Soompi Interview: A Crimson Turns At the Charm For Manila

Soompi Interview: A Crimson Turns At the Charm For Manila

Soompi Interview: A Red Turns At the Charm For Manilahazelnutthursdays July 1, 2016 0 Soompi Interview: A Pink Turns On The Charm For Manila Manila was once tickled pink when A Pink got hereto accomplish a much-anticipated set at the MTV Song development 2016! Soompi had an opportunityto take a seat down with those sweethearts for a ravishing chat on music and long term plans.

Soompi: What is your existingfavourite song?

Eunji: My favorite song at this time is from Lyn sunbaenim, “Want to be Free.” It’s from the OST of the drama “Dear My Friends.” Because I’m a large fan of the drama, I turn in this song each and every morning and pay attention to it everyday.

Bomi: I’m keen on “Show Me the Money,” so I’ve been paying attention tonumerous songs from that show.

Hayoung: I’m a fan of the drama “Full House.” I play the entire songs from its OST the complete time.

Chorong: I love this song by way of Dynamic Duo, “Settling Stances.” (Note: “Settling Stances” is from the 2012 mini-album of music manufacturer PRIMARY. The song functions Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and Simon D.)

Naeun: AsOne sunbaenim has a new album out. I’m hearing all the songs in that album now.

Namjoo: Bebe Rexha’s “Pray.”

Soompi: So we’re taking it that you’re maximum excited to look Bebe Rexha?

Namjoo: Yes. I’m in realityhaving a lookahead to seeing Bebe Rexha later.

On that note, Chorong expressed the group’s excitement on taking the degree alongside other non-K-pop artists. She said, “We’re actually curious to see the performances of all the alternative artists. Now notbest Namjoo, who has already acknowledged she actually likes Bebe Rexha. It’s a new thing for us to get to see other world artists. We don’t get to see them often.”

Chorong had also taken a specific liking for Philippine mangoes. Insidea couple of hours of arriving in Manila, the self-confessed fruit fan changed intoglad and thankful to have tasted many of the tropical delights, adding the famed mangoes.

“They are one of the crucialhighest I’ve tasted so far,” she said.

In other news, Pink Pandas can sit up for a new album and most likely a concert after that. A Pink said they do notappear to becertain of anything else yet and can'tdisclose much, yet they are already getting ready new songs for a release. But first, they are going to exist filming a fact show, in which every member can be travelling to another country.

Eunji said, “The countries we canevery onecommute to have beendeterminedprevious on, and regretfully, the Philippines isn’t one of them.”

However, Chorong gave Philippines’ Pink Pandas so much of hope. She said, “If there'll bea opportunity to discuss with the Philippines again, with all the members, we're going tofeel free to be back.”

The Philippines will be more than pleased to see A Pink back, if the rain-soaked crowd at MTV Evolution is anything to head by.

Thanks to our friends from MTV Asia and EON Communications for our face-time with A Pink!

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Twice Turns on the Charm in “Like Ooh-Ahh”

Twice Turns on the Charm in “Like Ooh-Ahh”

20151015_seoulbeats_twice_momo Twice Turns on the Charm in Like Ooh-Ahh Written by Chelsea On October 22, 2015 JYP sure wasted no time in debuting the winners of the Mnet survival show Sixteen, in the new girl group Twice. Though the show only wrapped up in July, the nine final competitors are already hitting the K-pop scene with the mini album, The Story Begins and its lead single Like Ooh-Aah.

Three months from team finalization to début seems awful short for some, but for many of the members of Twice, début couldnt come soon enough. JYP originally intended to launch a new girl group in 2014 (of which many of the members of Twice were originally slated for). When debut plans fell through, JYP turned his attentions to Mnet and the chance to cash in on the survival show craze that launched groups like Winner, Monsta X and most recently, iKon.

