SISTAR’s Soyou Unearths Which Comments Harm Her The Most

SISTAR’s Soyou Unearths Which Comments Harm Her The Most

SISTARs Soyou Unearths Which Comments Harm Her The Maximum kminjungee July 9, 2016 0 SISTARs Soyou Exhibits Which Comments Hurt Her The Most Throughout their fresh appearance at the July nine episode of JTBCs Ask Us Anything, SISTAR optimisticallysing their own praises their charms and candidly respond to questions.

As the displayis going on, they discussanything they would like tooverlookyet cant. With this in mind, Soyou reveals that she regularly reads the remark sections of articles in their entirety.

The solidcontributors then ask her if there was once a comment that hurt to read, and what it was. She replies, I used to be hurt the most by way ofperson whostated I looked evil.

Saddened by her candid response, the cast members then advise her to have a look at and steer transparent of reading the negative comments.

The idol also explains how she has a tendency to cry so as to feel greater when shes having a difficult time. To this, Kang Ho Dong assures her that its normal, and reminds her to understand that there are numerousfanaticssimilar to her.

Meanwhile, Ask Us The rest airs each and every Saturday at 11 p.m. KST.

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Brown Eyed Girls Gain Says She Gets harm via Malicious Comments Now

Brown Eyed Girls Gain Says She Gets harm via Malicious Comments Now

--> Brown Eyed Girls′ Gain printed that she gets harm by way of malicious comments now that she′s older and hasn′t been selling as much.

Brown Eyed Ladies held a communicate to celebrate the unencumber of the group′s 6th full-length album Basic and revealed their new song for the primary time at Understage in Itaewon on November 4. Brown Eyed ladies is returning after two years and 4 months since their 5th album was once released in 2013.

Brown Eyed Girls′ Gain Says She Gets Hurt by Malicious Comments Now

Gain acknowledged of selling back after a long hiatus, "I didn′t get hurt by malicious comments before, yet recently, after our comeback turned into announced, I′ve been having a look at the comments. Now that I′m older and I′m at house so much because I haven′t been running for a while, i am getting hurt by the malicious comments. I stay searching at the ones comments."

On returning with any other short hairstyle, Gain said, "I don′t like when my hair takes long to dry when I wash it, and because my personality is like a man, I′ve had short hair since i used to be young. That′s why I don′t like my hair long."

Meanwhile, like the group′s new album identify Basic suggests, the album is ready the nature of the world. The girls teamed up with manufacturer Cho Young Chul, whom they worked with on hits like L.O.V.E, Abracadabra and Sixth Sense, who served as the administrative producer for the 1st time in four years and poured his efforts into taking pictures the album′s concept.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


SISTARs Soyou Responds to Comments About Her Looks

SISTARs Soyou Responds to Comments About Her Looks

--> SISTAR′s Soyou unfolded about malicious comments referring to her looks.

Soyou seemed as a marvel guest on SEO Jang Hoon′s episode of SBS′ Healing Camp, where she conducted a duet with the former basketball player.

SISTAR′s Soyou Responds to Comments About Her Looks

Later, when an target audience member asked the SISTAR member, "Since when were you so pretty?" Soyou said, "When i used to be younger, I used to think I was once the prettiest. yet as I started operating in the entertainment industry, I got here to Gangnam as a trainee, and there were more beautiful other folks than I thought."

She continued, "After I made my debut, I felt like I changed into getting uglier. And as a celebrity, there are comments, and while you get started seeing malicious comments, you begin thinking, ′Am I truly ugly?′ ′Why am I so ugly?′ And should you begin announcing the ones things, you can′t stop."

The episode featuring Seo Jang Hoon and Soyou aired on September 21.


Fan video of Oh My Woman  unearths just how small in length Binnie in truth is

Fan video of Oh My Woman unearths just how small in length Binnie in truth is

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A up to date fan cam of Oh My Girl all through a fan meet has them talking as member Binnie used to beobservedmaking an attempt to communicate with fan from a long distance.

Recorded on July 10th, Binnie is spotted speaking toanyone from the side, possibly a fan in the audience, asking time and again where their buddies are, implying that she is accustomed to the fan. During the fast video, her adorable facial expressions have enthusiasts falling in love with her in eachunmarried place again.

Sitting next to member Seunghee, fans spotted just how small Binnie looks in comparison to her workforce mate. Some fans noted that if she changed intoto interchange seats with Seunghee, Binnie would now not existvisible at all because of the cameras angle.

