Spark Nam Bo Ra Having A Look Prettier Than Ever

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Netizens notice how much prettier Jang Moon Bok gets after each 'Produce 101' episode
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Netizens notice how much prettier Jang Moon Bok gets after each 'Produce 101' episode

Netizens recently noticed how much prettier Jang Moon Bok has gotten throughout the 'Produce 101' Season 2 competition.

A netizen posted on Instiz with a topic titled, 'Jang Moon Bok is looking a bit different now?' After one day, the topic received more than 100,000 views.

The netizen posted an old photo of Jang Moon Bok for comparison:

The netizen then posted two "pretty" photos of Jang Moon Bok from recent episodes.

Numerous netizens agreed that he has gotten prettier and posted comments that read, "Wow, isn't he just too pretty?", "He's so pretty", "Look at the difference just the eyebrows can make", "Can he stop getting prettier?", "He looks better now with those eyebrows", "I was watching yesterday and was shocked because he was so pretty!", "He is so beautiful..." and more.

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[Video] "Woman of Dignity" Kim Hee-seon and Kim Seon-ah's spark

The third teaser for "Woman of Dignity" is out.

The new JTBC drama "Woman of Dignity" released a third teaser of Kim Hee-seon and Kim Seon-ah on the 26th.

Kim Hee-seon (Woo Ah-jin) is a plutocrat daughter-in-law who has wealth, beauty, intelligence and power. Kim Seon-ah (Park Bok-ja) is a mysterious woman with desire and seeks a status lift by jumping into Woo Ah-jin's life.

The teaser started off with Woo Ah-jin and Park Bok-ja feeling opposition of each other. The narration says, "I want to live her life". Kim Seon-ah looks at someone with envy.