Though Sixteen received netizen criticism for its perceived ruthlessness, the competition certainly worked to JYPs benefit, earning the group a solid fanbase prior to debut. Together the members of Twice make up an international bunch of talents with Momo, Sana and Mina hailing from Japan, while Tzuyu is Taiwanese. The team is rounded out with the Korean members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung and Jihyo  who trained for a decade before securing her spot in the final line-up.

Now that the competition is over, the ladies have debuted as a collective, cutsey and distinctive team with the zombie-themed MV for Like Ooh-Ahh. Just in time for Halloween, too!

The MV continues the story of the individual member teasers: the members of Twice are being followed and approached by persistent zombies. Only instead of being out in public for the MV, the members of Twice have been transported to what appears to be an abandoned school, and they each take on a different high school girl persona. Its a cliche horror film waiting to happen.

Theres a twist to the zombie theme in that the zombies dont appear to be after the girls brains. Instead, they want their attention, much like men looking for a pick-up. The zombies are actually quite a clever metaphor for the soulless suitors who only pursue (and drool over) the members because theyre attractive girls.

People just cant leave me alone, not for a single moment

Im so pretty, I make everyone so smitten

But the modest ladies of Twice want more than someone who desires them for their beautythey want a real love that makes them feel like Ooh-Ahh.

I’m waiting for someone who can make me feel

Something like never before

(That’s who I’m waiting for)

I’ll wait no matter how long it takes

I just wanna fall in love

There were plenty of opportunities for the MV to go harder on the horror concept, but I guess JYP figured that ten episodes of metaphoric knives in backs was enough gore to last the group a while. Unfortunately, that means yet another K-pop MV that avoids going for the full Zombie Apocalypse; and there are no cuts of the girls dismembering each other limb by limb or of them nom-ing on brains.

Nonetheless, the members of Twice are introduced through a nearly single-take camera pan, while they safely dance their way through the building. The sets are nothing impressive, but the colors do wonders for setting the mood of the individual song segments. The gentle zombies are kept at bay with fences, even when the girls head up to the roof to execute the group choreography at dusk. By the end of the MV, night has arrived but harm has befallen no one. Rather, the girls and zombies band together to do some rendition of the monster mash.

Really, the only thing the MV is missing is a little gore and perhaps a JYP zombie cameo.

Everything about the debut release is bouncy, from the choreography, to the camera pans, to the melody itself. Like Ooh-Ahh is three and a half minutes of sugary, catchy bounce. The vocals are appropriately dynamic and sweet enough for the trackso sweet, in fact, that you can actually hear the aegyo bursting from some lines. The sweetness borders on overwhelming; but thankfully, the bridge offers a a slightly more aggressive change of pace that breaks up the song quite well. There are a lot of different genres coming together for Like Ooh-ahh, but they blend together quite nicely in the end. While the track itself isnt the most stand-out aspect of the début, it does have a stick factor that will make their début memorable enough.

The greatest strength of this début is that it was executed in a way that showcased (most of) the members individual charms, whether they be musical or visual: Sana shines with quirky cuteness Jihyo finally gets her moment to shine in the center; Mina and Momo show-off their flexibility; and each vocal-line member gets ample screen and singing time. The rap line (made up of Dahyun and Chaeyeong) does fall a little short with their only real camera time happening in a blacklit bathroom while they rap a couple of lines, but hopefully well see more of them in the future.

Im excited to see how the ladies pull off the live performances for Like Ooh Ahh. After watching Sixteen, we know that the members are more than capable of dancing and singing live at the same time. Even though the choreography and melody demand a lot of energy, I think we can expect a lot from Twices début stages.

In short, Id say the zombie concept is one of the strongest girl group executions so far, certainly surpassing the let down of 4Minutes What Your Name, and the brilliant wtf-ery of T-aras Lovey Dovey. Sixteen did a great job of introducing us to the ladies of Twice, but Like Ooh-Ahh has cemented their likability for me. I have to say, Im completely charmed.

