Spoiler The Flower In Prison Are Ko Soo And Jin Se Yeong Changing Into Romeo And Juliet

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[Spoiler] "Father Is Strange" Kim Hae-sook opposes of Lee Yu-ri and Ryoo Soo-yeong's marriage

Na Yeong-sol (Kim Hae-sook) was against Byeon Hye-yeong (Lee Yu-ri) and Cha Jeong-hwan (Ryoo Soo-yeong) getting married.

She asked Hye-yeong, "Didn't you say you won't marry him?" and she answered, "I decided to take an adventure and marry him rather than lose him". Yeong-sil said, "You don't need this adventure. I can't let you marry him".

Hye-yeong tried to convince her mother, "I know what you mean, but it doesn't mean I'm becoming his property; I'm just getting married to him". Yeong-sil said, "His mother is someone with different values from us. She insulted your mother. How could you even dream of it? She's boastful just because she has money".

Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung have a 'Romeo & Juliet' meeting in new teaser for 'Bride of the Water God'!
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Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung have a 'Romeo & Juliet' meeting in new teaser for 'Bride of the Water God'!

Upcoming tvN fantasy romance drama 'Bride of the Water God' revealed a newer, longer teaser starring the leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung!

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The drama is based off of a Korean manga series of the same name, also starringGong Myung,Lim Joo Hwan,f(x)'sKrystal, and more. The theme of this teaser is 'Romeo Juliet'-esque, showing the two leads meeting on either side of a large aquatic tank, with Nam Joo Hyuk stating, "I've finally found her. My servant", and Shin Se Kyung likewise stating, "My god."

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[Spoiler] "Duel" Yang Se-jong tells Lee Na-yoon to wait for Jeong Jae-yeong

Lee Na-yoon was waiting for Jeong Jae-yeong.

On the fourth episode of the OCN drama "Duel", Soo-hyeon (Lee Na-yoon), Jang Deuk-cheon's (Jeong Jae-yeong) daughter, appeared.

Soo-hyeon suffered from pain and asked her kidnapper and clone Lee Seong-hoon where her father was.

She said, "He didn't appear in my dreams no matter how much I waited. I was so scared".

Lee Seong-hoon said, "Sleep more. He may come this time". He injected medication into her and put her to sleep.

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[Spoiler] "You're Too Much" Son Tae-yeong terrorizes Jang Hee-jin and Jung Gyu-woon

Son Tae-yeong poured alcohol on Jang Hee-jin and slapped Jung Gyu-woon.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "You're Too Much", Hong Yoon-hee (Son Tae-yeong) was outraged that her fianc Park Hyeon-joon (Jung Gyu-woon) had changed his mind.

She decided to get married to Park Hyeon-joon out of revenge for Jeong Hae-dang (Jang Hee-jin) and Yoo Jina (Uhm Jung-hwa) but Park Hyeon-joong introduced Jeong Hae-dang to his family. Seong Kyeong-ja (Jung Hye-sun) called in Hong Yoon-hee as well when Park Hyeon-joon said there was someone he wanted them to meet and Hong Yoon-hee was appalled to hear that they were getting married.

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[Spoiler] "Queen For 7 Days" Park Min-yeong points knife at Yeon Woo-jin

On "Queen for 7 Days", Yeon Woo-jin became king.

In the process of him becoming king, Chae-kyeong's (Park Min-young) parents died.

Chae-kyeong pointed a knife at Lee Yeok and Yeok said, "It's all my fault. I didn't do it myself but one of my people did and I am sorry I didn't keep my promise".

Chae-kyeong dropped her knife and started crying.


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