Seo In Guk Presentations Off His Acting Chops Over again For Task Force 38

Seo In Guk Presentations Off His Acting Chops Over again For Task Force 38

Seo In Guk Displays Off His Acting Chops Once more For “Task Force 38”notclaira July 2, 2016 0 Seo In Guk Shows Off His Acting Chops Yet Again For “Task Force 38” Singer-turned-actor SEO In Guk is these daysacting in the OCN drama “Task Force 38.”

In the drama, Seo In Guk plays a con guy named Yang Jung Do who uses his prime intelligence and modern manners to charm people.

As befitting a con man, the hot stills display Seo In Guk in more than a few outfits, from an blameless university student to a conservative executive.

Hwang Joon Hyuk, a manufacturer alongside CJ EM, said, “Seo In Guk isn't afraid to totallytrade his symbol and become into a other person. He has shapedthe nature of Yang Jung Do perfectly with his not easypaintings and talented acting.”

“Task Force 38” is ready a tax collector who becomes frustrated at the wealthyand strong evading tax laws, especially Article 38, and comes to a decisionto collect a crack team of law enforcement and criminals to solve the problem.

The drama airs Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST. Watch the newest episode below!

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SHINee’s Key And NCT’s Doyoung To Unlock Duet OST For “Task Force 38”

SHINee’s Key And NCT’s Doyoung To Unlock Duet OST For “Task Force 38”

SHINees Key And NCTs Doyoung To Unlock distich OST For Assignment pull 38JiwonYu July 7, 2016 0 SHINees Key And NCTs Doyoung To Release Duet OST For Task Force 38 SHINees Key and NCTs Doyoung can beliberating a duet OST for OCNs Friday-Saturday drama Task Force 38.

Their duet OST song titled Cool will first be shown on July nineall over the episode 8 broadcast of the drama, and may officially be released on July 11 by the use of Melon, Naver Music, Genie, and other music sites.

This song stands out as the theme song for Task Force 38 and is authentic for its funky guitar sounds and rhythmical drums. It also delivers the message, Shall wenow not get beaten down viathe sector and are livingeach and every moment with confidence.

Meanwhile, Task Force 38 is set a team of swindlers seeking to take in the bad guys from tax evasions. It stars Search engine marketing In Guk, Women Generations Sooyoung, Ma Dong Seok, and more.

You can catch up to the newest episode below:

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Gary Explains Why He Criticized Rappers acting on form presentations

Gary Explains Why He Criticized Rappers acting on form presentations

Gary Explains Why He Criticized Rappers performing on form presentations Gary and Lee Kwang Soo were the 2nd one visitors at the August 3 episode of “healing Camp – 500 people.” In the recent layout of “healing Camp,” one guest debates opposed to 500 audience, adding the MC Kim Jae Dong.

On these days, one of the vital audience asked Gary about a prior remark of his, pronouncing “Seven years a pass, [Gary] had acknowledged in a festival that he does no longer realize why rappers pass on variety shows, yet he does variety shows now.”

Gary replied, “ i was very rebellious, and I used to hate each and eachthing. I used to fasten eyes with each and each passerby to galvanize them, and I complained about each and eachthing in the sector.” He persevered, “while i replaced into once operating on my first album, I locked myself in my area. When I saw rappers on television, I used to think, ‘I’m having the sort of challenging time, and they’re having the sort ofn simple time making cash.’ i replaced into once jealous and rebellious. yet if I in fact began appearing on variety shows, I discovered how challenging people paintings to be at them, and I replaced my brain.”

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Kim Jong Kook  appeared  to  have  introduced  Solid Acting Chops when taking part in the show called Producer

Kim Jong Kook appeared to have introduced Solid Acting Chops when taking part in the show called Producer

Kim Jong Kook Showcases Solid Acting Chops in Producer Kim Jong Kook made his first appearance in new KBS2 Friday-Saturday drama “Producer” on May 16 during the second episode.

Despite it being his first role in a major drama, Kim Jong Kook is a natural as Kim Hong Soon, an ambitious producer of eight years who is currently in charge of KBS variety show “Open Concert.” Notably, Kim Jong Kook is able to hold his own alongside veteran actor Park Hyuk Kwon who depicts one of the most influential producers in the variety program department (and therefore someone that Kim Jong Kook’s character sucks up to).


“Producer” is set in the world of variety entertainment and tells the story of two senior producers (Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin), a newly minted producer (Kim Soo Hyun), and a popular singer (IU). The drama premiered on May 15 to strong viewer ratings.

What did you think about Kim Jong Kook’s acting in “Producer?”

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Actress Yoon Yeo-jeong says the driving force during her 50 year acting career was inferiority complex

Actress Yoon Yeo-jeong says the driving force during her 50 year acting career was inferiority complex

Actress Yoon Yeo-jeong confessed during the interview with JTBC"s "News Room" that she could continue her acting career thanks to inferiority complex.

