Snapchat: A New Technology of Social Media

Snapchat: A New Technology of Social Media

20160227_seoulbeats_ericnam_tablo_amberSnapchat: A New Technology of Social Media?Written through Sydney On July 11, 201620160629_seoulbeats_brianAs Snapchat becomes more prevalent, it isn'tsudden that Korean celebrities also arestarting to use the application to attach to their fans, and even perhapsattraction to prospective fans. Some of the celebsthe usage of IT include UKISSs Kevin, Eric Nam, Tablo, SNSDs Tiffany and Sooyoungf(x)s Amber, and Gray.

You might or won't take heard of it before, yet Snapchat is a social networking application which boasts over one hundred million users and over 10 billion video perspectives daily. It's milesessentially a messaging application where users send timed footage and videos that can be accessorized with captions and filters. After the set time is up, the pictures are deleted. This theoretically lets in for snippets, or Snaps, of the folkslifestyles to be shared with buddies in a carefree and unrefined manner.

More recently, Snapchat has expanded to transform more of a social networking website online alongside the introductionof reports for users to proportion Snaps with all in theirpals at once. With the creation of Reviews and the option of Discovery, corporationsmay share promotional videos through Snapchat. Similarly, idols can share their stories on the platform to users who can freely apply their stories, and even reply without delay to the images in the tale without being observed by any others.

But how is Snapchat other from other (older) sorts of social media? Or more importantly, where is Snapchat in the timeline of repeatedly evolving idol-fan dating dynamics? Perhaps we wish tocrossa bit ofextraago and get started from a time before social media.

Prior to the advent of social media, K-pop idols and loversmost effective interacted in user at song shows, concerts, or call-ins at radio shows. Fans learned data close to their idols thru interviews and appearances on radio broadcasts, tv shows, and magazines. Fans of the K-pop originators can maximum likelyconsider the days where phones with cords (e.g. landlines and phones at telephone booths) were necessary in getting announcements and vote casting for their favourite idols, and when a VHS recording was once the most out there style to re-watch  – or watch  – them.

In general, it type of feels that there has been no genuine agency to know idols with the exception of the images created for them, and the appearances idols made on quite so much ofpresentations were most certainlywithout difficulty regulated and regulated because they might be edited prior to release. Plus, the most visuala section of a superstarbecome their performance, and that says very little about their exact personalities. All it displays is the perfected result of endless hours of practice.

20160629_seoulbeats_fx_amberThe occurrence of social media has replaced this idol-fan dynamic, and celebrities are now creatures less alien to us. Social media in overall bridges the divide between idol and fan by offering fans with furthersubject matter to help them in forming a more cohesive symbol of the idol. Also, the advent of social media has allowed K-pop to spread further than its borders, into the web where the fabric becomes more widely and readily available.

With company-created Facebook pages and reputable websites, we get more detailed guide about the idols akin to their profiles and scheduled events, permitting fans to be told more about them and in finding opportunities to enhance them. With private Twitter accounts, fans can see snippets of idols mind and most likely how they have interaction with others on an off-the-cuff basis. Instagram, meanwhile, permits idols to share images – in most casessparsely edited and selected – from their lives.

Though thosebureaucracy of social media are supposed to bridge the distance between idol and fan, the cloth presented still turns out regulated and rigorously considered. After all, one would probably think two timesprior to posting anythingon the web because once the drapery is posted, it can notactually ever be taken back. And, it mightrather well exist used opposed to you in the future.

In contrast, Snapchat, more so than other kinds of social media, appears to bring an extrapart of closeness between idol and fan by way of its ephemerality.

In general, Snaps do have a tendency to be brief, unedited, and unrefined glimpses of peoples lives. Audiencerevel in the Snaps in a brisk velocity dictated by the sender. Additionally, the Snapchat Stories only exist for twenty-four hours before they disappear. In contrast, other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter permit viewers to have an unlimitedquantity of time to browse whatever they wish. Of course, Snaps can also bestored in the shape of screenshots, but they aren't meant for that purpose. They are meant to be glanced at, thought to be briefly, and doubtlesslyin the end forgotten.