MV: 3.8/5

Song: 3/5 

Readers, how do you feel about Twices début? Did all your favorites make the final line-up?

(YouTube, Star News, Images via JYPE.)


Seo Kang Joon Talks About Cheese in the Trap in charm Pictorial Interview

Seo Kang Joon Talks About Cheese in the Trap in charm Pictorial Interview

Seo Kang Joon Talks About “Cheese in the Trap” in Attraction Pictorial Interview Actor Seo Kang Joon, of the preferred drama “Hwajung” pictorials may be printed in the September addition of Allure Korea.


It is related that he used to be very targeted at the pictorials, resulting in many compliments from the staff. This used to be also his first time testing the faux tattoos, which used to be an try to turn a other facet of him, and now no longer the picture of a goodie-two-shoes that he’s had so far.

Seo Kang Joon may be gambling Baek In Ho in the approaching drama “Cheese in the Trap.” It's miles according to a internet comic, and it is recently one of the maximum most expected dramas of the year. When asked how he felt about his part, he said, “Since the common comedian is so popular, some folks are supportive and a few folks are worried. I am acutely conversant in the concerns, and i'm going to get ready neatly to turn fantastic acting.”

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[Interview] K-pop star, Hyeri turns into advocate for young part time workers

[Interview] K-pop star, Hyeri turns into advocate for young part time workers

Decent treatment for young part-timers!

Hyeri (pictured, Lee Hye-ri), a 21-year-old member of K-pop girl group "Girl"s Day", has got new nicknames thanks to her new commercial to call for decent treatment for young part-timers. In an e-mail interview with the Dong-A Ilbo on Tuesday, Hyeri expressed her feelings about the commercial series, saying, I hope the campaign can contribute to make a society where employers treat part-time workers like their own daughters and sons. This is the first time for the K-pop singer to express her thoughts on part-timers poor treatment after starring in "Albamon" (a domestic part-time recruitment site) commercials that have made known the minimum wage issue.

In the Albamons TV commercial that began in February, Hyeri shouted Part-timers have a right to protect! to publicize the part-time workers rights that are frequently infringed in the local labor market, such as "the legal minimum hourly wage is 5,580 won (approx. 5.1 U.S. dollars)" and "the night time hourly wage is 1.5 times of the daytime hourly wage". Korean netizens gave applause to the commercial and said, Young people may not know about Jeon Tae-il (a labor activist in 1970s whose suicide became the foundation of the Labor Standards Act), but they all know Hyeris minimum hourly wage of 5,580 won. The girl group member was awarded with the Labor Ministrys appreciation plaque for contribution to raise awareness on the minimum wage.

- You"ve done a great job. You let the public know about the minimum hourly wage and the night time wage.

While preparing for the commercial shooting, I came to know how much the minimum wage is and how more a part-time employee should be paid for night-time jobs. I hope more people come to know about the wages thanks to this campaign, as I did. I felt bittersweet after knowing the reality.

- Some employers have criticized the commercial.

It is hard for me to judge which side is right or wrong, as I havent been in both positions. But I believe it is a great deal if you are not paid as much as you should be after working hard. Also, I have a thought that the minimum hourly wage has not been increased in comparison to surging prices. If employers provide more sound work environment for part-time workers, their work efficiency would increase accordingly.

- If you have anything that you want to tell the part-timers of your own age?

I have many friends who have part-time jobs. Whenever I see part-timers of my own age, it makes me say `hi` or `thank you` appreciating their labor and services. I think they are awesome given their efforts standing on their own feet. If they keep the mindset that they had in the beginning, I bet they can achieve anything!

- What is your expectation on the decent treatment for part-timers campaign?

I believe the easiest way to achieve the goal of the campaign would be treating part-time workers like employers own children. It will generate positive effect, I am sure. Treating part-timers just a bit better will lead to success of the campaign. Way to go, part-timers!


