Smartphone Use Hurts Language Development

Smartphone Use Hurts Language Development

Early or over the top smartphone use damages the improvement of language skills, a find out about suggests.

Prof. Hong Se-hee of Korea University and his team surveyed some 4,672 9th graders final year. They discovered that the 2,293 children who had beganthe usage of smartphones ahead of they even entered heartfacultybest scored 16.3 issues out of 35 on a Korean-language evaluation.

Those who had no longer scored on moderate 17.17 elements

The overall mean used to be 16.6.

Scores were also decrease among children who depended heavily on their smartphone, turned into uneasy when it was taken clear of them, and most popular to keep up a correspondencevia texting in position of face-to-face.

Their average was even minimize at 15.67 points, while those with low to average dependency scored rather above the overall mean at 16.7.

Hong said, "The more dependent at the smartphone, the more the scholars roledamaged language and shortened words and read and write only short passages".

"It turns out that either their language construction and their logical reasoning, vocabulary and writing talents degenerate because they use their telephoneat all timesand feature fewer opportunities to read and analyze books or newspapers".

Parents irrespective ofsource of revenue did little to therapythe location alongsidepersonal tutoring. "Parents imagine Korean less vital than English and math and hence invest less", Hong added.

But teenagers who join inin class reading methods or reading club activities get exceptionally prime scores.

The 89 scholars in the look at who took section in thosecourses scored on average 22.34 points, just about six points more than the overall mean.


Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Development In Gangnam

Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Development In Gangnam

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter22-year old miss A member Suzy has officially bought her first development in the most-exclusive Seoul neighborhood, Gangnam.

According to a report by Sports Seoul, Suzy purchased a building in Gangnam firstly built in 2012 on April 27th for 3 billion won, or approximately $3.2 million USD. It incorporates a two-level basement and five-floors above ground. It's faralsoprinted that she also took out a loan of 1.7 billion won in her criminalcall of Bae Su Ji.

The first and 2ndgroundwerebecame studios, the 3rdsurface equally a commercial facility, and the fourth as person studios, the fullper thirty dayscondo comes to 15 million won, or just about $13,000 USD a month. Given its high location, Suzy is decided to earn a go back of 5.6% annual rate.

Debuting as a phase ofpass over A in 2010, Suzy has temporarily rose viastatus and earned the nickname of the International locations First Love. At a mere 20-years old, Suzy brought in many ad deals earning the nickname as the one hundred million greenback girl.

Meanwhile on June 6th, Suzys first televised drama in two years will premiere. She capabilities in the KBS2 drama Uncontrollably Fond along actor Kim Woo Bin.

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Pantech Makes Comeback with New Smartphone

Pantech Makes Comeback with New Smartphone

Pantech has bounced back from financial disasterbelow new ownership to unveil a brand-new smartphone.

The corporate in a press convention in Seoul on Wednesday unveiled the IM-100, which celebrates its 13th-hour rescue for the explanation thatcall sounds like "I'm back" when read in Korean.

It is Pantech's first new smartphone in 19 months and the primarybecause the Solid-Optis consortium bought the manufacturer in October closing year.

Pantech used to be once Korea's No. 2 smartphone maker, yet its focal point on top rateunits proved disastrous, so the IM-100 shifts solution to more reasonable models.

It prices W449,000, shedding to around W300,000 with programsintroducedthroughcellularservices (US$1=W1,155). It has a 5.15-inch screen and 32 GB memory.

Pantech also showcased what it calls the "Stone" as a better halfinstrument -- a wireless charger and 2.1-channel Bluetooth speaker in one. For state-of-the-art simplicity of design, the IM-100 bears no logo. It is going tomove on sale thru KT and SK Telecom next week.

The Solid-Optis consortium purchased Pantech when creditors had nearly given up. It has since laid off masses of staff, and the long run of the visitors hinges on whether the IM-100 sells or not.

Pantech hopes to shift 300,000 devices in Korea.