Thus, the temporality of the images allows for this ease and carefreeness through which fans can see how idols capture and interpret small, everyday things. This carefreeness makes the idol appear more like a chum that feels no disgrace in appearing their more unattractive and dull sides. Also, since Snapchat has the stories in a continualcirculationjumbled in with the Snapchat stories of your friends, you fail to remember whose Snaps you'retaking a look at, and it feels as though all the stories presented belong to peersin position of strangers.

Though the Snaps do seem to bea lot more stripped down and personable, the term social media still calls attention to the truththat each and every onefabricsthroughout the source are mediated one way or the other or another. After all, the idols can persistently retake Snaps, and idols are still very much conscious and wary of the material that they put out for their fans to see.

Thus, theres no way of knowing whether or no longer these Snapchat personas are simply extensions of the ones they are forced to take on by their companies, and now noteven supposing the character is one contrived by the idols themselves. Whilst it seems as though Snapchat is an street for idols to turned into closer to their fans, there might also not be a basic difference between it and other sorts of social media.

On the turn side, Snapchat could cause fans to feel closer to their idols and make allowance them to forge a more own connection with them. While it presumably translates into providing more in a position support to the idols, it is helping fans realize that idols are humans with flaws too. This humanization then allows for an id and more potent bond with the idol, where they can then be approached as decent equals instead of untouchable, summary entities affixed with irrational expectations.

What are your thoughts on idols use of Snapchat? Does it seem to present an additional detail of closeness not afforded on other social media platforms, or does it seem similar?

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Sandara Park takes lovers on a private one-on-one date by way of social media

Sandara Park takes lovers on a private one-on-one date by way of social media

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter2NE1 member Sandara Park greeted her enthusiastscurrentlythrough taking them out on a date with her via her Instagram account.

On July 13th, Sandara posted two pictures on her account, the usage of a selfie stick as she walked round thetown in an adorable getup. She writes, Blackjack Nolja! Today, youre dating me!

She presentations off her distinct style sense and dressed inoriginal accessories to check her outfit. Her unblemished, glowing and little one skin especially stands proud in her photos. In one photo, Sandara relays her lovable charms as she sticks a tongue out whilstmaking ready to dig into her tonkatsu meal.

Meanwhile, she recently wrapped up her activities as one of the most MC for jTBCSugarman, and is proceeding her solo activities with the exception of 2NE1.

Image: Date with fans by way of Instagram / @daraxxi Image: Date with fans through Instagram / @daraxxi

Image: Taking section in close to lunch on her Date with fans / @daraxxi Image: Enjoying some lunch on her Date with fans / @daraxxi

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Watch: gugudan Introduces Participants With Lovable Videos And Verifies Social Media Accounts

Watch: gugudan Introduces Participants With Lovable Videos And Verifies Social Media Accounts

Watch: gugudan Introduces Individuals alongsideLovely Videos And Verifies Social Media Accountskokoberry June 17, 2016 0 Watch: gugudan Introduces Members With Cute Videos And Verifies Social Media Accounts Following the expose of the call of Jellyfish Entertainments first woman group, gugudan, the firm has showed social media accounts for the group.

gugudan has proven social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Daum cafe, and Weibo.

So a long wayparticular person nine-second videos had been uploaded featuring members Hana, Nayoung, Mimi, and Soyee.

#구구단(#gugudan) #하나 의 첫인사

#Gu9udan #Hana #Mimi #Nayoung #Soyee

Big Hit Entertainment and BTS Obtain  Compliment From Fanatics  Because of Their Activeness On Social Media

Big Hit Entertainment and BTS Obtain Compliment From Fanatics Because of Their Activeness On Social Media

5kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter One importantfacet equally an idol is some way to be in contact alongside their fanatics and vice versa, which is why it is vitally exciting when a social media account is opened as it's miles more widely to be had to fans over the arenarather than a fan cafe.

In particular, BTS and their firm Big Hit Entertainment either are being praised by way of their fans for using social media platforms to its fullest, now notsimplest keeping ARMYs up-to-date with their promotional activities in regards to their trackor maybeparticular person schedules yet updating with all kinds and number of content.