Meanwhile, Oh My Womanultimate promoted the music Windy Day in May. Despite the reality that it hasnt been long since their comeback, the ladycommunityis determined to make every othergo back in as early as August.

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Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman  Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For womanCrew Survival Display ehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Mnet Exhibits First 2 Contestants For Girl Organization Survival Show Mnet has printedthe primary two contestants on their trainee roster for upcoming girl group survival show Locating Momoland (working title).

The first contestant, Nancy is a trainee at Duble Sidekicks firm Duble Kick Entertainment. She already has a a fan following thru their appearance in a tv program on cable channel Tooniverse. She used to be born Nancy Jewel Mcdonie to a Korean mom and American father.

Duble Kick Entertainment reveals that 2d contestant Yeonwoo could also be an in-house trainee. She is 169 centimeters tall and lives by capacity of the motto Are living like theres no tomorrow.

The agency shares, There are trainees besides Nancy and Yeonwoo that would greet audienceby way of Finding Momoland for a overall of 10 trainees. We ask that you come back alongsidetopexpectancies because each and every trainee has her individual charm.

Mnet is teaming up with manufacturers Rhymer, Shinsadong Tiger, and Duble Sidekick for Finding Momoland. The first episode of the show is scheduled to air on Friday July 22 at 7 p.m. KST.

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Netizens speak about controversies that harm popular woman  teams in the past

Netizens speak about controversies that harm popular woman teams in the past

184stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Reputationis terriblytough to gain, yetevery now and then just the entirepaintings and effort can also be lost because of a unmarried controversy.

Recently, a post on Instiz about controversies that harmthe recognitionof stylishwomanteams has receivednumerous attention. A translation of the post and your completepicturesshall bediscovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention or sothis newsletter below!

1. T-ARA  bullying controversy

This is the representative example of a lady groups collapse. They turned into a vogue after liberating popular songs similar to Bo Peep Bo Peep, I PassLoopyOn account of You, and Why Do You At all times Act Like That. After Roly Poly, each and everyunencumberhave become a hit, and they nearly reached the national girl staff status. However, their new member Hwayoung couldnt sign up for them on degreedue to a leg injury, and the oppositeparticipantsfocused her on Twitter, which brought about the controversy. Even today, the public still reacts coldly to them. 

2. Hyosung  Ilbe commentary controversy

Secret became actually popular with Magic, Madonna, and Shy Boy, with all their later releases also appearing well. All through her promotions for Yoo Hoo, however, Hyosung went on a radio display and used a noterepeatedlyrelated with Ilbe. Other people defendant her of being an Ilbe user, and she gotso much of criticism. Since then, they havent had just right responses to their releases, and the members are currently specializing inparticular person promotions. 

3. Wonder Women  Promotions in America

Wonder Girls reached the national girl communityprestige after releasing hits like Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody. When they were at their peak, they stopped selling in Korea and made their debut in America. However, promotions in The us didnt go well, and they got here back to Korea for domestic promotions. They gave the glance to be equally popular as during their peak, but after Sohee and leader Sunye withdrawing from the group, they stopped promoting. But the gangultimately made a comeback as a 4-member band, and whilst theyre still doing decently, theyre now not as popular as before. 

4. KARA  Radio Famous person controversy

After adding Hara and Jiyoung, and advancing promotinos to Japan, it used to betransparent that KARA had grow to bemoderatelya well-liked daughter group. However, when they went on Radio Star to advertise their fourth album, Hara threw a water bottle, and Jiyoung cried because she didnt would like to do aegyo. As a result of controversy, they received lots ofgrievance and their 4th album didnt do well. Eventually, Nicole and Jiyoung left the group, and now KARA isnt as popular as they once were. 

5. 2NE1  Boms drug controversy

2NE1 was a popular organization sine their debut. They became fashionablein no time and held onto their popularity for years. However, Park Bom was stuck smuggling drugs, but endured to sell without rationalization or reflection. But the public eventually became their backs to the group and 2NE1 hasnt promoted for over a year. There have even been rumors of the group disbanding. 

