Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong is abducted after she unearths out her manager is a stalker

Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong is abducted after she unearths out her manager is a stalker

On the episode 6 of SBS Wednesday Thursday drama, 'Wanted, it was oncepublished that Kwon Kyeong-hoon (Bae Yoo-ram) were stalking Jeong Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong).

When Jeong ye-in have become suspicious of Kwon Kyeong-hoon,, she went to the home and discovered the evidences that her manager had been stalking her.

Kwon Kyeong-hoon followed her in the space and attempted to excuse himself saying, "Noona, you mustrealize this" and "You know I admire you. And you loved me being next to you".

Jeong Hye-in earned a while after he told she had a abdomen ache. And then she ran to her vehicle and Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) to invite for help. However, Cha Seung-in, who were given into a automobile accident, may justnow notresolution the call.

At that moment, Jeong Hye-in changed intoabductedby capacity ofany individual who was already in her car.

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong unearths clues for her 2nd mission

Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong unearths clues for her 2nd mission

On the episode four of SBS Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", Jeong Hyein (Kim Ah-joong) used to be given the 2d oneundertaking to complete. The request became to discover that Ha Dong-min (Son Jong-hak), who used to be Hyeon-woo's physician, was a murderer.

While wearing out the mission, Professor Kim Woo-jin (Jeong Wook), who was a domestic violence offender, was murdered and a broadcasting jockey, Lee Jieun was arrested as an accomplice. Jeong Hyein knelt down in front of Lee Jieun and begged her to save Hyeon-woo's life.

Lee Jieun whispered anything into Jeong Hyein's ear. And Jeong Hyein and Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) rushed to where where the assassin was. Cha Seung-in chased a automobile driven by ability ofa guy who gave the glance of the criminal. Jeong Hyein discovered a dead frame of a girl in a bag. The lady was recognized every bit a nurse and it was assumed that she will have tohad been killed by Ha Dong-min.

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Spoiler "Wanted" Hyosung gets abducted and buried alive

Hyosung used to beabducted and buried alive.

On the 9th episode of the SBS drama "Wanted", Park Bo-yeon (Hyosung) changed into the victim.

Park Bo-yeon went to get medication and food for Jeong Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) who could notleisure as she was looking ahead to the kidnapper's mission. At the way, Park Bo-yeon were given kidnapped and aroused from sleep in a box buried underground in a plastic penthouse.

She awakenedappropriateearlier than she was buried in the floor and cried for help. Yet the kidnapper tied up her hands and gave her a mobile phone. Then he texted the Sought after team that it was either Ha Dong-min or Park Bo-yeon that died.

Sin Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) known Bo-yeon's voice when he called the text number and asked where she was. Park Bo-yeon cried that she did not know where she was but she was buried underground.

While Sin Dong-wook, Jeong Hye-in and Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) conceptnot easy or so saving her, Choi Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) and Park Bo-yeon were on the phone. He encouraged her to stickrobust and that the police were on their way. Bo-yeong began to wear out and asked about her mother.

At the finish of the epsode, Bo-yeon had lost awareness when she was rescued. Jeong Hye-in held her hands and cried.

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Park Hae-joon announces closure of the show, will Kim Ah-joong still be ready  to discover her son

Spoiler 'Wanted' Park Hae-joon announces closure of the show, will Kim Ah-joong still be ready to discover her son

On the episode 7 of SBS Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) performed her 5thproject ordering her to discover Na Jae-hyeon.

On this day, whenHye-in gained a telephone call from her Son Hyeon-woo (Park Min-soo), she discovered out the site where he was. She then left to the placement alongside Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong). Even though she used to be reunited with Hyeon-woo finally, she become attacked via the kidnapper Na Soo-hyeon and Hyeon-woo was taken away.

As the result, Hye-in had to hold out some other mission from the hidden criminal. Also, the entirescenarios were getting worse. The broadcasting corporate was flooded with the protesting phone calls from the audience criticizing the production team as 'murderers'. And the user who instigated the public opinion was Jang Jin-woong (Lee Seung-joon).