On best of selcas on Twitter, the BTS individuals volitionsuggest music to their fans on height of having individual series equivalent to doing homework with Jin, J-Hopes photo album, Kim (Rapmon) Day-to-day and more. Large reach Entertainment will also tweet legitimate agency updates as well.

For their crew YouTube account, BTS has over six hundred videos uploaded that incorporates their music videos, teasers, BANGTANG Bomb series, Logs, Sugas album stories and more.

They also arefairly active on their V App account with several series on it as smartly such as 1 Minute in English with Rap Monster and Jongkook, Run BangTan and others. Of course, they dont fail to remember their fan cafe in Korea. On top of that, every year, the gang too released photobooks, DVDs and the likes.

In addition, BTS has held a FESTA tournamentonce a year for their debut anniversary, sharing a time table with fans in which they free up and post all forms of special content for fans as they celebrate together. In particular, the boy neighborhood is these days celebrating their 3rd year anniversary with the FESTA 2016.

With such a lot content coming from the organization and the agency itself (with maximum of it effortlesslyout there and for FREE!), ARMYs are indubitablyone of the crucial most green with envy fandoms in K-Pop.

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BIGBANGs Seungri Asks Fanatics  No longer To Attack His Friend On Social Media

BIGBANGs Seungri Asks Fanatics No longer To Attack His Friend On Social Media

BIGBANG’s Seungri Asks LoversNo longer To Attack His Friend On Social Medianotclaira June 8, 2016 0 BIGBANG’s Seungri Asks Fans Not To Attack His Friend On Social Media Recently, BIGBANG’s Seungri met up with Taiwanese actor Darren Wang (also referred to as Wang Da Lu) and took an image amongst him and a feminine friend named Maggie.

On June 7, Maggie uploaded the photo to Weibo and wrote, “Men can leave yetpals are at all timesthrough your side. I’ve learned gratitude and what is precious. Thank you to the entireexcellentcompany around me.”

The photo and caption drew the anger of fans all across Asia and they left negative comments on her social media account.

In October, Maggie and Seungri were photographed in combination in Taiwan, spurring rumors that the 2 were dating. She has since explained that her close courting with celebrities is because of her paintings every bit a translator and that the scandal used to be unfounded.

Seungri took to his own Weibo to repost the image that Maggie uploaded. “Maggie is truly my friend,” he wrote. “Please forestall attacking her. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is determined to free up their first taskmovie “BIGBANG MADE” in honor in their 10th anniversary.

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#BIGBANG #Seungri

Sulli Returns To Social Media Thru Chinese Platform Weibo After Deactivating Instagram Account

Sulli Returns To Social Media Thru Chinese Platform Weibo After Deactivating Instagram Account

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter deactivating her private Instagram account, it more or less feels like former f(x) member Sulli has made her pass to Weibo permanent. 

On June 7th, Sulli posted a couple of more footage of herself via her own Weibo account, one of which used to be a photo taken ahead of she changed into about to burst into laughter. Dressed in a white blouse and minimum make-up, Sulli captivated the eye of her fans with her unique charms.

For the beyond few days, the singer and actress was spotted to have repeatedlyup to date her Weibo account, which began with posts from her contemporarycommute to Italy. 

Fans are now discussing if the surprisingjob on Weibo was a replacement for her social media updates after deactivating her personal Instagram account. It was reported that Sulli closed her account after receiving rampant criticisms of her risque updates.

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The Sunday Social, 6/5: Sign up for Our Social Media Team!

The Sunday Social, 6/5: Sign up for Our Social Media Team!

20160605_seoulbeats_snsd_smallerThe Sunday Social, 6/5: Sign up for Our Social Media Team!Written via Gaya On June 5, 201620160513_seoulbeats_crush3Hello everyone, and Glad Sunday!

Its a new month, and with it comes a new opportunity to paintings alongside Seoulbeats: we are these daystrying to find enthusiastic, motivated and switched-on K-pop enthusiaststo sign up in our awesome Social Media team on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Googleand more! If this sounds like the role for you, then dont hesitate follow today!

