Spoiler Man Who Dies To Live Choi Min Soos First Encounter With Lee So Yeon

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Choi Min-soo's first encounter with Lee So-yeon

Sayd Faad Ali (Choi Min-soo) and Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) met for the first time.

Inside a club, Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) and the charismatic count didn't recognize each other.

Drunk Ji-yeong A got into the count's car by mistake and thought he was kidnapping her. She beat up his assistant Abdallah Muhamed Wallawalla (Jo Tae-gwan) and ran away.

Ji-yeong B wanted to meet her 'father' the count and Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) worried that their stories wouldn't match. She asked him for the count's phone number.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Kang Ye-won dreams of Choi Min-soo 'to kill'

Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) dreamed of her father Jang Dal-gu (Choi Min-soo) on the latest episode of the new MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live".

Lee Ji-yeong A married Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) and had a child named Kang Eun-bi (Ko Bi-joo). The in-laws wouldn't let her go on a trip abroad and her husband dreamed of becoming the male "Cinderella" by cheating on Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) with Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon).

Saad Fad Ali was a count in the Republic of Boduantia in the Middle East. Also known as Jang Dal-gu, he returned to Korea for the first time in 35 years to find his daughter, but mistook his son-in-law's girlfriend Lee Ji-yeong B as his daughter.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Choi Min-soo and Sin Seong-rok

The son and father-in-law of "Man Who Dies to Live" are amusing together.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", count Saayd Faad Ali (Choi Min-soo) who went over to the Middle East and started a small empire, came to Korea to find his daughter.

The count mistook Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) as his daughter and started materially supporting his son-in-law Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) who was cheating on his wife with Lee Ji-yeong B.

The count started teaching Kang Ho-rim of the manners and grace of the royals and with his incredible fortune, started buying presents for his daughter.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Lee So-yeon pretends to be the count's daughter

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) knew she wasn't the count's (Choi Min-soo) daughter but pretended to be.

She knew she wasn't his daughter when she saw the picture he had. However, he was filthy rich and she wanted to use him. She pretended to be married to Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok). Kang Ho-rim also had to do this to keep the money the count gave him for his business.

Choi Min-soo however, started to be suspicious of Lee Ji-yeong B and looked for the orphanage where she supposedly was. Lee Ji-yeong B and Kang Ho-rim stopped him with lies.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Choi Min-soo goes on a date with real daughter

Choi Min-soo went on a date with his real daughter Kang Ye-won and fake daughter Lee So-yeon did all she could so that she could become his ' real ' daughter forever.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", Count Saayd Faad Ali (Choi Min-soo) made happy memories with his real daughter Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won). Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) continued to pretend to be his real daughter.

Ji-yeong B and Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) pretended to be married in front of Ali. Ji-yeong B calculated the possibilities of remaining the count's daughter and Ho-rim had to make him believe it for the sake of his business funds.