Soo-ae looks chic in see-through blouse

Soo-ae looks chic in see-through blouse

Soo-ae's fresh activities had been revealed.

On July 2nd, Soo-ae attended a promotional tournament for rosa.k, which came about in Lotte Branch Store, Jeonjoo.

Soo-ae finishedthe femaleglance in a white see-through blouse with flower main pointsand an easy A-line black skirt. She added trendy touch to the appearance amongst the beige bag with a utterly uniquesteel detail.

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Nana displays off chic  glance at premiere of tvN

Nana displays off chic glance at premiere of tvN "The Just right Wife"

After Faculty Nana flaunted her new fashion.

Nana is making an appearance in the recent tvN drama "The Excellent Wife" as Kim Dan, a law company assistant. She's been in a Chinese drama earlier thanyethere's her first Korean drama. She's a gorgeous icon on level as a singer but this time she's remodeling into a classy actress.

Nana gave the impression at the premiere of "The Sensible Wife" revealing an chic look.

She wore long white pants with a militaryadapted jacket and a silk ribbon blouse. She added feminism with silver earrings. She used to bedressed in rings on her arms and added taste amongst her sky blue strap shoes.

Her outfit is from Avou Avou, her earrings from Mzuu, rings from Minwhee Art Jewellery and shoes from Jinny Kim.

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TWICE Jihyo spotted dressed in a see-through blouse in public

TWICE Jihyo spotted dressed in a see-through blouse in public

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTWICEJihyo recently surprisedlovers amongst her risque selection ofcloth cabinet as she and her workforce made their way to their scheduled event. 

The rookie idol opted to wear a white skirt, paired with a shockingly sparse black top. In fact, the blouseused to be so thin that it changed intoobviously see-through, exposing her dark bra. On account of her young age and blameless image, Jihyos ambitious outfit selectionfor suregot here as a wonder for fans who didnt hesitate to drag out their camera and take photos.

Check out TWICEs freshfunctionalityin their song Im Gonna Be a celebrity on M! Countdown below:

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Song Joong Ki And Rain Wear The similar Outrageous Blouse In Type Battle, Who Wore It Better

Song Joong Ki And Rain Wear The similar Outrageous Blouse In Type Battle, Who Wore It Better

3kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Who wore this outfit better? Song Joong Ki vs Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)

Many idols and celebrities wear an identical outfits because of trending model and endorsements. Even thougheach and everyparticular person celebrities have otherallure and image, we cant lend a handyet to resolve which outfits glancegreater on who.

Korean media Dispatch asks who wore it better between those two best actors.

Who do you watched wore it better between actors Song Joong Ki and Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)?

Check out the comparison below!

sjk2 Descendants of the Sun actor rocking the blue blouse

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 6.52.57 PM Rain rocking the shirt differently

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TWICE Imagines What kind of Girlfriends Theyd Be on TWICEs Chic  Non-public Life

TWICE Imagines What kind of Girlfriends Theyd Be on TWICEs Chic Non-public Life

TWICE Imagines What kind of Girlfriends They’d Be on “TWICE’s SublimePersonal Life”ilmare42 April 12, 2016 0 LINE it!TWICE Imagines What Type of Girlfriends They’d Be on “TWICE’s Elegant Deepest Life” With spring in the air and romance on some in their minds, the contributors of TWICE sit down down for a talk about love and relationships on the newest episode of “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life.”

After speaking about their love for the guys of “Descendants of the Sun” and other dramas, Chaeyoung asks the others, “What type of female friend would you be?” She answers her own querythrough saying, “I’d be a beautiful girlfriend.”

Momo says, “I think Mina would be in point of factexcellent at aegyo.” Nayeon adds, “More than just aegyo, I suspect she’d cry each time her husband left for work,” and the opposite members laugh and agree. “What’s up with my image?” asks Mina with a laugh.

Nayeon says, “I think Tzuyu would make it appearat theout of doors like she wasn’t looking after her boyfriend, yet she truly would be.” Sana predicts that Jihyo would deal with her boyfriend whilst pretending find it irresistible wasn’t a large deal.

The members say that they believe Dahyun could be more of a “bad girl” as a girlfriend. “I think she’ll have him wrapped round her finger!” says Chaeyoung. “No way, I’d be sensible to my boyfriend,” protests Dahyun, but the other members laugh.

Watch more of Two times on April 12s episode of TWICEs Elegant Private Life!

Twice Mini Album Vol. 2 - Page Two (First Press Limited Edition) yesasiaMake stronger the artist by purchasing Page Two from YesAsia Related Tags TWICETWICE's Elegant Private Lifestyles Post NavigationOldTaleAOA’s Choa Talks About Seeing Provoking Comments Online About Her Weight

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Photos 'Goodbye Mr. Black' Moon Chae-won resembles Thai Matilda with flower print blouse and short hair

Photos 'Goodbye Mr. Black' Moon Chae-won resembles Thai Matilda with flower print blouse and short hair

Moon Chae-won showed her good looks making her seem like Matilda from Thailand.

Moon Chae-won's firm MS Team has published an reliable mail serviceappearing Moon Chae-won's contemporary photos. The pictures give a preview of the primary episode of MBC new drama series "Goodbye Mr. Black".

Moon Chae-won and Lee Won-jong were observed at a complicated restaurant, a scene where they were creating a scheme in the drama. In the official post of Moon Chae-won's photos, she looked concentrated in her character, making a naughty affect and blameless impressions.

"Goodbye Mr. Black" is created by potential of a noted Korean cartoonist Hwang Mi-na, starring Moon Chae-won, Lee Jin-wook, Kim Kang-woo, Yoo In-yeong and Kim Tae-woo. With its fabulous casting and the Thailand background, the 1st episode of "Goodbye Mr. Black" could be aired on March 16th.


Tzuyu dons blouse with arguable phrase

Tzuyu dons blouse with arguable phrase

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTWICE and G-Friends functionality of Girls Generations iconic song Gee on the newest episode of Inkigayo was incredibly well-received by potential of fans. 

However, after staring at the performance, audiencespotteda fascinating graphic on Tzuyus shirt. After closer inspection, viewers realized that the JYP Entertainment singers blouse donned the word Hoes take off your clothes, causing some netizens to criticize TWICEs stylist for permitting her the wear the shirt. However, other netizens defended the stylist, explaining that the clothing was oncemost probablyoffered by a sponsor and that even the coordinator mayno longer have understood what it meant.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

2,294 / -155 Do you observed she wore this knowingly. She just wears whatever they give her. You cant even see this well; Just leave Tzuyu alone.. She is so young yet such so much offolks are after her

1,930 / -145 I mean this isnt their thought and they at all times clothing what their style coordinators give them or given by sponsors. If the coordinator isnt fluent in English, I believe IT hs challenging for them to know;;;

1,448 / -119 Wow what a controversy. Tzuyu is simplydressed in any is given. I cant even remember that slang.

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