Spoiler "Five Children" An Woo-yeon asks Lim Soo-hyang to marry him

An Woo-yeon proposed to Lim Soo-hyang.

On the new episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Kim Tae-min (An Woo-yeon) proposed to Jang Jin-ju (Lim Soo-hyang).

Jang Jin-ju were given into a combat amongst the eating placewoman and calmed her anger in a caf with Kim Tae-min. Then he without notice asked her, "Why do not nosotros get married?"

Jang Jin-ju used to beshocked and Kim Tae-min said, "I think it's going to existjust right if we get married. We willassistevery other out and plan our long term together".

Jang Jin-ju gave the impressionhappy about the proposal even supposing she gave the affect toneedanything else. Kim Tae-min said, "I'll get permission from our oldsters first and propose again".

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Spoiler "Five Children" So Yoo-jin and Ahn Jae-wook get close, Goo Man-ri asks for divorce

So Yoo-jin and Ahn Jae-wook become closer yetthere are a lot ofstumbling blocksthey'veto standearlier than they get remarried.

On the episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Five Children" on the 6th, Lee Sang-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) took pity of Ahn Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin). They were given closer as they spent an evening up at the hospital.

Lee Sang-tae and Ahn Mi-jeong spent a evening at the hospital. Lee Sang-tae worried about Ahn Mi-jeong who had to stay at the health center and get her MRI tests done. Ahn Mi-jeong fell asleep on his shoulder.

Lee Sang-tae began taking pity of Ahn Mi-jeong. She was once so tired she fell asleep whilst she got her MRI tests. Lee Sang-tae asked Ahn Mi-jeong if she was fearful of the tests. Ahn Mi-jeong said, "I am now not scared, and even supposing ane was, there isn't any one to hear what I need to say. I just call to mind myself as a soul-less gadget at house and at work. Folks are the scariest things. Youngsters are even scarier".

Lee Sang-tae told his circle of relatives that he had no method to get remarried. His sister-in-law asked him about the blind date he had and why he had spent a night out. Lee Sang-tae told her he did notwould like to go remarried and then went to his dead wife's grave and told her he would not get down remarried.

Park Ok-sook (Song Ok-sook) and Oh Mi-sook (Park Hye-sook) went nose to nose with Lee Sang-tae's remarriage issues. Park Ok-sook and Jang Min-ho (Choi Min-ho) set out to refer to Oh Mi-sook who sought after Lee Sang-tae to get remarried. Lee Sin-wook (Jang Yong) told Jang Min-ho and Park Ok-sook that he wouldn't make Lee Sang-tae cross on a blind date by skill of force.

Ahn Mi-jeong didn't get to take the weekend off on account of housework. Still, she didn't let go of her paintings and called Lee Sang-tae who worried about her.

Meanwhile, "Five Children" is a comical drama about a unmarriedmother and a single dad who fall in love for the 2nd one time in their lives.



[Spoiler] "Splendid Politics" Kim Yeo-jin suggests Lee Yeon-hee marry Han Juwan

On the 26th episode of MBC"s "Splendid Politics", Jeongmyeong (Lee Yeon-hee) went to see Kim Gae-si (Kim Yeo-jin).

When senior ministers gathered around Prince Neongyang (Kim Jae-won), Jeongmyeong realized the upcoming ill-fated circumstances. And then she went to see Kim Gae-si to find a way to help Gawanghae (Cha Seung-won).

Kim Gae-si told her, "Marry Kang In-woo (Han Juwan). Then His Highness can break through this crisis".

While Hong Joo-won (Seo Kang-joon), whom Jeongmyeong was in love with, had not returned from the battlefield, Jeongmyeong was shocked by Kim Gae-si"s suggestion.



[Spoiler] "Shine or Go Crazy" Lee Honey presses Oh Yeon-seo to marry Im Joo-hwan

On the 13th episode of MBC"s "Shine or Go Crazy", Yeo-won (Lee Honey) advised Sin-yul (Oh Yeon-seo) on how she could make Wang So (Jang Hyeok) go away.

