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‘Infinite Challenge’ members are thieves from ‘Home Alone’

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‘Infinite Challenge’ members are thieves from ‘Home Alone’

The MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge" members transformed into thieves from the classic Christmas film "Home Alone."

On the most recent episode of the popular MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge," which aired on January 11, 2015, the Infinite Challenge members played the thieves from the popular film "Home Alone." They parodied the film in a horror version, and were given different missions. They executed the missions under the same goal of robbing the SBS building in Yeyido, Seoul. They were asked to put on makeup to transform into popular horror characters, while being surprised by Kevin disguised as a ghost. In related news, on the most recent episode of the popular MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge," the members parodied the popular horror movie "Home Alone" and played games against each other. The MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge" is one of the popular, long lasting entertainment programs in Korea. It features the Infinite Challenge members Ha Ha, Park Myung Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, and Jung Hyung Don.

B.A.P become adorable museum thieves in MV for 4th Japanese single "Excuse Me"

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B.A.P become adorable museum thieves in MV for 4th Japanese single

B.A.P has finally released their MV for "Excuse Me"!

The boys turn into adorable-yet-sexy thieves for the MV, going through the displays in a museum. Daehyun in particular doesn"t seem to be satisfied with just stealing - he has to graffiti the pictures on the walls as well!

The song is a remake of their track from the "Badman" mini album. The Japanese version of the song, along with "Coffee Shop" and "Zero", will be out on September 3rd. Meanwhile, check out the MV above!

Park Shin Hye, “I Want Jun Ji Hyun’s Role in ‘The Thieves’”

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Park Shin Hye, “I Want Jun Ji Hyun’s Role in ‘The Thieves’”

Actress Park Shin Hye shared her desire to play an action movie. On the most recent episode of the MBC entertainment news program "Section TV Entertainment News," which aired on June 29, 2014, actress Park Shin Hye made her appearance in an interview and said she would love to play actress Jun Ji Hyun"s role in the movie "The Thieves." Actress Park Shin Hye said, "I am interested in action movies these days. I want to play a role that actress Jun Ji Hyun had in the movie "The Thieves."" She added, "I want to do an action movie before I get old. Before I turn 30, I want to give a try at wire scenes in an action movie." In related news, Park Shin Hye is currently filming the movie "The Tailors" with director Lee Won Suk. In July, she plans to have fan meetings in various Asian countries.

Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae May Possibly Reunite with “The Thieves” Director for New Film

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Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae May Possibly Reunite with “The Thieves” Director for New Film Several news agencies reported that Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae will be reuniting with director Choi Dong Hoon, who directed last year’s big hit “The Thieves.”

Film industry sources commented, “Lee Jung Jae and Jun Ji Hyun will be working with Choi Dong Hoon once again. After Lee Jung Jae finishes filming for the movie ‘Big Match’ and Jun Ji Hyun finishes ‘Man from the Stars,’ the two will go right into shooting for this new film.”

Another film industry source stated, “Director Choi Dong Hoon has always thought of Lee Jung Jae and Jun Ji Hyun when he wrote the scenario for the new film, which shows how much faith he has in them. In the film industry, this new film is already being called ‘the second Thieves,’ showing that there is already a high level of anticipation.”

The new film titled “Assassin” (working title) is a caper movie set in the 1930s. Just like “The Thieves,” part of the filming location for “Assassin” will take place in Shanghai, China.

However, other news reports state that Jun Ji Hyun’s casting is not yet finalized. Her agency stated, “It is true that Jun Ji Hyun received the script for ‘Assassin’ but she is totally focused on ‘Man from the Stars’ at the moment that she has not had time to finalize her decision. She is positively reviewing the script right now and will be making a decision after the drama ends.”

It is reported that the film will start its production around the fall time after the cast has been finalized.

Girl's Day are divided into cops and thieves for 'Sudden Attack' CF

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Girl's Day are divided into cops and thieves for 'Sudden Attack' CF

Girl's Day are the new models for 'Sudden Attack'. Minah and Sojin are the pretty policewomen (Blue Team) who attack the pretty thieves Hyeri and Yura (Red Team).

In the CF, the ladies wore black sexy outfits chasing one another in a slow-motion paced along with an intense background adding mood to the already intense scenes.

Members of Block B Transform into Crazy Clown Thieves for “Very Good” MV Teaser

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Members of Block B Transform into Crazy Clown Thieves for “Very Good” MV TeaserBlock B previously released the track “Be the Light” ahead of the group’s third mini album release. The last few seconds of the music video hinted of a new music video in store with one of the members dressed in black on a rainy day waiting for his ride while suspiciously holding a clown mask.