GOT7 Jackson Turns On the Charm for “Roommate” Visitor Kim Soo Mi

GOT7 Jackson Turns On the Charm for “Roommate” Visitor Kim Soo Mi

GOT7 Jackson sure knows how to charm the ladies.

On the March 24 episode of SBSRoommate,” actress Kim Soo Mi visits the share house, invited by her friend and fellow actress Bae Jong Ok.

Jackson (born 1994) gets cute, and calls Kim Soo Mi, who is 43 years his senior (born 1951), “noona,” a Korean term for “older sister.” Kim Soo Mi retorts, “Call me mom. ‘Noona?’ You rascal.”

Jackson isn’t phased, however, and takes the actress’s bag to carry it for her. “You can call me noona,” says Kim Soo Mi immediately, changing her mind. “Well, would you look at this kid? Isnt he cute.”

After their initial meeting, Kim Soo Mi and Jackson get along quite well, the two hanging out a porch swing together and holding hands. Later, when Jackson tags along with the actress to shop for food, she shows a special affection for the idol, introducing him to others as her son.



f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris MusesThe lovely members of f(x) have been selected as the new muse for the fashion accessory brand, Lovcat Paris for the 2013 F/W season.

Lovcat Paris stated the brands lovely, romantic, elegant and classic mood will be well-represented with f(x)s unique charms to appeal to the masses. The most recent photo shoot was themed, Urban Romance with f(x) and it is reported that the f(x) ladies showed a bright and cute energy to make the atmosphere lively and fun.

The f(x) members dazzled and awed fans with their beauty as they posed for the camera with Lovcat Paris bags and other accessories.

Lovcat Paris uploaded several cuts of the photo shoot through their official Facebook page.

Check out the photos below!

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses

f(x) Turns Up the Romantic Charm as Lovcat Paris Muses


[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLAND & CNBLUE (Part 2)

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLAND & CNBLUE (Part 2)

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

Folllowing our interview with FT Island, Soompi sat down for an interview with the four charming boys of CN Blue!

Just yesterday night, the two idol bands held their first ever joint concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

In their first visit to the States, CN Blue shared their impression of America, international fame, the upcoming third album, and their newly-found love for American food (yes, steak and In-N-Out!). While the boys were professional and polished, they occasionally cracked up at each others' comments and Yonghwa's confident English skills. 

(Fanlala is an American press outlet focusing on Disney, Nickelodeon, and American pop aritsts. Asia Pacific Arts (APA) is a Los Angeles-based digital news outlet focusing on Asian American entertainment.)

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)


CN Blue began the interview with their introductions:

Jungshin: Hi I'm bassist and maknae, Jungshin.

Junghyun: Guitarist and vocal, Junghyun.

Yonghwa: (in English) Hello. My name is Jung Yonghwa. My part is guitar and vocal.

Minhyuk: Drummer, Kang Min Hyuk.

Fanlala: I read online that each of you represents one letter in the word "Blue" -- burning, loving, untouchable, and emotional. How did you decide each of those words for yourselves?

Jungshin and Yonghwa: We first had the team name CN Blue, which stands for Code Name Blue. Then we looked for words that would fit the letters "B, L, U, E." We didn't just pick random words. We thought through the words and the meanings, and so we came up with the words that we thought portrayed our characters.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

Soompi: What is your most important goal for the year? Do you think you will be able to have a world tour? 

Yonghwa: We are releasing our third album this month and so we are going to try to concentrate on our stages first. Then afterwards, Minhyuk the drummer is gearing up for a drama in Korea also. So we're going to be balancing a lot of activities, but at the same time, we want to be a band that overall does a lot of shows and performances. Right now too, we are doing tours around Asia. Not just Asia, but if we get the chance we want to do many performances, many concerts all around the world.

APA: You guys are having your third album soon. I know there's a contest going on right now for the title. Do you know any funny submissions yet?

