Spoiler Falsify Namgoong Min Tells Eom Ji Won Things Go My Way

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[Spoiler] "Falsify" Namgoong Min tells Eom Ji-won, "Things go my way"

Namgoong Min turned down Eom Ji-won's offer.

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Falsify", Kwon So-ra (Eom Ji-won) called Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min).

Kwon So-ra was angry when she found out Park Eung-mo (Park Jeong-hak) was released because of statute of limitations. She told Im Ji-tae (Park Won-sang), "We are all accomplices. The victim hasn't forgiven the criminal but we just did. This is a humiliation to the investigators and I didn't become an investigator to be humiliated like this".

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[Spoiler] "Falsify" Namgoong Min disguises himself

Namgoong Min disguised himself to get news.

On the first episode of the SBS drama "Falsify", Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min) made a deal with Jeon Chan-soo (Jeong Man-sik).

Han Moo-yeong disguised himself when he did this. Jeon Chan-soo said, "Watch out. If you die alone, I have nothing to do with this".

Han Moo-yeong called himself a trashy journalist.

Jeon Chan-soo helped Han Moo-yeong in his secretive report.


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[Spoiler] "Falsify" Namgoong Min, will he get back at Moon Sung-keun?

Namgoong Min became a reporter to avenge his brother's death but he was tricked by Moon Sung-keun.

Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min) wanted to find out the truth behind his brother Han Cheol-ho's (Oh Jeong-se) death.

Five years ago, Lee Seok-min (Yoo Joon-sang) and investigator Kwon So-ra (Eom Ji-won) were investigating a case on secret funds when Koo Tae-won (Moon Sung-keun) hit them in the back of their heads. Seok-min was demoted and so was So-ra. Cheol-ho, who wrote the report, suddenly died from an accident.

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[Spoiler] "Falsify" Namgoong Min clears Lee Joo-seung's name

Namgoong Min set out to clear Lee Joo-seung's name.

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Falsify", Han Moo-yeong (Namgoong Min) helped Yoon Seon-woo (Lee Joo-seung) who was framed for something he didn't do.

Han Moo-yeong heard from a whistle blower that the lawyer who was in charge of Yoon Seon-woo's case was an expert in losing cases. Han Moo-yeong had a hunch that Yoon Seon-woo was being trumped up.

Yoon Seon-woo tried to kill himself with a shaving blade in prison and was taken to the hospital. Han Moo-yeong, with the help of Yang Choo-seong (Choi Gwi-hwa), left Yoon Seon-woo his number. He called. Han Moo-yeong plotted for Yoon Seon-woo to make him a hostage and get out of the hospital. This went out in the news.

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[Spoiler] "Duel" Yang Se-jong tells Lee Na-yoon to wait for Jeong Jae-yeong

Lee Na-yoon was waiting for Jeong Jae-yeong.

On the fourth episode of the OCN drama "Duel", Soo-hyeon (Lee Na-yoon), Jang Deuk-cheon's (Jeong Jae-yeong) daughter, appeared.

Soo-hyeon suffered from pain and asked her kidnapper and clone Lee Seong-hoon where her father was.

She said, "He didn't appear in my dreams no matter how much I waited. I was so scared".

Lee Seong-hoon said, "Sleep more. He may come this time". He injected medication into her and put her to sleep.