Spoiler Five Children Seong Hoon And Sin Hye Seon

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[Spoiler] "Secret Forest" Sin Hye-seon framed for murder

Sin Hye-seon was framed for murder.

On the second episode of the tvN drama "Secret Forest", Yeong Eun-soo (Sin Hye-seon) had her face exposed as a 'murderer prosecutor'.

Despite Hwang Si-mok's suggestion, Yeong Eun-soo took on the Park Moo-seong (Eom Hyo-seob) case just when she graduated from junior examiner. She moved under Seo Dong-jae's (Lee Joon-hyuk) orders and went to trial and interviewed with the media.

Seo Dong-jae told her a way to submit black-box footage as evidence in the Park Moo-seong case and Yeong Eun-soo did just that, leading to Kang Jin-sup getting 22 years in prison for homicide. However, he killed himself in prison claiming he was guilty and Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doona) found more evidence to turn the case around/

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[Spoiler] "Bad Thief, Good Thief" Kim Ji-hoon-I finds family picture at Ji Hyeon-woo's

Han Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hoon-I) visited Jang Dol-mok (Ji Hyeon-woo).

On the latest episode of "Bad Thief, Good Thief", Kim Ji-hoon-I walked Kang So-joo (Seohyun) home from work.

Ji Hyeon-woo saw them in front of his house and suggested they ate together.

Seohyun accidentally dropped some food on Kim Ji-hoon-I's shirt.

Kim Ji-hoon-I went into Kim Gil-gang's room to change his shirt when he saw a picture in a frame.

He held the frame and recalled the past. He just cried without a sound.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Choi Min-soo and Sin Seong-rok

The son and father-in-law of "Man Who Dies to Live" are amusing together.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", count Saayd Faad Ali (Choi Min-soo) who went over to the Middle East and started a small empire, came to Korea to find his daughter.

The count mistook Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) as his daughter and started materially supporting his son-in-law Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) who was cheating on his wife with Lee Ji-yeong B.

The count started teaching Kang Ho-rim of the manners and grace of the royals and with his incredible fortune, started buying presents for his daughter.

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[Spoiler] "Woman of Dignity" Kim Seon-ah, Park Bok-ja's pros and cons

Kim Seon-ah put her performance to the extreme.

Kim Seon-ah portrayed the pros and cons of a single character without so much excellence.

Park Bok-ja had a job interview as Ahn Tae-dong's (Kim Yong-gun) caregiver and had dreams of upgrading her status. When she first met his second daughter-in-law Woo Ah-jin (Kim Hee-sun), she was intimidated and indulged in materials as to not make mistakes.

Soon, she was eliminating anything in her way to fulfill her passion and desires and completely had the trust of Tae-dong who would let her give out the shots. She ended up being the biggest shareholder in Tae-dong's company which he had worked on his whole life. She was now the chairwoman of it. She soon adopted the tone and gesture of ordering people around like she was a natural at it.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Lee So-yeon kisses Sin Seong-rok in front of Kang Ye-won

Lee So-yeon provoked Kang Ye-won.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) suddenly kissed Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok).

Lee Ji-yeong called him out to a vendor near his house.

Kang Ho-rim sneaked out of the house and Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) also came out of the house to give kimbap to Abdullah (Jasper Cho).

Lee Ji-yeong B saw Lee Ji-yeong A walking to their direction and kissed Kang Ho-rim.

Lee Ji-yeong A walked over to them, shocked. Lee Ji-yeong B told her, "We are in love and we're getting married soon".