6. Girls Day  attitude controversy

After a member change, and releasing hits such as Expectation, Feminine President, and Something, Girls Day became a very popular girl group. They recently released their 2dcomplete album, and their namemusic Ring My Bell was praised for being an even song. However, they were accused of having bad attitudes while on an AfreecaTV flow and received much of criticism. They ended up finishing their promotions early.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

This is so trueSo true if simplest they have beena bit of more careful ㅠㅠFriggin sending WG to the states was one of these bad movePlease dont send someone else out like that please Sir JYPT-ARA would have been still so giant if it werent for that scandal Source: Instiz

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U-KISS’ Dongho Unearths  The real  Explanation why He Determined  To move back To The K-Pop Industry

U-KISS’ Dongho Unearths The real Explanation why He Determined To move back To The K-Pop Industry

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In spite ofto get started withpointing out his retirement from the entertainment industry, former U-KISS member Dongho stocks the maximumfunctionalexplanation why on his fresh return. 

On July 13th, the singer and actor gave the impression on an episode of MBC’s Radio Star where he mentioned the mainadjustments in his lifestyleswhich contains his recent marriage and the birth of his son.

For the beyond year, Dongho has been struggling witha form of speculations after saying his plans of marriage, in conjunction with news of his wife’s pregnancy, which made him probably the most youngest idol celebrities to do so. The inside of trackat firstsurprisedlovers since he announced his retirement from the industry, adding his departure from U-KISS back in 2013.

However, as the episode progressed, he boldly declared that he desiresto pass back to the industry for an excessively practicaly. When asked why, Dongho roused laughter onset when he stated that, “Baby milk and diapers aren't affordable… I would like to make a comeback.” 

Aside from taking a look subsequently his newborn son and his wife, Dongho remains active in the industry as a DJ.

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Lee Guk Joo Taken To Health facility After Harm On Set

Lee Guk Joo Taken To Health facility After Harm On Set

Lee Guk Joo Taken To Sanatorium later onHarm On Setilmare42 July 12, 2016 0 Lee Guk Joo Taken To Hospital After Injury On Set It's been reported that comedienne Lee Guk Joo was once injured while filming the tvN display “Comedy Giant League.”

A source from the prove says that Lee Guk Joo fell on her head right through the filming of a game, unexpectedevery person on set, and an ambulance became called. “However she showed how pro she is, as she achieved up the scene,” they add.

It was reported on July thirteen that Lee Guk Joo is receiving remedy at a hospital in Seoul. The level of her injury has no longer yet been announced.

Lee Guk Joo is a comedienne beneath FNC Entertainment who is understood for her appearances on presentationscorresponding to “Roommate,” “Star King,” “Comedy Large League,” and so much of more.

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Teen Best  Unearths  Information about 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project

Teen Best Unearths Information about 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project

Teen Most sensibleUnearthsInformation about sixth Anniversary Fan Song Task ehk38 July 10, 2016 0 Teen Top DisplaysSmall print About 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project Teenager summit has printedthe following project they have got in shop for their 6th anniversary!

During their Naver V App broadcast, which came about in the night time of July 10, TEEN TOP happy fan interest surrounding Teen Tops 3rd anniversary project.

We have sung fan songs for our Angels in the past, yet amongst the Angel Song Project, we plan on for my part writing and composing a fan song ourselves to specific our thankful hearts on our sixth anniversary, L.Joe explains.

C.A.P adds, This fan song can be revealed at Teen Tops upcoming 5th fan meeting.

The Angel Song Project is slated to consist of 2 fan songs. All through the broadcast, the participants played a game to divide themselves up into two teams. The primary team, composed of C.A.P, Ricky, and L.Joe will be writing a hip hop song, and the 2nd one team, composed of Changjo, Niel, and Chunji, will do a ballad.

Teen Top debuted in July nine of 2010 and is celebrating their sixth anniversary with a chain of projects. They kicked off the celebrations via sharing the previously unreleased song video for romance Comes, a track they practically debuted with.

Are you taking a lookahead to the Angel Song Project?

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Lee Hong Ki unearths he used to be forced into his faith  through FNC

Lee Hong Ki unearths he used to be forced into his faith through FNC

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn a published of jTBCSleeping With The Boss, popular idol group FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki revealed some startling facts about his non secular practices.

According to Hong Ki, when he entered FNC Entertainment as a trainee he was once an atheist, yetbecame forced to visit church each and every Sunday since the agencys CEO was Christian. Because Hong Kis claims might be interpreted as his firm forcing him into religion, however, his CEO repliedby way of explaining that he made Hong Ki move to church to educate him tune every bit a teacher, and now not to force faith onto him.

You can bring FTISLAND to a townclose to you with MyMusicTaste. Take a glance at this video to determine how!

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