On March 26th, actress Yoon Yeo-jeong appeared in the JTBC"s "News Rooom" and had an interview with Sohn Suk-hee, who is one of Korea"s most renowned and trusted announcers.

Sohn Suk-hee mentioned about actress Yoon Yeo-jeong"s appeal that made her 50 year acting career possible, "The unique appeal that others do not have might be actress Yoon Yeo-jeong"s driving force".

Yoon Yeo-jeong responded, "I myself didn"t know I would have continued (the acting career) for this long. In our generation, it was family"s honor and a woman"s destination that an actress acts for a short period of time and then quits to wed a man from a good family. I usually can organize my thoughts during an interview. I thought about it during an interview last time. And I think the reason I have continued with my acting career was because of my inferiority complex. I think I"ve always been trying to get over "She won"t be able to make it", so I had to continue".


Jo Bo-ah Lands Female Lead in

Jo Bo-ah Lands Female Lead in "Missing Persons Task Force," alongside Kim Kang-woo, Park Hee-soon

Jo Bo-ah Lands Female Lead in Missing Persons Task Force, alongside Kim Kang-woo, Park Hee-soon

Actress Jo Bo-ah has confirmed to join the cast of "Missing Persons Task Force."

OCN mystery crime drama focuses on not just simple missing victims but disappearances involved with serious crimes and or the mystery world. Two special unit detectives and criminals never heard of before battle against each other in this 10-episode drama.

Producer Lee Seung-yeong is leading the drama.

Jo Bo-ah takes on a role which helps detectives Gil Soo-hyeon (Kim Kang-woo) and Oh Dae-yeong (Park Hee-soon). The drama is coming at the end of March.

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Kim Kang Woo & Park Hee Soon Under Consideration For FBI Role In Detective Drama

Kim Kang Woo & Park Hee Soon Under Consideration For FBI Role In Detective Drama "Special Missing Persons Task-force M"

Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon Are Strong Candidates for Leads in New Detective Drama

The OCN will present audiences new detective drama, “Special Missing Persons Task-force M.” The news outlet revealed that actors Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon are in talks for the lead cast of the drama.

According to a source from the show, Kim Kang Woo is the top candidate for the role of FBI agent Kil Su Hyun while Park Hee Soon is under consideration for the role of Oh Dae Young.

park hee soon

The story will revolve around a unique case investigated by Kil Su Hyun, a highly-gifted forensic investigator who graduated from Harvard and has FBI experience, and Oh Dae Young, a veteran detective with 20 years of experience who uses intuition and his personal connections to solve cases.

The series will be directed by Lee Seung Young, who is known for dramas such as “Special Affairs Team TEN” and “Chosun Police.” The drama is set to begin airing at the end of January.


Yedang Entertainment assigns overseas task force for C-Clowns overseas activities

Yedang Entertainment assigns overseas task force for C-Clowns overseas activities

Yedang Entertainment assigns overseas task force for C-Clown’s overseas activities

C-Clown is currently growing more in international popularity upon coming back with their newest release, “Let’s Love”.

According to their agency, Yedang Entertainment, C-Clown have been receiving love calls from several different countries all over the world, and thus have already booked in schedules in Japan, China and South America this year.

C-Clown’s international popularity started in Japan, where they have already held their first individual concert there on the 21st of June this year, in which all two thousand tickets had been completely sold out.

Due to their growing popularity overseas, Yedang Entertainment revealed that they have hired an overseas task force fluent in 4 different languages, who are in charge of C-Clown’s promotional activities in countries abroad, and are communicating C-Clown’s schedules and interviews to overseas fans via various SNS platforms.

Early this year, C-Clown were reported to be the first Korean idol group to have developed a fanbase in Rwanda, showing that they are slowly but surely reaching out to all the corners of the world.

Yedang Entertainment thanked the fans of C-Clown for the constant support of the group and promised that they will be reaching out to the overseas fans through their hard work and consistency.

Meanwhile, C-Clown recently released their 4th mini-album, “Let’s Love” on the 8th of July.

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Kim stretches her acting chops

Kim stretches her acting chops

Kim stretches her acting chops

Actress Kim Min-hee is famous for her coveted body and distinctive fashion sense. But those were not the only ways the actress wanted to be described. She always aspired to be recognized as an actress instead of just a fashion icon. Through numerous performances over a decade, she has proved her acting chops. But it was not an easy journey for the model-turned-actress.

The 31-year-old first became famous as a cover girl in 1999. Thanks to her unique beauty, she had lucked into appearing on the hit drama "School 2" as a rebellious high school girl, which launched her to stardom. She enjoyed the popularity, appearing on TV dramas and movies. However, a string of poor acting performances brought her crushing reviews.

Despite harsh criticisms, Kim kept honing her acting skills and it paid off when she starred in the drama "Goodbye Solo" in 2006. Roles in other movies such as "Hellcats" ("I Like It Hot") in 2007 and "Actresses" in 2009 helped solidify her career.