Yonghwa: The way that this works is that the contest isn't for picking the title song of our album. There's already an answer and there's a cube that's rotating on our site. There are letters on it and so the fans have to guess what the title is by looking at that.

APA: Do you know if anyone who has already guessed it?

Yonghwa: We think it's pretty easy, but we don't know yet. But it was a pretty easy question. Someone probably guessed it by now.

Yonghwa: Did you figure it out yet? (Jonghyun and Yonghwa laugh.)

Fanlala: Did you expect to make it this big and find international fans, or are you still shocked by how popular you are worldwide?

Yonghwa: We weren't expecting all this popularity at all. We are always surprised whenever we go to perform. We recently had concerts in Taiwan and Thailand. The venue was about 8,000 seats and it was all filled by our fans, so every time we see such filled seats and the fans, we're always surprised and always thankful. We are always wonder how these fans got to know our music, and about us.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

Soompi: After Yonghwa did "We Got Married," were the other members interested in participating? If they could join, which female partner would they want to film with?

(All the all smirk, and Jonghyun laughs during Yonghwa's response.)

Yonghwa (after hearing "We Got Married," he was quick to answer): The other members were very jealous of me because the show was very popular. They all have really high standards so they didn’t pick a partner they wanted to be with. They were just jealous that I was part of the show.

APA: Going off the third album again, is there something new that you want to portray through this album? Anything interesting that stands out? 

Minhyuk and Yonghwa: We always think of what we can do to make the album different from what we had previously. This time we want to put in a more fast pace, upbeat and lively songs so that when we perform on stage, our fans can actually rock on with us.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

Fanlala: Going off the fast, lively, upbeat, what messages do you try to convey with your new album and new sound?

Yonghwa: The message of this album is that we want to have fans actually not just listen to the song but give them songs that would have the fans take part in the concerts and stages more. The songs will seem more lively in actual stage performances compared to when listening on the CD, so we want fans to come out to these performances and stages where they can enjoy the performance with their whole body and not just through listening to the CD at home.

Soompi: Are there any American artists you would like to collaborate with outside of Korea?

Yonghwa (in English): First, Bon Jovi. Second, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Third, 30 Seconds to Mars. And Maroon 5, and… (he points to Minhyuk for his opinion).

Jonghyun: There's a lot more, but too many to list them all.

APA: If you had to recruit someone from the other group (FT Island), who would it be?

Jungshin: Hongki for vocals because we do a lot of performances so we want another vocalist.

Jonghyun: Jaejin, the bassist in FT Island. I like Jungshin's playing also, but their styles are very different. I feel like Jaejin plays it in a very supportive way so it's easy to play together.

After he said that, Jungshin playfully said, "I want to change guitarist."

Yonghwa: Jonghun, the guitarist. There would be a total of three guitars in the group and the sound will be very plentiful. It would sound much better with a louder sound.

Minhyuk: Jonghun also. There are songs that Yonghwa has to sing and play the guitar at the same time. There are certain songs that we want for Yonghwa to be free and just sing the song. So if we bring Jonghun into the group, we will have two guitarists without Yonghwa having to play the guitar.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

Fanlala: How does the US compare to what you've seen before? Is it as impressive as what you've seen in pictures?

Yonghwa: It's better than anything we expected. We've always had a good image, so not that it would be bad, but it's more than what we would have hoped for. We have always watched foreign artists on YouTube, and every time we did, there's that portrayal of foreign artists in big cars, that stereotypical American rock star with the big car. The moment we got off the airport at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), we saw the big car that we always see in videos parked for us! So we jumped in, turned up the music, and cruised through the streets of America. With our sunglasses on -- Rayban sunglasses (laughs), and leather jackets. For overseas artists, to complete the picture, they have the beer or alcohol, but we had coffee instead. That's the difference between us.

Yonghwa: I went to the gym today in the hotel, and felt like I was in a different world, a new world because all the other people are foreigners. While I was jogging and working out, I thought "Is this LA? Is this what I'm feeling? This is what LA is."

