Spoiler "W" Lee Jong-suk shoots Kim Ee-seong

"W" Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) shot Oh Seong-moo (Kim Ee-seong) with a gun.

Kang Cheol were given angry as a result ofanything Oh Seong-moo said. Oh Seong-moo provoked him more and Kang Cheol shot him with a gun.

When Oh Seong-moo used to be down, Kang Cheol left the workroom. He bumped into Park Soo-bong (Lee Si-eon). Kang Cheol said, "If you call 911 he may be in a position toare living and Park Soo-bong turned into surprised. Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) arrived later and was shocked.

Meanwhile, "W" is a romantic suspense drama about a femininephysician named Oh Yeon-joo getting sucked into a web-toon called "W" and assembly Kang Cheol, the leading character.

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[Spoiler] "The Queen"s Flower" Lee Jong-hyuk tells Kim Seong-ryeong, "I realized that I can love again"

Min-joon (Lee Jong-hyuk) confessed his love for Rena (Kim Seong-ryeong).

On the sixteenth episode of the MBC weekend drama "The Queen"s Flower", Min-joon entered Rena"s apartment because of the pretence she put on that a stalker was bothering her.

Rena made sure Min-joon wasn"t leaving and said, "I"m really sorry about what happened at the hotel. You might just have been being nice to me, but I misunderstood that".

She continued, "Actually, when I was in the States, I had a superior who was really nice to me but it was all a show. You think too much of your wife so I know you"re just being nice to me because I look pitiful".

Min-joon said, "I am not being nice to you because of that. Do you know what I wanted to say to you when we were in Shanghai?" She answered, "You said you"d tell me all about you".

Min-joon said, "I met a woman in New York 10 years ago. I was exhausted from the long term abroad and I fell for her. I decided to marry her three months after I met her despite my family"s opposition". Rena asked if that was his wife.

He said, "She didn"t show up at the wedding. I just pretended to be married as to not disgrace my family. That"s what I wanted to tell you".

Rena asked why and he said, "I had forgotten for 10 years that I could love again. You can forget what I said if you think it"s too much".

Rena said, "No, I"ve always liked you too but I thought you had a family so I didn"t dare...how could I?" and fell into his arms.




[Spoiler] "The Queen"s Flower" Kim Seong-ryeong is convinced by Lee Jong-hyuk"s nice gestures

On the 7th episode of MBC"s weekend drama, "The Queen"s Flower", Kim Seong-ryeong was swayed by Lee Jong-hyuk"s goodwill gestures.

Rena Jeong (Kim Seong-ryeong) fell asleep in Park Min-joon (Lee Jong-hyuk)" car while she was getting a ride from him. She told him "I fell asleep again. Well, I always get to show the ugly side of myself. Thank you for today, bye" and then she got off his car.

Park Min-joon responded, "Rena. As I said, it will be a lifetime failure, if you would fail this time. And it"s not going to happen. Because I"ll be next to you this time".

Rena Jeong ran to a spot Park Min-joon could not see her and talked to herself, "What is this. Why is my heart pumping like this?"

And then Rena Jeong said again, "Wake up, Rena Jeong. You"ve gone through all these and you haven"t learned a lesson yet? They are always nice in the beginning and then abandon you. That"s what men do. That man just should be a stepping stone for me to succeed".



[Spoiler] "The Joseon Shooter" Lee Joon-ki shoots Yoo Oh-seong in the heart

On the fourteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Joseon Shooter", Park Yoon-kang (Lee Joon-ki) planned on getting rid of Choi Won-sin (Yoo Oh-seong) and the Sugu Tribe.

Yoon-kang managed to save his life thanks to Gojong (Lee Min-woo). Yoong-kang watched the Sugu Tribe gather Kim Ja-yeong"s (Choi Jong-won) house and learned that Kim Byeong-je (Ahn Seok-hwan) was also a Sugu.

Yoon-kang attained information that Kim Ja-yeong was the one who set fire on Choi Hye-won"s (Jeon Hye-bin) store and that Won-sin was going head out.

Yoon-kang rode behind Won-sin who was on his way to meet Kim Ja-yeong and shot him. Kim Jae-yeong fell off his horse and ran into the woods.

However, Won-sin came to a dead end at the cliffs and Yoon-kang had him at gun point. He shot Won-sin in the arms and legs saying they were for his father and sister. Then he said, "This is for me" and shot Won-sin in the heart.

Won-sin fell below the cliffs and tears welled in Yoon-kang"s eyes. It was dejecting for him.



[Spoiler] Seong Jong knows the true criminal

[Spoiler] Seong Jong knows the true criminal

[Spoiler] Seong Jong knows the true criminal

Seong Jong knew that the Chang-won Army were the suspects.

Joon-kyeong (Kang Ha-neul) solved out the case with amazing detective work in the MBC "Drama Festival - Rebellious".

He tried to find out the real criminal but he couldn't stop the noblemen from putting their crime on their slaves. However, he didn't stop looking for the real criminal. Even his brother Joon-woo (Yang Jin-woo) knew he wasn't doing this to get promoted. He was the son of a concubine who was also killed without reason.

There was another case for Joon-kyeong. To find the criminal who killed a woman. He found out that it was the deed of a Chang-won soldier because of the fact that he was left-handed, his word and blood stains in his house.

There was evidence but Joon-kyeong couldn't arrest him. He had to point out that the slave was the culprit without a choice because of his master's (Son Byeong-ho) orders. Everyone was happy to have caught the criminal but not Joon-kyeong.

Joon-kyeong was taken somewhere while blind-folded. A voice said, "The Suspect you pointed out today was not real, isn't that right?" It was Seong-jong. He knew that the Chang-won soldier was the culprit.

