"The Hunt" Jo Jin-woong and why needs to be the nature in his work

Actor Jo Jin-woong shared his secret in acting.

In an interview held at a cafe in Seoul, Jo Jin-woong said, "I think the nature is fusing into me. When I analyze a persona 1take into consideration the portions of him which are like me and experiment".

"For example, I'd be riding somewhere and I would think, 'if it was once this character, he would glance at the street like this'. I worked challenging on Moo-hyool and Lee Jae-han from "Deep-rooted Tree" and "Signal"".

"The Hunt" is a film or soa collection of hunters who move up a mountain they should now not be up in and seeing things they should not see.

Jo Jin-woong takes at the role of the hunters' leader Dong-geun and his dual brother Myeong-geun. Myeong-geun guidelines Dong-geun off about some hidden gold and watches the situation. On the alternative hand, Dong-geun becomes increasinglyloopyto wash up the mess.

Jo Jin-woong when compared "The Hunt" to a child.

He said, "Movies like "The Assassination" and "The Handmaiden" has had numerouscommunicate way sooner than they were released. Nonetheless "The Hunt" became released on a small scale and is like a toddlerthat is still in the incubator. I am hoping the target audience enjoys this movie".

"The Hunt" starring Ahn Seong-gi, Han Ye-ri, Jo Jin-woong and Kwon Yool was released on the 29th.

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Photos Added new Jo Jin-woong stills for the Korean film

Photos Added new Jo Jin-woong stills for the Korean film "The Hunt"

Added new Jo Jin-woong stills for the Korean film "The Hunt" (2015)Directed by way of Lee Woo-cheolWith Ahn Seong-gi, Jo Jin-woong, Han Ye-ri, Kwon Yul, Park Byeong-eun, Han Jae-yeong,...Synopsis"The Hunt" depicts a combat between a hunter and village other folks over a newly found out gold mine.Release date in Korea : 2016/06/29

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Seo In Young Joined Witch Hunt to Get Heo Ji Woongs Number

Seo In Young Joined Witch Hunt to Get Heo Ji Woongs Number

Seo In Young Joined “Witch Hunt” to Get Heo Ji Woong’s Number Seo In Young, the most recent permanent member at the “Witch Hunt” panel, mentioned why she has made up our minds to enroll in the program.

She said, “I joined the permanent panel to get Heo Ji Woong‘s number.”

Previously, SEO In Young has been a guest at the program and had created a flirty environment with Heo Ji Woong. On this she with a bit of luck said, “I become once certain that i'd be back on ‘Witch Hunt.’” She added to Heo Ji Woong, “You stated you’ll give me your number. Why haven’t you given it to me? Are you gambling games with me?”

Shin Dong Yup said, “You aren't allowed thus far your coworkers; especially no longer whilst you’re at the similar program,” bringing laughter to all and sundry at the set. SEO In Young didn’t give up, announcing “You never know what's going to take place in the future.”

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Seo In Young demands 'Witch Hunt' co-host Heo Ji Woong's telephone number

Seo In Young demands 'Witch Hunt' co-host Heo Ji Woong's telephone number

Seo In Young demands

Seo In Young shocked all and sundry by way of going after somebody"s number on "Witch Hunt".

During filming for the August 21st episode of "Witch Hunt", Search engine marketing In Young shared why she determined to go back to "Witch Hunt" as a host after featuring as a guest. She told fellow host Heo Ji Woong, "You acknowledged you may give me your telephone number, so why aren"t you giving it to me. Are you gambling demanding to get?"

Co-host Shin Dong Yup warned that there would be no dating between co-workers and added, "You can"t date whilst you"re at the similar program." Seo In Young continued, "You can"t expect what's going to take place between people. You don"t know what's going to take place with us."

Do you observed it sounds like Search engine marketing In Young has a crush?

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Heo Ji Woong has  been so excited when seeing  SHINees Taemins Looks on the show called Witch Hunt

Heo Ji Woong has been so excited when seeing SHINees Taemins Looks on the show called Witch Hunt

Heo Ji Woong Expresses Awe at SHINees Taemins Looks on Witch Hunt Critic and TV personality Heo Ji Woong had some unusually kind words for SHINee’s Taemin on the latest episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt.”

Taemin makes his guest appearance on the 95th episode of the program along with fellow SHINee member Onew, and the MCs can’t help but compliment their appearance. Even the normally sharp-tongued Heo Ji Woong can’t hold back his praises of Taemin’s good looks, saying, “Just the fact that a male voice comes out of this face is amazing.”

