Spoiler Man Who Dies To Live Lee So Yeon Kisses Sin Seong Rok In Front Of Kang Ye Won

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Lee So-yeon kisses Sin Seong-rok in front of Kang Ye-won

Lee So-yeon provoked Kang Ye-won.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) suddenly kissed Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok).

Lee Ji-yeong called him out to a vendor near his house.

Kang Ho-rim sneaked out of the house and Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) also came out of the house to give kimbap to Abdullah (Jasper Cho).

Lee Ji-yeong B saw Lee Ji-yeong A walking to their direction and kissed Kang Ho-rim.

Lee Ji-yeong A walked over to them, shocked. Lee Ji-yeong B told her, "We are in love and we're getting married soon".

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Kang Ye-won dreams of Choi Min-soo 'to kill'

Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) dreamed of her father Jang Dal-gu (Choi Min-soo) on the latest episode of the new MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live".

Lee Ji-yeong A married Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) and had a child named Kang Eun-bi (Ko Bi-joo). The in-laws wouldn't let her go on a trip abroad and her husband dreamed of becoming the male "Cinderella" by cheating on Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) with Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon).

Saad Fad Ali was a count in the Republic of Boduantia in the Middle East. Also known as Jang Dal-gu, he returned to Korea for the first time in 35 years to find his daughter, but mistook his son-in-law's girlfriend Lee Ji-yeong B as his daughter.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Choi Min-soo and Sin Seong-rok

The son and father-in-law of "Man Who Dies to Live" are amusing together.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live", count Saayd Faad Ali (Choi Min-soo) who went over to the Middle East and started a small empire, came to Korea to find his daughter.

The count mistook Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) as his daughter and started materially supporting his son-in-law Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) who was cheating on his wife with Lee Ji-yeong B.

The count started teaching Kang Ho-rim of the manners and grace of the royals and with his incredible fortune, started buying presents for his daughter.

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"Man Who Dies to Live" Kang Ye-won and Sin Seong-rok 'positive + human vitamin' come together

Actors Kang Ye-won and Sin Seong-rok are starring in the new MBC drama "Man Who Dies to Live" as a married couple of 7 years.

They live together out of loyalty rather than love and they are an example of many common married couples today.

Kang Ye-won plays the part of Lee Ji-yeong A, a positive human being who dreams of being a drama writer and Sin Seong-rok is Kang Ho-rim who expects a bag of money to fall from the sky.

Stills of Kang Ye-won and Sin Seong-rok show them working on their scripts before going into action.

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[Spoiler] "Man Who Dies to Live" Choi Min-soo's first encounter with Lee So-yeon

Sayd Faad Ali (Choi Min-soo) and Lee Ji-yeong B (Lee So-yeon) met for the first time.

Inside a club, Lee Ji-yeong A (Kang Ye-won) and the charismatic count didn't recognize each other.

Drunk Ji-yeong A got into the count's car by mistake and thought he was kidnapping her. She beat up his assistant Abdallah Muhamed Wallawalla (Jo Tae-gwan) and ran away.

Ji-yeong B wanted to meet her 'father' the count and Kang Ho-rim (Sin Seong-rok) worried that their stories wouldn't match. She asked him for the count's phone number.