Yonghwa: Yeah LA... Westside (tosses his hand up with a sign).

Soompi: I know you recently arrived in America, but have you tried out any restaurants? How do you like them compared to restaurants in Korea? 

Yonghwa: We told our staff that we want to eat American food over Korean food because it's easy to get that. We would like to try American food, and so we've been eating American food and we really like steak! We ate steak yesterday too, and want to try In-N-Out today if possible. We've heard about it a lot. It's famous, and people from Korea want to try it. We haven't been able to yet. (Note: In-N-Out is a popular American fast food chain restaurant that is prominently found in California.)

Yonghwa: While I was cutting up my steak, I thought "this must be LA." (Throws up hand signs again).

Jonghyun: The food is really good here, so we think we're gaining weight already.

Yonghwa: It's dangerous.

Yonghwa: (In English) "Emergency."

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

APA: Apart from the already planned cities where you're going to have the concert, where else would you like to go to have concerts that are not planned yet?

Yonghwa: England, France.

Jungshin: New York.

Yonghwa: (In English) East coast (laughter).

Yonghwa: We will go anywhere that we are called to. Even if we're not called to certain places, we will go. We have so much fun performing.

Fanlala: How would you describe your concert to someone who has never been to one before?

Yonghwa: We, CN Blue, are a group that shines the brightest when all four are on stage performing. We would want fans to see us at our strongest point, which is all four of us performing. We want our fans and people who listen to our music to feel the honesty in our music.

Soompi: Have other idols ever confessed that they are jealous of your unique position in the idol scene? Being bands and playing rock music, and the fact that you don't have to dance? Or the other way around -- do you ever feel like singing pop and dancing cool choreography?

Yonghwa: We will never dance (all smile and lightly laugh), and we want our image to not be (dancing)… There are lots of boy bands out there who dance and sing, but we want our image to be a band who plays instruments. We want to have our own color as a band and we want that image to be CN Blue.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 2)

(Yonghwa's "Westside" handsign)


Thank you Mnet for the opportunity to interview FT Island and CN Blue! Also thank you to Soompiers who submitted questions to our interview question bank.

If you haven't yet, check out Part 1 for our interview with FT Island. Also, be on lookout for Soompi's concert converage of FTISLANDCNBLUE “Stand Up” by M Live later this week.


[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLAND & CNBLUE (Part 1)

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLAND & CNBLUE (Part 1)

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 1)

American Primadonna and Boice fans are in for a treat this weekend! Hot stars FT Island and CN Blue are holding their first joint concert together.

"FTISLANDCNBLUE “Stand Up” by M Live" will be held tonight, Friday March 9, at the famous Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

The day before the big show, Soompi sat down with the two idol bands for an interview. The boys shared their thoughts on visiting America, their musical growth, future plans, and more! Check our part I of our interview segment, featuring FT Island. Part II featuring CN Blue will be up shortly!

(Fanlala is an American press outlet focusing on Disney, Nickelodeon, and American pop aritsts. APA is a Los Angeles-based digital news outlet focusing on Asian American entertainment.)

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 1)


Fanlala: Did you expect to make it big and find international fans?

We were surprised and didn't expect this many international fans. It's fascinating for us.

Soompi: Are there any plans for FT Island members to act in dramas or movies this year?

We're currently exploring our options to see what opportunities are available.

APA: As both groups are popular in Korea and overseas, how would you describe your music style to overseas people?

Overall, we think Korean music  as a whole is an emotional genre, and very expressive and sensitive. In terms of the music style and genre... in the case of Japan, those groups are already very familiar with the genre like Japanese/Asian rock. In terms of trying out new  styles, we're very open to it and we also want to try new things.

Fanlala: Are there any American artists that you are fans of, or would like to possibly work with in the future?

My Chemical Romance, Hoobastank, or Jason Mraz.