She kept stretching the limits of her acting range by playing a mysterious girl who disappears ahead of a wedding in last year's psychological thriller, "Helpless", in which she showed such a striking screen presence that she won the best actress award by Buil Film Awards last year.

Recently, the versatile movie star is earning rave reviews for her performance in the recently released movie "Very Ordinary Couple".

"Very Ordinary Couple" tells the story about an on-and-off couple of three years. It's not a typical romantic movie in which two leads unconditionally are devoted to each other. Instead, it brings reality into play. It is full of bickering, foul words and even physical fights, but sometimes sparking romance that makes viewers' hearts flutter.

Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily, recently sat down with the actress to talk about her latest movie.

Q. The character you played in the movie and your personality seem to have a lot in common.

A. Jang Young, the role I play, pretends to be strong to hide her weakness just as I do. So I could fully get into her while performing the character. But the attitude toward her boyfriend is totally different. For example, she gets back at her ex-boyfriend for trivial things but I don't keep things inside.

What was it like to work with your co-star Lee Min-ki?

We got close very quickly, so I could work without any trouble. He is three years my junior and also my junior in the modeling field. So I felt comfortable with him. I guess he thinks the same way with me. Laugh I thought he is pure and innocent when I watched him on his drama. He actually is. He was a good partner.

You mostly wear no makeup in the movie. You must have put a lot of effort into taking care of your skin.

I tried to avoid wearing makeup so the character could be seen as a more real-life character. I have cared my skin for so long so I didn't have to intensively care for my skin. But since I turned 30, I pay more attention. Actually, Min-ki asked me to drink together several times during the production. But I had to turn down his offer because of my skin. I feel sorry for him about that.

Kim stretches her acting chops

The romance film "Very Ordinary Couple" spotlights the ugly sides of relationships. Provided by Lotte Entertainment

There is a scene where you two exchange shots of alcohol. Did you really get drunk?

I did seven movies in 14 years after "School 2". But in none of them I drank to better act. I know I could appear more realistic in drinking scenes if I actually drink. But I'm more concerned if it could harm the whole frame of the production. But I think it is worth giving it a try if I work with director Hong Sang-soo who is known for a spontaneous filming style.

The physical fight scene is quite impressive.

It was hard to express externally while suppressing my emotion. It was not only mentally demanding work but physically exhausting. After all, it helps me to summon up the emotions. We were so immersed in the scene that my skin was chafed and bled while taking the scene.

Have you ever had fisticuffs with boyfriends?

No way, you know it's not normal. Of course, it's likely to happen if men start the fight.

Was there any particular scene you sympathize with your character?

Yes, when she has a meal with her family the day after the break-up. She spits out any random words to look fine. I sounded like I was speaking an unknown dialect. Just like her, I don't express my emotions when I'm going through tough times. Sometimes I burst into tears when I feel like I'm being understood by someone. But the situation makes me more depressed. So I act as if there is nothing going on.

How was your bed scene?

I shot the scene without difficulty. What's interesting is that we were not naked and it was not steamy. The director always put the actors' emotions first and tried to bring the emotions into the lens. She delicately filmed the kisses and light touches. So it could be turned into a sweet bed scene. I love it.

Are you in a relationship?

I'm not involved in any relationship. Sometimes I want to get married, watching my friends getting married. But now I want to focus on building my career.

What strong point do you think you have?

I think I need to wait and see to confidently say something is my strong point. I don't want to make up my image. I believe I will have my own virtue if I keep working.

By Han Jae-hee


Song Il Gook Talks About Option Of Triplets Acting On Television Again

Song Il Gook Talks About Option Of Triplets Acting On Television Again

Song Il Gook Talks About Choice Of Triplets Acting On TelevisionBack JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Song Il Gook Talks About Possibility Of Triplets Appearing On TV Again Actor Song Il Gook sat down for an interview to advertise his newest musical 42nd Side road where he mentionedthe prospect of the triplets (Daehan, Minguk, and Manse) appearing on TV again.

When asked Is there a possibility of the triplets appearing on TV again? the father says, The children take grown too much to lookat theGo back of Superman. I dont think so. I could beready toseem on TV every timeI am gettingthe dangeryet ane dont think the teens will.

Ever since leaving The Return of Superman, Song Il Gook has install an Instagram account to update enthusiasts on how the triplets are doing.

He comments, I have a host of footage to upload on Instagram. It takes me about 30~40 mins to edit a video and upload it but I dont have time to do that.

He also talks about the triplets slowly finding out what his task is, saying, I suspect they know that their father is functioning on stage. When I asked What does dad do? they first answered, Jang Young Shil but now they say Julian Marsh. They startedto switch a year ago. They know evidently about what their mother does, and now they know a little about what their dad does, too.

What if the triplets wish toturn into actors? Song Il Gook says, My mom never forced me to do anything. She at all times supported what I do and allowed me to do it. Similar to how she supported me, I wish toreinforce them in their dreams so long as they arent crimes.

Meanwhile, Song Il Gook is these days performing in his musical 42nd Road every bitthe foremost lead Julian Marsh.

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