This also affected the investigation team in rate equally well. Jeong-ki (Kim Byeong-ok) baked out of this situation and Seong-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) and Yeong-gwan (Sin Jae-ha) also withdrew from the team and assist Hye-in personally.

In the meantime, any persongot hereto peer Hye-in for the fifth mission. He presented himself as the detective who had investigated the case of Na Jae-hyeon, who was Na Soo-hyeon's brother, seven years ago. He also told Hye-in that the only whom Hye-in's ex-husband met for the las time ahead of he died in the automobiletwist of fate was Na Jae-hyeon.

Hye-in, Dong-wook, and Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) figured out the crook was Na Soo-hyeon. And ten mins before the finish of the show, the police found the dead frame of Na Jae-hyeon.

However, at the end of the show, Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon) gave the impression in the studio and announced all of surprising that he was final the display completely.

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Spoiler "Wanted" Kim Ah-joong, will she prevent the click conference

Will Kim Ah-joong prevent Son Jong-hak's press conference?

Jeong Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) fell in a place of hassleat the5th episode of the SBS drama "Wanted".

Ha Dong-min (Son Jong-hak) who knew about Song Hyeon-woo's (Park Min-soo) birth secret, declared he used to be going to have a press conference. Sin Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) attempted to convince Jeong Hye-in that they must drop the bomb first.

Jeong Hye-in said, "I do not care what occurs to us, yet if the SG Crewother folks know, they're going toattempt to take Hyeon-woo away". Sin Dong-wook told her, "Think about it after you have gotstored him first. If the folks turn their backs on you, the viewing percentage will move down and Hyeon-woo gets hurt".

Jeong Hye-in went to peer her husband Song Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon) and said, "Stop Ha Dong-min for me. That became our deal when we were given married: to let me carry Hyeon-woo. I did the entirety you lot told me to". However, Song Jeong-ho said, "Don't fakeyou are thesimplest victim here. I succeeded thank to that".

He then passed her some papers of DNA effects and told her, "I've ready this for some time now via Ha Dong-min. I knew there has been a time when I would want it". Jeong Hye-in regretted coming to him and he said, "That's right. I am not a man, now not your husband and here's how I secure Hyeon-woo".

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Bae Yoo-ram needs to lend a hand Kim Ah-joong:

Spoiler 'Wanted' Bae Yoo-ram needs to lend a hand Kim Ah-joong: "Noona, you can not try this alone"

On the episode 3 of SBS "Wanted", Kwon Kyeong-hoon (Bae Yoo-ram) told Jeong Hyein (Kim Ah-joong) that he wanted to lend a hand her.

Kwon Kyeong-hoon asked Jeong Hyein, "You still can not forgive me?" and Jeong Hyein said, "It's now not that. You simplywould no longer have to do this. You worked very difficult for the remaining two years assisting me".

Kwon Kyeong-hoon told her he had determined he wouldn'tgo to every other company. He said, "I've heard no one know what willtake place to this program. Noona, you truly can't do that alone. All I will make and know the way to do is this".

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong finds  right through  reside  display that her son used to be kidnapped

Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong finds right through reside display that her son used to be kidnapped

On the episode 2 of SBS new Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", Jeong Hyejin (Kim Ah-joong) printedright through a are livingdisplay that her son have been kidnapped.

She all of unexpectedgave the impression in an entertainment prove program with the best viewership rating. Jeong Hyein said, "On the day I had a press convention about my retirement, my Son Hyeon-woo used to be kidnapped".

Jeong Hyein continued, "The most sensible broadcasting team is making ready a show to have Hyeon-woo returned. Please forgive me, yet if you'll be in a position toproportion the desperate feeling of a mother who is attempting to get her son back safely, please lend a hand us to find Hyeonwoo". She fell down on the ground after completing her words.

However, Sin Dongwook (Eom Tae-woong) and Yeon Woo-sin (Park Hyo-joo), who were looking at the live show said, "She can act beneaththose situation". It became Jeong Hyein's calculated act to attract attention from the viewers.

