“Show Me The money 5” Rapper Xitsuh Explains Reports About Joining YG

“Show Me The money 5” Rapper Xitsuh Explains Reports About Joining YG

Show Me The cashfive Rapper Xitsuh Explains Reports About Joining YGkokoberry July 28, 2016 0 Show Me The Money 5 Rapper Xitsuh Explains Reports About Joining YG These daysthere were rumors about Xitsuh signing a freelance amongst YG Entertainment.

On July 28, the 24-year-old rapper addressed the rumors in an interview with Superstar News. He says, I have no longer discussed a contract in detail with YG. I have now not eveningmentioned a contract with YG, so I believethose rumors were given distorted.

Xitsuh explains, I got contacted by way of Kush when I used to be on Display Me the Money fourultimate year. I was once thankful for his words about liking my tune and hoping to paintingsin combination in the future. Following that we met a couple of times to work on some songs.

He continues, However, Kush become busier than I presumed he would be. I heard about him organising YGs sub-label THE BLACK LABEL at that point and but even so that he was busy running on songs for BIGBANG, Zion.T, and other firm artists. I take note him being busy with numerous work.

The rapper additional comments, We were in a position to toucheach and every other regularlyviaProve Me the Money 5, yet I dont think particular collaboration plans or a contract will take placeappropriate now.

Xitsuh unearths his long term plans and says, I dont think I can be able tosignal a contract with a corporation and advertise immediately. I would possibly sign a contract later but not right now.

Having made it to the pinnacle six on Demonstrate Me the Money 5, many enthusiasts hope to peer more of him soon.

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Rapper #Gun From “Show Me The Money” To Debut With Virtual Single

Rapper #Gun From “Show Me The Money” To Debut With Virtual Single

Rapper #Gun From Display Me The cash To Debut With VirtualUnmarried ilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 Rapper #Gun From Show Me The Money To Debut With Digital Single Rapper #Gun (real call Song Gunhee) could be making his legit debut next week!

His firm Starship Entertainment has announced they’re making plans for #Gun to liberate his debut digital single on July 28 in the dead of night KST. The tunewas once produced through Giriboy, and lines rapper A very powerful Star.

Starship says, “We be expecting that this single will satisfy either hip hop lovers and the public with its attractive lyrics and his uniquely fierce rap skills.”

#Gun made his first tv appearance on Starship Entertainment’s survival show “No Mercy,” which shaped the group MONSTA X. He went on to seemin this year’s season of “Show Me the Money” as a phase of Mad Clown and Gill’s team, and turned into only eliminated in the second-to-last episode. It more or less feels that ability runs in the family, as he may be a cousin of WINNER’s Song Mino.

Are you excited for #Guns debut?

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Following Reports Of Eric Nam Joining “We Were given Married”, Netizens BEG Him Now not  To sign up in Show

Following Reports Of Eric Nam Joining “We Were given Married”, Netizens BEG Him Now not To sign up in Show

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter As neatly as being a skilled singer and a truly perfect host, Eric Nam used to bethese days praised by way of netizens for being an excellent husband. 

And it turns out that that netizens werent the just one who dangle that belief, as the singer has been showedto check in for popular fact show We Were given Married, and should soon transform the virtual husband of a fortunatefeminine celebrity. After hearing the news, many netizens expressed their jealousy toward Eric Nams long term virtual bride.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

1,846 / -39 Please dont do it

1,646 / -38 Leave Eric Nam on my own please T_T_T

1,028 / -34 WGM manufacturers wouldnt leave Eric Nam alone  His manners were loopy at one of his signal meetings.. haha I used to beroughly disappointed I couldnt see him much on Televisionyet Im happyto peer him more continuously

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Netizens Call Simon D A “HYPOCRITE” For Joining “Show Me The money 5”

Netizens Call Simon D A “HYPOCRITE” For Joining “Show Me The money 5”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSimon D and Gray are the maximum recent names from the Korean hiphop networkto join in hit rap show Show Me the Money.

And whilst many fanatics have expected the rappers appearance at the show, Simon D has come beneathhearth for joining the forgedas a result of his beyond comments. After news broke out that the 2 would be joining the 5th season of Show Me the Money, netizens brought up the reality that Simon D had once referred to the display equally a waste of time, and that he even wrote a diss rap for it.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented on the usual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

853, 40 Didnt Simon D pass around announcing he used to be never going to seem on those shows?

713, 19 He used to diss SMTMI wager he has to if CJ asks thanks to the dating between CJ and AOMG

502, 20 Simon D is a surprise. He even wrote a song dissing SMTM and now hes making an appearance as a manufacturer ㅋㅋㅋ

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Rapper Mad Clown Showed for “Show Me the money 5″

Rapper Mad Clown Showed for “Show Me the money 5″

Rapper Mad Clown Showed for Display Me the moneyfive ehk38 March 3, 2016 0 LINE it!Rapper Mad Clown Confirmed for Show Me the Money 5 Rapper Mad Clown will sign up for Mnets rapper survival show Show Me the Money 5 as a manufacturer and mentor.

