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[Song & MV Review] VAV –
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[Song & MV Review] VAV – "ABC (Middle of the Night)"

VAV – ABC (Middle of the Night)

1. ABC (Middle of the Night)

2. ABC (Middle of the Night) (Inst.)

The boys of VAV are back, this time with a new release in time for summer. The boys certainly look like they're ready for the sun in their teasers. So ease back the top, plug this in, crank this up, and head to the beach.

The song is a tropical house variant that seems so popular nowadays. But still, they do some good things with the beginning. I like the nice light synth plinks they start off with.

[Song & MV Review] Soyu – 'The Blue Night of Jeju Island'
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[Song & MV Review] Soyu – 'The Blue Night of Jeju Island'


1. The Blue Night of Jeju Island

After SISTAR's disbandment, Soyu has dropped her unique version of "The Blue Night of Jeju Island"! It's a cover version of Choi Sung Won's song, back from 1988.

The track is a little different from what you may have heard before. This time, there's acoustic guitar, along with some hip hop beats to keep things interesting. I like how the guitar increases the tempo as the song progresses. It makes it more of a soft pop tune than a ballad, which is just fine by me.

[Song & MV Review] P.O –
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[Song & MV Review] P.O – "MEN'z NIGHT"

1. MEN'z NIGHT (Feat. Chancellor)

Block B's P.O has graced us with a solo single. He teams up with Chancellor to bring you this one. Both men are mentioned as writing, composing, and arranging the track.

"MEN'z NIGHT" is a funky song about heading out and having a good time. Hardly original lyrically, though there are clever references to Liam Neeson and pop photographer Philippe Halsmann. No, it owes its originality to two sources -- the funk backing track, and (oddly enough) Michael Jackson.

[Song & MV Review] Yezi – 'Anck Su Namun'
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[Song & MV Review] Yezi – 'Anck Su Namun'

Rapper Yezi (of FIESTAR) dropped her new single "Anck Su Namun." The title is the name of a character from the 1999 American film 'The Mummy,' as well as its sequel 'The Mummy Returns.' The character from the movie is based on Ankhesenamun, queen of the 18th dynasty of Egypt from 1348 to 1322 BC.

The song itself is drenched in pure attitude. For the most part, it's describing how bad she is, with some vague hints here and there about being the queen and such, though there's never a direct reference to Egypt or the movie, except for a part where she tries to say "Evelyn" (I think), also a character. As such, the lyrics are sort of hit and miss and a little generic.

[Song Review] - BewhY's
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[Song Review] - BewhY's "HEWGESO"

BewhY is by all accounts a champion. In 2016, he took home the crown on rap competition "Show Me The Money," and he has used his status as a winner to launch himself into a new tier of rap artists since then. His latest release, "Hewgeso [Rest Stop]," comes off the heels of a string of singles and even international collaborations (word to Talib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T, and A$AP Mob). It's safe to say that BewhY has set high expectations for what he can accomplish with his music, and "Hewgeso" is his way of solidifying his impact.