Yeo-won suggested Sin-yul should be separated from Wang So, under the condition that Yeo-won would keep the wedding between Sin-yul and Wang So as a secret. As Sin-yul understood Yeo-won"s intention, Sin-yul said she would cut him off.

Yeo-won later went to Cheonhae Trading Troupe and told Sin-yul to wed Wang Wook (Im Joo-hwan) as a way to do so.

Right after Wang Wook heard Yeo-won had gone to see Sin-yul, he went to the place as well. Yeo-won said, "You hurried to here like the wind. Were you worried about her that much?"

Although Wang Wook was in love with Sin-yul, he refused Yeo-won"s suggestion to marry Sin-yul. Yeo-won was not happy with Wang Wook"s refusal and Wang So sarcastically said, "It"s about time for Wook to get out of your arms?".

Yeo-won responded, "As far as I"m concerned, Wook as well as you would not be able to get out my hands".

"Shine or Go Crazy" is a palace romance between a cursed prince of Goreyo and an abandoned princess of Balhae.



[Spoiler] "Sensible Love" Seo Jeong-yeon asks Eom Tae-woong to let Lee Si-yeong leave

Seo Jeong-yeong asked Eom Tae-woong to let Lee Si-yeong go. On the 17th episode of "Sensible Love", it featured Boon-ja (Seo Jeong-yeong)"s tearful motherly love trying to stop her daughter, Il-ri (Lee Si-yeong) from taking care of Mrs. Go (Lee Yeong-ran), who suffered from dementia.

Boon-ja was deeply upset with Il-ri"s decision she was going to take care of Mrs. Go as Il-ri had already spent her entire younger life taking care of her sister-in-law and she was now going to go through the difficult task again.

Boon-ja finally met her son-in-law and said, "I"ve been telling you lies all this time. While I said I liked you and I liked you, it was all lie. However much I liked you, it can"t be me more than how much I like Il-ri. Please let my Il-ri go".

Boon-ja gushed, "After your mother fell ill like that, you also must be feeling at loss. But why should my daughter suffer again. I"m sorry I can"t be a bigger person than this".

Hee-tae in tears said, "No, I"m sorry"

Hee-tae had already been decided to let Il-ri leave because he wanted to take the burden off her shoulders. However, the decision to take care of Mrs. Go was up to Il-ri, and Il-ri still wanted to stay with Mrs. Go . Her unchanged decision created curiosity in viewers as to how it will move the story forward.


Review of Wonderful Days Ep 10: Taec Yeon asks his children about having a young Dad like him

Review of Wonderful Days Ep 10: Taec Yeon asks his children about having a young Dad like him

Wonderful Days Episode 10 Review: Ok Taec Yeon Asks His Kids “What Do You Think about Having a Young Dad Like Me?”

On the 10th episode of “Wonderful Days,” Kang Dong Hee (played by Taec Yeon) and his kids had a conversation in which he asked them what they thought about having a young father like him.

Dong Hee previously asked the twin’s birth mother to come back home but she refused. He was disappointed and got sick. He asked the kids, “How satisfied are you guys about the thing that are given to you?”

Kang Dong Joo (played by Hong Hwa Ri) and Kang Dong Won (played by Choi Gwon Soo) seemed to be surprised by this questions.

Dong Hee continued, “What do you think about having a young and cool dad like me?

He asked again, “Don’t you guys think it would be better for me to become your dad?”

In response, Dong Joo put her hand on Dong Hee’s forehead to check if he still had fever or not while Dong Won answered, “If you become my dad, I’m not going to school and I’m going to run away.



[Spoiler] "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" Jo Jeong-seok asks IU to marry him

Jo Jeong-seok prepared to propose to IU.

Soon-shin (IU) overcame everything and settled down as an actress. She was acknowledged as a real actress and not Song Mi-ryeong's (Lee Mi-sook" daughter. She was busy with Play and movies.

In the meantime, Soon-sin and Sin Joon-ho's (Jo Jeong-seok) love deepened. He followed her to a family gathering and made sure he made his mark and said, "For the future". He couldn't hide the fact that he was so happy no matter what people said about him.