Soompi: It's been nearly five years since your debut in 2007.  What do you think of your growth musically?

(Hongki calls Jaejin to answer)

One way of seeing this is that when we debuted, we were five  years younger than where we are today. We definitely have been able to get more experience performing on stage than most people at their (young) age, and that has helped in terms of our maturation. Also, just spending time together as a band -- it helps us find team unity with each other. That quality of FT Island is our biggest charm.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 1)

APA: This is your first concert in the US. What have you done specifically to prepare for this concert?

One thing that we always consider the most in any of the countries we go to is the set list, like what kind of songs will be played. For this tour, this location in particular, we think that the song "Hello Hello" will be enjoyed by fans the most. We want to start out with more well-known songs and then transition into rocking out with fans and having fun. It's our first time having a tour with CN Blue so we're all very excited

Soompi: Seeing that it's the first joint tour with CN Blue, can we expect any special stages?

Due to our schedules with CN Blue being so different (FT Island was doing activities in Korea and CN Blue was doing their tour in Asia), it was really hard for the two of us to find a time to get together and practice. Next time we will definitely prepare. We actually had ideas of switching songs with each other. CN Blue would singing our song and the other way around, but it was not possible for our schedules to work out for that. For sure next time we will prepare a special stage.

Fanlala: What's the message you want to convey with your fans across the world, globe with your music?

(Hongki and Jaejin answer)

One of the most important things we consider with our band is how much emotion we put into our music and songs. We want to be able to make songs that, when a fan or anyone has hardships, listens to our song, they can receive strength, and if someone gets dumped, we have a lot of songs about being dumped (Jaejin laughs).

We're just a band that has a lot of variety in terms of genre and lyrics. Ultimately we want to create songs that people can relate to. If we were better at English, then we would try to sing more songs in English and relate to people that way, (Jaejin nods repeatedly), but that's one thing we want to work on. Instead of being one message, depending on which song, we're changing to meet their fans' needs.

Soompi: Related to that answer, who would you pick as the member who has the best English?

Translator starts "best english…" and Hongki confidently yells "me" while Jaejin raises his hand cooly and says "me."

They take turns saying "Me, me!"

Jaejin: "Oh Jesus."

Soompi: "Can they give us a short phrase or anything?"

Hongki: "I love you!"

Jaejin: "Sorry" and scrunches face.

Hongki: "We're very determined to work on our English. If I'm perfect in English too, I'm too dangerous." Hongki hangs his head laughing while the others grin.

Hongki: "If we were fluent in English too, we don't know what kind of atmosphere this interview would have changed into. We go all out in Japan because we're more  fluent and can portray our actual emotions there, but cannot as precisely in English."

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 1)

APA: Do you have any plans for any future international concerts, just to stretch out to more foreign countries?

(Jaejin nods and smiles a lot. He leans in closely to hear the English spoken.)

Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan

APA: Just to add onto that, any place that you want to go but haven't been able to go to yet?

Jaejin: "Espana!"

Hongki follows with "Spain!"

Minhwan: Germany

Jaejin: "Brazil, Argentina" (Hongki laughs at his pronounciation). "Ah! England!"

Minhwan: "Ah England, England" (in agreement).

Hongki: "We are studying the British accent right now."

Fanlala: How does the US compare to other countries you've been to, particularly the Asian ones?

We really like the freedom and how everything is so big. We haven't been here too long so we don't really know yet. Yesterday we had steak and were so impressed  by how big the steak was! Everything is so big in the States.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 1)

Soompi: FT Island and CN Blue are friends and like brothers. Do you ask each other for opinions when you compose songs? Do you feel any competition between each other?