He started an investigation. He was planning on protecting the throne by killing the soldier, if he turned out to be guilty. There was a reason why he involved Joon-kyeong, too. To find out if Joon-kyeong was part of The Concubine gang and to find out the truth about the organization run by the Chang-won soldier.

Joon-kyeong was shocked to find out the truth.



Spoiler "W" Lee Jong-suk is going from hero to murderer

Will Lee Jong-suk be readyto move back to the web-toon world?

On the 5th episode of the MBC drama "W", Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) went to Oh Sung-mooo (Kim Ee-seong) and vented.

Kang Cheol discovered out that the arena he was once living in turned into a web-toon and stopped time. He overcame the wall of dimensions and got here out into reality. Then he was stunned at the web-toon which he was the big name of and learned that Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) was right.

Kang Cheol found Yeon-joo and admitted that the web-toon global had stopped and most effective he was capable of get out. "I did not know this was the truth". Yeon-joo told him she would transform his guardian, then Kang Cheol kissed her.

Kang Cheol went to the web-toon writer's house. He read the writer's magazine and felt at a loss for words once again. The area he lived in was a made-up world and realized that he'd been thrunot possible pain as a result of the writer's story. He also realized that Yeon-joo was Oh Seong-moo's daughter.

Seong-moo returned house at that moment and met Kang Cheol. They had a fight and Yeon-joo was listening on the phone. Then, it became out that it wasn't Yeon-joo whom Kang Cheol's unconsciousness held onto. It was Seong-moo. Kanc Cheol asked Seong-moo for help, yet Seong-moo only stabbed him further. However, Kang Cheol wasn't bleeding. That is how Yeon-joo didn't die from that gun shot.

Seong-moo made Kang Cheol to conquer his low self-esteem. He was the only real thing that Seong-moo may make do whatever he sought after to do. Seong-moo was at all times drinking or evenneeded to die but he could notthanks to Yeon-joo. He lived because of Yeon-joo. The relationship to the nature he created was Yeon-joo.

Seong-moo provoked Kang Cheol to shoot him pronouncing he wasn't able todedicatehomicide anyway. Kang Cheol told Seong-moo to attract the finishing like he to get started with planned. He felt that the ending mayturn out to bea regular one. However, there has been no culprit and Kang Cheol was confused.

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Spoiler "Monster - 2016" Jo Bo-ah kisses Kang Ji-hwan in front of Seong Yoo-ri

Jo Bo-ah kissed Kang Ji-hwan in front of Jo Bo-ah.

On the thirty-seventh episode of the MBC drama "Monster - 2016", Do Sin-yeong (Jo Bo-ah) kissed Kang Ki-tan (Kang Ji-hwan).

Do Sin-yeong saw Kang Ki-tan, Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) and Do Gun-woo (Park Ki-woong) drinking in combination and joined them uninvited.

Do Sin-yeong was onceconscious about Oh Soo-yeon and whilst drinking, she told Kang Ki-tan, "Don't laugh at other women".

Kang Ki-tan scoffed at her and she kissed him. She then told Oh Soo-yeon, "He's mine. Do not flirt with him".

Kang Ki-tan told Oh Soo-yeon, "Don't brain her" yet Oh Soo-yeon could notassist but feel frustrated.

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Spoiler "Five Children" Sin Hye-seon makes a decision to marry Seong Hoon

Sin Hye-seon made up our minds to get married at last.

On the forty-eighth episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Lee Yeon-tae (Sin Hye-seon) agreed to marry Kim Seong-min (Seong Hoon).

They were on a date at night. Kim Seong-min said, "Let's take some other walk round the park" because he did notneed her to headhouse yet.

Lee Yeon-tae said, "I idea about it and I suspect there are merits to getting married. We do now not need to phase after dates like this and we will run acrosseach and every other in the morning. We can see one another at evening too. We do not have to lookoutdoor so it save cash and I do now not believe we mustput offthe marriage anymore".

Kim Seong-min yelled for joy and time and again kissed her. She blushed and attemptedto prevent him yet she was once all smiles, too.

Lee Yeon-tae hadn't been too prepared about the speculationof having married. In the end, she made a decision that she enjoyed Kim Seong-min adequate to marry him.

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Spoiler 'W' Lee Jong-suk marvel kisses Han Hyo-joo,

Spoiler 'W' Lee Jong-suk marvel kisses Han Hyo-joo, "It did not make you disappear"

On the episode 3 of MBC's "W", Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) aimed a gun at Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) so as to get out the web-toon world.

Kang Cheol took away the gun from Oh Yeon-joo and aimed it at her back. Kang Cheol said, "Let's relax this thrucommunicate now" and then he began asking all of the questions he sought after to ask.

Kang Cheol asked her, "Why did you slap me on the face and kissed me on that day". Oh Yeon-joo answered, "So I will disappear". With the explanation, Kang Cheol approached her in an instant and kissed her. When he took off his lips from hers, he looked flustered and mumbled in surprise, "You're still there".

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Spoiler "W" Han Hyo-joo slaps Lee Jong-suk then kisses him

Han Hyo-joo slapped Lee Jong-suk and kissed him.

On the episode of the recent MBC drama "W", Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) slapped Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) and kissed him. Yeon-joo discovered out that 30 mins of her lifestylesif fact exist toldused to be 2 months in the web-toon world.

She also learned that she may justgo back to reality when the web-toon crossed over to the following episode and she had to do it at the proper time. So she slapped Kang Cheol.

However, the sector 'continue' did not pop up so Yeon-joo kissed Kang Cheol to peer if she changed into right.

Meanwhile, "W" will also beobservedeach Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM.

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