On September 27, the group dropped a teaser for title track “Very Good.” It has a similar grainy cinematic style with previous track “Nillili Mambo.” The same black van makes an appearance with the clown masks. The members are prepared with guns and clown masks while wearing suits. The place they’re crashing and causing mayhem hints to be a bank. At the end, a member claims, “I’m very very good”

Block B will drop its album “Very Good” on October 2.

Kim Soo Hyun Introduces "Thieves" to His Japanese Fans

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Kim Soo Hyun Introduces Thieves to His Japanese FansActor Kim Soo Hyun revved up the excitement for the Japanese premiere of his 2012 film Thieves. The film opened in 50 theaters across Japan on the last weekend of June, simultaneously gathering more than 10,000 viewers on the first day.

Kim Soo Hyun received a warm welcome from the Japanese audience through an event organized by his official fan club. It was reported that more than 300 people came out to receive him upon his arrival at Haneda Airport on June 29.

The day following, Kim Soo Hyun made two appearances at the TOHO Cinemas in Tokyos Ropponggi Hills to personally introduce the movie to his fans. As soon as he appeared, fans let out a cheer, proving his popularity. The actor learned a few greetings in Japanese, and created a light and friendly atmosphere, which won the hearts of his audience.

According to a representative of Kim Soo Hyuns Japanese agency, For an actor to personally introduce a film live on stage in theaters is an unusual event. But due to the request of Kim Soo Hyuns fans, he has come to meet with these audiences personally. He is a notable young actor, and we realize that he is really one of the hotly popular stars nowadays.

Kim Soo Hyun also attended an event with his official fan club at the Shibuya Public Hall, with about 2,000 local fans eager to meet him.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun is leading a K-movie craze with his new film Secretly and Greatly also making the rounds of international screenings. 

Kim Soo Hyun to Visit Japan for Premiere of "The Thieves"

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Kim Soo Hyun to Visit Japan for Premiere of

Kim Soo Hyun will be flying to Japan as a thief for The Thieves.

Multiple media outlets in Japan reported on May 31 that "Kim Soo Hyun, lead of 10 Thieves (Japanese title of The Thieves), will visit Japan and attend a stage event in Roppongi."

The Thieves will screen in Japan for two weeks from June 22. It will premiere in a dubbed version, a rare incident for Korean films.

Fans have been exploding with excitement ever since news about Kim Soo Hyun′s visit to Japan was released. Competition is expected to be fierce for tickets to the event, which will be made available from June 1.

After meeting with fans through the stage event on May 22, he will hold a fanmeeting celebrating the launch of his official Japanese fanclub on May 30 in Tokyo.

The Thieves is about a pack of thieves who attempt to steal an infamous diamond hidden in Macau.

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"The Thieves" to Premiere a Dubbed Version in Japan

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The Thieves, the movie that recorded the biggest audience in Korean box office history, will be flying to Japan in June.

Multiple outlets in Japan reported on May 16 that "The Thieves will be landing in Japan on June 22."

The Japanese title was changed to 10 Thieves, and the film will premiere in a rare dubbed version.

An outlet also introduced the film as "the film that set the highest opening record on the day of its premiere in Korea, and gathered the biggest audience in six years since The Host."

A rep from Live Viewing Japan, the distribution company for The Thieves in Japan, commented, "I was instantly taken with this film. It is as interesting as a Hollywood film."

On why the film will be premiering in a dubbed version, the rep added, "We decided that because the film is so quick paced, we thought if we left in subtitles the audience wouldn′t be able to enjoy the film in full."

The Thieves is about 10 thieves who gather from Korea and China to steal an infamous diamond from Macau′s casinos.

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Woo Don-gi cast for "Band of Thieves"

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Woo Don-gi cast for

Actor Woo Don-gi has joined "Band of Thieves".

"Band of Thieves" is based in the Chosun times when thieves wanted to stand on the side of the citizens. It is directed by Yoon Jong-bin from "Nameless Gangster" and is starring Ha Jeong-woo and Kang Dong-won.

Woo Don-gi is well known for his role as a beggar in "The New World" and this time, he's a helpless citizen who is robbed by corrupt officials. He had his first scene last week being beaten for not being able to pay his debt.

Woo Don-gi said, "I am happy to be in a movie directed by one of my favorite directors and starring such excellent actors".

Woo Don-gi is currently active in Jang Joon-hwan's "Hwai" and Choi Jin-seong's "Girl".