'The Legend of the Blue Sea' starring Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho: creator Park Ji-eun says, 'The growth is cruising well'

'The Legend of the Blue Sea' starring Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho: creator Park Ji-eun says, 'The growth is cruising well'

Star author Park Ji-eun will fire up the drama internationalthis autumn again.

First of all, the intense cast, Lee Min-ho and Jeon Ji-hyeon to headline the drama is more than fantastic. "My Love from the Star" publisher Park Ji-eun is coming back with 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'. In keeping with the assets in broadcasting industry and display business, she stopped communicating with other peopleapart from for handiesta couple of close mates and is that specialize in writing the drama intensively.

After she returned from her industrygo back and forth in Beijing to wait the premiere for the Chinese debut movievia "My Love from the Star" director, she only had multiplelegitimate meetings with top ranked official of SBS and blocked the entire invitation to attend public events.

'The Legend of the Blue Sea' is a fable romance drama that borrowed motifs from a mermaid talediscovered in a ebook called 'Eaou Yadam', a choice of folk tales. According to the folk tale, Kim Dam-ryung, a Justice of the Peace in Hyupgok, released a mermaid stuck by a fisherman back to the sea.

As here'sthe primary time to take care of a mermaid story in Korea, it's milestough to are expectingthe rest about how the tale will unfold. However, writer Park Ji-eun has shocked us delightfully with the sexyintroduction of an alien persona contrary to our not unusualtrust about extraterrestrial life. Therefore, it is assumed that Park Ji-eun will marvel us back amongstanything beyond our imagination.

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Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho showed for author Park Ji-eun's new drama, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'

Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho showed for author Park Ji-eun's new drama, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'

Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho in combination are returning to the small screen thrucreator Park Ji-eun's new drama.

On Might 20, SBS has announced, "Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho will play the leading roles in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' (working title) slated for November this year".

'The Legend of the Blue Sea' is a drama that borrowed motifs from 'The Little Mermaid' written through Hans Christian Andersen. The drama is drawing attention for being a new drama by publisher Park Ji-eun, who wrote "My Love from the Star".

It has been known that, from the early level of making plans to write 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', writer Park Ji-eun already had Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Min-ho in her mind.

Jeon Ji-hyeon is returning since she gave birth in February this year and also here's her comeback drama in two years since "My Love from the Star" by writer Park Ji-eun.

Lee Min-ho also is returning to the small screen in 3 years since "The Heirs".

Meanwhile, it may be known that 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' has been introducedpart million greenbacks per episode from a video streaming corporate in China. This proves how robust the effect of 2 actors could be.


Jeon Ji-hyeon returns to occupation in Would possibly with a advertisement co-starring G-Dragon

Jeon Ji-hyeon returns to occupation in Would possibly with a advertisement co-starring G-Dragon

Actress Jeon Ji-hyeon is getting back from her maternity leave.

Jeon Ji-hyeon, who delivered her first kid in February this year in 4 years since her marriage, is returning in May. The explanation whymaynow not accept more than 3 months to take a destroy laterlittle one is because she couldn'tstay postponing the agenda to movie a commercial.

Jeon Ji-hyeon has proved her presentstatus as a well-liked hallyu superstarby ability of renewing the contracts for new ads with the brands she has been representing.

A source from advertising circle said, "May and June are the months to shoot new commercials for summer season. Jeon Ji-hyeon has many commercials to shoot adding the renewed contracts and new commercials. She is on the point ofstart filming beginning next month in complete action" "While she has commercials to shoot for style and good looks brands, her first filming can be Sinsegae ResponsibilityLooseadvertisement co-starring G-Dragon".

Rumors say that Jeon Ji-hyeon has been looking after her fitness even ahead of the shipping because she already knew the timing for the hot commercial shooting. She has already recovered her easiest shape to the condition before baby.


Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from

Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from "My Love from the Star"

SBS drama "My Love from the Star" creator Park Ji-eun is making plans a new drama with Jeon Ji-hyeon's control Munhwa Changgo.

The firm is planning on creating a drama for the primary time and they'reoperating on getting Park Ji-eun to get on board.

Nothing particular about the drama has been showed yet and actress Jeon Ji-hyeon is due in February as she is 10 months pregnant.

