Spoiler Lookout Lee Si Young Makes Confession To Kim Young Kwang

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Lee Si-young makes confession to Kim Young-kwang

Lee Si-young confessed to Kim Young-kwang about her daughter.

On the latest two episodes of the MBC drama "Lookout", Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) began suspecting the captain.

She followed Gong Kyeong-soo's (Key) trial and followed him into the chapel.

Jo Soo-ji thought Jang Do-han (Kim Young-kwang) was the priest. He told her to confess and she asked, "What about the others? There was a man before me". The priest said, "We have a right to keep the secrets of others".

Jo Soo-ji told him, "I'm not ready yet. I'll come back when I AM." She stopped in her tracks and asked, "Do you pray for others? I have sinned so terribly I need someone else to do it for me".

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Kim Young-kwang's hidden past

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Lookout", Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) and Kim Eun-joong (Kim Tae-hoon) started investigating Jang Do-han (Kim Young-kwang) as he was being suspicious.

Jang Do-han has been rousing curiosity until now with his unknown behavior. He approached Yoon Seung-ro with his real intentions hidden behind him. He dug deep for the ugly truth of Yoon Seung-ro's (Choi Moo-sung) past and slowly suffocated him. Jang Do-han was slowly making his way to take revenge.

Soon after, Jang Do-han's identity was about to be revealed. He set out himself to save Jo Soo-ji and Kim Eun-joong started suspecting him.

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Kim Young-kwang saves Lee Si-young and dies

Kim Young-kwang died but the others continued to find justice for the world.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Lookout", Jang Do-han (Kim Young-kwang) saved Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) and died.

Yoon Si-wan (Park Solomon) had Lee Soon-ae's (Kim Sun-young-III) daughter Jin Se-won (Lee Ji-won-III) as hostage and told Lee Soon-ae to kill Jo Soo-ji. However, she couldn't kill her and Yoon Si-wan was furious.

Gong Kyeong-soo (Shinee Key) found where Jin Se-won was captured and saved her before the bomb went off. Yoon Si-wan found out he didn't kill Jin Se-won and threw himself to Jo Soo-ji.

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Lee Si-young finds out why her daughter went to the roof

Lee Si-young blamed herself for her daughter jumping off the roof.

On the third episode of the MBC drama m"Lookout", Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) blamed herself for her daughter Yoo-na (Ham Na-yeong) going up to the roof.

Jo Soo-ji went up to the roof with Kim Eun-joong (Kim Tae-hoon). She found her daughter's drawing torn up there.

Jo Soo-ji then realized Yoo-na had gone up to the roof not because of herself and Yoon Si-wan (Park Solomon), although Yoo-na was afraid of heights.

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Lee Si-young's action scene brings on the girl crush

Lee Si-young is a 'girl crush'.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Lookout", Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) was after some kidnappers.

Watching Sae-bom crying in the kidnappers' car reminded Soo-ji of her dead daughter Yoo-na (Ham Na-yeong) which killed her. She broke the driver's side window to save Sae-bom. The kidnappers stopped the car.

Jo Soo-ji tried to get Sae-bom out of there but the bad guys tried to move the car. Soo-ji was dangling on the car when she dropped and rolled on the road. She only thought of saving the girl even if her life was at risk.