The funniest product placements on Korean dramas

The funniest product placements on Korean dramas

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterProduct placements in Korean dramas were the consistentpuppy peeves from their avid fans. Recently, a post about the funniest placements has been published! 

In a post on Today’s Humour, netizens have indexed down the funniest product placements they'vediscovered on their favorite Korean dramas. Amongthe preferred ones discussed are the peppers featured on the FoxyUnmarried Lady, the hen chain Chicken Maru on Innocent with Song Joong Ki coincidentally gambling the role of a guy named Maru, and a logo of a meat processing corporate on duration drama Jang Adequate Jung amongst many others.

Other incidences said were observed from Shining Inheritance where it promoted Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Dong Won’s Tuna on Naeil’s Cantabile. 

As the comments’ segmentused to be flooded via netizens, other funny produce placements spotted on dramas were Ryu Shampoo on Doctors, Yook Sunjae on a unicycle scooter and more.

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A Comparision of Product Placement in Korean Dramas

A Comparision of Product Placement in Korean Dramas "My Secret Hotel" and "Discovery of Love"

It can be clearly seen that, the equipment expenditure is always a difficult problem for the producer team of any drama. Fortunately, thank to the sponsorship of many manufacturers,drama's producer team can reduce this burden.  However, everything has two sides. While the product placement (PP) can play an integral or organic role in the drama; sometimes it also can be a little heavy or large, pulling the viewer right out of the story. In this article, we give you two of the most notable instances of product placements, and you can judge whether or not they were successful.

1. The Mattress Sanitizer In My Secret Hotel

In episode 12 of My Secret Hotel, Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) agrees to help Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) for one week by fooling his parents into thinking that their marriage is real. This entails the two of them living together, and the two soon find each other cleaning up Goo Hae Young’s house.

Guess which room was left for last? His, of course!

Nam Sang Hyo decides she’s going to have the bed while giving Goo Hae Young the floor, since they have to share the room while the parents are present. But she remembers that Goo Hae Young did have a fiancée not too long ago, which means the two must have be *cough cough* active. And there’s no way in hell she’s going to sleep in the same bed unless it’s completely clean, down to the last thread!

2. The magnificent truck

Cue the product placement: a magnificent truck in which the mattress is placed. When the doors are closed again, the cleaning mechanism is set in motion which involves a combo of UV light, steam cleaning, and some form of anti-microbial technology.

Usually I’m only impressed with food placements (maekju sessions in dramas always make me salivate), but this one certainly sparked my attention!

Favorite quote: “Does it also get rid of 5’9″ ticks?” Doesn’t seem like Goo Hae Young appreciates the barb:

Subway! Subway! Subway! In Discovery of Love

This week, turns out that Kang Tae Ha (Eric Moon) has got Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) working on another project for him — the furniture for a house (which turns out to have been their dream house when dating, incidentally).

Being a hard worker, Han Yeo Reum decides to do a marathon (encouraged, of course, by Kang Tae Ha, who can’t get her out of his head). She works on her project for days and nights, even sleeping in the office until she can finally design furniture that doesn’t appear to be copies of others’ work. Thankfully, Kang Tae Ha is there to tuck her into bed, even if she doesn’t know it. Cue the “d’awws”.

To reward all he hard work and because he’s trying to get her heart back andbecause it’s his birthday and he wants to spend it with someone he cares about, what better place for Kang Tae Ha to take Han Yeo Reum than…


The 9 most common product placements seen in K-dramas

The 9 most common product placements seen in K-dramas


Dramas are often using their popular and influence to advertise variety kinds of products. It is very normal when you are watching your favorite movie and suddenly realize that logos are staring at you from all angles of screen. Let’s explore top 9 product placements advertised widely on recent films.

1.      Phones

Phones and dramas is a couple, which is inseparable. In the last few years, two famous phone branches, which are Samsung and LG have completely dominate the K- drama phone market. Characters tote their phone around almost every scene. Moreover, besides the phones, audiences can see the appearance of messaging application like Line and Kakao.

2.       Coffee shop

Definitely, coffee shop is an indispensable place in any K- dramas, where occurs discussion, date, or argument.

3.       Love necklaces


Every time a necklace appears in a drama, it is always a clue of endless love. Surely, you still remember the necklace in Boys over Flowers, You’re beautiful, Master’s Sun, the owners always clutch it every time she gets sad. It can be the starting point for metaphors about constellations.