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong has to rescue son kidnapped

Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong has to rescue son kidnapped

'SBS drama, "Wanted" aired its first episode at 10 PM on June 22. At the day Jeong Hyein (Kim Ah-joong) announced her retirement all of sudden, her son Hyeonwoo was once kidnapped.

After her son told her that he turned into going outdoor to play some of the staffers on the filming set, he disappeared without any trace. Whilst Jeong Hyein was looking around to discover her son, she gained a message saying, "If you record to police, Hyeonwoo will die appropriate away".

Jeong Hyein was stunnedto look Hyeonwoo tied with a rope crying In the hooked up video. As she was searching for a police station, she acquiredany other threatening message as though she were monitored.

Jeong Hyein went to back her space without reporting as ordered through the kidnapper. When she nearly arrived at her house, a unusuallady was putting a kit in front of her house. Even supposing Jeong Hyein ran after her, she mayno longer catch up. The package left there has been shocking. The script in the package integratedeach and every footstep of her day when Jeong Hyein announced her retirement after making the trickyresolution and returned to the filming set and spent her time with her son.

The kidnapper sent her some other message saying, "Produce a are livingfactdisplay hosted by Jeong Hyein. When youwhole all of the 10 episodes at 10 PM each day, I'm going togo back Hyeonwoo alive back to you safely. Air the primary episode on Saturday two days later. Otherwise, Hyeonwoo dies. If the viewership score drops beneath 20%, Hyeonwoo gets hurt".

Jeong Hyein rushed to PD Sin Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) next morning after she spent the sleepless painful night. She knelt in front of him asking him to provide the live prove equally ordered by the kidnapper. She stated she would do anything. Sin Dong-wook was persuaded by her tearful and desperate plea.

Jeong Hyein and Sin Dong-wook greed to produce the live show after all. However, the difficulty was Song Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon), who was Jeong Hyein's ex-husband, the present CEO of the broadcasting corporate UCN. He bestmentioned the benefitwhich might befabricated from the show and allowed an airtime that couldare compatible his calculation of the conceivable revenue.

Jeong Hyein, who was getting worried that she mayfinally finish upwasting her son, seemed in a communicate bear witness alongside the best possible viewership ranking and printedthroughout the show, "On the day I announced my retirement, my son was kidnapped".

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Spoiler "Descendants of the Sun" Song Hye-kyo unearths out Song Joong-ki is in danger

Song Hye-kyo discovered that Song Joong-ki was once in danger.

On the 3rd episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Descendants of the Sun" on the 3rd, Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) and Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) went out on a date.

Yoo Si-jin asked why Mo-yeon thought to be herself a materialistic person.

Kang Mo-yeon answered, "I agree that I have become a physician for money. So much has came aboutwhilstyou may have been long goneand i've changed. You do notappear to have changed". Yoo Si-jin joked, "I am more handsome; cannotyou spot that? You've also transform prettier".

Yoo Si-jin then were given a telephone call and it gave the glance of he had to head somewhere.

Kang Mo-yeon said, "Our dates never finish a other way, in Korea or here. Is it classified? Can not 1cross with you?" Yoo Si-jin said, "It's now not that you can not go, yet information technologywould in all probability notassist you toby way of going. What I do isn't a just right thing for the either one of us".

Kang Mo-yeon insisted on going and it became out he changed into going to a fellow soldier's funeral.

Kang Mo-yeon asked, "Was he a fellow soldier?" and he answered, "Yes. He died protective the peace". Kang Mo-yeon realized that Yoo Si-jin was doing a deadlyprocess and Yoo Si-jin said, "Let's no longerspeak about it".


Spoiler Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama 'Wanted'

Spoiler Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama 'Wanted'

Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama "Wanted" (2016)Directed via Park Yong-soonWritten by Han Ji-wan-INetwork : SBSWith Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo, Eom Tae-woong, Park Hae-joon, Lee Moon-sik, Park Hyo-joo,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisThe absolute best actress in the rustic follows the missions her son's kidnapper is tough her with, on a factTelevision show.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06/22

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