film from production company NEW, the producers of 2013′s hit film “The Attorney.”

According to the producers, Im Siwan will be playing a young choir leader named Sang Ryul. The plot is inspired by the story of a children’s choir that actually existed during the Korean War in the early 1950s.

With a budget of ten billion KRW (approximately nine million USD), “Oppa’s Thought” is one of the major pieces to come out from NEW this year. The movie will mark Im Siwan’s second time to work together with the team, following his appearance on “The Attorney.” The filming will reportedly start next month.


EXOs Lay Lands Lead Role in Zhang Ziyi-Produced Movie Entitled

EXOs Lay Lands Lead Role in Zhang Ziyi-Produced Movie Entitled "Oh My God"

EXO’s Lay to Be Male Lead in a Zhang Ziyi-Produced Film Entitled “Oh My God”

EXO's Lay has been confirmed to land lead role in  Zhang Ziyi-produced movie, "Oh My God."

EXO’s Lay has just confirmed his role through Weibo that he will be acting as the main lead of the Zhang Ziyi-produced film with the English title “Oh My God.” He wrote, “Hello everyone. This is Zhang Yixing. In my first movie, there are people who are going to be my parents, and I will be a child; I wonder who my parents will be. I wonder who I will be acting as?”

SM Entertainment later confirmed that the EXO member will indeed star in his first film and will be joined by top Chinese actors such as Cheney Chen, Jacqueline Li, and many more.

“Oh My God” is a romantic comedy sci-fi movie and will be Zhang Ziyi’s third project as a producer so far.

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2PM's Chansung Lands Lead Role in Japanese Movie

2PM's Chansung Lands Lead Role in Japanese Movie "Wasureyuki"

 2PM's Chansung Lands Lead Role in Japanese Movie Wasureyuki

After cementing his fame as a professional singer, 2PM's Chansung is challenging in the acting arena!

2PM's Chansung is growing as an actor even overseas, having picked up the main role in the upcoming Japanese film 'Wasureyuki'!

'Wasureyuki' is a bestselling manga with over 700,000 books sold. The story is about a pure love between a man and a woman with the idea that 'if you make a wish at the moment of the last snowfall, your wish will be granted'.

Chansung will take on the character of Yoon Tae Oh, who is an exchange student who returns to Japan and works as a vet. There, he is reunited with a girl named Miyuki, whom he met when they were kids.

Chansung can now add this Japanese film under the list of works he's been in as an actor, including Korean productions like the 2014 film 'Red Carpet', MBC drama '7th Grade Civil Servant', and more.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Chansung in this romantic movie?


Han Bo-reum Lands Lead Role In Chinese Movie

Han Bo-reum Lands Lead Role In Chinese Movie "Hemmingway"

Han Bo-reum Lands Lead Role In Chinese Movie Hemmingway

Actress Han Bo-reum will make her comeback to small screet in the Chinese movie, "Hemmingway," after her last roles in"Modern Famer" and "Master's Sun"!

Han Bo-reum has already filmed the Malaysian-Chinese collaboration in 2013 ",Yuna". This is her second Chinese collaboration and she's in the lead role.

"Hemmingway" is about a man in his 40s dreaming of a death like Hemmingway"s and a loveable woman in her 20s who falls in love with him. Han Bo-reum plays Lee Rien and experiences love beyond age.

"Hemmingway" will be distributed by one of China's top 3 distributors and produced by actor and director Xiu Chung. The male character will be played by Kao Xiu Gwang as Xia Xing Wien.

A Chinese source of "Hemmingway" claimed, "We have been watching Han Bo-reum through "Master"s Sun" and "Modern Farmer". We expect her to be the perfect Lee Lien".

Meanwhile, Han Bo-reum debuted through the drama "Dream High" and continued on to "Gold, Appear!" and "The Master"s Sun" where she played So Ji-sub"s first love Cha Hee-joo. She then starred in "Modern Farmer" as Lee Hong-gi"s first love and singer Yuna.

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Jung Woo Sung Lands Lead Role In Historical Movie

Jung Woo Sung Lands Lead Role In Historical Movie "Korean Gladiator"

Jung Woo Sung Cast in Upcoming Movie Dubbed the “Korean Gladiator”

"Daisy" man Jung Woo Sung has been confirmed to land the lead role in an upcoming historical action movie, "Korean Gladiator."

The film, “Attack of the Water Monster” (working English title), will be a monster film about the struggles between forces that want to overthrow the king and a monster that threatens the king. Jung Woo Sung will portray the main character Yoongyeom, a faithful servant of the king who tries to stop both forces.

Director Shin Jung Won (“Chau,” “Ghost Sweepers”) commented that he could only picture Jung Woo Sung in the role, and that he will portray an “attractive character like Maximus from ‘Gladiator.’”

Jung Woo Sung is currently undergoing sword and martial arts training for the film. The official productions will begin in February.