SPICA’s Amazing Symbol  And beauty  Alternate  Ahead of And After Lee Hyori Began Styling Them

SPICA’s Amazing Symbol And beauty Alternate Ahead of And After Lee Hyori Began Styling Them

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics noted that B2M Entertainment woman group SPICA made an overlyunexpected and noticeable exchange in styling sooner or later in their career, deviating from their loud and experimental outfits to a more refined and attractive style. And whilst fans praised this switchand sweetness what sparked the growth in styling, it used to befound out that the change changed intobecause of veteran singer Lee Hyoris involvement in the women outfits. As a fellow label mate from 2010 to 2013, Lee Hyori made a robusthave an effect on on Spicas styling, converting their ambitious and continuously off-putting outfits to more herbal and appealing looks. Take a glance at the ahead of and after footagebeneathto peer Lee Hyoris effectat the group:

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STELLAR Makes 180-Degree Idea And Symbol  Alternate For Upcoming Unmarried Album

STELLAR Makes 180-Degree Idea And Symbol Alternate For Upcoming Unmarried Album

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKnown for their over the top, attractive concept, ladyworkforce Stellar has made a whole 180 level transformation for their upcoming single album.

Instead of proceeding with their provocative image, Stellar is going for a more trendy and summery glance for the single CRY. The unmarriedis farlook forward to as it's miles lead by potential of popular producer Brave Brother.

Since the liberate of Marionette, Stellar has gained attention for their provocative image. With the release in theirsymbol teasers, enthusiasts are praising their firm for in any case waking up and converting the teamspicture for the approaching single. They also wish Stellar neatly for the upcoming promotions, hoping that the womanneighborhood will at last get the damagethey've been looking ahead to the ultimate five years.

The single is decided to be released on July 18th.

Image: Stellar's Jeonyul / The Entertainment Pascal Image: Stellars Jeonyul / The Entertainment Pascal

Image: Stellar's Hyoeun / The Entertainment Pascal Image: Stellars Hyoeun / The Entertainment Pascal

Image: Stellar's Minhee / The Entertainment Pascal Image: Stellars Minhee / The Entertainment Pascal

Image: Stellar's Gayoung / The Entertainment Pascal Image: Stellars Gayoung / The Entertainment Pascal

Image: Tracklist to Stellar's single album CRY / The Entertainment Pascal Image: Tracklist to Stellars single album CRY / The Entertainment Pascal

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'Beauty Inside' Han Hyo-joo and her considerations ahead of she turns 30

'Beauty Inside' Han Hyo-joo and her considerations ahead of she turns 30

"There"s four months left until I"m 30".

That"s what actress Han Hyo-joo said. She has been busy during her 20s. She"s been from videos to dramas in other characters and jobs. She"s get back with "Beauty Inside" with simplest 4 months left to her 30s.

"Beauty Inside" is ready a guy who becomes a other user to a man, a man, a child, an elderly or even a foreigner each and each morning and the lady who loves him. it's far in line with an usual novel called, "The Beauty Inside".

The film has more moderen contents in comparison to the novel. The novel says the lady spends an evening with the guy to look his face alternate each and each day. The film displays the guy and the lady facing realistic matters.

Han Hyo-joo says it"s a film so there"s no want to divide it in sections. However, she truthfully said, "I like the usual tale better. It"s more appealing".

When Han gained the situation for the movie, she concept it used to be "something new". "I think it"s other from the Korean videos being made today. I wish to look the sort of film being made into a Korean version".

"So I sought after "Beauty Inside" to be neatly made into a advertisement movie. It"s a excellent try and subject so if this one does neatly then confidently it"ll open doors for plenty of more. Many sorts of videos mean more to look for the public. Some portions is also disappointing yet for my part I"m happy with how it grew to become out".

Han Hyo-joo plays Lee Soo and co-starred with the diverse actors and actresses that play Woo-jin. 123 other folks starred in the role of Woo-jin. It wasn"t going to be simple yet Han Hyo-joo didn"t think like that once she gained the scenario.

"I"m now no longer the sort to think something"s "difficult". I realize that it is when I get there. I simplest understand it later". She didn"t know where to stand, seeing such a lot of other folks at the set. Working with more than a couple of actors and actresses at all times wasn"t as simple as she concept it'll be".