Head of product building Kim Tae-hyup said, "Rather than compete with inexpensive models from other manufacturers, we situated the IM-100 in the mid-range segment. We plan to roll out new models each six months and are in talks over exports to the U.S., Japan and Indonesia".

But the streetforward is tough. Sales of inexpensive phones were soaring around the sector since last year now that the era is mature and differences between models transform negligible.

Pantech should also compete in marketing alongside industry heavyweights who have extra money to spend, but the agency believes there are committedloversavailable in the market and hopes it can attraction to younger, style-conscious consumers.


I.O.I’s Kyulkyung Is Being Identified  By way of  Lovers For Her Attractiveness And Korean Language Skills

I.O.I’s Kyulkyung Is Being Identified By way of Lovers For Her Attractiveness And Korean Language Skills

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs I.O.I attracted passion for their a success debut, member Kyulkyung is being admired now notmost effective for her looks, yet also for her talents in the Korean language. 

A post on Pann featured a candid photo of the young singer on her contemporaryseek recommendation from to Incheon Global Airport. However, in spite of the random photo, loverscan'tlend a hand but be amazed how the photo appeared not to vary from a photoshoot.

Wearing a crimson bomber jacket, white best and denim shorts, Kyulkyung was once admired for her fuss unfastened outfit and carefree nature.

As netizens commented on her appearance, some can'tassistancefailed toin an instant took her for a foreigner because of her degree name, looks and talents in Korean.

Born as Zhou Jieqiong from Taizhou, China, Kyulkyung became a trainee from Pledis Entertainment sooner than making her debut as a section of I.O.I.

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Having Those  Cellular Apps In your Smartphone Would possibly Get You Killed In North Korea

Having Those Cellular Apps In your Smartphone Would possibly Get You Killed In North Korea

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It's milessomething for North Korea to prohibitparticular products. This time, however, it has banned the use of cellularprograms for speedy messaging. 

In a recordvia the Daily NK published on June 7th, North Korean users of foreign instant message applications comparable to Kakao Talk, Line and WeChat could be arrest for suspicion of espionage. The hot rule was once a reaction to the building up of mobile phones originating from China as the software facilitates the substituteof dataout of doors the country.

Those who will be discoveredthe usage of the mobile applications are dubbed as traitors and may exist charged with espionage for “associating with the enemy” and is also sent to a political legal camp as punishment.

Kakao Communicate and Line are services and products that originated in South Korea, whilst WeChat, who also these dayshave become a target of those surveillances, originated from China.

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“Cheese in the Trap” Manufacturer Talks Development In Casting Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

“Cheese in the Trap” Manufacturer Talks Development In Casting Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

Cheese in the Trap Manufacturer Talks Development In Casting Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jinehk38 Might 24, 2016 0 Cheese in the Trap Producer Talks Progress In Casting Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin Following news of Park Hae Jins casting in the male lead role for the movie adaptation of Cheese in the Trap, there has been in an largerpastime in who could be his female co-star.

On Can also 24, the flicks productcorporate Mountain StreamTalespread out more or less their progress in locatinga feminine lead.

There hasnt yet been any discussion about the feminine lead, the production companys rep shares. We are making plans on stay all of our features open.

The rep also says that because the flick is a joint Korean-Chinese production, there is a chance that the female lead role may be filled through a Chinese actress.

Meanwhile, the film Cheese in the Trap will start filming early next year and is slated to hit theaters in the summer of 2017.

Who do you wantto peer in the female lead role?

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Samsung Reclaims Most sensible Spot in U.S. Smartphone Sales

Samsung Reclaims Most sensible Spot in U.S. Smartphone Sales

Samsung Electronics has reclaimed the No. 1 spot in the U.S. smartphone marketplacethank you to robust sales of its newest Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone.

Samsung accounted for 28.8 % of the U.S. market on the topic of sales in March to take over the head place for the primary fourth dimension in 11 months because it led the market in April final year, in keeping with Hong Kong-based studiescompany Counterpoint on Monday.