A source from Mad Clowns control agency Starship Entertainment told News1star on March 4, Mad Clown has been confirmed to seem on Mnets Show Me the Money 5. You'llsit up for his activities as producer at the show.

Mad Clown is no stranger to turn Me the Money. The rapper first seemed every bit a contestant on the 2d one season of Show Me the Money, and it was oncethroughout the exposure he gained on the show that he becamein a positionto discover a house at Starship Entertainment and kick off his career.

Meanwhile, rappers Dok2 and The Quiett have also been confirmed to return to the 5th season of Show Me the Money as producers. Auditions for contestants are ongoing.

Are you taking a lookahead to seeing Mad Clown on Show Me the Money 5?

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1llionaire gang's Dok2 and The Quiett might be once back joining 'Show Me the Money'!

1llionaire gang's Dok2 and The Quiett might be once back joining 'Show Me the Money'!

Yes! 1llionaire crew's Dok2 and The Quiett will once backsign up for 'Show Me the Money ('SMTM 5')' as manufacturers for the program's upcoming 5th season!

'SMTM 5,' which is decidedto begin airing in the midst ofWould possibly this year, showed that 1llionaire's famed producers/rappers Dok2 and The Quiett will over againseemat the show. A rep from Mnet relayed, "Dok2 and The Quiett, who have shown off their originalcolours in the hip hop scene, might be on 'Show Me the Money's fifth season. They have gotup to now won as Bobby's manufacturer team on season 3 so we are having a lookahead to what they have to supply for this season."

SEE ALSO: The Quiett will be liberating a new song!

Dok2 and The Quiett themselves stated, "We're already fearful about the rigors of the show yetwe're going tocheck out our best." When asked which rappers they'llstay an eye out for, they answered, "The foundation is simple. We are going to only selectthose thatexhibit their own rap and do it well."

The production team also added their own two cents with, "We're looking forward to Dok2 and The Quiett on every other season of 'Show Me the Money' as producers following their season 3 appearance. Please show us give a spice up to and hobby equally nosotros continue to showthe kind of producers that may exist joining 'SMTM 5.'"


Cousin Of WINNER Rapper And 'Show Me The Money' Alum Mino Joins Season five Lineup

Cousin Of WINNER Rapper And 'Show Me The Money' Alum Mino Joins Season five Lineup

Song Mino Song Gunhee Mnet's infamous rap pageant plan Show Me The cash is already development hype with their auditioning line up.

On Feb. 7, Chosun Ilbo announced that rapper #Gun (also referred to as Song Gunhee) could be joining the program.

Gun wasa well-likedcall among many Korean pop fanaticsall over his time on Starship Entertainment's rivalry program No.Mercy. Even if Gun was once incredibly popular among audience and perceived as a front-runner for a place equally a member of Monsta X, he was unfortunately cut from the general line of work up. As such, many fans are excited for some otherprobabilityto peerthe preferred hush-hush rapper on a functionalitylevel again.

Not most effective is Gun known for his paintingseither in the underground hip-hop scene and on No.Mercy, yet as well as the cousin of WINNER member Song Mino.Mino isn't any stranger to the Mnet program, as he was the runner up for closing year's Show Me The Cash 4.

When asked through Chosun Ilbo about his cousin, Mino took the opportunity to proportion some advice. "Call me every timeyou want to. Be the primaryto take a glance at outanythingregardless of what, do not blindly cower," he explained in keeping with the report. "If you do not makethe rest then you are going to exist forgotten."

As for some more poignant recommendation Mino also suggested, "From now on get started writing lyrics."

Show Me The Money 5 lately sent out an audition call for talented rappers. For the 1st fourth dimension ever, the show may betaking a look at skill in the usin addition Korea. The onesinterested by auditioning can take a glance at the reliable Show Me The Money 5 website online for more details.

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MC Meta explains his grievance of mainstream hip hop and displays like 'Show Me the money 4'

MC Meta explains his grievance of mainstream hip hop and displays like 'Show Me the money 4'

MC Meta explains his grievance of mainstream hip hop and presentations like

One of Korean hip hop"s highly reputable underground rappers MC Meta, who made headlines lately with his heavy grievance of mainstream Korean hip hop scene and its imaginable negative affect on young minds, gave an interview to "Kyunghyang Shinmun" this beyond August 12. The rapper is currently web hosting a festival titled "Everyone"s Mic", which is meant to serve as a gateway for aspiring rappers to take their shot at being the following rap star.

When the interviewer remarked, "You gave the impression on "Show Me the money 1" and "Show Me the money 2", so your grievance got here as a surprise," MC Meta responded that he"s at all times criticized the show. He said, "Truthfully, all the way via "Show Me the Money" and afterwards, I have steadily denounced [the show] via a number of channels. This country"s rappers don"t have a right sort level where they may be able to meet the mainstream target market [and show off their talent]. With the vulnerable basis of the [hip hop] genre, I became once first of all happy that "Show Me the Money" got here along. But when I entered [the broadcasting world], I felt a undeniable restrict in the "media system." From the loss of sound apparatus that absorbs low-pitched notes, their overall working out of hip hop became once limited. There were also more drama-like components that were emphasized in place of the music. During the broadcasting, there were several times I just dropped from the show. Afterwards, I thought, "It"d be greater if we created our own stage," which is the entire concept at the back of "Everyone"s Mic"."