Meanwhile, you can catch Taemin and Onews discussion of their first loves and ideal types in the episode, which airs on June 5 at 11 p.m. KST.

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“We Were given Married” PD Addresses Speculations Relating to Scripted Nature Of Show

“We Were given Married” PD Addresses Speculations Relating to Scripted Nature Of Show

We Were given Married PD Addresses Speculations Referring to Scripted Nature Of Display ehk38 July 30, 2016 0 We Got Married PD Addresses Speculations Regarding Scripted Nature Of Show We Got Married PD (producing director) Choi Yoon Jung currently addressed commonplace speculations in regards to the scripted nature of the program.

On whether the show has a script or not, Choi Yoon Jung shares, There is naturally a cue sheet that guides the growth of the filming and the site changes. Its a fundamental cue sheet containing such things as where we can beready to meet and where we're going to go, anythingthis is required to supply any program. There isn't any script like a drama script that you may just possiblymust memorize.

Its now notapplicableto invite to what extent the show is scripted because we visit the couples and ask what theyd love to do, repeatedly checking their wish list of items theyd cherish to do when they get married. The writers process is to organize what they'll do, when, where, and with whom in reaction to their preferences, Choi Yoon Jung continues.

But its not anything like having a person script per personality like in a drama where we tell the couples Memorize this and say this at this time. Whilst the pieceswe shallmovieis also determined, we throw the couples into that scenario and watch what happens, she says. One user has even asked whether the interviews are scripted, and thats now not true at all.

What are your mind on PD Choi Yoon Jungs responses?

You can catch the newest episode of We Got Married on Viki below.

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Contrasting between

Contrasting between "The 2nd Final Love" Kim Hee-ae, "Wanted" Eom Tae-woong, and "Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy

- "The 2dClosing Love" Kim Hee-ae, a girl-crush director

In the SBS drama "Mrs. Cop", she used to be a charismatic detective; however, this time, she returns as a program director.

"The Moment Last Love" is the tale of a public employee who hopes not anything special occurs in his existence and a program director who needsanything special to happen.

Kim Hee-ae takes at the office of Kang Min-joo. No longermost effective is she unmarriedand wonderfulsufficient to be an actress, she's also talented and bold. She falls into the trail of romance with Ji Jin-hee.

- "Wanted" Eom Tae-woong the director

Eom Tae-woong's air of mysteryfinds itself in the recent SBS drama "Wanted". He is taking on the role of Sin Dong-wook who directs the televisiondisplay "Jeong Hye-in's Wanted".

Eom Tae-woong Is an inhumane personality who would do the rest for percentage and his career. He sends out genuineimages of dead bodies and only looks forward without concerned about the consequences. He makes folks uncomfortable sometimes, yetit is his obsession with stimulating scenes on his show.

Eom Tae-woong brings out the dimensional character in Sin Dong-wook and synchronizes with him.

- "Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy, blameless no more

Suzy put down her trademark of being harmless and becomes a documentary producer. She plays the role of Noh Eul, a character who would do anything for money.

"Uncontrollably Fond" is the tale of the reunion between two topcollege sweethearts of which the boy becomesan excellentsuperstar and the woman turns into a depressing documentary director.

Noh Eul used to be a nosy character but two injuriesreplaced her and her life completely. She looks into the corruption of main head corporations and she uses them as their weaknesses to rip them off of money.

According to sources, those 'broadcasting' dramas have transform popular once back and it must existamusing to contrast Kim Hee-ae, Eom Tae-woong and Suzy at once.

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Photos Han Chae-ah,

Photos Han Chae-ah, "Love is the source of my not easy work"

Actress Han Chae-ah used to be featured in the fadmag InStyle.

She's been performing in the MBC Televisiondisplay "I Reside Alone" and reflected her existence as an easyladywhilstat the other hand in this photo shoot, she gave the glance to be fancy and stylish. She wore a slip get dressed that no person else can pull off.

In the next interview, she said, "I were give the sack actress for 10 years yet I have not done anything else that has my call engraved in it. I'mthankfulthat folks know about me via a TV show. I would like love. It is the source of my demandingpaintings and it isas a result of love that I might beready toresist and survive".

Han Chae-ah's photographs and interviews will also beobserved in the august factor of InStyle.

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