Spoiler Father Is Strange Lee Joon Keeps Distance From Jung So Min

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[Spoiler] "Father Is Strange" Lee Joon keeps distance from Jung So-min

Lee Joon started keeping his distance from Jung So-min and started spending more time with Kim Young-cheol.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Father is Strange", Ahn Joong-hee (Lee Joon) asked his ex-girlfriend Hyeon-ji (Seo Yoon-ah) for advice.

Ahn Joong-hee thought Byeon Mi-yeong (Jung So-min) was his step-sister and felt confused. He asked his ex-girlfriend and psychiatrist for advice.

Hyeon-ji said, "I can't believe stone-heart Ahn Joong-hee is in love. It can happen. It doesn't mean you're crazy or a pervert. It hasn't' been long since you've become family and it's something that can happen in the process".

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[Spoiler] "Father Is Strange" Lee Joon falls for Jung So-min's beauty

Lee Joon fell for Jung So-min.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Father is Strange", Ahn Joong-hee (Lee Joon) couldn't take his eyes off Byeon Mi-yeong (Jung So-min).

On the day of Byeon Joon-yeong (Min Jin-woong) and Kim Yoo-joo's (Lee Mi-do) wedding, Byeon Hae-yeong (Lee Yu-ri), Byeon Ra-yeong (Ryu Hwa-young) and Ahn Joong-hee planned a revenge on Kim Yoo-joo. Ahn Joong-hee and Byeon Hye-yeong disliked Kim Yoo-joo who had bullied Byeon Mi-yeong in the past.

Ahn Joong-hee took the three sisters to a salon and gave them a make-over from head to toe. He was then impressed by their beauty. When Byeon Hye-yeong came out, he complimented her and when Byeon Ra-yeong came out, he clapped.

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[Spoiler] "Father is Strange" Lee Joon realizes love for Jung So-min

Lee Joon realized he was in love with Jung So-min.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Father is Strange", Ahn Joong-hee (Lee Joon) celebrated his birthday.

Byeon Han-soo (Kim Young-cheol) wished Ahn Joong-hee a happy birthday and they all had a great dinner with seaweed soup. However, Ahn Joong-hee carefully said that he doesn't like the way seaweed tastes.

Na Yeong-sil (Kim Hae-sook) said, "Everyone needs to eat seaweed soup before they leave this table. When in Rome, abide by their laws and you will do so in this house because you belong in it".

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[Spoiler] "Father is Strange" Jung So-min kisses Lee Joon on the cheek

Jung So-min kissed Lee Joon on the check.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Father is Strange", Byeon Mi-yeong (Jung So-min) kissed Ahn Joong-hee (Lee Joon) on the cheek.

Byeon Mi-yeong thought they were on Ahn Joong-hee's drama making site. She made a mistake and she was about to get scolded but Ahn Joong-hee apologized on behalf of her.

Ahn Joong-hee was getting make-up done and he needed a kiss mark. The director said, "It looks like a joke. Why doesn't the manager leave a kiss mark?"

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"Father is Strange" breaks record, Lee Joon and Jung So-min share a kiss

"Father is Strange" broke its own record.

According to Nielsen Korea, the KBS 2TV drama "Father is Strange" rated 1.7%. This is a 5.6% increase compared to the last episode.

This is a record breaker from the 31.0% from the 28th of May.

Ryoo Soo-yeong and Lee Yu-ri got married while Lee Joon and Jung So-min kissed this weekend.

MBC "You're Too Much" rated 12.5% and MBC "Bad Thief, Good Thief" 11.8% .


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