Apple ranked 2nd alongside a 23 percent market share, followed by capability of LG Electronics.

Samsung sold more than 10 million Galaxy S7s internationalin barely3 weeks after its unlock on March 11.

Industry insiders say the electronics massive will continue to revel in brisk sales for some time. Its greatest rival Apple is promoting its first budget smartphone, the iPhone SE, from March 31 to offset slow sales of the iPhone 6S, yetit's far reportedly now not attracting much attention.


Roy Kim makes an uncanny mistake on his smartphone

Roy Kim makes an uncanny mistake on his smartphone

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSinger Roy Kim finds the funny mistake he made whilst texting on his smartphone. 

On April 25th, Roy Kim up to date his non-public Instagram account with a screenshot of his text conversations with an Uber driver. In the photo, it states that he to get started withgained a message saying, “Hi 12 months uber ride is here.” To this he replied, “Yup, give me 30 sex” sooner thaninstantly sending his corrections saying, “Oops,” and “Sec.” 

The screenshot in theircommunicationused to beextra posted with a caption saying, “Oops,” which earned a good deal ofreaction from his fans.

Currently, Roy Kim is in Washington, D.C atttending Georgetown University.

A photo posted by potential of 로이킴 Roy Kim (@roykimmusic) on Apr 24, 2016 at 5:09pm PDT

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Record Numbers Sit down Korean Language Test

Record Numbers Sit down Korean Language Test

Principals from Australian facultiesthat provide Korean as a 2nd language take a set photo in front of Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul throughout their commute in Korea on Sunday.

Learning Korean is the entire rage in many nations where K-pop and Korean soaps have captured hearts and minds. A listing 72,295 applicants took the 46th Check of Skillability in Korean (TOPIK), which was once administered at 164 places in forty five countries remaining Saturday.

The TOPIK happened on each and every continent, from Argentina to South Africa.

The first TOPIK in 1997 drew simplest 2,692 applicants in 4 countries -- Korea, Japan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Since then the selection of exam takers has multiplied 27 times.

Another circular of the test might be administered in straggler countries Bolivia, Jamaica and Poland in the moment onepart of this year.

Run by capacity of the Schooling Ministry and the National Institute for Global Education, the TOPIK evaluates the language proficiency of non-native speakers.

Initially many of the applicants were foreigners getting married to Koreans and the youngsters of in a foreign country Koreans. Yet numbers have soared since Korean soap operas and K-pop have become an foreign craze in the mid-2000s.

"If this vogue continues, the variety of test takers will exceed 300,000 this year", a ministry reputable said.

Korean is taught as a second foreign language in 1,224 number one and secondary schools in 28 countries. Some 1,143 schools and universities in another country teach Korean language courses.


‘Page Turner’ Demonstrates Targeted  Persona Development

‘Page Turner’ Demonstrates Targeted Persona Development

20160415_seoulbeats_pageturner_kbsPage Turner Demonstrates TargetedPersonaBuildingWritten through Sonya On April 15, 201620160413_seoulbeats_jisooWhen Park Hye-ryun released data more or less her new KBS drama, Page Turner, there was oncea huge number of interest, given her song record: Pinocchio, Dream High, and I Listen Your Voice. With its plot of over-burdened music scholars and a gymnast, who query their direction in existence after two accidents, Page Turner is a gripping tale. It stars the ever unswerving Kim So-hyun as Yoon Yoo-seul, emergingmegastar Kim Ji-soo as Jang Cha-shik, and Sassy Move Go’s Shin Jae-ha as Suh Jin-mook.

This review contains spoilers; so once youprevent reading correct now, the maximum important takeaway is that Page Turner could bethe most productive drama of 2016, thank you to its forged storytelling-wise mixed amongstfantastic acting.

Unlike the moderateperiod of dramas, which variety about 16, or maybe drama specials, which can be one episode, Page Turner is a 3 episode drama. There's no minimum or maximum time in which to inform a just right story; yet every bitnoticed with weekend dramas, which span over masses of episodes, and the loss ofreputation for one-episode drama specials, pacing in a drama is paramount.

