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Produce 101 Season 2 Makes Final Decision On Voting Format For Future Weeks
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Produce 101 Season 2 Makes Final Decision On Voting Format For Future Weeks

Mnets Produce 101 Season 2 has decided to make a change from the previous season.

The May 26 broadcast of the show revealed the top 35 contestants that remain after the second elimination.

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Voting has now reopened for the next couple of weeks before the next elimination as of 1:30 a.m. KST on May 27. Voting for this specific week will be open until June 3, at 11 p.m. KST.

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Lee Si-young makes confession to Kim Young-kwang

Lee Si-young confessed to Kim Young-kwang about her daughter.

On the latest two episodes of the MBC drama "Lookout", Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) began suspecting the captain.

She followed Gong Kyeong-soo's (Key) trial and followed him into the chapel.

Jo Soo-ji thought Jang Do-han (Kim Young-kwang) was the priest. He told her to confess and she asked, "What about the others? There was a man before me". The priest said, "We have a right to keep the secrets of others".

Jo Soo-ji told him, "I'm not ready yet. I'll come back when I AM." She stopped in her tracks and asked, "Do you pray for others? I have sinned so terribly I need someone else to do it for me".

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[Spoiler] "Secret Forest" Sin Hye-seon framed for murder

Sin Hye-seon was framed for murder.

On the second episode of the tvN drama "Secret Forest", Yeong Eun-soo (Sin Hye-seon) had her face exposed as a 'murderer prosecutor'.

Despite Hwang Si-mok's suggestion, Yeong Eun-soo took on the Park Moo-seong (Eom Hyo-seob) case just when she graduated from junior examiner. She moved under Seo Dong-jae's (Lee Joon-hyuk) orders and went to trial and interviewed with the media.

Seo Dong-jae told her a way to submit black-box footage as evidence in the Park Moo-seong case and Yeong Eun-soo did just that, leading to Kang Jin-sup getting 22 years in prison for homicide. However, he killed himself in prison claiming he was guilty and Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doona) found more evidence to turn the case around/

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[Spoiler] "Queen For 7 Days" Woo Hee-jin makes special appearance as Lee Dong-geon's mother

Woo Hee-jin made a short but impressive appearance as Queen Yoon.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Queen for 7 Days", Yeon San-gun Lee Yoong (Lee Dong-geon) thought about his mother Queen Yoon (Woo Hee-jin).

Lee Yoong recalled his mother who played the zither in disguise. When young Lee Yoong looked for his mother to give her a flower present, his mother was being dragged out by court maids but when she saw him, came running at him, smiling.

Then while she sorted out his threads, she told Lee Yoong crying, "You're going to be the king of this country. You have to look neat". Later when Lee Yoong grew up, his mother's mother told him, "Your mother wasn't sick but she was killed". She handed him clothes that belonged to his mother but they were covered in blood.

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[Spoiler] "Ruler: Master of the Mask" L forces Kim So-hyun to marry him, madness

Peasant Lee Son (L), who is the fake king, planned on marrying Han Ga-eun (Kim So-hyun).

When he found out that the real Lee Seon (Yoo Seung-ho) was alive, made a deal with Dae-mok (Heo Joon-ho) and chose Han Ga-eun to be his wife. She asked him what the meaning of this was.

Peasant Lee Seon said, "I cleared Han Gyu-ho (Jeon No-min) of his guilt". Han Ga-eun said, "I am grateful for that, but I can't be your queen".

Lee Seon took off his mask and said, "It's not that you don't want to be queen, you just don't want to marry me. Would you have refused if I was the real prince?" Han Ga-eun said, "The king I see is just a fake who allies with his father's killer and bullies the people".