4.       Athletic Shoes


Although people often assume that giving a shoes as a gift to your lover means that they will run away from you, the K- dramas producer always choose shoes to be the best choice in their films. Recently, athletic shoes are always on the top best gift idea for partner. Thank to K- dramas, famous brand like Asics and Adidas have a great chance to promote strongly their image as well as popular, resulting in achieving the “I want to buy this product” effect.  

5.       Winter jacket

It’s very easy to see the image of puffy jackets worn by all the drama character in movies aired during the winter. I have to admit that after seeing them, I absolutely want to purchase a bright red jacket with a giant fur lined hood.

6.       Lip stick

Learning women’s psychology, it is no hard to see that every lady always love lipstick and they always afford tirelessly to purchase their perfect lipstick. Korean dramas are the perfect place to advertise lipstick, and the cosmetic companies can’t miss this invaluable opportunity.

7.       Fast food

In order to promote the lovely image of female characters, restaurant chains are a perfect place to choose. This is the place that you give you the chance to see a beautiful and graceful girl bite a Giant 3 ft Subway sandwich.

8.       Cars


Luxury car is one of the most useful tools that help to show the wealth of characters. Absolutely, you can’t be a rich chaebol without possessing a fancy car.

9.       Drinks  

Last but not least, you will get familiar with the wide variety of soft drinks that appear throughout many dramas. For me, the Greatest Love leads me to the Vitamin Water with the image of Dokko Jin’s plastered on the side.


Fans Claim Those Incidents Are The Funniest Injuries In Korean Tv History

Fans Claim Those Incidents Are The Funniest Injuries In Korean Tv History

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even supposingthere are rather a lot offortunateinjuries that take placethroughout filming sometimes, other times accidents will also be just simple awkward. 

For example, enthusiastscurrently discussed two of the most unearthly and maximum hilarious accidents that took place in Korean tv history, either one of which concerned awkward skinship.

While using a manual transmission car, actor Shin Hyun Joon attempted to modify gears in a hurry, neglecting to watch where his hand was once reaching. As an alternative of grabbing the gear, however, he by accident grabbed at the lap of his co-star Muse, mistakenly taking dangle of his groin instead.

In a an identical example, feminine comedian Lee Young Ja and actor Oh Ji Ho ran up to each and every other for a dramatic embrace. Yet while the instant couldve been rather cool, Oh Ji Ho placed his arm in an unlucky position, causing him to seize onto an overly awkward location.

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Korean dramas beginning  lately 2016/06/22 in Korea

Korean dramas beginning lately 2016/06/22 in Korea

Korean dramas beginningas of late 2016/06/22 in Korea "Wanted" (2016)Directed by way of Park Yong-soonWritten by Han Ji-wan-INetwork : SBSWith Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo, Eom Tae-woong, Park Hae-joon, Lee Moon-sik, Park Hyo-joo,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisThe easiest actress in the rustic follows the missions her son's kidnapper is not easy her with, on a truthTelevision show.

#Eom Tae-woong #Han Ji-wan-I #Ji Hyeon-woo #Kim Ah-joong #Lee Moon-sik #Park Hae-joon #Park Hyo-joo #Park Yong-soon #Wanted #news

Korean dramas beginning  nowadays 2016/06/20 in Korea

Korean dramas beginning nowadays 2016/06/20 in Korea

Korean dramas beginningthese days 2016/06/20 in Korea "Doctors", "Beautiful Mind" and "Here Comes Love" (2016)

Directed by way of Oh Choong-hwanWritten by Ha Myeong-heeNetwork : SBSWith Kim Rae-won, Park Shin-hye, Lee Seong-kyeong, Yoon Gyoon-sang, Kim Yeong-ae, Ji Soo,...20 episode - Mon, Tue 22:00Also referred to as "Doctor Crush"SynopsisA drama about the realism in the courting between doctors and patients and the social prejudice of instructional background and origin.

"Beautiful Mind" (2016)Directed by Mo Wan-ilWritten by Kim Tae-heuiNetwork : KBSWith Jang Hyeok, Park So-dam, Yoon Hyeon-min, Park Se-yeong, Heo Joon-ho, Kim Jong-soo,...Mon, Tue 22:00Formerly is named "Dr. Frankenstein" ( , dag-teo peu-lang-ken-syoo-ta-in)SynopsisA doctor with more than a few personalities is going from cold-blooded to warm after assemblya girl he loves.

