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Chae Soo Bin Talks About Working With Yoon Kyun Sang And Is Asked To Choose Between Him And Park Bo Gum
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Chae Soo Bin Talks About Working With Yoon Kyun Sang And Is Asked To Choose Between Him And Park Bo Gum

During an interview to commemorate the end of MBCs Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, Chae Soo Bin expressed her affection for co-star Yoon Kyun Sang.

She said, Hes such a comfortable person to be around. As for his acting, hes the kind of person who can play along, no matter what kind of tone I approach him with.


Chae Soo Bin also added, Thanks to him, I was able to do everything I wanted to do as an actress without worrying about it. As time passed, I think we gave each other strength and comfort whenever we had to film a difficult scene. It was an amazing experience.

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"Doctors" Park Shin-hye, Kim Min-seok and Lee Seong-kyeong

Actors Park Shin-hye, Kim Min-seok and Lee Seong-kyeong have come together.

Kim Min-seok posted a picture on his SNS saying, "Friends from "Doctors"".

Kim Min-seok, Ji Soo, Lee Seong-kyeong and Park Shin-hye are in the picture together.

They are all holding Vs with their hands.


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""Doctors" Park Shin-hye, Kim Min-seok and Lee Seong-kyeong"

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[Spoiler] "Fight My Way" Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won-I get married, Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon make up

Kim Ji-won-I and Park Seo-joon promised to get married.

On the final episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Fight My Way", the four main characters lived on with their lives after breaking up. Joo-man did his best to turn Seol-hee's mind around by waiting in front of her house in the morning and even bought a second-hand car to car-pool to work with her.

However, Seol-hee didn't change her mind even 60 days later but Joo-man made sure she got her lunch box. He even went to Seol-hee's mother's house to help with work. When a female employee made a mistake at work, he didn't even blink and told her to work according to the manual.

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[Spoiler] "Save Me" Jo Jae-yoon tells Park Ji-yeong, "You just eat money"

On the latest episode of the OCN drama "Save Me", Jo Wan-tae (Jo Jae-yoon) threatened Kang Eun-sil (Park Ji-yeong). Wan-tae told Kang Eun-sil that his money was missing and she told him to leave.

Wan-tae strangled her. "Do you know why I play along with you? You're just money eaters. I make you feel good so that you bring me money from the believers". When he stepped back, Kang-sil said, "I gave up everything for New God. I abandoned my daughter, family, life and my own life. Don't abandon me". Seok Dong-cheol (Woo Do-hwan) overheard this.

Park Shin Hye is gorgeous in the Maldives for a summer photoshoot with 'InStyle'
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Park Shin Hye is gorgeous in the Maldives for a summer photoshoot with 'InStyle'

Actress Park Shin Hye recently posed for 'InStyle' from the beautiful Soneva Jani resort in the Maldives.

Overlooking the clear blue waters, the actress struck dynamic poses wearing a trendy camo printed dress to diving into the sea for a swim, while soaking up the sun on the sandy beach.

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Park Shin Hye commented in an interview, "I would like to focus on the smaller aspects when it comes to storytelling in acting. Like film 'Very Ordinary Couple' for an example.  I want to star in a plot where I get to portray the various emotions dealt in a complex relationship," describing her ambitious take for her next possible role.