Whether or no longer she'll be in this new drama shouldn't besureyet she has to take a wreck after she supplies birth.

Meanwhile, Jeon Ji-hyeon used to be awarded the Presidential Quotation at the 2015 Culture and Arts Award Ceremony.


"The Assassination" starring Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Jeong-jae and Ha Jeong-woo unveils international poster

Director Choi Dong-hoon"s fifth film, "The Assassination" has unveiled.

The movie has released their international poster featuring Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Jeong-jae, Ha Jeong-woo who are in the center of a secret operation of assassination.

The focal point of the poster for the international film market is the combination of the three actors who acted the three characters who get involved in the unpredictable and unexpected destiny around a secret operation of assassination.

Jeon Ji-hyeon took on the role as Ahn Ok-yoon, a sniper and captain of the Korean Liberation Army, who leads the assassination operation. She took off her usual cheerful image and brings the character of strong belief to life through her unwavering facial expression and rock solid eyes.

Lee Jeong-jae will play Yeom Seok-jin, a member of the Provisional Government, who orders the operation, and he successfully delivers the character"s strong and intense presence in the poster. Ha Jeong-woo also shows off his strong presence as "Hawaii Pistol", a contract killer, who is willing to get rid of anyone at 3,000 dollars.

The international poster of "The Assassination", featuring members of Korean Liberation Army and the Provisional Government and a contract killer, raises the level of curiosity as to the dramatic storyline and the breathtaking suspense the actors will bring on.

"The Assassination" is based on the historical background during 1930s all across Shanghai to Gyeongseong (Seoul) and depicts the story surrounding the three characters with no country, no name and no forgiveness who joined for the secret operation of assassination,

The film is scheduled to be released during this summer after wrapping up the final production stage.


"Jeong Do-jeon" Jo Jae-hyeon and Park Yeong-gyoo, intense moments

Jo Jae-hyeon and Park Yeong-gyoo stared each other down intensely.

Jeong Do-jeon (Jo Jae-hyeon) met Lee In-im (Park Yeong-gyoo).

Jeong Do-jeon told Lee In-im, "I told you to cut ties with the world and don't mess around in other people's business. I told you I'll kill you if you don't listen".

Lee In-im hid his true feelings and said, "Did you come to kill me?" and Jeong Do-jeon replied, "Leave your will whenever you have time. Then I'll kill you".

Lee In-im said, "You came here to threaten me and not kill me. How did you break down so much?" Jeong Do-jeon said, "They say people take after generation and not their parents. The generation you created made me like this".

Lee In-im also soon showed his true colors when Jeong Do-jeon said he would change things around. He told Jeong Do-jeon, "I will kill you slowly and painfully".

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"Jeong Do-jeon" Jo Jae-hyeon receives offer from Park Yeong-gyoo

Jo Jae-hyeon was offered a deal by Park Yeong-gyoo.

On the KBS 1TV drama "Jeong Do-jeon" on the 9th, Jeong Do-jeon (Jo Jae-hyeon) ran into the men who were trying to destroy the school that he ran.

The men who tried to destroy the school were led by Lee In-im's (Park Yeong-gyoo) man, Yeom Heung-bang. He destroyed Jeong Do-jeon's school and persecuted him.

Jeong Do-jeon was one who gave up politics and he bowed his head saying, "I will just teach memetics". However, Lee In-im didn't believe him and said, "Corner him again and let's see his true colors".

Jeong Do-jeon suffered from the destruction of his two schools and said, "It looks like it's time for me to be the bearer of good news".

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Oh Yeon-seo in talks for 'Conman' starring Hyeon Bin and Yoo Ji-tae

Oh Yeon-seo in talks for 'Conman' starring Hyeon Bin and Yoo Ji-tae

Oh Yeon-seo is taking a look into the be offering from film "Conman" positively.

Oh Yeon-seo's firm told OSEN on July 13th, "Oh Yeon-seo was onceintroduced a role for motion picture "Conman" and is reviewing the deal positively".

Prior to this, a media reported that Oh Yeon-seo would sign up for Hyeon Bin and Yoo Ji-tae for movie, "Conman".

Oh Yeon-seo's new movie, "Run-off" is opening soon and she may beinternet hosting tvN's 'Boys 24'.

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