"Here Comes Love" (2016)Directed by Bae Tae-seopWritten by Kim In-gangNetwork : SBSWith Kim Ji-young, Lee Min-yeong, Ko Se-won, Lee Hoon, Gong Da-im, Shim Eun-jin,...Mon~Fri 08:30amSynopsisA circle of relatives drama about a girl who is harm by love, striving for small happiness and figuring out the preciousness of family.

#Bae Tae-seop #Gong Da-im #Ha Myeong-hee #Heo Joon-ho #Jang Hyeok #Ji Soo #Kim In-gang #Kim Ji-young #Kim Jong-soo #Kim Rae-won #Kim Tae-heui #Kim Yeong-ae #Ko Se-won #Lee Hoon #Lee Min-yeong #Lee Seong-kyeong #Mo Wan-il #Oh Choong-hwan #Park Se-yeong #Park Shin-hye #Park So-dam #Shim Eun-jin #Yoon Gyoon-sang #Yoon Hyeon-min #Beautiful Mind #Doctors #Here Comes Love #news

How In-Car Scenes for Korean Dramas Are Shot In Reality

How In-Car Scenes for Korean Dramas Are Shot In Reality

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn Korean dramas, there are several essential elements that are a will have toadding awkward first kisses and/or emotional dont leave me back hugs.

And then, theres the onesautomobile scenes.

From a audience point-of-view, we think that they'rein reality recorded with the actors car getting hauled by way of the recording staffs because a massive number of the time, the actor using doesnt trulyappear to bebeing attentive tothe street equally hes too busy conversing with his passenger.

A netizen currently shared how those scenes are filmed lately, revealing that a camera is trulyfixed to the hood of the auto as the actors themselves power the car whilst the personnel is in some other car tracking them. Additionally, it's far shared that there is aemployees member who is in all probability in the back seat, hidden from view as well.

Though some scenes is also filmed like this, there are quite so much oftactics to checklist and reachthe similar scenes.

Are you stunned at how car scenes can also be filmed?

Image: How car scenes are recorded for Korean dramas / Instiz Image: How car scenes are recorded for Korean dramas / Instiz

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5 Drama Product Placements That Went Hilariously Overboard

5 Drama Product Placements That Went Hilariously Overboard

5 Drama Product Placements That Went Hilariously Overboard10twentyeight Might 3, 2016 0 5 Drama Product Placements That Went Hilariously Overboard We are all too acquainted with product placements in dramas.

Remember Jun Ji Hyuns signature red lipstick in My Love From the Star? Or Kim Woo Bin, Lee Min Ho, and Park Shin Hyes favourite convenience shop in Heirs? Or a minimum ofthe maximum recent Samsung instrument in near to any drama? From automobiles to breakfast, advertising has long advanced beyond the couple-minute smasheach episode.

Taiwanese dramas are not anyother from their Korean opposite numberswith regards to their product placements. An easy Google seek would serve up dozens of instructional articles at the marketing affect of product placements. With the deregulation of product placement appearances on Taiwanese Television about ten years ago, PPL is now a largea section of TV production. Some, however, have made it so a lot moreobvious than others. Thosewere then amusing, I couldnt lend a handcollect a list.

Note: All videos underneathget startedfirstly of the relevant clips.

BromanceThe recently-concluded Sunday eveningspotlightwas oncepractically shameless in their promotion of the Samsung Equipment S2.

Now dont we all desire a Gear S2 simply sowe willtrack our middle rate when our girl/boyfriend dials our extension?

LoveNow sooner than nosotros drink shall wemake certain you take some nutrients

This cracked me up. Did they even try?

Feng Shui Circle of relativesNo greater manner to blow their own horns a phones water resistant qualities than to have an old girlget ready lunch, drop her telephone into the sink, and then have her daughter indicatecorrect after that the telephone is waterproof!

When I See You AgainAs though IT wasnt random sufficient having a complete scene of Anxi (Mandy Wei) cleansing her new boyfriend (Jasper Liu)s study, shes filled withcompliment for that status vacuum cleaner.