At the end of the episode, Soon-sin was wearing a white Wedding Dress and Joon-ho told her how beautiful she looked. This was just a scene she was filming for a movie. Shin Joon-ho suddenly took out a ring from his pockets and asked her to marry him.

Meanwhile, Song Mi-ryeong decided to let all greed go and start a new life.



Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon resents Lee Pil-mo, why

Kim So-yeon resented Lee Pil-mo.

Bong Sam-bong (Kim Young-cheol) discovered out about Yoo Hyeon-ki's (Lee Pil-mo) illness.

Bong Hye-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) hears from SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) that Bong Sam-bong found out.

She told Yoo Hyeon-ki, "My father was once out of achieve without a word. He feels betrayed by way of his son-in-law. It never gave the glance of he become going to forgive yet he sought afterto soak upthe fellow he concept was his son-in-law".

"But that son-in-law is in deficient health and how do you have confidence you studied he feels? I assumed you were never going to discover out. You statedyou were not going to make my circle of relatives suffer again".

Yoo Hyeon-gi walked away to appear for Bong Sam-bong.

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Spoiler "Five Children" Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin have a feud over two sons

Ahn Jae-wook and So Yoo-jin's two sons were given into a combatas a result of their re-marriage.

On the forty-second episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Lee Sang-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) and Ahn Mi-jeong (So Yoo-jin) learned their sons were harm more they thought.

The couple arranged for a circle of relativesassembly after learning that their children's issues were piling up. After the youngsters vented about their problems, Ahn Mi-jeong and Lee Sang-tae negotiated in getting them to wait more academies in position of tutoring.

Ahn Mi-jeong also apologized for scolding the children. However, Lee Soo (Jo Hyeon-do) and Lee Bin (Kwon Soon-jeong) were not satisfied. Lee Soo drew a line about the culmination their grandmother Park Ok-soon (Song Ok-sook) purchased them and said, "These fruits are for me and Bin".

Kim Sang-min (Seong Hoon) could notdisregard some Lee Yeon-tae (Sin Hye-seon) and waited for her call, then he imagined that his telephonewas once ringing. Kim Sang-min went to arrange for a mannerdisplay at Lee Yeon-tae's brother Lee Sang-tae's company. Lee Sang-tae and Ahn Mi-jeong made him paintingschallenging to pay him back for the hassle he led to them.

On the alternative hand, Kim Sang-min told Lee Sang-tae, "I could beexcellent to Lee Yeon-tae". However, Lee Yeon-tae did not give in effortlessly and cried in front of Mo Soon-yeong (Sim I-yeong).

Jang Jin-joo (Lim Soo-hyang) idea hard about Kim Tae-min's mom (Park Hae-mi). She didn't resolution Kim Tae-min's calls to get a divorce with him, yet later replaced her mind, then video called him and wear a prove saying, "I leave out your mother".

Kim Tae-min told Lee Yeon-tae that Lee Soo and Yoon Woo-yeong (Jeong Yoon-seok), his classmates, that they wrote about his family, leaving out that his folks got re-married. Lee Yeon-tae told Lee Sang-tae who told Ahn Mi-jeong about this. He said, "I think our youngstershad been hurt more than we thought".

Lee Soo and Yoon Woo-yeong discovered out about the remarriage and teased the brothers.

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Spoiler Added episodes 39 and 40 captures for the Korean drama 'Five Children'

Spoiler Added episodes 39 and 40 captures for the Korean drama 'Five Children'

Added episodes 39 and 40 captures for the Korean drama "Five Children" (2016)Directed through Kim Jeong-gyooWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Ahn Jae-wook, So Yoo-jin, Sim Hyeong-tak, Sim I-yeong, Lim Soo-hyang, Sin Hye-seon,...Sat, Sun 19:55Synopsis"Five Children" is a happycircle of relatives comedy drama depicting love and conflicts between household members, that willconvey a heartwarming and vivacious tale to drama fanatics in 2016. It's miles highly expected as the drama will tell original romance studiesin additionexistence stories by other generations, hencea completekinfolk can watch the drama together.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/02/20

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