Jaejin: "In terms of CN Blue, we're always look at their new material and songs. We are always admiring their work and thinking "We could do that too." The members, overall, are very close to each other. I play the bass, and in CN Blue the bassist in Jung Shin. So when we get together even though our schedules are very conflicting... When we do have the time, we get into groups. We usually sit according to instruments you could say. Bass with bass, vocals with the vocals, and we talk about music mostly all the time. When they compose, it's done by part (like parts with like parts). Like I said, I talk to Jung Shin and we work on songs together."

APA: If you had to recruit  one more member from the other team, who would it be?

(Hongki looks around thinking hard with his mouth open.)

Hongki: "Yonghwa because he's the most famous."

(Jaejin laughs.)

Soompi: Who would they pick as the member most concerned with their looks?

(Hongki points at Jonghun without even looking, and Jaejin follows in lead.)

Yes, Jonghun is the one.

[Exclusive] Soompi's Interview with FTISLANDCNBLUE (Part 1)

(Jonghun always ready for the camera)

Jaejin: "Bye bye" (in English).  Seunghwan follows in his lead, "Bye bye"


And that concludes our interview with FT Island! Look forward our part 2 of our interview segment featuring CN Blue.

Also, be on lookout for Soompi's concert converage of FTISLANDCNBLUE “Stand Up” by M Live.


Interview Gong Yoo,

Interview Gong Yoo, "It was once do or die"

"Some say "Train to Busan" is a advertisement summer movie, yetI suspect otherwise. I presumed information technologyused to be a unhappyfilm when I first saw the scenario. As an individual in this society, I used to bein a positionto narrate to several portions of the motion picture and I am hoping the target audience terminate too".

"Train to Busan" is a film more or less a KTX train to Busan being swarmed with Zombies. It's miles directed via Yeon Sang-ho.

Gong Yoo plays a fund manager named Seok-woo. He does not take a moral sensein terms of success. He puts paintingsforward of circle of relatives and struggles to live to inform the tale in this boundlessglobal of competition. He even teaches his daughter to recall to mind herself more than others. However, he isn't such an ill-willed person. He shuts the door in a persons face whilst being chased by zombies, but he isbest doing that to be offeringcoverage to the weak. He also faces the zombies with his naked hands. A utterly unique thing about a crisis movie is that a definiteconsumer is installed an intense state of affairs and stripped naked. Director Yeon reflected the picture of our society like this. That is why Gong Yoo considers "Train to Busan" a movie with an identity.

There is notnumerous zombie videos in Korea, but it is very familiar abroad. "World War Z" in 2013 fee 2.165 trillion won to make. That's 20 times more than "Train to Busan". Or not it'sobtrusive that grievance is unavoidable by people who possess already evolvedtopcriteria for zombie movies. Still, Gong Yoo made up our minds to be in it because he changed into curious.

"I was curious how Yeon was going to make this happen. I also reputable his Director Yeon Sang-ho self assurance in his work because creating a zombie movie in Korea is a challenge".

Although he must've been nervous, the director's lead made him overlook about it and the Cannes Film Festival made him certain he did the proper thing. His personality was an ideal hit without stereotypes about the actor Gong Yoo and it was a touching moment for him. "Compared to Hollywood, it is not eve comparable. Each person at Cannes would have learned the movie was technically now not all there. However, technicality isn't verythe entire thingwhenever yourealize the base of the movie".

It's much more likely the audience would take to Ma Dong-seok, a macho guy who can beat the zombies with one punch. However, Gong Yoo says all of theimage is more important. "It could bevery important to stand out alone, but I do notwayanything else like that. I did not think Seok-ho was that flat. I shouldn't have done it if he was a hero".

Gong Yoo have becomea celebrity alongside the 2007 drama "Coffee Prince" and made it giant with the 2011 movie "The Crucible" and "The Suspect". This year, he's starring in "A Man and A Woman", "Train to Busan" and "The Age of Shadows".

"I am getting older, although when I glance back, I did not see much of my work. So I made a decision to amplify my resume and here I am. It was do or die for me and it took some timeto return to Earth. It feels excellentto grasp that I have been stated for what I do".

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