By having a shorter drama, time constraints accelerate the pacing and make allowance more center of attention to be put on dynamic characters and their development. Since the full drama is below three hours, there are not any superfluous characters. Each and every of the 3primary characters undergoes a dramatic trade in their mindset from the beginning of episode 1, to the finish of episode 3.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.55.49 PMIn a standard drama, the feminine protagonist would possiblyneed to sacrifice non-publicexpansionso as to redeem the male lead; in Page Turner, however, all three characters mutually grow. There is a drastic switch from two angry pianists and a gymnast to two passionate pianists and a budding pianist. This change is very bestvisible in episode 3 with the three-way piano at the piano concur.

Park Hye-ryun can havewithout problems rested on cliches, with the crucial plot of the drama being overburdened kids set in a music college setting. But as viewed with Dream High, and now with Page Turner, Park Hye-ryun has a definite knack for encapsulating the realities of minor and developing a talestuffed with hope.

Where the drama may just accepteffortlessly gone dark with Yoo-seul making an attempt suicide, Cha-shik considering suicide, and Jin-mook’s emotionally abusive father, Park Hye-ryun uses humor and irony to diffuse tension. There’s situational irony with Yoo-seul attempting suicide by jumping off a parking garage ledge, only to fall instantly into Cha-shik’s arms; and dramatic irony with Cha-shik contemplating suicide just moments before. And yet, the drama remains light.

The drama keepsquite a few realism with Yoo-seul changing into blinded and now notdressed in sunglasses, a well-liked trope in TV. Yoo-seul’s bloodless personality is additional exacerbated by her disability and she makes bigadjustments in her life; she says she needs to surrender piano and in any caseunearths her innermost mind to her mother.

20160413_seoulbeats_jisoo_sohyunThe name of the drama, Page Turner, its manifestly music related; but being someone’s page turner is being someone’s support. This drama putsso much of literal emphasis on page turners, that can make or ruin a performance; but it's miles also all about being a page turner for any person else. Cha-shik supports Yoo-seul’s love for music; Yoo-seul unknowingly supports Jin-mook’s ardour for music; and Jin-mook supports Yoo-seul’s music.

While romance can make a drama more popular, Park Hye-ryun rightfully doesnt push for relationships where all three of the major leads aren’t able for romance. Yoo-seul is still adjusting to her disability and finding out how to make friends, while avoiding aloofness as a defense mechanism. And as evidenced with Cha-shik, he's at a turning point in his life, pursuing a new passion.

That isn'tto mention that the courting between the three won’t later turn romantic, as there were transparent hints in opposition to IT between Cha-shik and So-hyun. But any relationship at this era of time in their life would be bad and none of them are emotionally prepared.

The time constraint in this drama also would only permit for spur-of-the-moment romances, or romance dining away at their private development. Not having a romantic finishing is more realistic; with three characters in a happier position in their life, this is most likely notregarded asthe averageconcept of a glad ending  but it should be.

Others might say that not revealing Yoo-seul’s reaction to winning the piano concur with Jin-mook become a letdown, and while having Yoo-seul acutely conscious of Jin-mook can besensible for their later friendship, it wasn’t vital for her character arc. Yoo-seul and Jin-mooks story arcs are ones where they rediscover their love of music in spite of familial drive to be the best. The flash ahead was mandatory so shall we see how those piano consentsreplacednot just their lives but the onesin their parents, too.

The genuine conclusion to Page Turner is that last piano functionality of Liszt’s arrangement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, which defines the show’s essence: one of joy and the party of music. Park Hye-ryun’s Page Turner is like Liszt’s arrangement: when Liszt attempted to transcribe Beethoven’s symphony (an orchestral piece requiring a wide ensemble) for solo piano, he discoveredthe trouble for one consumer to play hence, two pianos. Having all three leads play in combination demonstrates how much having supportive buddies and taking section in music changed their lives.

In short, Page Turner was magical.