Spoiler Beautiful Mind Park So Dam Arrests Jang Hyeok For Serial Homicide Case

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[Spoiler] "The King's Case Note" Review

A: The genius King and the top student of the National Intelligence Exam create a duo to solve mysterious cases in town.

A: Comic + Action + Crime investigation! Kind of reminds me of "Detective K" and "The Grand Heist".

A: Lee Sun-kyun (The King), Ahn Jae-hong (The Note), Kim Hee-won (Evil chief), Jung Hae-in (The King's handsome bodyguard), etc.

What's the chance of you liking the movie? =70%

1. The plot of the movie is clear and on point. If you are a person who likes a neat storyline, this will satisfy you. Sick of a sloppy scenario with unresolved hints? The introduction, development, turn and conclusion is a clean cut on this one.

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[Spoiler] "Queen for 7 Days" Lee Dong-geon is a rampant, Park Si-eun-I and Baek Seung-hwan have two faces

Lee Dong-geon became a rampant.

On the first episode of the new KBS 2TV drama "Queen for 7 Days", Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Min-young), Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo-jin) and Lee Yoong (Lee Dong-geon) got mixed up with each other.

Sin Chae-kyeong was taken to the guillotine. The people wanted mercy for her. Before her execution was taken out, Sin Chae-kyeong said, "I will never meet him again if I'm reborn".

The time went back to 7 years. Lee Yoong was getting ready for Lee Yeok's (Baek Seung-hwan) wedding. He was getting married to Sin Soo-geun's (Jang Hyeon-seong) daughter Sin Chae-kyeong. Young Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Si-eun-I) dressed up as a man and headed for Hanyang with her babysitter.

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[Spoiler] "Queen for 7 Days" Park Si-eun-I presents Baek Seung-hwan with engagement ring

Park Si-eun-I presented Baek Seung-hwan with an engagement ring.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Queen for 7 Days", Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Si-eun-I / Park Min-young) gave Lee Yeok (Baek Seung-gwan / Yeon Woo-jin) an engagement ring.

Lee Yoong (Lee Dong-geon) was hostile towards his brother Lee Yeok and forced marriage on him. Lee Yeok refused to get married and tried to relieve his brother's anger. However, his encounter with Sin Chae-kyeong made him decide to get married.

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[Spoiler] "Queen For 7 Days" Yeon Woo-jin and Park Min-young's affection

Yeon Woo-jin and Park Min-young appeared for the first time.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Queen for 7 Days", Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo-jin) and Sin Chae-kyeong (Park Min-young) appeared for the first time.

Yeon San-gun Lee Yoong (Lee Dong-geon) thought of his brother Lee Yeok as a threat to his throne but didn't want to kill him. However, his followers sent Lee Yeok poisoned water.

Lee Yeok thought his brother had tried to kill him and slowly died. Soon, a body with an unrecognizably ruined face came into the palace and it was thought to be Lee Yeok. However, 5 years later in 1504, Lee Yeok appeared as a grown up with his friend Seo No (Hwang Chan-sung).

Jang Hyeok's movie
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Jang Hyeok's movie "Swordsman" to crank in on the 15th

Jang Hyeok's movie "Swordsman" starts filming on the 15th.

"Swordsman" is based during the period of change in the Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasty and the swordsmen who stood against confusing state of affairs.

Jang Hyeok takes on the role of Tae-yool, a swordsman with a secret from his past.

Jeong Man-sik is Joseon's greatest military subject named Min Seung-ho.

Joe Taslim from Hollywood blockbuster "Fast Furious 6" takes on the role of Gurutai, a merciless Qing Dynasty commander.