Song Hye-kyo looks captivating in unedited photo

Song Hye-kyo looks captivating in unedited photo

Song Hye-kyo's impossible to resist appearance has stolen the display at a wayemblem event.

Chae Han-seok, a stylist, posted his selfie he took in conjunction with Song Hye-kyo in addition a photo of Song Hye-kyo on his private Instagram on July 25th.

Song Hye-kyo lately attended a type brand tournament in Hong Kong. In the printed photos, Song Hye-kyo in the black see-through get dressed she wore at the development looks flawlessly mesmerizing.

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'Immortal Song 2' Apologizes For The usage of Wrong Photo of I.O.I

'Immortal Song 2' Apologizes For The usage of Wrong Photo of I.O.I

'Immortal Song 2' Apologizes For The use of Wrong Photo of I.O.I Jun 13, 2016 12:16

On June 11, I.O.I carried outenergeticlevel on "Immortal Song 2" yetahead of that, audience especially lovers are stunned upon the advent of the crowd when a wrong team photo of I.O.I flashed on their screen.

In the photo, 11 participants of "Produce 101" are displayed appearingone of the vitalremoved members in its place of Im Nayoung, Kim Doyeon, Jung Chaeyeon, and Joo Kyul Kyung with the caption "I.O.I Members", In regard to this, 'Immortal Song" PD Lee Tae Heon problems an apology latelyvia a telephone call with Sports Chosun and expresses that it was once an obtrusive mistake of a staff. The workforce used a fanmade photo whilsttrying to findanythingto exploit for the video clip but did notexamine the members on it. Tae Heon PD apologizes to the fans and I.O.I members and assures that they're going tomost effectiveunlock the corrected videos on rebroadcast and released videos later on.

Lastly, Tae Heon PD thank you I.O.I for the good stage in spite ofthe mistake on their part. Meanwhile, I.O.I brightened up "Immortal Song 2" stage with their lively unfashionablefunctionality of Hong Search engine marketing Bum's "Fireworks"

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“Song-Song” Couple, Yoo Ah In, And Park Bo Gum Take Friendly Photo In combination Backstage

“Song-Song” Couple, Yoo Ah In, And Park Bo Gum Take Friendly Photo In combination Backstage

Song-Song Couple, Yoo Ah In, And Park Bo Gum Take Friendly Photo In combinationBehind the scenes kminjungee June 4, 2016 0 Song-Song Couple, Yoo Ah In, And Park Bo Gum Take Friendly Photo Together Backstage On June 4, Yoo Ah In posted a photo considering his close buddies Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, and Park Bo Gum whilst backstage all the style through the 52nd Baeksang Art Awards onto his non-public Instagram.

He cleverly adds a caption that says, Post-fanmeeting, and also adds hashtags for roles the opposite actors have played, like Choi Taek from Answer 1988, Kang Mo Yeon from Descendants of the Sun, and Gu Yong Ha from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Yoo Ah In exudes air of secrecy while having his arm very easily around Song Joong Ki, who brightly smiles for the camera with a v-sign. Song Hye Kyo looks easilystunning while casually staring at at the camera, and Park Bo Gum adorably poses with a large thumbs up.

Yoo Ah In used to be likewise hilariously spotted in every otherunforeseen photo from the night, making an appearance as antagonistic to Park Bo Gum in a Respond 1988 solid photo. The big name looks strangely like he belongs in the photo as well.

Meanwhile, all 4 actors walked away with awards that night, with Yoo Ah In winning Best possible Actor in the tv category for 6 Flying Dragons, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo either winning the recognition Award and Global Star award for television, and Park Bo Gum winning InStyles Top Style award.

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Song Joong Ki’s Passport Photo Gets Leaked

Song Joong Ki’s Passport Photo Gets Leaked

Song Joong Kis Passport Photo Gets Leakedkokoberry Would possibly 30, 2016 0 Song Joong Kis Passport Photo Gets Leaked Song Joong Ki is playingfantasticfame alongside the luck of his contemporary drama Descendants of the Sun. Unfortunately, it looks as if the big name is encountering many trickyeventualitiesbecause of the his immense popularity.

The actor experienced an invasion of privacy as his passport latelywere given leaked onto Chinese websites.

While Song Joong Ki used to be departing from an airport, a photo of him and his passport from customs were unknowingly taken and released online. Many suspect that a customs officer secretly took those photos.

This isn'tthe handiest real nuisance the actor has had to care for recently. Previously, a fan uploaded a pretend marriage certificate with Song Joong Ki as well.

Song Joong Ki is currently on a fan assemblyexcursion in Asia. He began meeting enthusiasts in Guangzhou on May just 27. Next up is Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu, and Taipei.

What are your mind on these recent occasions surrounding Song Joong Ki?

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Song Triplets’ Fresh Photo Displays Their Impressive Growth

Song Triplets’ Fresh Photo Displays Their Impressive Growth

Song Triplets Fresh Photo Presentations Their Impressive Expansion JiwonYu Might 27, 2016 0 Song Triplets Recent Photo Shows Their Impressive Growth The Song triplets, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, are creating up so quickly!

On May just 27, CJ EM released a present photo of the triplets, and they matured a lot in this sort of short time.

In the photo, the kidsappear to be they recently got haircuts to combat the warmer weather. Their satisfied smiles appearto mirror their well known bright personalities.

Minguk draws further attention with his lovely v-sign, making everybodypleased at the sight of him.

Meanwhile, the books that the triplets are retaining in the photo will reportedly be donated to a festival for Song Il Gooks upcoming musical 42nd Street, where they will be given out to enthusiastsvia voting.