The interview then asked, "What do you believe you studied is the problem with "Show Me the Money"? MC Meta replied, "Still, in seasons one and two, there has been once some weight in the track itself. But afterwards, they began emphasizing the provocative elements, and I felt that the contestants were being goaded. Now it"s embarrassing to even call [SMTM 4] a "hip hop program." Because Korea"s hip hop roots are so weak, it sways dramatically even with only one show. The rappers are running helter skelter like a herd of worried sheep from the howling of the wolf (SMTM 4). Whilst you watch "Show Me the money 1" auditions, they make masses and thousands contestants line up and rap, bobbing their heads like birds. It"s an atmosphere where contestants are forced to turn anything dramatic. The complete lot is inaccurate from there. It"s now no longer a machine where fair judgement and diversity in the genre is possible."

Regarding the debatable lyrics that surrounded the show, the rapper asserted, "Do we need to settle for the negative portrayal of second-class electorate and ladies in hip hop? Of path not. There is an identical debate in the U.S. Snoop Dogg degraded ladies such a lot in the lyrics he wrote that he even earned the name "pimp." However, later he acknowledged that the surroundings he grew up in didn"t even permit him to be informed the ones things and apologized. It"s just right to precise one"s fair mind the use of rap as an creative tool. But it"s a other tale altogether on TV. When I watched a undeniable rap combat program based mostly totally in the U.S., the rappers ignored the expletives on their own. "Show Me the Money" at the alternative hand, turns out to stay pulling the ones [controversial subjects] out."

MC Meta concluded, "The popular more or less hip hop in the U.S. most often has to do with "money" and "sex." But in our country, there has been once overall consensus that the ones forms of subjects didn"t truly strike a chord with us. But that all of sudden changed. They without delay brought the yank taste of hip hop [over here], emulating their luck formula. It"s turn out to be common to comment on subjects of the yearning for luck and making an ostentatious screen of your existing prestige in the lyrics. i suspect that view carried over to "Show Me the Money". This present day even hip hop manias are saying, "There is not anything meaningful in the lyrics," "How did things turn out to be this way." Poetic and literary lyrics are even criticized as "gay hip hop." It"s a scenario that arose with the popularization of hip hop. i suspect we must conquer this procedure in the most productive way possible."

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Tablo explains why he wears sunglasses on

Tablo explains why he wears sunglasses on "Show Me the Money 4"

Tablo explains why he wears sunglasses on

The fun members of Epik High appeared on MBC radio show "Tablo"s Dreaming Radio" on July 6, where host and fellow member,Tablo, explained why he is always wearing sunglasses in "Show Me the Money 4".

First, both DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin appeared on the radio with sunglasses. Seeing this, Tablo poked fun at his members, saying, "Can"t you please take them off?"

He then explained, "I also come out on "Show Me the Money" wearing sunglasses, but that"s not because I want to. The stylist tells me to cover my eyes and that I look the coolest when I cover up as much as possible, so I do that. But I think I need to take them off a bit. I don"t know where to look and speak [when I have them on]," making everyone laugh.

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Rapper Rex. D may not joy

Rapper Rex. D may not joy "Show Me the Money" anymore because of his sickness

Show Me the Money Contestant Rapper Rex. D Diagnosed with Leukemia Rapper Rex.D, a contestant on Show Me the Money 4, has been diagnosed with chronic leukemia.

Rex.Ds management agency, Romantic Factory, announced through his Twitter account that the hip hop artist was diagnosed with chronic leukemia on June 22. According to the agency, the artist went to the hospital for a blood test after he experienced a lot exhaustion lately while working on Show Me the Monday and a music video. He was admitted to the hospital after the blood test, and after further examination, he was diagnosed with chronic leukemia.

Romantic Factory also asked people to send their blood donation card info (presumably to find a match for a bone marrow transplant) to the agency, as well as for them to spread this message.

It added, They say that one can fully recover from this disease because of advancements in medicine. We ask for your support so that Rex.D will be able to stand in front everyone again in a healthy condition. It continued, We want to promise that Rex.D, who has a lot of talent to show people, will be able to stand on the stage again.

It concluded, As much as the new album, which will be released the day after tomorrow, was made without Rex.D knowing he was ill, we will be grateful if many people listen to it and support him.

Rex.D debuted last year with the track Normal Love featuring Phantoms Sanchez. He previously made an appearance on Show Me the Money- in its second season- performing a Bad Boy (by BIGBANG) collaboration stage with JKyun (which you can watch below).

We wish Rex.D and speedy and full recovery.

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