As she became for a hand blender a couple of episodes later:

By capability of the way, I have a status vacuum cleaner now, and i'm thinking of having a hand blender.

Taste of LoveThis production was over the top in terms of product placement (think visits to restaurants, supermarkets and flights out and in of the city) yetthe feminine leads fathers discuss with to the HTC flagship store took the cake in the following episode.

Do you in point of fact sell cellular phones? Yes! And if you're going to buy it at a flagship store you get a discount.

These are just five product placement examples which are almost ridiculous. What other presentations amongstextreme product placements have you watched?

10twentyeight grew up gazing dramas and has been blogging about them for the beyond six years. She is ecstatic to have discoveredsome way to percentage her love for them whilstlooking ahead to her K-pop biases to be discharged from army duty. Currently looking forward to Erics new drama, and pretty muchanything else from BTS!

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Cable Display  Unearths  The reality  In the back of Product Placements In Descendants Of The Sun

Cable Display Unearths The reality In the back of Product Placements In Descendants Of The Sun

Cable DisplayUnearthsThe realityAt the back of Product Placements In “Descendants Of The Sun”notclaira Would possibly 3, 2016 0 Cable Show Displays The Truth Behind Product Placements In “Descendants Of The Sun” On May just 2, the Channel A show “Heard It In the process the Grapevine” discussed the rumors surrounding product placement (PPL) at the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

In the broadcast, Lee Ji Hye asked, “Is there a reason why food is incessantly used as product placements in dramas?”

One of the panelists said, “Whenever I went to shop for ginseng, it used to be sold out. Sales had risen to 176%. I also heard that the sandwich shop had gaineda massive number of interest.”

Lee Sang Min added, “Because of over the top PPL, there were times where the waft of the drama became interrupted. Each and every episode, I might gofrustratedby ability of the PPL.”

Another panelist said, “There’s a scene where Jin Goo is using a automobile and then switches to automatic driving so he can lean over and kiss Kim Ji Won. That was a scene with a kind of controversy. The gadgetis meant to lend a hand steering, yet it was used for anything that isn’t possible. In reality, once you let pass of the steerage wheel for more than 20 seconds, the formulation stops functioning.”

“After the episode, so much of audience were annoyed,” another panelist added. “But thru the advertising, the corporate H pulled in a cost of 110 billion won (about $95 million).”

A reporter said, “The maximumarguable episode was Episode 13. There were thirteen product placements. Other peoplebegan calling it ‘the PPL show.’ All of the PPL was stored up for that one episode. Even the chocolates that were dispensedsome of theyoungsters of Urk was PPL.”

Lee Sang Min asked, “From the perspective of the business, isn’t it bad if there’s controversy?” But one reporter replied, “The trade looks at it from the other point of view. Regardless of how herbal y'allcheck out and make it, the target audienceat all times knows. So they suspectthey could equallysmartly go far obvious.”

Lee Ji Hye asked, “How much does a commercial invest to get product placement?”

“For such things as sandwiches it’s 10 million won (about $8600) if they order them and 20 million won (about $17,350) if they consume them. For ginseng it’s about 20 to twenty-five million won, and one sip of bottled water is set xx million won.”

What do you recall to mind product placements in dramas?

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Korean dramas beginning  lately 2016/05/02 in Korea

Korean dramas beginning lately 2016/05/02 in Korea

Korean dramas beginningas of late 2016/05/02 in Korea "Oh Hae-Young Again" and "Good People"

"Oh Hae-Young Again" (2016)Directed via Song Hyeon-wookWritten by Park Hae-yeongNetwork : tvNWith Eric Moon, Seo Hyeon-jin, Jeon Hye-bin, Ye Ji-won, Kim Ji-seok-I, Heo Jeong-min,...16 episodes - Mon, Tue 23:00SynopsisA romantic drama about two ladies with the similar names who get entangled with one man.

"Good People" (2016)Directed by Kim Heung-dongWritten by Eun Joo-yeongNetwork : MBCWith Hyeon Woo-seong, Woo Hee-jin, Lee Hyo-choon, Nam Kyeong-eup, Jeong Ae-ri, Dok-go Yeong-jae,...120 episodes - Mon~Fri 07:50amSynopsisA drama about being harm and comforted by people at a similar time and knowingthere is hope in them.