Thanks to the personnel and the director, she wasn"t lonely. They had her in attention when they divided the situation serially. She knows that wasn"t easy. So she"s thankful.

Han Hyo-joo installed more concentration in this film than she did in anything else else. She had to play Lee Soo, a lady who is in love with a guy that adjustments each and each day. "I can relate to Lee Soo. I had to stand a other actor or actress on a daily basis like she had to stand a other user who used to be her lover".

"The scenario allowed me to fall more into the role. from time to time I used to be so perplexed that I didn"t know who used to be my ultimate partner".

"I felt Park Seo-joon used to be the maximum Woo-jin-like. That"s when Lee Soo falls in love with him. However, later I didn"t take note his face as all of the faces overlapped. It used to be a captivating experience".

To Han Hyo-joo, Ueno Juri used to be the maximum impressive out of all Woo-jins. She stated she felt the genuine Woo-jin thru her.

"I saw her as Woo-jin and I wish to agree with the target audience will too. I made up our minds to look her as Woo-jin and Cheon Woo-hee too".

Working with Kim Joo-hyeok used to be also a unique revel in to Han Hyo-joo. His role of Woo-jin used to be breaking apart with Lee Soo. Kim Joo-hyeok had to mention good-bye to Han Hyo-joo once he saw her.

"In a mellow movie, the sentiments of an actor or actress increase inside them earlier than it explodes. However, Kim Joo-hyeok made it convenient for me to act. i can also feel his long years of acting there. It didn"t feel like we"d met for the primary time".

Han Hyo-joo says other folks who acted the role of Woo-jin would have had a more tough time. She lived in the similar personality for the beyond few months yet the others had to pay attention immensely only for a couple of cuts. They will have to have wondered how they would continue being the Woo-jin that any user else had made earlier than them.

"Everyone played Woo-jin well. Observing them helped me and it used to be fun. Where else would I be ready to observe that? They didn"t just just do it as it used to be a small role. They in reality concept deeply about it. That each one ended up in the movie. Every person threw in somewhat of spice in it".

Han Hyo-joo is having a look against 30 now. She said, "I had many stuff I sought after to do earlier than I grew to become 30. I sought after to take a look at comical romance like "Coffee Prince" and "Innocent love".

She"s fascinated about "marriage" too. However, it"s now no longer until later. She"s so concentrated on her paintings she says she"s taking a spoil from romance. But now that she"s moving into her 30s, she wonders if she has to get married or now no longer someday.

"I think I"ll be 40 in no time. i'm worried about my lifestyles as a woman". It"s anything she wishes to fret about too. She dreams of romance, a hot one. She just might be the easiest actress for a romantic flick.

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After School's Uee Undergoes Amazing Beauty Transformations In Elle

After School's Uee Undergoes Amazing Beauty Transformations In Elle

After School"s Uee went though four amazing beauty transformations for the August issue of Elle. The star tried futuristic cat-eye, bronze blush, shimmering coral lips and a retro side-swept bun. All of her beauty looks were completed with Dior makeup products from the Dior Addict and limited-edition Cosmopolite collections.

Among Uee"s affordable lipsticks, there was the Dior Addict Fluid Stick, #784 Chic. The glossy color is a soft pink, can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

(Photo : Nordstrom)

During the interview, Uee revealed her future career goals. She stated, "Not only music, but I want to try more acting and other paths that haven"t been open to me yet. I want to show myself as always happy and enjoying every moment."

When the topic switched to role models, the beauty chose original K-pop queen Uhm Jung Hwa as her most inspiring figure. Coincidentally, Uhm was recently featured in the June issue of Elle.

"As a singer, actor, role model and woman, Uhm Jung Hwa senior is the best." Uee said. "She has all positive aspects of a senior. Her music, fashion, not to mention her healthy lifestyle!"

Currently, Uee is starring in the SBS drama High Society, which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 P.M.


About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.


Goo Hara  has wowed  people with her beauty in the amazing Cosmopolitan Pictorial

Goo Hara has wowed people with her beauty in the amazing Cosmopolitan Pictorial

KARAs Goo Hara Is a Beach Beauty in Cosmopolitan Pictorial KARAs Goo Hara showed off her fit figure for the July issue of Cosmopolitan.