And if social media doesnt feel like your more or less thing, yetyou might still love to work with us, you'll be in a position tobe told more about other opportunities here. And we at all times welcome guest posts, like this impassioned review of CrushInterlude we published maximum recently.

Good success to all applying; we stay up for hearing from you!

(Images via: SM Entertainment, Amoeba Culture)


AOA’s Seolhyun Got rid of From Discuss with Korea Committee Legitimate  Web page And Social Media

AOA’s Seolhyun Got rid of From Discuss with Korea Committee Legitimate Web page And Social Media

AOAs Seolhyun Got rid of From Seek recommendation from Korea Committee LegitimateWebsite online And Social Mediaorionight Might 22, 2016 0 AOAs Seolhyun Removed From Visit Korea Committee Official Site And Social Media In spite ofthe former announcement that AOA’s Seolhyun would no longer be removed as a tourism ambassador, the idol has been removed from the Visit Korea Committee website as of May just 22.

Seolhyun was onceto get started with appointed as a tourism ambassador along actor Lee Min Ho for the “2016~2018 Years of Korea Tourism.” However, Seolhyun and her fellow AOA member Jimin these daysgot herebelowhearth for being not able to respectcrucialancient figure on their display “Channel AOA.” The gaffe has drawn much complaint from netizens, especially relating to Seolhyun’s ambassador position, saying, “It is no longer sensible that she’s in command ofcoaching other’s about Korea when she doesn’t know Korean history.”

It seems that Seolhyun’s symbol has been erased from either the official homepage and all social media accounts because of the controversy. However, a representative from the Visit Korea Committee stated, “We don't have any plans to update her as a tourism ambassador.” The representative added, “Seolhyun became appointed as a tourism ambassador in reaction to her contributions of her talents. The photographs being deleted has not anything to do with a replacement.”

What are your mindat the removal of her pictures?

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Fans Collect The 10 Easiest Of Suzy’s Fresh Social Media Selfies

Fans Collect The 10 Easiest Of Suzy’s Fresh Social Media Selfies

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens rave over the pretty selfies taken these daysby way of Suzy

Suzy is irrefutably regarded as equallyprobably the mostmost lovelyfeminine idols in the K-pop industry. Yet is she handiest getting prettier and prettier?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens rave over the recently taken selfies of Suzy.

Titled Visual Best Female Idols Fresh Selfies, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Ive only observed Suzy in photos.

But I will entirelybelieve that I'll faint if I see her good looks in genuinelifestyles right?

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

25 / -8 I love her with less make up and without red lips. I am willing on her innocence in Spring season make up

19 / -21 There isnt too much cosmetic left with her now haha. Yoo Jung wins

16 / -1 Suzy looks gorgeousregardless of taking random selfies

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Businesses Thrive Growing Social Media Buzz

Businesses Thrive Growing Social Media Buzz

A developingselection ofcompanies thrive by capability ofpromoting their prospectsthe desirefor a larger social media "presence" and boosting it for them.More fans on Facebook or Instagram, the concept goes, mean more buzz, and that translates into more shoppers for goods and services. One garmentscorporate hired this sort offirms in February so asto spice up "likes" on Facebook. For a price of W52,000, the variety of "likes" surged to 1,000 in only one day (US$1=W1,149). "Until now, we had a difficult time looking tospice up the number of 'likes' or even had to invitebuddies to click their support, yet nosotrosshouldn't haveto movethru such hassles any longer", the company's PR manager says. The guests intends to take benefit of the provider for 3 more months.Sometimes other people just need more followers for themselves. One 27-year-old university student in Seoul contacted one agency promising to lift his followers on Instagram. He paid W69,000, and two hours later he used to be inundated with new followers. Around 20 businessesbe offering such services and productsat the Internet, but some use faux accounts to create an phantasm of success, and it's miles unclear whether even authentic "likes" in point of fact translate into more business. A staffer at one of thoseservices admits, "We've opened thousands of fauxelectronic mail accounts. Instagram deletes fake accounts, but we justneed to make more".Prof. Kwak Keum-joo at Seoul National University said, "Many individuals fixate on the number of 'likes' or followers on social media because someone can in theory go viral. Tillof us realize that this is solely hype, boosting followers is going to be excellent business".