"Spark" Nam Bo-ra, having a look prettier than ever

Nam Bo-ra from the web-drama "Spark" was once spotted continuously practicing her lines with her script in hand.

Her photographsgot here up on Will Entertainment's authentic Facebook at the 9th. The imagesadvertisethe hot drama and display how the actress relentlessly has her face in the script.

She even uses her destroy times to prepare her lines even more and often thinks about her character. Her interest for the drama will also be read in those pictures.

The actress is now 10 years into her occupation and she offers off a feel of charisma.

"Spark" finishes airing on August 11th.

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Korean web-drama

Korean web-drama "Spark"

Added the Korean web-drama "Spark"'s page to HanCinema database"Spark" (2016)Directed through Kim Woo-seonWritten by Moon Ji-yeongNetwork : NAVER tvcastWith Na Jong-chan, Nam Bo-ra, Joo Da-yeong, Park Jin-joo, Kwon Eun-soo, Kim Gi-doo,...SynopsisThe spark that electrocutes you while youhanga persons hand is in maximum cases called love yeta guystorieselectrical energy running in all places his frame after a minor 'accident' and does notconsider in love till he learns how invaluable it is...Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/25

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Nam Bo Ra Supplies The “Spark” For Forged And Workforce On Set

Nam Bo Ra Supplies The “Spark” For Forged And Workforce On Set

Nam Bo Ra Supplies The Spark For Forged And Team On Setnotclaira August 5, 2016 0 Nam Bo Ra Adds The Spark For Cast And Crew On Set On August 5, Will Entertainment released some behind-the-scenes cuts of Nam Bo Ra on the set of her new internet drama Spark.

Despite the hot weather, the actress fulfilled her role as the endorphins on set, cheering up the solid and crew with her bright smile.

In the photos, she presentations off her real-life chemistry with on-screen love pastime Na Jong Chan, as smartly every bit fellow actors Park Jin Joo and Kim Ki Doo.

Spark” is an online drama about a regularlady and an idol, whose lives develop into intertwined when the idol starts emitting electrical energy from his frame after a freak accident.

Watch the newest episode on Viki below!

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Do “NERDY” Korean Women MAGICALLY Turn out to be Prettier After Going To College

Do “NERDY” Korean Women MAGICALLY Turn out to be Prettier After Going To College

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens accumulateto communicate about the myth surrounding Korean ladies going to school

There are many myths in the South Korean culture. Yet is it true that femininescholars precisely magically turn out to be prettier when they begin attention college?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens speak about a myth relating to female students attending college.

Titled Is This Myth For Real? here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

You know the ones students who dont wear makeup but just find out aboutall throughtop school? 

I heard a myth that if those female students who has a descent face lose weight put on some makeup, they changed into Goddesses at their college.

Please let me know if it's miles true

Thumbs up once you think it is correct and thumbs down if it isnt

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

29 / -15 This isn't truthful at all hahahahaha Those who are used to striking makeup are larger in faculty as smartlyAlthough students get lenses and take off their glasses, they are just not unusual students in university hahaha They glance like they are prettier because they went to a excellent college.

25 / -1 To be honest, the lovely ones handiest become prettier The nerds only appear to bethey've gotten prettier but they aren'tin fact getting prettier.

17 / 0 Each person gets fairly in college because of freedom of makeup and outfit yes yes. But the ones who studied demanding in high college can freely do it without being worried around their long run

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