This shoot took place in the emerald beach of Thailand, and Goo Hara looked quite bold in her diverse poses, exposing her bare back in one photo.

goo hara1

Her bikini blends well with the blue sea and sky, extenuating her slim waist and her long golden locks.

goo hara2

Fans can catch more photos and Haras interview in the July issue of Cosmopolitan as well as on the magazines official website.

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"Divorce Lawyer in Love" Jo Yeo-jeong shows off her amazing perfect body and doll-like beauty

On April 15th, actress Jo Yeo-jeong is posing for reporters at the press conference of the SBS" special project new weekend drama, "Divorce Lawyer in Love" at SBS Mok-dong building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

During the press conference, Jo Yeo-jeong pulled off the unique hairstyle and showed off her doll-like beauty. Her tanned body looked stunning in the curve-hugging dress.

"Divorce Lawyer in Love" starring Jo Yeo-jeong, Yeon Woo-jin, Sim Hyeong-tak, and Wang Ji-won is a romance drama between a feisty lawyer and a hopeless office manager . The drama will premiere on April 18th.


Magic Eye, Lee Hyori Complimented Reporter Jang Ye Won On Adorable Attitude and Beauty

Magic Eye, Lee Hyori Complimented Reporter Jang Ye Won On Adorable Attitude and Beauty

On the November 18th broadcast of variety show, “Magic Eye”, “Korean sexy QueenLee Hyori has complimented the journalist Jang Ye Won on her natural and charming beauty.

Lee Hyoei said that “I met her prior to the recording, and she was so adorable, she looked like a member of a girl-group.”

MC Kim Gu Ra also agreed with Lee Hyori’s opinion, comparing the announcer to actress Lee Yu Ri.

Also on this episode, Jang Ye Won shared that she is trying hard to be the rookie that everyone loves. She revealed that she “usually brings coffee for other workers and cleans office messes,” describing how she hopes to be on good terms with everyone.

Check out her photos below:

Jang Ye Won


Source: Sports World


5 Korean Beauty Stores And Their Amazing Products

5 Korean Beauty Stores And Their Amazing Products


Koreans never tire in their pursuit for beauty, which is often either made possible by a strictly regimented and vast arsenal of beauty products or plastic surgery. While they’re most famous for the latter, there are quite a few less permanent ways to get glowy, K-pop-music-video-ready skin. With the help of a few Korean beauty imports, it’s never been easier to do so — especially since they’ve gone mainstream (there’s a Missha located at the mall close by me!). The following is a list of my five favorite Korean beauty stores (in no particular order), plus one product I absolutely can’t live without from each company. Get your beauty on!

1) Club Clio

This brand’s specialty is colorful, funky and youthful makeup in a myriad of colors. Think of Club Clio as the MAC of Korea — like MAC, they have their own celeb spokespeople. Clio’s current model and spokesperson is none other than Dara of 2NE1, who appears in all their current ad campaigns and commercials.

Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner -


Koreans chicks love intensely lined eyes, so it’s no surprise that Club Clio’s bestselling item is their Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner. It is applied with a creamy twist-up soft plastic pencil and acts like regular pencil eyeliner. However, it’s different from regular pencil eyeliners due to being completely waterproof and therefore smudge proof, which comes in handy in the hot, humid summer heat.

2) Nature Republic

Beloved by both Koreans and beauty junkies alike, Nature Republic’s hallmark is a green, natural and youthfully fresh image, most recently embodied by SNSD’s Taeyeon as well as EXO and G-Dragon in past campaigns. However, some do complain that the brand is not 100% natural, as many products contain synthetic ingredients like propylene glycol, alcohol, mineral oil and parabens. Still, for items that are adorably packaged and pleasantly scented, this place isn’t half bad!

SoothingMoisture Aloe Vera 92% Gel -


It’s no contest here — everyone seems to love NR’s bestselling SoothingMoisture Aloe Vera 92% Gel. The fast-absorbing, clear gel is multipurpose, making it a great investment at only around $6 for over a cup of product. Use it as an all-body moisturizer, hair styler, aftershave, or sunburn soother. No wonder it regularly sells out!