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Song Joong Ki Is a Rushing Jet-Setter in Vogues Photo Shoot From Commute to Hong Kong

Song Joong Ki Is a Rushing Jet-Setter in Vogues Photo Shoot From Commute to Hong Kong

Song Joong Ki Is a Speeding Jet-Setter in Vogue’s Photo Shoot From Commute to Hong Kongilmare42 April 23, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Joong Ki Is a Dashing Jet-Setter in Vogue’s Photo Shoot From Journey to Hong Kong Most sensiblemegastar Song Joong Ki was once captured on camera taking a look equallygood-looking as ever viaTrend as he turned into on his way to Hong Kong to waita way show.

On the afternoon of April 22, Song Joong Ki arrived at the Incheon airport to head to Hong Kong for the “Dior Homme 2016-2017 IcinessSeriesAre living Show.” The mag Vogue grabbed shots of the actor as he arrived for his flight and then landed in Hong Kong, and uploaded them to Instagram.

They also posted a picture of the star casually chowing down on some dinner at his hotel and a video him pronouncinghi to enthusiasts just as he was about to leave for the event.

#VOGUEKOREA EXCLUSIVE! 홍콩의 밤❤️ #DiorHomme 디자이너 #KrisVanAssche 크리스 반 아쉐의 초대로 홍콩을 찾은 배우 #송중기 보그 오디언스 여러분에게 인사를 전합니다❤️ 지금, 보그 카메라와 함께 Dior Homme Winter 2016/2017 쇼장을 향하고 있습니다 #SongJoongKi 가 입은 수트는 @Dior 크리스 반 아쉐가 직접 보낸 런웨이 룩! 환상적인 수트핏이죠?

A video posted by Vogue Korea (@voguekorea) on Apr 22, 2016 at 6:48am PDT

In addition, Vogue shared footage of Song Joong Ki on the show’s red carpet, in additionan image of him with Belgian clothier Kris Van Assche, who designed Song Joong Ki’s outfit for the evening as a phase of Dior Homme collection and invited him to the show.

Song Joong Ki lately starred in the hit KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun,” which shot him into mega stardom.

More photographs from Song Joong Kis day tripmay also benoticed in Vogues June issue.

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Song Joong-ki,

Song Joong-ki, "Even outdated girlfriend's photo is exposed online, unsatisfied my non-public existence is revealed"

Actor Song Joong-ki printed his uncomfortable feeling about his non-publiclifestyles being exposed to the public.

Song Joong-ki attended a press convention on April 15, which came about in Grand Hyatt Hotel on Sowol-ro, Seoul. He met the journalists there and opened up, "I'm dissatisfied piffling bit those day", when he was once asked if he voted on that day.

Song Joong-ki explained, "Since more other peoplebeganspotting me, my circle of relatives is exposed to the media too much. Lovers come to my area even" and "This is a little unhappy when I am getting to think this is how much I wouldmust deal with" and "I attempted to chorus myself from speaking around my householdthroughout the conference these days as well, in that regard, when my non-public life is to be exposed, then it can be a excellentconceptto invite for consent for it first" and "Honestly speaking, I'm upset that even my outdated girlfriend's photo is going around online" and "I can notspeak aboutballoting here, as itmay be personal. I apologize".


Song Joong-ki's life-sized figure long past from

Song Joong-ki's life-sized figure long past from "Descendants of the Sun" photo zone

"Captain Yoo Si-jin's life-size figure is gone!"

"Descendants of the Sun" Yoo Si-jin, Song Joong-ki's reputation is soaring at the moment.

The KBS 2TV drama "Descendants of the Sun" has a photo zone with Song Joong-ki's life-size poster this is encouraging lovers to visit.

The photo zone used to bea large hit as announcers and stars visiting the KBS construction and fans from Korea and other countries stopped by way of to take photographs amongst the life-size poster.

However, people who visited the websiteat the 8th were disappointed to look that probably the most two life-size figures of Song Joong-ki turned into gone. There were two of them, one of which is of Yoo Si-jin walking and the opposite one of him tying a persons' shoelaces.

A feminine fan in her 40s told News N, "I went to the photo zone to take an image with the figure of Yoo Si-jin tying my shoelaces. I wore footwear for that too yet the figure was no longer there". Resources say it couldhad been stolen.

According to witnesses, traffic of the photo zone had to wait in line to take photography with the life-size figure. The recognitionmay have ended in the robbery of the figure.

Meanwhile, "Descendants of the Sun" is finishing on the 14th with 16 episodes. As manner of soothing disappointed fans, KBS is programming a "Descendants of the Sun Special" for three days till April 22nd.


Song Il Gook Updates Fanatics  Thru  Holiday Photo With Triplets

Song Il Gook Updates Fanatics Thru Holiday Photo With Triplets

Song Il Gook Updates FanaticsViaHoliday Photo With Tripletskokoberry March 26, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Il Gook Updates Fans Through Vacation Photo With Triplets Since their departure from KBSs The Go back of Superman, fans werecontinuouslylacking the Song triplets.

Thankfully, Song Il Gook supplied an update through an Instagram post on March 26.

The actor shared a photo of himself with Daehan, Minguk, and Manse and wrote After completing filming Jang Young Shil, Jeju vacation with sons! First position to talk over with is a museum~^^ While you like reading things, you will have to go hehehe #nexoncomputermuseum.

In the photo, the father and sons pose in front of the Nexon Laptop Museum. Each person looks satisfied and all smiles. Manse, in particular, seems as despite the truth that hes laughing.

A photo posted by @songilkook on Mar 25, 2016 at 10:28pm PDT

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