3) Missha

If you’re looking for affordable, no-nonsense products that work, Missha has a simple answer for you. The company has been around since 2000, and just three years later, it has already built a solid fan following of over 10 million. Though there are only two stores in the U.S. (NY and HI), Missha does offer an awesome “Missha VIP” loyalty program that gives you preferential pricing, birthday rewards and 10 percent Missha cashback after spending only $200 in a calendar year.

M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil -


BB cream lovers, take note: at the end of the day, all you really want is to take it all off and have a smooth, clean face, no? This top-rated cleanser does all that and even removes the waterproof kind, so you don’t have to sweat over getting all that gunk off before bed. In general, oil-based cleansers work well on makeup by breaking it down through emulsification. Plus, it leaves your skin soft and moisturized!

4) Skinfood

Food shouldn’t just be nourishment for your body, but also your skin. That seems to be the guiding principle behind SK’s ever-popular cosmetics and skincare line Skinfood. Inspiration for both ingredients and packaging for every item in their line come from actual food products, like honey, tomatoes, sake and even muffins. The owner of the company has been in the cosmetics industry since 1957, so I’m guessing they know what they’re doing!

Red Orange Sun Pact SPF 50 -


Applying sunscreen can be a total pain — not only does it stain your clothes if you accidentally smear some on, but it takes a bit of rubbing into the skin for it to absorb and not leave a white residue. Enter the Red Orange Sun Pact SPF 50, which comes in a convenient powder compact for a mess-free application. It protects with a high SPF while banishing oily summer skin at the same time. Talk about handy!

5) The Face Shop

In Korea, The Face Shop is akin to Duane Reade in the USthey’re everywhere and their products are super affordable. Products are similarly based on a natural, green and holistic theme, which seems to be a common thread when it comes to Korean beauty products. After being bought by LG in 2009, The Face Shop continues to thrive with over 900 stores in multiple major cities.

Blackhead EX Charcoal Pore Strip –


Blackheads, Beware: one of my favorite products from The Face Shop is their Blackhead EX Charcoal Pore Strip, which has top reviews for effectiveness and value at $5.00 for a pack of seven strips. Reviewers agree that a veritable “blackhead forest” can be extracted after one use, and I have to warn you, it’s incredibly addictive (and extremely stress-relieving). Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!

Source: Dramafever


Lee Hyori displays nature's beauty in alluring photoshoot for Allure

Lee Hyori displays nature's beauty in alluring photoshoot for Allure

Lee Hyori displays nature's beauty in alluring photoshoot for Allure

Female singer Lee Hyori displays the beauty of nature in her candid pictorial for Allure's April issue.

The sexy singer is the cover of Allure magazine's April issue and the concept would be 'Beautiful Green' conveying the message of nature. In the photos, Hyori is posing naturally surrounded by plants and trees. She also posed sexily that would surely caught attention.

Her natural beauty and vivid expression just compliment the green nature. Check out more of her photos below:

Lee Hyori displays nature's beauty in alluring photoshoot for Allure

Lee Hyori displays nature's beauty in alluring photoshoot for Allure

Lee Hyori displays nature's beauty in alluring photoshoot for Allure


Lee Hyori Blames Excessive Greed for Styling Mishap for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Lee Hyori Blames Excessive Greed for Styling Mishap for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Lee Hyori Blames “Excessive Greed” for Styling Mishap for “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” Singer Lee Hyori posted a funny and embarrassing picture of herself on her Twitter Page, acknowledging the silliness in her past styles. The picture posted was from a 2010 comeback performance of her fourth album’s title song “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on Music Core. The star acknowledged that the styling wasn’t her best with the funny message, “When you have excessive greed, there are times when your reasoning doesn’t work well.”

Hyori definitely did go over the top in her looks during the 2010 performance with scary looking eye make up and a hairstyle that gave her antennas.

Below is Hyori’s performance of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” that the picture was taken from. Do you think Hyori’s styling was over the top in the performance? Let us know in the comments section.

In other news, Lee Hyori will appear on her husband’s (Lee Sang Soon) radio show this week in Jeju.